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We loved Fairtax -- until we read the fine print.

Funny stuff! Fairtax is not a economic or tax story.


Fairtax is paradise? That's how it's sold online.

Paradise, huh?  Well, they forgot to tell you a few things about that "paradise".  Like that "NIPA" thing. 

Fairtax tax base -- tax base is by definition what they tax. 

Sounded great - but that tax base!

PAY UP CHICAGO (212 million)

PAY UP AT ATLANTA (110 million)

And -- Fairtax cleverly says all city county and states should raise their tax rates to pay it.

PAY UP DADE COUNTY (190 million)

PAY UP KEOKUK IOWA (12 million)

PAY UP ASHEVILLE NC  (20 million)
PAY UP NEW YORK (750 million)


Remember -- all city county and states are supposed to raise tax rates.

Did Fairtax books ever say that?

Did Fairtax speeches ever say that?

Did Fairtax videos ever say that?

And there is much much more.

Much more.


Pay up all 20,000 cities in the USA, and all 5,000 counties, and all 50 states. Taxes on wages, pension and capital investment expenditures.

And there is much more. This is just one part of the absurdity.  They told you -- if you could find all the documents, read every little footnote, every assumption, and could decode the tax tables.

Not that easy to do.  But they told  you, remember? NIPA!!

You have to go find what NIPA is, go to those tables, and maybe, after hours, you might learn what the tax.  It's sure as hello not just retail sales.

Do you think all these cities -- any -- will just send this in?  Remember -- no one told them. Ever.

Fairtax officials said there is NO NEED to tell them!  Really -- see below. No need to tell city county or states!


Every dollar (just about) of Fairtax is the "NIPA" based tax.  That means taxes on your city, when it "expends" money for wages or capital investments.  Massive taxes.


ASSUME 1+ trillion.

"WE assume state and local governments will take necessary measures to .... raise their tax rates."

Massive taxes -- and guess what, another little fine print trick, they "assume" your city county and state will raise taxes that much.

You didn't know about city county and states, being taxed on wage, pension and operational expenditures? But that is in NIPA defined consumption.



The retail sales tax is only a very small part of the hustle.  It is impossible-- literally impossible -- to find out what Fairtax taxes, by their books, videos and speeches.   

To find out what they tax -- you must find the documents and tax tables put out by BEA (see below) and then find the NIPA tables, and decode those.

Run along and do that, why don't you?   It's not that easy.   And no Fairtax sucker ever bothered to even try.   They just assumed Fairtax "experts" would not lie blatantly.

Not a good assumption.

Never once, for 15 years, and even now, does Fairtax tell you. No Fairtax spokesmen is remotely candid about what they tax.   Most don't know -- they just read the Fairtax book or the web site, never looked up NIPA, probably never even read those documents, at all.

Where do we find out what NIPA defines?

 NIPA  --  are "account tables"  in the "Bureau of Economics Analysis"  web site and publications.

Not one Fairtax sucker we ever met had any clue what NIPA was,  much less knew they would have to go to those tables somewhere. 

Hell, most Fairtax suckers are so stupid, they don't even know what a tax base is.



You have to go on a while goose chase, just to see what Fairtax taxes.  Yes, yes, they claim to be a very very simple personal retail sales tax, but in the fine print, is another story altogether.

You have to go here--  Bureau of Economic Analysis - to find out what Fairtax taxes, because only there can you find what NIPA  tables.

Sort of like a wild goose chase.  

And even if you find   Bureau of Economic Analysis,  you have hours of work ahead of you, to really understand what the hell that all is.

There is no other earthly way to learn what Fairtax taxes, because Fairtax never tells you.  They just say, they tax what NIPA defines.

And you didn't know about that "assumption" that your city county and state are all supposed to raise your tax rates by that much.

Yeah -- that "simple personal retail sales tax" that is supposedly "Transparent"  is not quite what they told you.

I guess Perdue and others "forgot" to mention it a few things.

We show you below. No, Fairtax is not a retail sales tax, but actually six layers of taxation, the retail layer is the one they tell you about.

They kinda told you, right?    

You didn't notice they told you about NIPA?   

 It's in one whole sentence!  Yes, that sentence is in an online document.  No, they never mentioned it in 15 years, nor do they now mention it, in their books, speeches, videos, etc.

No, Boortz never mentioned it. Huckabee never mentioned it. Perdue, Woodall, Lindel -- none of them saw fit to mention it.

Think they forgot?  Every time, every speech, every mention?

Every time they wrote a book about  it, they forgot?

Every time they yelled at anyone who asked smart questions about it, they forgot?

As for Boortz -- every time he cashed a check (yes he was paid) do you think he forgot?

You should not complain, they gave you four entire letters, in that one sentence.

That's transparency, right?  They said they were transparent.   This is how transparent those lying bastards were -- and are.

Do you know what NIPA is? They tell you, in one document, their tax base is what NIPA defines.

But do you have any clue what that means? No -- and they knew you would have no clue. 

It means they tax all kinds of things  you have no clue they tax, so their math works, on paper.

Your city "expends" 100 million on fire and police protection, the pensions, unemployement, insurance, and benefits, related to that?  Well, your city would owe 23% tax.

Everything in the tax base is taxed 23%.  That's the very basis of their math.

No exceptions whatsoever. If it's in their tax base, their math is based on collecting 23% tax on it.


Wages, pensions, even capital expenditurs are in NIPA, and in the Fairtax documents you probably never saw or knew existed.

They told you, right? In that online document, cleverly.  You had to go to other places to see what the hell they were talking about -- if you could even find such places.  But they told you, sorta kinda. 

In fact, all operational expenditures of all police departments, fire departments, libraries and sewer treatment departments, are taxed 23% 
Can you imagine the county board in Gwinnett County Georgia, or Dade County Florida, or Cook County Il,  being told they owe 100 million dollars or so, each in "fairtaxes"  on their court system and police force?

Yet these "expenditures" are in Fairtax tax base.

You don't know what a tax base is?  It's what they tax.  By definition, that's what a tax base is.

That's how Fairtax math "works".  Whatever is in the tax base, they tax 23% -- on paper, anyway.




Silly Perdue  - he has no idea that Atlanta city council would owe over 10 million dollars, as a "expenditure tax" just on operating their police department.

Another 10 million -- Atlanta city council would owe, for operating a fired department.

Perdue has no clue -- absolutely none.   No one told him. He'd have to read the fine print, very closely. 

Perdue should read the fine print.

Fairtax is a funny story of smart lying bastards, and the fools that believed them.  We were fooled too - for a while.

Good, honest folks have been fooled by Fairtax.  

Not hard to be fooled -- the slogans sound great and they claim all this research.     But what does Fairtax actually tax?   




What the hell is NIPA??


NIPA are the four letters, upon which their fraud is based. Oh, there are other goofy and fraudulent (deliberately and fundamentally misleading ) parts, but their  reference to NIPA is the mother load.

It's that important.  This is from their own document, which they call "research". Yes, they call this document, wherein they put their fraud, "research". 


You think they have a simple retail sales tax to replace all other taxes?  Hell no. Not even close.


Their tax base is - by definition -- what they tax. 
And in that official document, they DO NOT say anything about a very simple personal retail sales tax, they say NIPA defines what is in their tax base.

Yeah, one document, online, they figured (correctly) their suckers were too gullible to find, much less figure out the slick hustle. 

  So it does not matter what they lied about in books, videos and speeches.   What they have in "their tax base" officially, by their own documents, is that they tax.

Do they have research about this very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes. Hell no. They did not research their own fraud. 

What these lying bastards did, is to cleverly insert that sentence -- our tax base is whatever NIPA defines as personal and governmental consumption expenditures.

Sure, other places, for 15 years, many thousands of times, many books, many videos, many speeches, they gave a drastically different impression, that it was a well researched, simple, personal retail sales tax.



We have had people call us on the phone -- scream that we are liars for saying Fairtax taxes wage pension and operational expenditures, and hang up.

Fairtax is a RETAIL sales tax, they said.

Actually Fairtax has massive taxes on wage, pension, and operational expenditures, even capital expenditures -- all taxed 23%.

Lot of clever double talk in Fairtax fine print, but the basic on is the NIPA trick.

All pension expenditures, all wage expenditures,  all capital expenditures, even all city county and state  operational expenditures, and capital investment expenditures, are in the tax base.

How did they get in the tax base?

By that clever "NIPA" trick.

 NIPA lists such thing in their "tables".

Fairtax did tell you they tax whatever NIPA says right?  

  The retail sales tax is only about 1.4 trillion.  So Fairtax has  other taxes.

2.1 trillion of other taxes.  Yes, massive other taxes.  You will never grasp the hilarious hustle, unless you know that.

These "other" taxes, are based on  NIPA.

Thats about 500 billion, per letter.

N -- I  -- P - A

Massive other taxes, on top of, paid separately from, the retail sales tax.

Still think Fairtax is a very simple personal retail sales tax?


   Fairtax slides  NIPA into one sentence in a document off line.  Try to grasp that.  But it's there.

Can you accuse them of fraud for doing that?  Yes, you can.  If this were a contract dispute under the law,  you could sue these bastards for fraud.

But this is politics, and the can do all the lying they want.  Still if you did send these guys any money, such as join their "1040 club" based on their hustle,  you can sue them for fraud, on the basis of they lied their asses off, and knew it. 

Can you win the suit? Who knows, they will likely send you your money back very quickly, the last thing they want is to get on a witness stand, and testify about their own fraud.


Why not make it clear what they tax?   

Why  use that NIPA  double talk?  Why do that?

They HAD to use some trick, to make their math add up -- to create a "tax base" that they could  pretend to tax 23%.

Other than outright lying, the NIPA trick was the most clever, short, and seemingly inconsequential way to fool you.

Of the several million words in Fairtax documents and "research,"  only 300 words really matter.

NIPA is the most important four letters. It's not even a word.   These guys are good.  They sorta kinda told the truth, because their "assumptions" are total bullshit.

But they did say "we assume".  Yes, they did! 

The rest of Fairtax documents are  fluff, or as magicians call it, distractions.  If they only gave you the important 300 words, you would spot their bullshit right away.  Even stupid people would spot it.

No Fairtax book, ever mentioned NIPA, much less explained the massive "other taxes" because of it.

No Fairtax video ever mentioned NIPA

No Fairtax speak ever mentioned NIPA

Why not mention it NIPA?


If you wonder why Fairtax is going nowhere, despite being "sponsored" by over 100 Congressmen,  wonder no longer.  It was never supposed to go anywhere.

You don't  have to be stupid to believe Fairtax lies. They were very good at lying, because they used the oldest trick -- slick words and double speak that seemed academic.

Who could look at this, and see the joke in it? 

We see the joke, but it took a while.

Fairtax hustlers had to be laughing sometimes, when putting out their "research".  They DO tell you things, like their assumptions that all cancer victims pay massive taxes, even cancer victims on Medicare and Medicaid are personally liable.

Yes -- they are.

Fairtax tells you that -- very cleverly. It's in their math equations and NIPA tables.   Of course they never saw "We assume a cancer victim on Medicare will pay 40,000 dollars in federal taxes".

They have that consumption in the tax base. They told you their tax base is what NIPA defines.   

In their mind, this was enough truth that they could lie their asses off.  Is lying this way truthful, because they were clever?

Hell no it's  not truthful, they are lying bastards, and they know it. But they did dress it up. And they were paid to dress it up.  Beacon Hill got paid for this, according to Bruce Bartlett, and "paid well."  Which lying bastard paid Beacon Hill?  Beacon Hill could tell us all we could ever want to know, about who paid them, and why.   But they ain't talking.  They are enjoying the money.

Still, we offer $50,000 -- a legally binding offer (really, ask your attorney about offers)  to anyone who can prove Fairtax isn't a fraud by lying bastards (See details below).

Passing Fairtax -- if that's the only way to do it -- would have a huge benefit -- people would not be that stupid again, for the  next 100 years or so.

We could pass it, have a good laugh watching Fairtax hustlers run for the hills and blame each other, then get an actual new tax code, not full of bullshit.

Why is Fairtax a fraud? 

1)  Because there is no research, though they claimed 22 million dollars worth.

2)  Because it's not a simple retail sales tax on personal consumption.

3) Because whoever made this shit up, and paid for it, knew they were lying, the entire time.

4)  Because they first lie and attack when confronted, then run,  like cowards do. 

Someone -- we don't know who -- put a lot of money into selling this as a very very simple personal retail sales tax.

Not even close.

 They claimed 22 million in research, which turns out, is no more research than a picture of a  Big Mac, on the front window of your McDonalds drive up.

Funniest of all -- Fairtax hustlers  have no intention to pass their own "plan". 

We offer 50,000 dollars to anyone who can prove otherwise, by showing 1 page of that supposed 22 million in actual research into this very simple personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes.

Should be easy as hell to show one page -- but for five years no, no one has.

And they never will -- there is no such research.

This is a real offer.  See details below.

Only a small part of Fairtax is that retail sales tax part.  NIPA based "other taxes" are the biggest part of Fairtax.

If retail sales tax was the only thing Fairtax actually taxed, you would have to pay 89% tax rate. They could not sell an 89% sales tax.



Fairtax claims  you "will get a receipt showing the tax.  Yes, you will, for the retail sales tax part.

Most of what you pay in Fairtax, there are no receipts. It's not paid at point of purchase, and has nothing to do with personal retail sales.



Fairtax kinda told you about NIPA-- in one sentence, in an online document. 

I loved Fairtax!!   Then I read the fine print.

I learned what NIPA was, and what a tax base was,



We are not polite -- we are rude.  Frauds have to be exposed bluntly. 

Fairtax was already exposed - over ten years ago - by President Bush Tax Advisory panel, when they read the "research" and fine print.

Bush Tax Panel knew, already, exactly what NIPA was.    They know the Bureau of Economic Analysis like you know your bathroom -- they use it all the time.

So the Tax Panel were not confused;  they just  read Fairtax own documents about their own tax base. They read every word, every footnote, and every definition.  Every "assumption".

The Tax Panel also found THIS humdinger.

"WE assume state and local governments will take necessary measures to .... raise their tax rates."


I put my money where my mouth is.

I offer 50,000 dollars (a lot of money to me!)  if you or anyone you know can show one page of that 22 million in research by Fairtax, about this very very simple personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes.

IF there is no fraud, but they claimed 22 million dollars worth of research -- then, in our book, they are lying bastards. You call them what you want.

Regardly, Fairtax is not a tax code. It's political theater.


They claim such research, 22 million dollars worth. Why not show it?  Especially since you get 50K for showing one page, of that specific research?

Where is that research?   They have never shown any research. Oh yes, they have those clever and funny documents, but those are not only NOT research, they are not about a very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes. 

See below for a definition of research.  

Fairtax can not be a very simple personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes, because they have all these massive "NIPA" taxes in the fine print.



Fairtax  hired Beacon Hill -- a public relations company, to put out documents they described as "research"  but are no more research than the picture of a Big Mac is research, on a McDonalds front window.

They "assume" this, and "define" that.   A few words  here and there.   They "assume" massive tax increases -- did you read that?  

And of course, it's in Beacon Hill document they use the "NIPA" trick.

We show you again - every line in Fairtax Tax base -- is related, based on NIPA.  Every. Line.  This is their document, my highlighting. 

Every bit of Fairtax "tax base"  is determined by NIPA.

Go on -- look. Did they ever say the could collect it? No.  They just said they "assumed"  city and states will pay it, and raise the tax rates.   They never said they know city and states will pay it.

And implicitly, they "assume"  all the taxes in the tax base, will be paid.

See the game yet?

So did they lie?  Or did they just play word games with "assumptions"  and "tax bases"?   We think they lied, but they probably think it was fun word games. And someone paid them.

Remember, someone PAID Boortz, and someone PAID Huckabee, and someone PAID Beacon Hill.

Still think Fairtax is a "very very simple" personal retail sales tax? 



Why not believe  -- who would make up 22 million dollars of research?

We could just check the research!!  

We could just talk to the "researchers".

( That's what I did -- I checked the research and talked to the "researchers" - that's how I know it's a fraud, not flawed, but a clever fraud).

 The slogans were great - simple, transparent, retail sales tax, point of purchase tax, voluntary, everyone pays, no tricks.  


These Fairtax guys  had to be laughing their asses off sometimes. Really.

Can you tax the State of California 20 billion, without telling them?   20 billion is about 23% of their consumption expenditures, as defined by NIPA

James Bennett -

Fairtax Spokesmen /  ATTORNEY






Fairtax math shows massive taxes (in a clever way) on all city, county and states. 

But --  where is the fine print, in HR25 about these taxes?

We looked, and looked, and looked.  There had to be something in HR25 about 2 trillion dollars of other taxes -- should be on page 1 or 2, right?

They should make that very  very clear, right?

Of course they should. But did they?  

No.   Just like the NIPA thing, the "legal basis" thing is another comical joke they played on suckers. 
 James Bennett - official Fairtax spokesmen - told us where to find the "legal basis" for these massive taxes on cities, massive taxes on counties, and massive taxes on states.

And he was proud of it   "Here it is," Bennett told us. He told us this was the legal basis. And he is an attorney.


This word "government"  in this sentence, according to their own official spokesman, and lawyer is their "legal basis"  for these massive other taxes.  

No, we are not kidding. 
Let that sink in. This word -- in this sentence  - the legal basis for huge and goofy as hell, unconstitutional as hell, uncollectable as hell, taxes.

WE enlarge it here, but in HR25 itself, it's just one of dozens of drab silly definitions -- like the definition of inventory, and the definition of Currer service.  Then, after such important definitions, in the same font, no fan fare, no clue how this is the legal basis for over a trillion dollars in "other taxes"  they slip that word in.   

Cute, huh? 

Actually, if you took that sentence literally, all corporations, all groups, all business, all partnerships, are people too.   But Fairtax decide to write that clearly Orwellian double talk sentence, and then pretend that's the "legal basis"  for huge, massive taxes on city county and states.

Let that sink in.


Bennett not only told us this one word was the legal basis for these massive taxes on city, county and states, Bennett said that word  was enough notice, too.

Not need to tell cities about it. They can find that word!  

Bennett said -- and I quote "They deal with fine print all the time, this is not a problem." 

No need to tell counties about it? They can find that word?   That ONE word?

Why the  hell not say it clear?  Why not say it in a full clear sentence, once, in 15 years?

Bennett insist it is clear enough. 

And -- there is no other place in HR25 that even comes close to telling folks.  


Appropriately?    All city, all states, all counties, are supposed to raise their tax rates appropriately..

 Course, they didn't tell you how MUCH your city county and state has to raise their tax rates -- but we figure about 20% across the board.

We have asked them for years to show one example of how much any city could pay. They refuse.

We already know the formula -- 23% tax on all operational wage, pension and capital expenditures.


NYC has almost a billion dollars for fire and police, public safety, courts, and libraries, city sanitation --  alone. 

 So NYC would owe about 230 million tax, on that 1 billion.  Try to grasp this.... because NYC pays cops, firemen and librarians, 

Do you think NYC is going to send in 700- 800 million dollars?



 Fairtax hustlers speak of "point of purchase"  taxes.

Most of Fairtax has NOTHING to do with retail sales or point of purchase, or anything like it.




"Footnote 19".

Notice the footnote?


What the hell does that mean "Adopt"  a "Prepayment approach"?





Fairtax has a retail sales tax, but that tax is only a small part of the Fairtax revenue. 



 The most important clever words in HR25.

Sect 1  HR25 

 Sounds reasonable, right?  Until you realize they gamed  the term "consumption"  and "without exception". 


 Fairtax has a hilarious part -- they send everyone 200 dollars a month, roughly. Every legal resident.  
$200 each month, times 300,000,000 residents, times 12 months.  See this little "detail".

Assume 200 per month, 300,000,000 legal residents.  (200 x 12 x 300,000,000)

Fairtax has never bothered to explain where they would get this 720,000,000,000.  

The "prebate" would cost as much as all medicare, all social security, all Medicaid.   And seriously, they just gloss over the fact, they don't account at all, for gathering revenue to pay it.






They can't show the research -- they have none.

We show you what they do have -- their own public relations company, Beacon Hill, putting out some hilarious BS, but that's not research.   




If they "exempted"  state and local government expenditures, that 23% tax rate would need to be 54%.

The entire reason to put state and local expenditures in the tax base, via the "NIPA" trick, was to make the math appear rational.  The math is hilarious and irrational, but by "assuming" and "adopting approaches"  they sorta kinda can do that, and may not exactly lie.  


28,000 Federal tax to fight cancer?

Why not exempt cancer victims? It they exempted health care, the tax rate has to go up ANOTHER 10%.



Who paid to put this bullshit out -- who paid Boortz, Huckabee, and for all the buses, jets, rallies, we sites, etc etc etc?

We don't know.


As Dave Ramsey would say "Do your due diligence ."   Ramsey was fooled by Fairtax too -- and he's no dummy.  If Ramsey spent ten minutes looking at Fairtax fine print we show, he'd probably spit on Neal Boortz.




Neal Boortz Meeting with Bush.  Hannity and Stossel, too.  They had Bush eager for Fairtax.

 Bush was so impressed, he had Fairtax studied by his Tax Panel. They found the other taxes, it wasn't that hard, just read all the fine print, and study the math, carefully.



  The research is funny.

No actual research - every "subject"  they claim they "research"  they simply explain how wonderful life will be when they implement Fairtax.

Sort of like showing you  the "research" on some medical procedure, by telling you how healthy the world will be, as soon as they buy it.

None of that is research - it's selling. Which would still not be so bad, if any of the selling were true, but it's not even close. And it's sure not research.

But they tell you it's research.



Both Fairtax and Flat tax  are pushed by the same folks -- CATO institute for example.

So if CATO pushed Fairtax fraud,  better take a close look at Flat tax, if it ever gets any fine print. 



Rep Steve King has never even hinted that DesMoines would owe massive taxes, over and above retail sales tax payments.

What do you suppose Des Moines city council would say, when, out of the blue, Iowa Rep  Steve King's Fairtax hustle passed, and the city would owe over 60 million dollar in taxes.

Keokuk -- 20 million. Fort Madison, 15 million, and so on. What would King tell them about why he  never mentioned it?

King does not worry about that -- no Fairtax politician worries about that.  They know Fairtax is not going to pass.  They don't want it to pass. It sounds good, and thats what they want.



Boortz claims  he "donated"  all the money from Fairtax hustlers (yes he was paid) to charity.

Maybe he did.

But Boortz  misled folks for over 10 years about Fairtax -- still does.   At least he admits he was paid, but now claims he donated that to charity.

So if you don't mind, prove you gave all that money to charity.  Your saying so, doesn't cut it.

As close as you will get.


Why go through all this nonsense, why have fake HR25 legislation, why hire Boortz, why pay Huckabee, the fraudulent calculators ?

We don't know for sure.  



Give credit where it's do.  Laurence J Kotlikoff, of Beacon Hill, got paid to put Fairtax  out in a way that SEEMS very academic, he even claims his work is "research".

If research means you hide absurd impossible "other taxes" in your double talk, assumptions, and definitions,  or just make up goofy sales pitches, yeah, they have that.

Laurence Kotlikoff of Beacon Hill, did very well financially pushing Fairtax, according to his friend, Bruce Bartlett. 

Did Kotlikoff actually lie, or did he write things carefully enough, technically enough, it was not a lie?

We don't know, but he sure was not honest or candid. 



Fairtax real goal is to fool guys like David.





This is our definition of research per our 50K offer.
Show 1 page of 22 million dollars worth of research about this very very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.


Neal Boortz made it seem like Harvard economist Dale Jorgenson practically invented Fairtax, in his "Fairtax Book".   

Not so much.

Jorgenson specifically said Fairtax would not work. Yet Boortz tried to make it seem that Jorgenson was essentially the genius behind it.

Jorgenson never even did any research on Fairtax., or if he did, he did not publish it. But Boortz tried to convince people that he did, and found all kinds of great benefits from it.



On FOX NEWS one day, Boortz was selling Fairtax, when out of the blue, someone asked him if cancer victims will have to pay 23% tax.

Boortz acted like that was no big deal,  "Of course" he said. 

The questioner clearly had no clue she was getting close to the hustle, and asked if even "poor" cancer patients have to pay it.

Of course-- Boortz said.  But don't worry, we will save  her so much, it won't matter.

Utter nonsense. 

How will a cancer victim, on Medicare or otherwise, raise 35,000 dollars for a fed tax?

And WHY?

Why should a cancer victim pay 20 or 30 or 40 thousand dollars more in fed taxes, than a healthy person?



David Kendall is typical of the "expert" Fairtax supporter.  

David Kendall, one of the few supposed "experts" we contacted who actually was for Fairtax, had no clue what was in it. Never heard of NIPA defined aspect of Fairtax.  Yet that's the part of Fairtax that matters most -- he had no clue.

David insisted he read all the fine print -- maybe he did.  But he must of blinked at the point in the sentence with NIPA in it.

 David had no clue that city county and states were taxed on wages.  For example, if NYC has 400 million in police expenditures, NYC would owe 95 million tax.  They have to pay the 400 million in wages, then send in 95 million in taxes.

That's in the fine print, very cleverly.

David had no clue.

David never checked their "tax base" closely. Never was aware of the reference to NIPA in the fine print.



Fairtax did tell you - if you could decode this!