Monday, April 22, 2013


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"When the slogans are opposite of the fine print tricks -- you have a fraud. That's what Fairtax is, the slogans are opposite of the fine print."






We do need a new tax code, entirely.

We loved Fairtax because it claimed to be a tax code to replace this POS we have.

But Fairtax is NOT a tax code,  and we offer 50,000 dollars to anyone who can prove otherwise.

Just show that Fairtax is a tax code, that is a very simple 23% personal consumption tax to replace all other fed taxes, including Medicare and Social Security taxes, and that there is 22 million dollars of research.

Should be damn easy -- if it was that, I could prove that in 20 seconds.

But Fairtax is not even a tax code.  It's political theater, and the lying bastards who made it up, have no intention to pass it, because they know it's a great sounding fraud  -- hustle -- preposterous bullshit.

Yeah, the slogans sound GREAT. No kidding. Slogans by lying bastards always sound great -- did you notice that?  Of course they sound great, the lying bastards were lying their asses off about what's in the fine print.

We show you.

Still, let's DO pass this fraud, it would be  hilarious. We could laugh at the fools that fell for it, and learn from their stupidity.

And pass Fairtax to  get rid of the complicated bullshit written by lobbyist and liars.   We can then laugh at Fairtax idiots, and get a new tax code, from the ground up.  

In other words, passing Fairtax is better than keeping what we have, if for no other reason, than gullible people will learn, the devil is in the details, and that lying bastards can fool you, anytime you fail to check the fine print.

Fairtax and flat tax are both frauds, but Fairtax is special -- it actually has fine print.  Flat tax has slogans only, so stupid people have no way to check it.

Fairtax did develop fine print -- we show you.

 Here is what Fairtax tells suckers it is -- a very simple personal retail sales tax.

Well, part of it is a retail sales tax.  But most of Fairtax taxes, they don't tell you about, because they are goofy bullshit.

You will "see the tax on your cash register receipt"

Those &^%$#%$ liars.


Turns out, Fairtax actually has over 2 Trillion dollars of taxes -- on top of, and in addition to the retail stax.

Voluntary, transparent, and researched!

 Boortz made all kind of great sounding claims in this book.

Not one of them were true.

Boortz was paid to write this book and push Fairtax.

Yes, he was.  Where in any book, did he make it clear that well over 1/2 of fairtax has nothing to do with personal retail sales taxes, like taxes on wage and pension expenditures, taxes on capital investments, etc?

Fairtax spokesmen James Bennett admits Fairtax taxes city county and states on all operational expenditures, and much more, but claims the few sneaky words in their documents is plenty of notice.   Fairtax has "no plan" said Bennett to explain these massive other taxes, even though Fairtax tells suckers their plan is a "very very simple" retail sales tax.

This sentence, in their own on line document, not ever mentioned in books, videos and speeches, is "plenty of notice"  said Bennett. 

President Bush Tax Advisory Panel Chairman, William Gale, PhD Stanford, had no trouble spotting the bullshit nonsense in Fairtax.
He just had to read all the fine print, not just their distorted deceptions in their books, videos, and speeches 


Fairtax is transparent, and voluntary!!

If you don't want to pay the tax, just don't buy anything new!!!  Buy used things.

Ever hear of used police and fire protection?

It sure SOUNDED great, right? Simple retail sales tax, and you can get out of that, if you are frugal. 

Uh -- bullshit


Ever hear of used cancer surgery?   Ever hear of used child care?

Cancer victims, any health care patient, would pay very high federal taxes, or their parents would.

For example, a parent who "consumes" 200,000 dollars of care for their preemie child, is liable for 46,000 of federal taxes, no exception, whether they pay the hospital bills, or someone else does.

That's right, Fairtax is NOT a "purchase" tax!  In the fine print, and math, the lying bastards use "consumption" of all health care, not purchase of it. Remember that.

That's in the fine print, and very much how the lying bastards made the math "work". 

All police and fire protection expenditures, like all city county and state expenditures, are taxed 23%.  The fine print in their own documents say they "assume" city will raise their tax rates to pay it.

And how will cancer victims pay it?

Yes,  all cancer victims, all leukemia victims, without exception, would owe 30,000 dollars in "fairtax taxes"  if they "consumed" goods and services for fighting the disease (any disease) and that "consumption" was worth 125,000 dollars.

Should the parent of a child with leukemia, for example, pay ten times the fed tax her economic twin pays, who has exact same life situation and expenditures, other than the sick child?

The parent would owe 40,000 dollars in fed tax, if the child "consumed" goods and services -- never mind who paid for those. Remember, these lying sneaky bastards used "consumption"  -- not purchases" -- as their tax base.

The tax base by definition is what they tax, and of course they know this.

You don't, and you probably could  not find their tax base documents with a road map.   We show you here, however. 

Idiotically, Fairtax math is even based on Medicare patients, paying this personal federal tax on their "consumption".   No exceptions.

Remember -- the Fairtax math is based on very cleverly stated and unstated "assumptions" like this - that all cancer victims can and will pay this.


How do we now all cancer and health care (and all city county and state expenditures, including wages and pensions) are taxes?

Fairtax says so -- read it closely. And their math is based on it.  Yes, their math is based on it.

We repeat that, because it's vital to understand what lying pieces of shit these guys are -- their math is based on it.

But that is small potatoes -- these huge taxes on Medicare patients is nothing, in size, compared to the their clever tax on city county and states, on their wage, pension and capital investment expenditures.

All expenditures -- except education expenditures, are taxed 23%.  Your city and county and state have to "remit" a 23% tax on any and all wages, pensions and operational expenditures.

New  York City would over over 800 million dollars year, in these goofy hidden and impossible taxes.

Yes yes, we need a new tax code!!  Let's even pass Fairtax fraud, to replace it!   In fact, passing Fairtax fraud would be a wonderful teaching moment, and we could laugh at the suckers for 100 years. Maybe then, people will read the fine print, instead of buying the slogans as truth.


Why does Fairtax  have these huge other taxes in their fine print tricks?  To make their math add up on paper.


And most -- over 60% -- of Fairtax taxes would never show up on any cash register receipt.

What are the other taxes -- the ones they don't show you in books, videos, and speeches?

We show you those "other taxes"  below. They are in fine print -- when read very carefully--  in documents they don't even tell you about in books, videos and speeches.

It's NOT a retail sales tax. It's not transparent, it's quite the opposite of transparent. 
  There is no research. None. Not one page. Not one dollars worth of "research".  See below. 

 Most of all, the lying bastards make it almost impossible for you to know what they hell they actually tax. unless you can untangle their boooshit doublespeak.


Why not believe the slogans?
Who would lie about that?
 We believed it. 


What the hell is NIPA???

Have you even heard - in your entire life -- of NIPA?   NIPA  defined "consumption expenditures" is what Fairtax fine print cleverly explains they tax.

It's a big big deal, this NIPA.   And they never told you suckers -- not once, not ever.   Here is why -- NIPA is not even an accounting term, or concept.

NIPA has nothing to do with taxes.


NIPA is the mathematical basis for over 2 trillion dollars of "other taxes" these lying bastards don't tell you about.

For example, the tax all wage and pension expenditures. Your city pays OUT (expends) 5 million in wages and pensions, your city would owe 23% of that, as a tax,

WTF?  How is that a retail sale?

It's not of course.  So is Fairtax a retail sales tax? Hell no, only a tiny part is. And they made suckers believe by books, videos and speeches, that they were a very simple personal retail sales tax.

Lying pieces of shit.   

But wages and pensions are defined in NIPA as "expenditures".    

Capital investments - are "expenditures" that are taxed, in Fairtax bullshit fraud, because they are "NIPA defined" .

Even military spending is in NIPA definitions of "expenditures" -- and are taxed. 

Retail purchases are also in that definition of "expenditures" -- and are taxed.  But that's just one part -- the other parts are goofy ass bullshit.  


All kinds of things are "in the tax base"  besides retail sales.

Fairtax lying bastards never tell you, even in the fine print, that they tax all these things, instead, they "put it in the tax base".

So in a way, they did tell you. Fraudulently, they told you. In a way the lying bastards made sure you didn't know what they were talking about, they told you.

See how "clever" these lying POS are yet?   

Only a small part of Fairtax is that retail sales tax.  So that sounds great -- to stupid people, like I was, who didn't read the fine print.

Then I read the fine print.

Remember, NIPA defined "consumption expenditures"   is what they tax, and thats one hell of a lot bigger and different that a retail sales tax.

 NIPA is not a tax term, it has nothing to do with taxes. 

They do tell you -- but the lying bastards use language to make sure you have no clue what they actually tax, for the math to add up.

That's a fraud -- a deliberate calculated deception, designed to fool you about their nonsense, bullshit goofy hustle.

No -- they are not trying to pass Fairtax.  That's the funny part.  These lying bastards would hide, on the moon if possible, if somehow their fraud got passed.

This was already exposed -  do you know that or not? In polite and academic terms, President Bush Tax Panel exposed the hustle.

But Fairtax suckers are almost a cult, so polite doesn't work with them. You gotta be real blunt with suckers and cult members. Polite slides right off them.

NIPA is some boooshit construct about expenditures.   Fairtax lying bastards simply co-opted this in a deceptive way,  in the fine print, to "explain"  their "tax base".


If something is "in their tax base"  they tax it.  Guess what's in their tax base?   All kind of things you had no idea they taxed.  Like all wage and pension and capital investment "expenditures".

They put all wage pension and capital investments (by governments) "in the tax base".  And their math is based on collecting a 23% tax on everything in that tax base.

See how these lying pieces of shit operate yet?

Let us repeat -- they "put it in their tax base"  all kind of stuff, which means they tax it to make their math work, but tell you suckers it's a retail personal consumption tax. 



Oh there it is!!!

In a footnote -- in a document most Fairtax suckers could not find with a GPS and ten hours -- they would look in the books, the videos, etc.

When did they mention anything about these massive other taxes -- go on, when?

Over two trillion of other taxes, and they never mention it.  How the hell is that transparent?

When in any book, did they tell you? Show me the page.

You got fooled -- don't get mad at me. Im not the bad guy here.  Ask the lying bastards why they did this.  I don't  know why they did it. Wish I knew.

When in any speech did they tell you, show me the speech.

When in any video did they tell you -- show me the videos.

This trick about "prepay approach" to tax government "investments" (capital spending, operational expenditures) is one of many goofy ass tricks by these bastards.,  

A footnote that tells you they "adopt" a prepay approach to taxing government "investments"  - by which they mean capital expenditures, and operational expenditures.

And wage expenditures.   Yes all that is taxed, and much much much more.

Oh, you didn't see the footnote? Well no kidding. And even if you did, you probably had no clue whatsoever that these "clever bits of fine print" = 2 trillion dollars of other taxes, on top of, in addition to the retail sales tax.

Thats right -- they didn't tell us suckers in any rational way about these massive other taxes, on top of, in addition to, the retail sales tax.

So every time these lying bastards said it was a simple retail sales tax, they lied their damn asses off.  Yes, they did.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.



For example -- in the "tax base"  are all Medicare and Medicaid "expenditures."    The person "using or consuming"  any good or service is liable (regardless who pays for it). 

Also in the "tax base" are all city, county, state, and even federal wage, pension, and capital investment expenditures.

Try to grasp how goofy ass this is.  It's total bullshit.  A cancer victim would be taxed 40,000 dollars more in fed taxes, than their economic twin, who did not have cancer good and services, of 170,000 dollars of "expenditures"

What is fair about a cancer victim's fed tax being 40,000 dollars higher, just because they got sick?   

And that's not the worst -- or most bullshit --  part of it. Even Medicare patients "consumption"  is in the tax base.   That's right, all Medicare and Medicaid "consumption expenditures" are taxed.  

The "person using or consuming" any good or service is liable.  That is how their math is set up. Remember that -- that is how their fraudulent bullshit math is set up.

These lying bastards were slick about it, but they did put it SOMEPLACE. No, they didn't tell suckers about it, in books, videos or speeches.   They were trying to fool you -- and did. 

Powerful men in politics and religion told us about it -- Neal Boortz, Mike Huckabee, and dozens of experts.   Supposedly even Harvard University researchers proved all we needed was a "very very simple" retail sales tax. 

Boortz's second book supposedly  "answered the critics"

Bull shit, he made up "criticisms" that were stupid. Then just doubled down on his bullshit.

He of course would not go near the actual critics, who exposed the fraud in his book and Fairtax hustler.  He will not appear on TV or on radio, with anyone who knows the hustle, like me.

Indeed, Boortz has blocked folks on twitter, just for asking him about these fine print tricks.   He doesn't have any answers, because he knows Fairtax is a great sounding hustle, not a tax plan.

They had books, videos, and all that research. Right?

Well, we looked for that research. And looked, and looked.

We found some slick double talk by their public relations company (see below).   But no research.

Then we checked the fine print.



You don't have to be stupid to be fooled by Fairtax.   Just be gullible, and not read the fine print.

Yes, the slogans sound great.  And they claim all this research -- who would lie about that?   We can just check the research, right?

Well, turns out, there is no research.   Hiding some goofy double talk in your own public relations documents is NOT research.

In fact, it's a fraud.  Luckily for Fairtax hustlers, it's a political fraud -- they are not trying to take your money. They are trying to fool you.

So what research are they talking about, when they say they had 22 million dollars worth of "extensive research?

We checked.  We contacted. We read.

They have no research whatsoever, they have their own public relations bullshit, which is the opposite of research.

These massive taxes on all city county and states -- on top of the retail sales tax -- is just part of the fraud.  Fraud because they don't tell you about it in books, videos or speeches.






The fraud was exposed -- politely -- ten years ago, by President Bush Tax Advisory Panel, for the same reasons we exposed it, before that, and since.

The massive goofy impossible "other taxes".

You didn't need a tax panel to spot the fraud -- just read all the fine print yourself.  It's not that hard.

But Fairtax suckers just believed the slogans --and the slogans do sound wonderful.

President Bush Tax Advisory panel showed the fraud years ago -- only they did so, politely, academically. 

President Bush Tax Advisory Panel also found that all consumption of health care services -- is in the tax base.  That means fairtax math is actually based on all Medicare, Medicaid, and health care "consumption" is taxed 23%.

Including insurance premiums.  So you are taxed on your insurance premiums, 23%.   You would also be taxed on your "consumption" of health care services, to you or your children.

The "tax base" is how these bastards "taxed" things on paper, to make their math add up, and fooled your dumb ass, to be blunt.


We contacted those folks that Fairtax claimed were their "economists".   The way Fairtax web sites made it seem, they had 80 economist who supported Fairtax.

 The 23% tax on capital spending "expenditures" in a footnote.   "Fairtax adopts a prepayment approach to taxing government investment..."

Taxes on wages, pensions, and operational expenditures -- who the hell knew that?  All city county and state governments have to pay a 23% tax on wages, pensions, and any other "expenditures" (other than education expenditures).

So did those "experts" Fairtax tried to claim were their "economist" even know about these massive other taxes?  HELL NO??

The "experts" had never even read the fine print, were not in any sense "Fairtax economists"  -- but Fairtax suckered them into signing support for a "consumption" tax.

But they did NOT tell them what was in the fine print.   

Only one person we contacted, out of that 80, supported Fairtax. Only one- - the others either did not support it, or had no idea what was in it.

You heard right.  Their own supposed "economist" didnt support it, when they learned the fine print....

Some economist thought was fine -- but when we asked what Fairtax taxed, they did not know.  

They thought it was a retail sales tax -- and had no idea whatsoever about the massive "other taxes".

In other words, the people Fairtax hustlers claimed were "our economist"  in articles like "Meet the Fairtax economists"  did know know what the hell was in the fine print.

Yet Fairtax web sites had the audacity and deception to call those people "our economists".  That's the kind of crap these bastards pulled.

What other taxes?   Like the trillion dollars of tax on all city county and state wage, pension and capital expenditure tax.

Like the 300 billion dollar taxes on Medicare patients for their "consumption" of health care goods and services.  A woman with breast cancer, for example, could easily owe 30,000 dollars in Fairtaxes (no exceptions) on her "consumption" of Medicare goods and services.

We asked Fairtax "expert" and supporter David Kendall about these massive other taxes -- he had no idea, whatsoever, these other taxes were the basis of most of Fairtax math.

He did not know they taxed wage and pension expenditures.

He did not ever hear of "NIPA"  in relation to Fairtax.

He had no clue that capital expenditures were taxed at all, much less, taxed in advance.

And that was one of their own supposed "experts".


Yes, all Medicare goods and services are taxed 23% -- thats in the clever fine print and math.  No, they don't tell you candidly. 

So where are these economist that support them?  Where is the research?

By the way, the one guy who supported Fairtax, Kotlikoff,  was paid. He was a director or other big whig in Beacon Hill.  Beacon Hill got paid to push Fairtax fraud.  



David Kendall is typical of the "expert" Fairtax supporter.  We contacted David, asking if he knew about these massive taxes on capital expenditures, wage expenditures, pension and operational expenditures.  Did he know that all "consumption"  of Medicare and Medicaid benefits are taxed 23%?

He had no clue. Kendall insisted he "read all the fine print"  but could not imagine these massive other taxes.   Either Kendall did not read the fine print, or didn't read it closely. Fairtax math is very much based on these massive other taxes., 

He is the only person we contacted who knew what was in the fine print -- because he wrote it!

The documents we show below are FROM Beacon Hill.  

So we are still waiting for that "research".  We still await those "economist" who know whats in it, that support it.

What they do have, however, is bullshit double talk by their paid hustlers at Beacon Hill. 

Who paid for the jets, the buses, the dozens of web sites? Who paid for Boortz and Huckabee (both were paid to speak for Fairtax)?

Who paid Beacon Hill?  We don't know.  Find out who paid them, and we can tell you why they did it. 

Ryan Lovelace -- dumb ass.    What the hell is "fair" about a 40,000 tax on cancer surgery and chemo. YOu will pay your fair share, and it will be the same amount?

Hey dumb ass, what the hell is Fair about a 6 billion dollar tax on the state of Georgia, hidden in the fine print, as a tax on all wage, pension, and operational expenditures?  What the hell is fair about 30 or 40 thousand dollar fed tax on cancer and heart surgery, brain surgery and recovery?

Seriously dumb ass, learn what the fuck is Fairtax, you stupid shit.

Ryan has no clue what is actually taxed in Fairtax. Very typical of the dumb asses pushing Fairtax.

What's it going to take for these stupid shits to read the fine print?  Seriously -- what? 

Kotlikoff was the ONLY "expert" we contacted who knew what was in the fine print.  

Kotlikoff knew the fine print tricks, because he wrote them.  He  put the hustle together for a price -- he was paid "very well" said Bruce Bartlett.    Kotlikoff bullshit double talk is exposed here. 


Boortz made it SEEM like Harvard researcher Dale Jorgenson proved all kinds of wonderful things about Fairtax.

Now, why would he do that?  

Seriously, why?  Boortz lied about this for years, then came up with a slick double speak "correction" or as he called it, in Orwellian terms "a more clear explanation". 

Not one word Boortz told his suckers about Fairtax was true -- every basic fact, from what it taxed, to the research, was a fabrication of BS.

. In fact, Jorgenson does not support Fairtax or anything like it,  to replace the tax code, because as Boortz knows, a retail sales tax only would be about 100% -- not 23%.  

When you know something is bullshit, yet push it in dishonest terms for money, that's a fraud in our opinion.  We'd like to get further clarification from Boortz, but he refuses to meet in public and debate this.  There is no debate, by the way, the fine print has massive huge other taxes, that the lying bastards never told you about in books, videos and speeches. 



 We have offered 50,000 dollars for years now, if anyone could show one page of that 22 million dollars of research about this "very simple" personal retail sales tax of 23% to replace all other fed taxes.

Where is it -- where is one page of it? Why not show it?

There is no such research, not 22 million, not 22 thousand, not 22 cents. There is no office somewhere, some computer, some desk, not even a post it note, in "research" about this very simple personal retail sales tax.



Don't you think they should tell you the basics of what's in the fine print, in their slogans?

Don't you think they should tell you, for example, that most of Fairtax revenue has nothing to do with personal retail sales?





HR 25 is part of the fine print -- read it very carefully. VERY carefully.

Like their definition of a person.  Very cleverly, they claim "certain" persons pay tax on "certain wages".

And wages are defined very cleverly too.

Turns out, your city is a special "person" who has to pay taxes on capital investments, in advance.

And other BS.   But that's all very very cleverly stated.

You also have to see their public relations "explanations" of their BS.   Beacon Hill came up with dozens of "documents"  giving the " details" of Fairtax.  

In books, videos and speeches, the hustlers made it seem one way.  But look very very closely at the fine print tricks, and the math.

We show you that, too.

Massive impossible other taxes -- like taxes on all cancer victims, even a Medicare patient, with cancer, would owe 40,000 dollars extra in fed taxes, because she "consumed" goods and services to save her life.

And more --  -- like all cities would owe 23% tax on their capital investments, in advance, and 23% tax on wage, pensions, and operational expenditures.

So if St. Louis city has 100 million in sewer upgrades, they would FIRST have to pay the federal government 23%, as a tax.

How the hell is that a retail sales tax?

And why don't they tell anyone about it -- why hide that BS in the fine print tricks?

Pass Fairtax fraud, goofy as it is, hilarious as it is, if that's the only way to get rid of our current mess. 

 But sadly, Fairtax is going nowhere.  It was designed to go nowhere.

Simple retail sales tax?

Like your car is a simple bumper.

Yes, Fiartax has a retail sales tax, like your car has a bumper.   

But  only a small part of Fairtax is that retail sales tax.   See what else they tax -- it's goofy bullshit hidden in their fine print.

This is from their official document -- do you see retail sales in there?   Well it's there, but cleverly.

See all other other things they tax?  They never say "we tax this" cause they are clever hustlers, so instead,  they "put these items in the tax base".

Tax base = what they tax

A few words -- hardly notice them, right? All personal and governmental "consumption expenditures".

That just means retail sales tax, right?

Uh -- no.  

Without ever saying they tax anything -- they include in the "tax base"  all wage pension and operational expenditures.

Whatever "NIPA" defines as "consumption expenditures"  they tax.  

That's how their math adds up.  As President Bush Tax Panel showed, without these fine print tricks, the fairtax rate would be 89%.

Fairtax can't tell you an 89% sales tax -- but they can sell you slogans that SOUND like a 23% tax, if they just put an bunch of BS in the fine print.

If Dallas Texas has 100 million dollars in fire, police and public safety "expenditures"   Dallas city council has to "remit"  23 million.

Dallas city council, of course, has no flipping idea about this -- no city does. No state. No county.

But that's how their math adds up.  The lying bastards did tell you, if you were smart enough to find and decode their bullshit --it's in there, in a fraudulent way.

That's in Fairtax math, in the revenue projections they term "tax base".

Putting in the tax base is how lying bastards tax something on paper -- for their math -- but don't want you to figure that out.


Consider these "identities" these hustlers tell stupid people. This is from their own official document, too.

If Fairtax just taxed personal retail consumption, they would say that. Instead, this amazing bullshit is slick double talk for,  "On paper, we tax all kind of shit that's impossible for us to actually tax, to make our math work."

No one really knows what the hell these bastards are saying -- the point is, the double talk is bullshit.    They have 2 trillion dollars of OTHER taxes in the fine print.

And they never tell you that, cause they are lying bastards. 

Fairtax slogans are great. Of course -- do you think they'd use slogans that revealed their BS?


Yeah the slogans sound great --  don't give us the slogans, you idiots. Slogans don't mean shit.   Yes, their slogans are wonderful -- so what.  The lying bastards made up the slogans.

Fairtax suckers honestly don't have a clue that slogans don't matter.  What's in the fine print matters.

For example, if you "consume" health care services (even if those services are paid by insurance or Medicare) you still owe the 23% tax.  No exceptions whatsoever.

Did you know that -- or not.

Fairtax math is based on it.    

You could -- in some situations -- owe more in fed taxes than you had in income.

In fact, millions of people would.  

Fairtax taxes all health care consumption -- without exception. Matters not a whit who pays that, by the way, the "person using or consuming" any good is personally liable.

Fairtax "Tax Base"  has all medical "consumption" in it. Tax base is what they tax.  No, they do not say specifically they tax all medical consumption, nor do they say specifically they tax all wage and pension expenditures.

Those "items" are "in the tax base".

That's how these lying bastards operate -- by cleverly telling you, in a way you are almost sure to take the wrong way.  Yet, perhaps in their mind, they did not lie, because they did put that in their official documents.

Is it their fault you believed Boortz, Huckabee, etc?  Look in their "tax base" documents.  Look in their math -- it's there.

There may be someone who "is better off" under Fairtax, but that would have to be someone making a lot of money, who did not spend any.   Even then, their state and local taxes would likely double -- see below.

The point isnt who is better off, the point is, why the F does Fairtax have these massive other taxes -- like taxes on all cancer surgery, all wage and pension expenditures, all capital investments??

Why?   Because that is the ONLY way their math adds up on paper.  For some reason, it was important to Fairtax hustlers to have their fraudulent math add up, as if lying your ass off to make it add up, isn't a fraud anyway.   But that's how they play the game -- they made their math add up by putting in bullshit that they knew was bullshit. 

This fact was established by testimony to Ways Means Committee, in 2010.  

Notice -- you never, ever see a Fairtax book, video, or document, that shows you a side by side view of what your Fed tax would be, before and after Fairtax.

Did you ever notice that?


When the slogans are quite the opposite of the fine print  you have a fraud.  See for yourself -- we show you.

For 15 years, Fairtax  hustlers like Boortz and Huckabee  sold us Fairtax as very very simple " personal retail sales tax."  

This amazing simple retail sales tax would replace all other fed taxes.  And it was backed up by 22 million dollars of "extensive research"

Oh, really? 

Only cleverly in their fine print are their  "assumptions"

Only cleverly in their fine print are their massive impossible "other taxes" - NIPA based taxes.  


They tax whatever "NIPA" defines as consumption expenditures.   Wait till you see what that little word trick hides. This is in their official documents, put out by their public relations firm, Beacon Hill. 


Did you even know they taxed all capital expenditures, paid out by all city county and states? Hell no. Hell no, you could not possibly tell, cause they never told you.

Except in double talk bullshit, in their fine print.

Even then, even if you read the fine print closely, you could miss it, unless you checked their math carefully, too. 

Its all there -- if you look carefully in all online official documents, that don't match up, at all, with the bullshit they tell you in books, videos or speeches. 

Do you even know that "NIPA" is?  No, you don't have a clue.

But Fairtax math is based on collecting 23% tax on all that type of consumption -- as defined by NIPA, on "consumption expenditures."

Here is what they tax, in the fine print. Sound like retail sales to you?

Go on, its from their own document, about what they tax. 

Their OWN official documents show these massive other taxes, if you read every word, every footnote, and every assumption  



Yes they have all these other taxes -- like 14 billion dollar tax on State of Texas, on their wages, pensions, and capital investments.

Think there may be a tad bit of a problem if Fairtax passed, and they tried to tell Texas state legislature, it owes 14 billion?

Remember, that's ONLY in the fine print, they never told Texas.

Not just Texas, but every county in Texas.  Think Dallas County is just going to send in 140 million dollars as their wage, pension, capital investment and operational expenditure tax?

See -- Fairtax has these massive taxes in the fine print. They can call it Fairtax, and do, cause that sounds better than "operational expenditure taxes"  and "pension expenditure taxes."

Chicago would owe over 130 million, New York, over 800 million, and Los Angeles over 900 million.   

Did you know that? Hell no -- they only put that in a few slick words, in the fine print. 

But their math is based on it. Remember that -- and remember the lying bastards told you it was a simple retail sales tax, all researched.

Those lying pieces of shit -- in our opinion.  What else would you call them, when they sold this as a simple retail sales tax, all researched?

The only problem would be -- where to put all the money that would flow in.   Social Security -- solved. Medicare-- solved.  National debt -- solved.    50% more take home pay, on average.  Prices fall.  US exports grow 47%,  Illegal aliens and drug deals finally pay taxes. 

It all sounded so damn great. 




Moonbeam and Babyfarts ?

Only one problem -- well, two. First, Fairtax had no research, as we show. In fact, we offer 50,000 dollars, and have for years, for ONE page of that "research". This is a real, binding offer, see below for details.   

Second -- Fairtax fine print tricks.   In their own documents (we show you)  Fairtax has goofy, impossible bullshit nonsense.  They might as well pretend to tax Moonbeams and baby farts for over 2 trillion dollars.

Yes they do have a retail sales tax - but that's only a small part of Fairtax.  Most of Fairtax revenue, cleverly hidden in about 300 words, a few words here, a few words there, is impossible bullshit.  Like 23%tax  on all wage, pension and operational expenditures,  (and much more) that your city county and state would have to send in.

Oh, that Fairtax "assumes" your city county and state will send these massive taxes in (over 1 trillion) and then "raise their tax rates sufficiently" to pay for them.

Oh you missed that fine print? Do tell, do tell.

We show it to you.


Don't tell suckers about the 2 Trillion dollars of "other taxes".


If you think Fairtax is rational -- think again.  Yeah, the slogans sound great, we get that. Those slogans fooled us.

But so far, we have not found ONE fairtax supporter who knows what's actually in the fine print, except for one guy, who was paid by Fairtax to write the official documents by Beacon Hill.  
But pass the fraud




Did you read Fairtax book? Ever hear Boortz speak of that "research"?



 We found their Beacon Hill documents -- Beacon Hill is their public relations company.

That's not research, at all.  It's not even about a 23% retail sales tax, because it has 2 trillion dollars of other taxes, cleverly and fraudulently (misleading on purpose)  in the fine print.

Hiding goofy stuff in your own public relations documents is NOT research. Quite the opposite.,

So -- where is that research.  There is not 22 million of research, not 22 thousand. 

Not 22 cents worth.

And we offer 50,000 dollars, seriously, a legally binding OFFER (check with your attorney about offers).  Just show one page of that 22 million in research about this very very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes, including social security and medicare taxes, with a 23% retail sales tax.


One page -- how hard can that be?   Show 1 page and get 50K.  Donate it to charity, we don't care.  Where is that  research?

There is  none. 

For example, Fairtax has massive taxes on all Medicare patients, a 23% tax on their "consumption" of goods and services.   It's in the fine print -- and it's how their math works.

So where is the "research" about cancer victims paying 40,000 in fed taxes extra, just because they fought cancer?

So they did tell you -- they did put that way way down in some official documents, online.

They never told you in a clear way, of course, lying bastards don't tell people clearly.  In this case, they hid it in a few bullshit documents by Beacon Hill, their public relations firm, who was clearly paid to fool the stupid.   Still, technically, did Beacon Hill lie -- read every word very  very closely.  They did cover their bases with "assumptions" and double talk definitions.

New York City would owe almost 1 billion dollars, as a tax on wage, pension and operational expenditures.

No one told, or even hinted that, to NYC.

Dallas Texas would owe over 100 million, Chicago, over 160 million.  No, not on retail sales, but on wage, pension and capital investments, and all operational expenditures.

All operational expenditures -- including expenditures for police and fire protection, library services, sewer and infrastructure expenditures, are taxed.

Did you know that?

Fairtax has 2 TRILLION dollars of taxes, on things that have nothing -- nothing -- to do with retail sales.

And cleverly, they tell you, they "assume" city and states will "raise their tax rates" to pay it.

No, not just taxes on retail purchases by city and states. 

All cities would have to send in a 23% tax on all operational expenditures, all pension expenditures, all capital investments, all everything (other than education expenditures) is taxed.

Yes, cities and states would pay tax on their "retail purchases" too, but thats a tiny fraction of what they will have to send it.

Pay police salaries of 10 million dollars, those cities would have to "remit" -- send in, 2.3 million dollars tax.

No -- they don't get to deduct that from pay, that is a tax over and above the wage. So 10 million in wages would cost 12.3 million.

Same thing for pensions.   "Expend" 10 million in pensions or benefits, and that city has to pay in 2.3 million in tax.  So the pensions cost them 12.3 million.

Oh you didn't know that?

Read the fine print.  It's there, cleverly.  Their math is based on this shit.  Sorry for the blunt language, Fairtax was exposed politely, Fairtax suckers didn't have a clue.

Wait till you see their "assumption" of all city county and states raising taxes, to pay for it.

At least city and states could, theoretically, increase their tax rates by 30-50%, which Fairtax cleverly assumes.

But how the hell with the cancer victim on Medicare pay 30,000 dollars extra in fed tax? Fairtax suckers have no fucking clue that millions of cancer victims (all of them) would be personally liable for massive fed taxes, just cause they had cancer.

Yeah, that's right, see their "assumptions".

Fairtax implicit and expressed "assumptions" are goofy as hell, and if you don't know these assumptions, you will be fooled by their bullshit. 

It's as simple as that.


Never, not once, not in 15 years, has Huckabee or Boortz or any Fairtax hustler even mentioned these huge taxes, and tax increases. 

Nor did they ever, even once, tell you what they actually tax.  They told you retail sales, retail consumption -- yes, but thats only a small fraction of what it in their "tax base".  

Tax base = what they tax. 


Did Huckabee tell you that? Ever? Huge tax increases -- an "assumption" in Fairtax own fine print.

They admit, deep in their fine print, that they assume these tax increases at city county and state levels.   Doubt most Fairtax suckers could even find the fine print.

No, of course Huckabee never told you, and of course he isn't going to tell you HOW MUCH of a tax increase at city county and state levels.

But sworn testimony to Ways Means Committee did estimate the tax increases at city county and state levels -- Fairtax simply refused to offer any such estimate, yet it's their own "assumption."

They assume these huge tax increases at all levels -- yes, go read their fine print.

Where is the research on those tax increases. All city taxes increase -- - their assumption.

All state taxes increase -- their own assumption.

All county taxes increase -- their own assumption.

Why not make it clear -- how MUCH of a tax increase.   They refuse, absolutely refuse.

One Fairtax "spokesman" said they can't calculate the tax increases on every city county and state, it would take too long!

Okay, ass wipe, just show us the increase on ANY city, ANY county, ANY city.   Remember, their excuse was too much work to show each city. Fine, then show us ONE!!

These lying bastards fool well meaning stupid people, and most of the con  job, was this bullshit about research. 

The tax increase -- 30% increase at city county and state level. No that did not come from Fairtax, they refused to estimate.   Nor will they show you any example of any city county and state.

Remember, they only  hid this BS in their fine print.

Still, its right there -- if you read it closely, word for word, and study their math.

No, this is not paid at the cash register. This is a separate tax, and it's paid in ADVANCE.

Fairtax massive unconstitutional burden on city county and states make the whole thing goofy as hell -- but if it somehow passed,  the Fairtax nonsense would be the biggest expense of every city, every county, and every state.

So why not tell city county and states about it?

James Bennett, attorney and official Fairtax spokesmen, 
said there "Is no need" to tell city county and states about these 1 trillion dollars of taxes they would have to pay, on wage, pension, and operational expenditures


National Review exposed it's absurdity, showing correctly, that for millions of people, Fairtax would be impossibly a 100% or more tax, relative to their income.  

The fine print in Fairtax (see below) would have millions of people paying over 100% tax rates..

Because CONSUMPTION  is taxed.  If you were on Medicare, doesnt matter, what you consume is taxed.  If your insurance paid it, doesnt matter, you are liable personally, without exception.

Why this bullshit? To make their math add up. 

Fairtax has the best slogans -- fair, simple, transparent.  A simple retail sales tax. All researched.  No loopholes.

 Huckabee even claimed  he got Fairtax from the bible, saying something about "proportional taxes".

What's proportional about all their hidden taxes?

What's proportional  about a 40K tax on a heart patient or cancer victim?  

Yes or no, can a Medicare patient pay 40K tax on her "consumption" of  surgery, chemo, rehab?

Of course not. But those massive taxes on city county and states in their fine print - very cleverly written to fool you.  It's not in their books, videos or speeches.

More, it's very much how Fairtax math is based,

Fairtax math is based on these taxes -- absurd as they are. Without these "revenues" Fairtax rate would be 89%.

As you will see, President Bush Tax Panel showed exactly this -- without the bullshit, without taxing cancer victims, without taxing city county and states on wage and pensions, the tax rate would be 89%.   

And your cult daddies know that. Boortz knows that, Huckabee knows that, FOX SPEWS knows that.  CATO institute knows that, all those hustlers who sold Fairtax knew that, or should have. 

That's right -- Fairtax could and would tax millions of people more money than they made.   Seems goofy as hell?

Well, National Review was correct.

You could also read the fine print yourself -- word for word ---but seriously, most Fairtax suckers like the slogans so much, they don't even suspect the fine print is something else entirely.

The polite way of exposing Fairtax did not get through to gullible people,  mostly because Fairtax has such great sounding slogans to cover their fraud.

We however, are blunt. Crude even.  e very rude, crude, and impolite about it.  If you can't handle that, stop reading now.



Fairtax sounded too good to be true, but all that research -- 22 million dollars of research!   

No was Fairtax could be a silly fraud.  Maybe it wasn't perfect, or promised too much, but no way you get all t hose researchers to lie, right?

Fairtax lying bastards have no research. 

And no researchers.   What they have is a public relations firm, and some paid hustlers, like Boortz and Huckabee. 

There is no an office somewhere, a file cabinet, a copy machine,  there is not even post it notes, and paper clips.

We don't mean their research is  flawed, or mistaken.  We don't mean it's badly done.. We mean the bastards literally have no research. And the bastards know they have no research. 

Of course  not every Fairtax supporter is a lying piece of shit, in on the fraud. Some are just stupid, some just were fooled by claims of research, as we were fooled.

50,000 offer.

In fact we offer 50,000 dollars, and have for years, to anyone, even you, who can show one page of that 22 million dollars of research, about this "very very simple" personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

How hard can that be?  They have research?   They have 22 million dollars of research, about this very simple personal retail sales tax, as described above?


Well -- show it. Show one page.   We have offered this for years -- -ask your attorney if this is a legal offer, it is. Why can't they show the research?

Because they are lying pieces of shit, who are fooling the stupid people.  They fooled us for a while. 

Joe's Fed taxes went from 7.500 before Fairtax, to over 57,000 after FAIRTAX

His income -- 55,000.   How the hell does Joe owe 57,000 dollars under Fairtax? 

We show you what Fairtax lying bastards hope you are too stupid to figure out. And so far, you were that stupid, you did not figure it out yourself.


Fairtax is so fraudulent, the fine print so absurd, that millions of people would owe over 100% tax rate.  That's right -- you may be one of them.

Yes, the tax rate is 23% on their consumption -- but what if they have, say, cancer surgery and chemo?  What if they are on Medicare, and need surgery?

Fairtax -really -- has no exceptions whatsoever.  If you "consume"  cancer surgery, even if paid by Medicare, you are liable for the tax.  Really.

Fairtax could take a normal family's tax burden, from 7,000 dollars to almost 60,00 dollars tax.

Yes -- and Fairtax would put millions of people in that position, that they owe more in taxes, than they made in income.  This would be especially true of those folks on Medicare with limited income.

But if your child had an illness, your wife, your husband, even if your insurance, or Medicare, paid the bill, according to Fairtax fine print and math, you are liable for 23% tax on the CONSUMPTION.

And there is much much more these lying bastards hid.  They do tell you -- kinda -- in a sneaky ass way, we show you that fine print bullshit. 

Don't get mad at us, when you find out how these lying bastards fooled you. Get mad at them -- and better yet, dont be fooled by these great sounding bullshitters like Huckabee, FOXS SPEWS, CATO, Heritage, Grover Norquest.  These lying bastards pushed Fairtax -- and even after they found out it was a fraud, they didn't bother to tell you.





President Bush Tax Panel exposed this bullshit fraud -- in polite terms -- years ago. But Fairtax suckers, no offense intended, are too stupid to even know what the Tax Panel said in blunt terms.

They said much the same thing we say, only we tell you in a way you can understand. Maybe.  Unless you are a Fairtax cult monkey, in which case you are an idiot and will just keep believing your Fairtax cult daddy lying bastard. 

All wage expenditures, all pension expenditures, all capital investment expenditures paid out  by every city county and state -- are taxed.

In other words, every "expenditure" -- not just purchase" is taxed.   And that is goofy as hell. 

Yes they tax retail sales, but thats only a tiny part of it.

Take the capital investment expenditure -- that is taxed in ADVANCE.   Thats just one of many things you never hear. You will have to find them in the fine print tricks. 


So how the hell would you know?  Get it from a duck?  Because Fairtax hustlers sure as hell don't tell you. 

The advance tax on capital expenditures --ONLY in a footnote, by the way. ONLY in a footnote in their official documents.  Did we mention only in a footnote.

Read the damn thing yourself 

Did you read that footnote?

Adopts a prepayment approach? WTF?   And a prepayment approach to what?  To taxing all wage and pension and capital investment expenditures.

At no point -- ever -- do any of the Fairtax lying bastards have a clear, simple, honest statement of what they tax.  You have to cobble it together, and frankly, most Fairtax suckers are too stupid to do that.   Those that are smart enough, well, why would they?   They believe the bullshit slogans, they don't even suspect the fine print tricks could be wildly different than the slogans.

Only in a footnote -- in an official Fairtax document.   Look closely-- did you ever see anything about this in their books? No. Ever see anything about this in their videos? No.

Ever hear anything about this in their speeches?


And that's just one tiny example of fine print tricks by these hustlers. 

For example, if Chicago has an upgrade on their water and sewer treatment plan, they have to pay 23 million dollars in "Fairtax"   in advance -- up front, on that 100 million dollar project.

How the hell is Chicago a person? And how the hell is a sewer upgrade a retail sale?

Do you think Chicago is going to just magically notice this bullshit footnote -- by Fairtax public relations hustlers -- and send in 23million in advance for that one project?

Really - do you think so?   Chicago would would another 100 million in wage and pension expenditure taxes.

Think Chicago is going to send in 150, maybe 200 million dollars to Fairtax lying bastards, because they wrote some booooshit in their public relations document "explaining" how Fairtax works?

Think so?  If you think that you are a fucking idiot and you should get off this page. 

Of course these lying bastards put fine print tricks, definitions, and assumptions, to on paper, in their minds, they did tell you. 

And we have offered 50,000 dollars for one page of that 22 million in research.  Details below.

A massive capital expenditure tax (over 200 billion dollars) in advance.  

Over 2 TRILLION dollars of "other taxes" that have nothing to do with retail sales.

When you realize Fairtax has 2.1 trillion dollars of other taxes, they don't tell their suckers about, you will understand what lying bastards they are.

Fairtax is a fraud by lying bastards.

I dont give a shit if someone told you otherwise

 According to testimony to Ways Means Committee, Fairtax has five layers of taxation, massive taxes on wage pension and capital investments, for example.

And if Fairtax were anything but a fraud, they wouldn't make up this goofy fraud lie about 22 million dollars of research.   They don't have 22 cents of research.

They only this bullshit nonsense by their public relations firm, which they have used to fool suckers.


Fairtax also taxes all cancer victims -- without exception.  Even cancer victims on Medicare are personally responsible -- no exceptions whatsoever -- for 40,000 dollars extra in Fed tax liability, for their "consumption" of cancer surgery, chemo, and rehab, they "consumed".

The basic trick -- the lying bastards define "consumption"  in a way, in their fine print, that is meaningless bullshit.   But they tell suckers it's just a retail sales tax on personal consumption.

You have to read their fine print closely to see what lying pieces of shit they are. 

But they did put them in the fine print -- yes, maybe a footnote here, a definition there, the lying bastards did not reveal anything ever in a clear way.  But it's there -- in the fine print tricks. 

Did you even know all city county and states are taxed on all expenditures (other than educational expenditures).

Did you know that?   

No, you didn't know that, because they never tell you -- they tell you the opposite. Only in the fine print, can you find this crap, and even there, it's very slick

Not one city -- not one -- has any clue they would be taxed very heavily on wage,pension and all operational expenditures.

because "They deal with fine print all the time.

James Bennett, official Fairtax spokesmen, said there "is no need" to tell city county and states about this part of Fairax, because they "deal with fine print all the time".

If you think Dallas Texas City Council is going to to send in over 100 million in wage, pension and operational expenditure taxes, you are the perfect Fairtax sucker.

Yes, in Fairtax fine print, and math, are massive taxes on every city county and state,  on wage expenditures, pension expenditures, and operational expenditures.
Guess what?  Fairtax fine print "assumes" city county and states will raise your tax rates, to pay it.  Really


They assume all cities, all states, all counties, will pay these  huge taxes, then raise their tax rates.

All cities in USA, will raise their tax rates -- substantially raise, as you will see. That's their assumption, in the fine print.

"We assume city and states and counties will take all appropriate measures to increase their tax rates"

Like "we assume" all city county and states will pay massive taxes on wages, pensions and operational expenditures, and capital investments, then raise their tax rates to pay for that.

How the hello are those retail sales taxes?  

Fairtax suckers don't even suspect what the fine print says.

Still, we do need a new tax code. Even a funny fraud is better than the BS we have now. Maybe if we passed this  -- just maybe -- people would not be so stupid, so easily fooled, in the future.

And we could then get a rational tax code, with a public that isn't so dumb, gullible, and led by self confident cult daddies.  

That's the most hilarious thing about Fairtax -- whoever wrote this BS, had no intention to pass it.  Whoever wrote this fraud loves the tax code just as it is.  They wrote it, to keep stupid people busy, so they can KEEP the BS we now have.

So pass Fairtax, just to watch the hustlers explain themselves.   That would be worth it.



Think you know what Fairtax taxes?  No, you don't. Or you wouldnt be here.

All pension expenditures -- taxed 23%.

Did you know that?

All capital investments, taxed 23%.  Did you know that?

At least city county and states would theoretically pay these taxes, then raise their tax rates, as Fairtax cleverly "assumes they will.

But how about the poor?  Despite the lying bastards claim they "completely untax the poor", actually there are no exceptions.

All "consumption" is taxed NOT JUST  PURCHASES.


President Bush Tax Panel was smart enough to read the fine print.  They politely showed, in public, using academic prose, what a fraud it was.

In private, William Gale, PhD, said "they lie a lot".


By the way -- Fairtax was already exposed, politely, for years. We show you that too.

We are not so polite. Polite doesn't work on stupid people who have cult daddies. And Fairtax really is for stupid people, and really is, pushed by Cult 
Daddies and liars.

If you want polite, academic expose of lying bastards, this is not your place.  



None of them are true.  Take a look at Fairtax fine print -- suckers were too stupid to read it, or even find it.

So we show you the fine print. You could have found it, if you weren't so gullible. You believed liars like Huckabee Boortz, FOX SPEWS, etc. 

Don't believe liars bastards just cause they say something. Check the fine print.

Every Fairtax sucker we met  insisted they read all the fine print.

Yet they couldn't tell us what Fairtax actually taxed.  They had no idea where most of the revenue would come from.

Got that?  Those Fairtax hustlers did not tell you what they actually tax. And they lied about the research.  Think that's accidental? 






From an official Fairtax document.

Do you even know what the hell that means?

It means they tax all kinds of impossible shit, in their fine print.



Yet, Fairtax did tell you -- sorta kinda. No, not in the books, videos or speeches.  They lie to you there. You have to read all their fine print very very closely.

A retail sales tax?

Replaces all other fed taxes?

22 Million dollars of research?


"It's a lot like pretending to tax moonbeams and baby farts for 2.1 trillion, to fool stupid people." 

We have had Fairtax own supporters get irate at us, for saying Fairtax revenue is based on absurdities like almost 1 trillion dollar tax on cities and states for their "operational expenditures".

Typical of Fairtax fraud---- they never ever are candid about what they tax.   They do it by "putting it in the tax base".

They "put" wage and pension expenditures, in the tax base.  Capital investments -- go in the tax base. Operational expenditures -- go in the tax base.

WTF?  And these other taxes, these WTF  taxes, are impossible bullshit. They can't collect these other taxes as you will see.

Fairtax suckers don't even suspect what the fine print says.  Like the massive impossible taxes on city county and states for wage and pension expenditures.

Did you know that NYC would owe over 600 million dollars in wage pension and operational expenditure taxes, in Fairtax?

Did you know that Fairtax cleverly "assumes" NYC will raise their tax rates by 600 million to pay that?

And likewise all cities.
And likewise all states.
And likewise all counties. 

Hell no, you don't know that -- but you can probably recite five or six Fairtax slogans, if you are a Fairtax sucker. 


They repeat the great sounding slogans, because thats the only thing their cult daddies tell them, the slogans.

Trouble is, Fairtax is a fraud, and the fraud is in the fine print. We show you.

We get it -- the slogans sounds great. No duh.



How the hell is that a retail sales tax?

They adopt a prepayment APPROACH to tax government capital investments, and wage expenditures.

Did you even know - yes or no -- that Fairtax has over 300 billion dollars of taxes on wage and pension expenditures?   Or how about 200 billion dollars tax on capital investment expenditures?

How the hell is that a retail sales?

Where is the research on that shit?

There is no research, these lying bastards very cleverly inserted these "assumptions" and other taxes in their own official documents.

That's not research -- lying in your fine print tricks, telling you bullshit, is the opposite of research. 

 Even here,  in the fine print, they are slick lying bastards, trying to fool you, but at least it's someplace.   These words are carefully crafted bullshit, you have to untangle even this, as President Bush Tax Panel did easily.

 Fairtax suckers probably didn't even see these documents, and likely wouldn't know what the hell kind of double speak it was.  They think Fairtax is a simple personal retail sales tax.  Not even close.


Do you even know
"NIPA" is?



William Gale, PhD Stanford,
politely exposed the Fairtax fraud 10 years ago.

We aren't so polite. 

Gale was Chairman of President Bush Tax Advisory Panel.  Gale was polite about it in public, using academic language -- see below.  But that panel showed the massive goofy impossible other taxes  (like 100 million dollar tax on the City of Dallas for Wage and Pension expenditures).

All Gale and the Tax Panel had to do, was study this Fairtax document very closely.

Fairtax own document, about their "tax base".

Tax base = what they tax. 

Fairtax suckers have no clue -- none -- what Fairtax taxes, to make their fraudulent math work.  All city county and states would owe, 23% tax on all operational expenditures.  

No, they do NOT just tax retail sales -- that's the fraud.  They have goofy absurd and massive taxes in the fine print, that can not possibly be collected, and they know that.

Which is why they misled their suckers about it. 

If they only taxed retail sales, the tax rate would be 89%

We show you the fine print tricks. 


Fair?   Wait till you see the fine print -- who and what fairtax taxes, not the slogans.   The slogans sound great.

Is it fair, or even possible, to tax a cancer victim 40,000 dollars extra in fed taxes, just because they "consumed" surgery and chemo?

Fairtax not only taxes all cancer and health care "consumption" --  whoever "consumes" the services is liable, not necessarily who pays 

Absurdly, idiotically, Fairtax math and fine print tricks have the Medicare patient paying 40,000 dollars "sales"  taxes too.   The person "using or consuming"  any good or service is liable.  That is how their math adds up.  Yes, it's that goofy.

In private, Gale said of Fairtax double talk, "They lie a lot".

Ask Huckabee. Ask any of these hustlers.  They will tell you "it doesn't matter"  because all prices will drop.  That's how goofy these cultist are. Someone told their dumb ass no taxes will be a burden, because all prices fall.


Yes it sounded like a free lunch on steroids -- prices drop,  take home pay goes up 50% on average, and the problem, said Neal Boortz, would be where to put all the money.

That's right -- Boortz actually said the only problem was going to be, it will be so successful, there would be too much money coming in.

We will deal with that problem later, by lowering Fairtax 23%.   

Sounded like BS --  but all those experts -- all that research!!!

 Too bad none of that is true. 


Oh, yes, a small part is a retail sales tax.   But only a small part.  In the fine print, these lying bastards have fraudulently (purposely deceptive) massive other taxes, to make their math work, on paper.

For example, the "consumption" of all cancer surgery, is taxed., All health care is -- and there are no exceptions, whatsoever.

The person "using or consuming" any good or services is personally liable.

Fairtax never tells anyone, bluntly, or in one place. 

  Did you know that a woman with breast cancer, even if on Medicare, would personally owe 40,000 dollars more in fed taxes, just because she "consumed" 150,000 dollars of surgery, chemo and rehab?

Now how the hell is  that  retail sales tax?

It's not even rational. 


Is the consumption of Medicare, a "retail sale"?


Are the "wage expenditures" and "pension expenditures" and capital investment expenditures, by all city county and states, a retail sale?

Of course not. 

But all are in the "tax base".   

Tax base  -- very important term in Fairtax fraud.  What they put in their tax base, is what they tax. That means they depend on that, for their math to work,.

And they put all kinds of goofy stuff -- including Medicare expenditures -- in the tax base. 
And that's just the start of these lying bastards fine print tricks. 

The massive impossible taxes (much more of them below) are the only way Fairtax math works.  

Whoever made up Fairtax also made up the bullshit fine print, the few words here and there, with the massive other taxes.

And the same lying bastards made up the slogans -- like Neal Boortz Fairtax Book he was paid to put out. Yes, Boortz was paid so represent Fairtax.  So was Grover Norquest. So were various lobbying firms.   All paid.  


Transparent -- easy - no tricks, no loopholes.

And four out of the five "layers" of Fairtax are impossible goofy balderdash -- impossible.  

Yes, we need a new tax code, ours is horrible.  If this is what we need to do -- pass a lunatic fraud -- okay, pass it.



There is  no research, none.  Or if there is, we have not seen it, and Fairtax has not shown it.

There is crap by their public relations firm, we show it to you. But that's not research, and it's sure not research about a simple personal retail sales tax.

There is not an office somewhere, and never was, where such research took place. No office secretary, no researchers, no desk,  no phone, not  even paper clips.

 Not even post it notes.

If Fairtax suckers were not so stupid, they could have spotted it themselves.   But don't feel too bad, these lying bastards are persuasive, self confident, and like all lying bastards,  they have those SLOGANS. 

Fairtax SOUNDS great -- we loved it!   And of course we believed the spin.  Simple retail sales tax on personal consumption.


All researched.  All simple.  Just pay a tax on what you buy for personal consumption. 

Uh-- wanna bet?  ___________

It's not the retail sales tax that is the problem, or fraud.  Notice that only 40% of Fairtax projected revenue, is a tax on retail sales.

That's not the problem.  

Don't you think Dallas Texas should know, they would have to pay -- according to Fairtax math and fine print tricks -- over 100 million dollars on wage expenditure, pension expenditure, and operational expenditures.

All cities should know.

Chicago IL would owe over 180 million, and Cook County, over 200 million.  The state of IL, over 10 billion.


Fairtax hustlers had a problem -- math.

So Fairtax does not tax just retail sales.   In fact, that's only a tiny part of what they tax.



We dont know who paid for Fairtax fraud.

Who paid Beacon Hill?

Who paid Boortz?

Who paid for the jets, buses, and all those web sites?

Who paid Grover Norquest?

Who paid the various hustlers in lobby firms, like CATO, to praise it?

We don't know.  No one is telling. 

Did Fairtax start out as just some stupid people being mistaken by great sounding BS?

Maybe. But if so, it grew into a fraud, promoted by liars. 

If Boortz and others would tell who paid them, and Beacon Hill would tell who paid them, we could find the original liars.  Yes, we could. 

Flat Tax is the same kind of fraud --  flat tax is same kind of fraud, but they have no fine print at all, just slogans.   Fairtax has fine print and slogans.

Yes, people do lie about taxes, genius, and if you are a Tea Party person, you must find it hard to believe your cult daddy would lie to you. Cult daddies have to lie, they have to get stupid people riled up and hateful and give them easy answers. 

Fairtax fits the bill.



But -- let's pass it anyway.  Really. Seriously. If that's the only way to get a new tax code, fine.

Fairtax would not last one day -- but so what?     

Fairtax would show stupid people that their lying cult daddies are liars, and they should read the fine print.   We could all laugh at stupid people, like those who believed Fairtax hustlers. 

Then we can get an actual tax code that isn't a fraud, like Fairtax, or a mangled mess by the rich to make them richer, which is what we  have now.

So that's good -- pass the fraud, expose that fraud, and get rid of our tax code created by hustlers.  Win Win.

 We show you the fine print, below. 


Yes, we need a new tax code. That's why I loved Fairtax, till I found out it was a fraud.

Fairtax is Political Theater.

Oh you wont find out about these massive impossible goofy other taxes, in the books, videos, or speeches.  Not a word of it, in their books, videos, or speeches.

Go on, look.

  Any mention of that advance tax on capital investments?  100 billion dollars or more -- a single word about it, ever? In any speech, in any video, in any book?  EVEN ONE WORD?


It's in a footnote -- here -- see it?

It's only in the fine print. Do you grasp this?  The audacity of these &^%$  %$#^.   Claiming they are going to simply and make tax code transparent, they have put forth a fraud.  

" Fairtax has 2.1 Trillion dollars on Baby Farts?"

No, Fairtax does  not tax Baby Farts.  But 2.1 Trillion dollars of Fairtax projected revenue is as goofy as a tax on baby farts.  


How a city
is a special person

All city county and states are special kinds of persons.

Fairtax says it's a personal retail consumption tax. Over, and over and over.

So you think persons means you and me. 

Uh -- city county and states are "special" kinds of people. They pay not just 23% tax on retail purchase, like a cop car purchase.  They pay a 23% tax on wage expenditures, capital spending, pension expenditures, operational expenditures.

Where is that? Where is that in HR25?  We looked, and looked.

We looked some more. And we looked some more.

We knew Fairtax math had all city county and states paying massive taxes on wages and so on -- we looked closely at the math. 

But where was that in HR25.  

Finally -- a Fairtax spokesmen bragged to us "Here it is"- - he was giddy.   This is the "legal basis" for about 2 trillion dollars in taxes on city county and states, according to James Bennett, official Fairtax spokesmen.  This word, in this definition, far far down the line, after they define Personal Currier Services, they define person this way -- and remember, according to their own math, and their own spokesmen, this is the legal basis. There is no other indication at all about these taxes, other than this word, and we didn't find it for weeks. 

That's how clever these lying bastards were

This is enough information, said James Bennett, to every city county and state, that they will have to pay 23% tax on all wage expenditures. All pension expenditures. All capital investments.

They do not need to be told any more clearly than this.  Never mind that all the world thinks Fairtax is a simple personal retail sales tax.

This word -- this word "person" in this definition -- is enough.   Got that?  Got how fucking goofy Fairtax hustlers are?

And where are cancer victims taxed?  It says  nothing about cancer in the the entire bill, right?

Actually they have language about the person using any service or good is liable, without exception.   Very important few words -- because they do use that in their math, as if every person and every city county and state, will pay 23% tax on all consumption -- as defined by their sneaky lying bullshit word tricks.


These other taxes are in there for one reason -- to make the math work.

"We assume city and states and counties will take all appropriate measures to increase their tax rates"

Good assumption? Or bullshit? 

Gale and the Tax Panel just read the fine print, and looked at the math.  It wasn't that hard, because Fairtax lying bastards put the tricky stuff in a few dozen words, about 300 words.Yes,  they inserted a 300 words or so,  a few "assumptions" there -- we show you those--  but only in online documents and math tables. 

In those 300 words, cleverly placed, are two trillion dollars of goofy absurd bullshit and impossible taxes.

So why are they there?  If they are goofy absurd bullshit?

To make their math work -- that's why.

To fool the stupid -- that's why.


Did you know that Dallas Texas city council would owe over 100 million in wage, pension, and operational taxes?

Did you really? Cause, who the hell told you?  No one. No one ever stated it that bluntly, even President Bush Tax Advisory Panel.   So no, you had no clue.

Do you know that Dallas City council -- per Fairtax "assumptions" would have to raise their tax rates over 100 million?

Their own supporters had no clue -- NONE.   And how could they know it?  Fairtax hustlers told them just the opposite.

That's why Fairtax lying bastards are lying bastards.

Oh hell yes -- and even more they cleverly "assume" city and states will "take all necessary measures" to raise their tax rates.

Pretty damn clever way to lie to stupid people, and they paid Beacon Hill to be that clever.  But it worked.

Perversely, the lying bastards at Fairtax try to sell their hustlers -- Beacon Hill -- as the research. As if lying out their ass and double talk, is research.

That's the kind of **^%  they put in their books, videos and speeches.  They don't want a new tax code, is the hilarious part. Not the people who put this crap together.  They like the tax code.  They hope you idiots are mesmerized by this crap, and that you don't get a new honest clear tax code. 


Do you think they accidently didnt tell you about these massive other taxes?

Forgot, did they?

Just slipped their mind?

Just accidently told you it was simple retail sales tax?  For 15 years? In dozen books, thousand of speeches, hundreds of videos.  Think they forgot?

So where is that "research"?  22 million dollars of "research"  -- much of the basic research, they said, was by Dale Jorgenson of Harvard.

Bullshit.  He did no such research on that simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

If they "researched" this "tax plan"  they would have to research their assumption of these massive tax increases.   Hell, they snuck that bullshit double talk into the fine print, that's not research.

Hiding your goofy fraudulent assumptions in your fine print, is not research.  Try to grasp that.   They hope you are too stupid to grasp that.

And so far, Fairtax suckers are too stupid.

There is no research by Fairtax, because Fairtax is a fraud. Yes, it is.  

But their math is where the hustlers showed what all these assumptions and bullshit double talk are about -- how they added up their supposed tax revenue.   They did that in a document about their "tax base"  we show you below.

In the books, videos and speeches, they told us it was very simple personal consumption tax. Bullshit, only a tiny part of it, is that.

Fairtax sounded great to stupid people.  I was one of the stupid people fooled by it.


Seriously, let's pass the fraud.  I'm not kidding. Oh hell, the guys who made this fraud up, have no intention to pass it.  They would pooo their pants, probably leave the country.

That's a great reason to pass it -- but not the only reason.


Passing this fraud would do wonders -- first, we get rid of the bullshit tax code we have. Throw it out. It can not be fixed.

But we then can see what lying bastards can fool us with. Yes, Fairtax is made up by lying bastards, to fool stupid people. It's not a tax code at all.

But if that's what we  have to do, to teach idiots to look in the fine print, fine.

And if that's what we  have to do, to rip out the tax code, fine. This tax code has to go.  The lying bastards at Fairtax have no intention of passing their fraud, that's the hilarious part.

Pass it.   That would be so funny -- they will make every excuse not to!  Oh, the lobbyist don't want it. Oh, Obama will veto it. Oh, we can't get it to the Senate.

Well -- you have 58 sponsors!   You had 100!   Just pass the thing to the house already.  Enough dayum excuses, blaming everyone else.

The truth is, Fairtax lying bastards are not about to let this fraud get to the floor -- see why below. 


 Typical Fairtax "expert."

David Kendall had no clue -- none -- Fairtax had these massive other taxes. Never heard of the tax on wages, pensions, and operational expenditures.

Until we told him.

Had. No. Clue.

Kendall  apparently backed off Fairtax, but in cowardly fashion, never bothered to explain how he was fooled.   Too embarrassing. Here he was all gung  ho, and he didn't know shit about what they taxed, nor that it was impossible bullshit.

Kendall claimed he read all that fine print -- uh huh. But somehow he missed those massive taxes on city county and states, all the fine print tricks we show you, he had no clue existed.

Seems David just read the bullshit books and videos, then assumed Fairtax wasn't a fraud. 

Fairtax is a fraud -- it's not a tax code at all.

Fairtax paid Beacon Hill to put out their bullshit -- and it's slick.   You have to read every word, every footnote, every assumption.

But -- at least they put some words in there, deceptive as hell, but they can argue, technically, they did tell you, you were just too stupid to notice.


Pass it so we can laugh at the idiots who believed this silly shit.

 Pass it so lying bastards like Huckabee, Boortz, FOX SPEWS, Hannity, CATO, Grover Norquest, and others who were paid to sell this bullshit to stupid people, can explain themselves.

Pass it because that would help, as much as getting a  new tax code would help.