Monday, April 22, 2013

We get it --We Fairtax SOUNDED great.

Fairtax is not a tax plan.  It's political theater by lying bastards.  Sounds great though.

And we offer 50,000 dollars if you, or anyone, can show one page of that 22 million dollars of "research" that proves Fairtax is a simple retail sales tax.

 Word games by hustlers at Fairtax.  

 Like this, from HR25  

That simple "definition" of a person -- did you read it?  

This is just one example -- turns out, according to their OWN spokesmen James Bennett, this definition is their "legal basis" for taxing all government wage pension and capital investment expenditures.  

No place in HR 25 does it clearly say "we tax all city county and states" on wages pensions and capital investments.  Rather, a few words here and there.

But remember, this is confirmed BY FAIRTAX official spokesmen, that, yes, they do tax city county and states on their wage, pension and capital investment expenditures.   They just don't tell you that in books videos and speeches.


Not only is this goofy tax hidden, it's unconstitutional as hell.  The fed gov can not tax city county and states on their "expenditures".

And more, Fairtax never tells city county and states about it, other than these few deceptive words. According to James Bennett, Fairtax spokesmen, that's "not a problem"  because cities deal with fine print all the time!

Oh really?  They deal with hustlers claiming a retail sales tax on people but in the fine print are massive other taxes?  When do they deal with that, Bennett, you idiot fool. 

Fairtax goofy hustlers never tell cities about these massive taxes -- in fact
Fairtax hustlers pretend their plan is "very simple personal retail tax".
That makes them lying bastards in my book, or at least hustlers peddling political theater. 

Because one word in that paragraph says government.  A person is any "government".  And all cities counties and states will send in millions of dollars, actually many billions of dollars?

Really? Remember, this is Fairtax OWN official spokesmen, explaining the "legal basis" for this massive tax on all city county and states.  If you can find another "legal basis" go ahead, but this is the one Fairtax own spokesmen claims is their legal basis.

Oh you thought HR25 just taxed  "human persons" on their "retail purchases" didnt you?

Nowhere in Fairtax does is say they only tax human persons on retail sales.  In fact, in Fairtax documents, are slick double talk bullshit, like above, that has massive other taxes, on "people" who could not possibly pay them.

WHy have impossible taxes?  To make their math add up. Remember that.  All the illusions and double talk and bullshit, is there for one reason - to make Fairtax math seem to add up on paper. 



Remember, I was a Fairtax sucker at first, but I read the fine print and asked questions.

 Now, see what Word Games these lying bastards use to fool you.

Start with what they tax.  You think they tax retail sales -- right? Of course you do, that's what Neal Boortz told suckers.  A very simple personal retail sales tax.  Uh huh.

Now, look at this.

They tax all governmental and personal "consumption expenditures"  do you know what that means? Hell no, you don't.  But it includes wages, pensions and capital investments paid OUT by city county and states.   Look at this little word game trick....

It's in HR25. Oh you read HR25 and didn't notice it? Do tell --  hello, they wrote it so suckers would not notice.   Fine print tricks..

Again, that's FROM their legislation. And yes, Fairtax officials confirmed, this does in fact mean, yes, they tax all wage and pension and capital investment expenditures.  But they tell suckers it's a simple retail sales tax.

Fairtax taxes city county and state wage "expenditures" including pension expenditures.

Did you know that Fairtax taxes city county and states on their "expenditures" of wages, pensions and capital investments?  Or not? Hell  no, you didn't know, and there is no way you can find out, unless you read the footnotes in their clever public relations documents.

They do tell you-- sorta  if  you look at their definitions very very closely, and read their official supporting documents.  It's there, but the overall narrative is opposite. The narrative is that they are a simple consumption tax.

But the DETAILS in the footnotes and "assumptions" and emphatic definitions, are something quite different than the slick misleading narrative.

 They DO tell you they tax all consumption expenditures, by all city county and states, they DO tell you they tax wage and pension expenditures, they DO tell you they tax all medical and medicare consumption and that the patient has to pay, they tell you all that.

But they tell you in a very clever way -- in the narrative, they tell suckers it's a very simple retail sales tax.

They don't tell you in the narrative that Fairtax taxes medicare patients on their consumption of cancer surgery and chemo -- but they do.  Read the details closely.  Read their math.    Yes, they made it very slick, but it's there. 

They tax all "consumption" without exception.    Remember that -- then see their official documents for the clever definition of "consumption"...  this is how lying bastards fool you with double talk....

So they do tell you -- all consumption, without exception. Now, check out their definition of "consumption" again..

That's not JUST personal retail sales, the retail sales is not even mentioned.  The massive taxes are on the "other" consumption, like wage, pension and capital expenditure "consumption"...

Certian wages?  Really. Yes, certain wages are "subject to the Fairtax".   Gee, who pays those? Well, read HR25 closely, the "employer shall remit".   And who is the employer?    Turns out, any city county or state is a "certain employer".

So the details (and we just started) are far far different than a simple personal retail sales tax.

But how on earth can Fairtax claim wages paid OUT by a city county or state is a personal expenditure".    Well because they defined a person as -- get this  -- any government.

But their own spokesmen defend this -- claiming the one word is enough!!   That's right, one word is enough.  Call it a simple retail personal tax, but include this ONE word in a sneaky definition, and that makes it fine.
Guess who said this one word in this definition is their legal basis for these massive wage and pension and capital investment taxes? 

Who says this definition -- above, in HR25 -- is their "legal basis" for taxing all city county and states, on wages, pensions and capital investments?   Their OWN expert -- their OWN spokesmen.   And he is an attorney.

Go ahead, email Bennett. He still defends these lunatic hidden taxes on government, because he was fooled by this nonsense and is a cult monkey, too stupid to admit he was taken.  "What's wrong with taxing the government"  Bennett asks, like an idiot.  Well, where do you think the Government gets money, dumb ass?   And by the way, Bennett, your Fairtax hustlers tell people it's a very very simple tax on personal retail sales.  What are these massive other taxes doing there, and why do you have stupid people convinced it's a simple retail sales tax. Quit lying to people, Bennett. 

That's right -- CONSUMPTION EXPENDITURES -- remember, they tax all "consumption expenditures" of city county and states, and persons, is drastically larger and different than just retail sales taxes.

So you suckers think it's just a retail sales tax, but you had no clue about the wage, pension, and capital investment expenditure taxes, did you? Hell no.  You'd have to read every footnote, every tricky double talk definition.  And frankly, you aren't smart enough to find them.  Plus, they lulled you into stupidity, by claiming to be a simple personal retail sales tax, in the books, videos and speeches.

They do tell you -- in a few words, here and there, cleverly inserted.  But the hustle, the narrative, the sales job to you suckers, is that it's just a very simple retail sales tax.   

In other words, they bamboozle suckers.  There is no research either. 


Now, let's look at the "research" these lying bastards claim -- there is no research. At all. 

Did you read the Fairtax Book?  Boortz made it seem like Dale Jorgenson of Harvard did the "extensive research"  behind Fairtax.

Odd -- Jorgenson is not for Fairtax nor anything like it, and did not do any research about it.  Nor is Jorgenson for the massive hidden taxes in Fairtax bullshit fine print tricks.  But Boortz tried to make it seem like Jorgenson essentially founded Fairtax. 


So Jorgenson was not the guy who did the "research" for Fairtax, even though Boortz tried to make it seem that way. Jorgenson is not for Fairtax nor anything like it. 

So who did the research?  No one!  There is none.  Ask them -- ask them for a NAME of a group or person who did this 22 million in "research".  Go on, ask!

They won't tell you a straight answer, because there is none. They will tell you Fairtax has "80 top economist"  blah blah. No, they don't.  We contacted some of those "economist"  and of the twelve or wo we contacted, only ONE was for Fairtax!!  The others claimed they signed a paper without realizing what it was, and they assume it was researched.  Those "economist" did no research for Fairtax. Fairtax hustlers gave them a line of bullshit, and they stupidly signed something that seems they approved. 

But where is the RESEARCH?    It's not from Beacon Hill, because Beacon Hill is their public relations firm, and double talk bullshit in your documents is not research.

So where is the "research"?   There is none. Fairtax is political theater by lying bastards -- it's not research, and it's not even a tax plan.

In fact, Jorgenson is for Obama's tax approach, and not for Fairtax whatsoever.  Jorgenson is for higher tax rates on the upper income levels, and NOT for any consumption tax, with or without goofy fine print tricks, to replace all other fed taxes.

Jorgenson, interviewed not long after Fairtax book came out, specifically said Fairtax wouldn't work -- it would not lower prices --and no one asked him if the goofy hidden taxes in Fairtax were rational or a fraud. Jorgenson is in no way a Fairtax expert, nor did he ever do any research for them, nor have they told him there is no research, that they made the whole thing up. 

So if Jorgenson has no such research, where is this "research" Boortz and other talk about endlessly? 

Answer: there is none. Their claim of research is part of the fraud, the hustle.   We have offered 50,000 dollars (really, a legal offer) if any Fairtax supporter can show one page of that 22 million in research about that "very simple" personal  retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes. 



 What Fairtax does show, is the documents by their own public relations firm,  Beacon Hill. We show examples below.

But those documents, by their public relations company, have deceptively written double talk, assumptions, footnotes and definitions, that literally disprove any notion of research or of a simple personal retail sales tax as they claim.

In these cleverly written documents  (that are not research)  are massive OTHER taxes, impossible taxes, on wages, pensions, capital investments, just to name a few.  Over 1 trillion dollar taxes on city county and states, for example, largely in a footnote! 

 Hiding massive taxes in a footnote -- think that's research, really?  Or a fraud, a scam?  There is no research. There is a scam, a hustle, political theater.  It's not research and it's not a tax plan, it's a hustle by lying bastards. 

Basically Fairtax hired hustlers like Boortz and Huckabee to lie to the public, tell the public Fairtax is a very simple retail sales tax.  No, that's only a small part of it.  

Look how Neal Boortz sold it:

Neal Boortz wrote two books about it!!  Made it sound great -- and all that research, right?  22 million dollars of research.

Funny thing -- for five years now, we have offered Neal 50,000 dollars -- paid to any charity he names -- if he will just show one page of that 22 million in research about this "very simple" personal consumption tax to replace all other fed taxes.

See, whoever paid Boortz (and yes, he was paid) to sell Fairtax, aslo paid a public relations firm (Beacon Hill) to put out "supporting documents" for Fairtax.   Turns out, hiring a public relations firm to use Orwellian double talk, fine print tricks, and deceptive narrative, in not research at all, but quite the opposite.

In the fine print, in their own  public relations documents, are massive other taxes, on top of, in addition to, and paid separately from the retail sales tax.   In fact, most of Fairtax revenue would not have anything to do with retail sales tax.  But Boortz was paid to convince stupid people that's what Fairtax is -- a "very very simple" personal retail sales tax.

I loved Fairtax -- until I saw the fine print.

There is NOTHING in Fairtax legislation about a simple personal retail sales tax. Nothing.  Read it closely.  You think there must be a paragraph, a line, SOMETHING that says it's a personal retail sales tax of 23% to replace all other fed taxes.

Nope. That crap about a "simple retail sales tax" is in the books, videos and speeches, but in the clever fine print, and in the documents by Beacon Hill, are a few words here, a few there, that "assume" or "include" massive other taxes on TOP of those retail sales taxes. 

Fairtax SOUNDED great because all frauds do.  Fairtax is no more a simple personal retail consumption than FOX SPEWS is a news channel.  Both are fakes.

 Neal Boortz made it sound fantastic -- on FOX SPEWS -- the only problem, he said with a straight face, will be what to do with all the money from Fairtax.  Typical lying bastard. 

Fairtax is a political fraud -- political theater. There is no tax plan to it, and there is no research.  We offer 50,000 dollars if anyone can show one page -- just one page -- of  Fairtax 22 million in research or their plan for a "very simple" personal consumption tax to replace all other fed taxes.   See details of the 50K offer below.

They can't show a page of research from the 22 million dollars of research, because there isn't any. They lied about it.  Yes, they did. And if we are mistaken -- we will pay you or anyone else 50K if you can show it. 

There is no research, because double talk in footnotes and fine print tricks, put out by your own public relations company, is not research.

Too complicated?

And no, Fairtax is not even a tax plan, it's double talk bullshit by hustlers.  It's political theater, it's not a tax plan.

Why are they doing it? Who is paying?  We don't know. Find out who paid Beacon Hill, find out who paid Boortz and Huckabee, and that is the person paying for this political theater bullshit.

Who paid for all the publicity about Fairtax?  Who paid for the private jets Boortz talked about, the buses, the speaking fees?   We don't know -- and either do you.

They told suckers about taxes on toasters, on pizza, and a jacket.  Somehow, they "forgot" to mention anything about over 1 trillion in taxes on wages, pensions, capital expenditures.  Slipped their mind -- in all the speeches, in all the videos, in all the books, they forgot it each time.

Simple retail sales tax?  Really?  Strange, they "forgot" to mention a few things in their books, videos and speeches, like these tiny details...

That retail tax is only a tiny part of it.  

Those retail taxes are the ones they give examples of.  But they "forget" to mention these massive taxes on city county and states,  huge taxes that would drastically raise you state and local taxes.   DId they tell you that in the books, videos or speeches?

Hell no.  You will have to find it cleverly stated in online documents by their public relations firm, Beacon Hill. Like this.

So city county and states would all have to raise taxes "sufficiently" -- and that is their "assumption".   But they didn't tell you suckers this in books videos and speeches. 

Only a small part of Fairtax is about retail sales taxes.  Remember that, the other taxes are massive goofy impossible taxes on wage and pension expenditures, on the poor, on medicare benefits, etc. 

They never tell their suckers that, of course, you have to read their fine print very closely. And most Fairtax suckers are too stupid to do that, to be blunt. 


They do have massive taxes on city county and states -- so where is that stated in their legislation, exactly?

We looked for hours, for days.   We looked and could find no mention in HR25 itself of the tax on governments, on all city county and states.   We found implications of it, in documents, but we found nothing in the legislation HR25 about it.

This is almost 2 trillion dollars, so they would be very clear about this huge tax on city county and state wages, pensions, and capital investments, right? 

 So we went to Fairtax own spokesmen, an attorney, James Bennett.  Proudly, Bennett said "here it is!" 


Where does it say, in Fairtax itself, in the legislation itself, that they can tax all city county and states on wages, pensions and capital investments?    

It's in ONE word.  Seriously. ONE WORD.  This is their largest source of revenue, by the way, the retail part is only a part of Fairtax.  The "big revenue" would come from all city county and states, on the wages, pensions, capital investments, and operational expenditures. 

So that's clearly stated right?  They make these huge taxes on city county and states very very clear, right? Hell no.  

  Their own spokesmen, chubby James Bennett, an attorney no less, brags about this definition, this word in a definition, being the legal basis!! Thats the ENTIRE legal basis, a word, a single word, in a long definition.  That one word, according to their own attorney and spokesmen, is the legal basis. You can't make this up. You can't get more goofy that that.   isBennett, their own spokesmen, told us this is their legal basis when we asked about the legal basis for these taxes on all city county and states!

That's not someone trying to show Fairtax is goofy -- that's someone defending Fairtax, their own spokesmen. 

 If you talk to any Fairtax hustlers, ask them to show you the "legal basis" for the taxes on wages, pensions and capital expenditures in HR25, on all city county and states. Really, ask them.  

Watch them pee their pants, or have no idea what you are talking about.  They will say "we only tax retail consumption".   Nonsense, their own math, and their own fine print have massive other taxes MUCH LARGER than the retail sales tax.

Or they will say "Well it's about time governments pay taxes"   which is nonsense, because governments don't pay, they would have to raise their tax rates to get it, anyway.   

So get this -- Fairtax hustlers go around yapping about this simple personal retail sales tax (like the sucker above)  yet they have massive taxes on every city county and state, and massive taxes on every cancer victim, every medicare patient, etc.

Yet other than these few words in the fine print, there is no other notice, no city has been told, no estimates mentioned, no logic or information at all, other than this one word in a rambling definition. Fairtax does not tell people about it in the books, nor the videos, nor the speeches. 

You can only find it in the defintion above. And remember, this is ACCORDING to their own attorney spokesmen, James Bennett, who bragged about this as the "legal basis" in an email to us!

 It's part of the hustle, the fraud, the political theater. Bennett is either so stupid or so fooled by the cult -- they gave him a title, and he apparently is enamored of titles -- that he sees nothing wrong with almost 2 trillion dollars in other taxes, and the only "legal basis" is the one word in the definition. "What's wrong with that??  Bennett asked?

Bennett said city and states deal with fine print "all the time".   Here is a clue -- Fairtax doesn't even show them the fine print!!  It's only deeply in their own documents.  They didn't show any city county or state., They didn't present anyone this fine print, it's just in their goofy long rambling double talk.  But that's fine with goof balls like Bennett.  Clueless cult monkey?  Apparently. 

Gee, Neal forgot to tell us a few things.   

Think hiding a few goofy words in a footnote is going to get every city in the United States to send in 23% of their wage and pension expenditures? Really?

Think hiding a few words in some online document "assumption" means New York will send in over 400 million dollars?  Really?
 Look at how Fairtax own web sites describe Fairtax. Then read what the lying bastards put in the fine print, online documents, footnotes, and double talk definitions, below. 

Personal consumption tax.  Uh huh.  But what about these massive OTHER taxes in the fine print? WHy not tell you about the 2 trillion dollars in other taxes, out of 3.5 trillion.

Think they forgot?  Think it skipped their mind, in every speech, in every book, in every video, for 15 years? Think that these huge other taxes, the biggest part of Fairtax revenue, are only in a few words in the fine print, online documents, and footnotes, in assumptions, by accident?

They never told cities about this. It's only cleverly in the footnote of a document most Fairtax suckers could not find with a map and a GPS.     And if they found it, they are too stupid to figure out what it means.   Here is a doozey -- the Fairtax tax base.

A tax base is, by definition, what they tax. 

Yes, that's in Fairtax clever double talk -- and  it's basic to their math.  Without taxing the wages and pension expenditures, and capital spending expenditures, Fairtax math changes drastically -- they would have to charge 89% tax rate!!

That's why Fairtax hustlers included the massive other taxes -- to make their math work. 


Not everyone who falls for Fairtax is a lying bastard, of course.   In fact, I fell for it, till I read the fine print.

But here is the kind of nonsense Fairtax suckers will claim -- like this Fairtax fool...well meaning perhaps, but dumb about Fairtax. 

Everyone plays by the same set of rules  he claimed?  Really?

Well, cancer victims, all cancer victims, without exception, are liable for a "consumption tax" on their "consumption" of goods and services.  Did you know that?   

Why is that "fair" for a cancer victim to pay an extra 30K in fed taxes?  Just because she got sick?  Of course, Boortz and others didn't explain this at all.  All cancer victims, without exception, are taxed, even the poor.

And yes, of COURSE it's absurd to tax all cancer victims 30K on their "consumption" of 130K of treatments.  Yes, it's goofy as hell.  But Fairtax math is based on taxing all "consumption expenditures"  without exception -- including "expenditures" of wage and pensions by all city count and states.

Forget fair, it's not even rational, and of course Fairtax hustlers knew that all along, they aren't stupid.  They are lying bastards.   See the difference?

Neal Boortz was asked a surprise and rather innocent question on FOX news about Fairtax -- are cancer victims taxed?  "Of course" said Boortz, " we can't play favorites".   But how about the poor, will they be taxed too?  Yes, Boortz said.  But don't worry, we will save her (the breast cancer victim) so much, it won't matter. 

Boortz was right -- and revealing that he knew the fraud.  Boortz knows that even Medicare and Medicaid patients, as crazy as it sounds, are liable, without exception, for the consumption (not payment, consumption!) of cancer surgery.   

That is how Fairtax math "works" by taxing all "consumption" without exception, and the person using or consuming is liable, without exception.  Remember that, that is how they arranged their math, taxing all consumption, including wage and pension "consumption expenditures" and all health care "consumption".

Yes, really. But it is in the fine print, in a few words, out of the million or so in the overall hustle. Read it closely.

And they tell you in another sentence.   Never mind that the narrative is lying -- that its a retail sales tax.   The  clever double talk shows something quite different. 

So technically, they DID say it.  Only they said it in way suckers thought it was a simple retail sales tax.   No Fairtax sucker was every told plainly that medicare patients would be liable for a 23% tax on their consumption of cancer surgery, but they are. That's in the math, that's in the fine print.

Remember that -- most of Fairtax is taxes on wages, pensions, and capital investments.  Only a small part of Fairtax is that retail sales tax.  

So why does Boortz give the impression it's a "very very simple personal retail sales tax"?    The false impression is deliberate. 

Because he was paid -- yes paid -- to sell this fraud. We have offered that same 50K to any charity, any hospital, any sick child he claims to care about, if he will just show one page of that "research" about a very simple personal sales tax he calls Fairtax.

Bluntly,  either Boortz is a lying bastard, or stupid, or he didn't know about these other taxes.  But if he were just duped, why has he not corrected himself?  It's reasonable to assume,  he knew all along. 

Fairtax is either a rational, researched plan, OR a fraud by lying bastards. It is not something in between.

If you claim 22 million in research, but there is none at all, you are either lying bastard, or a political hustler.  It's not something in between.

Remember that -- Fairtax is either a researched, sincere plan for a personal consumption tax, or it is not.  And it is not. There is no research -- there are double talk BS documents by their own public relations firm, which they hope you think is research.

$50,000 OFFER 

By the way, we offer 50,000 dollars (seriously,  a legally binding offer)  if anyone can show one page of that 22 million in "research"  by Fairtax on their "very simple" personal retail sales tax.

And if you don't have one page of research, but claim 22 million dollars worth -- you are political theater, or a lying bastard,  but you certainly are not a tax plan researched by experts.

Fairtax web site -- sells itself as a "very simple retail sales tax on personal consumption."  Yes, part of Fairtax hoax is a retail sales tax.   But to make their math work, they slipped in, fraudulently and deceptively "assumptions" about massive other taxes, which you will only find in their fine print. 

We show you. Most Fairtax suckers have a cult like stupidity and belief in super self confident men who give easy answers. We do need a new tax code, but we don't need lying bastards fooling the gullible. 

Strange thing about that research -- they have never showed any.

Oh, they showed documents from their public relations firm, Beacon Hill.   But that is no more research than a 30 second TV commercial is research.

See what they hope suckers think is "research" -- the clever double talk by their own public relations firm.    

Yes, all the "research"  they claim, is not research at all, not even close.   Oh, it's dressed up by their public relations firm -- Beacon Hill, to seem like "research" for people too stupid to spot it.  

These Beacon Hill document(see below, we show them to you) are nonsense double talk. For example, they "assume" massive tax increases caused by their taxes on wages, pensions and capital investments.

That's right -- there are MASSIVE taxes on wages, pensions and capital investment, far larger taxes than the "retail sales tax". Much more too, but the taxes on city and states, hidden in the fraudulent fine print ( fraudulent in sense that they did this deliberately to hide from the public what they tax, while claiming to be a simple retail personal tax). 

So all city county and states, would have to drastically raise their taxes on YOU!   Who said so?  Fairtax document online clever stated it, in a footnote. Oh, you didn't read all their footnotes?

Surprised, this is my surprised look.

We assume city and states will raise their tax rates appropriately.

Why would city and states have to raise taxes substantially?

 To pay those massive other taxes.   

What other taxes?  The taxes they cleverly mentioned in a few disjointed words in their official documents, the documents they hope suckers think is "research".

Hiding your clever double talk in fine print, published by your own deceptive public relations company, is NOT research.  If you don't grasp that, get off this blog, you are too stupid to explain things too.

So while Fairtax hustlers dazzle their suckers with "magic" of a sales tax on a jacket of 23$, that doesn't raise the price of it, they have these massive taxes on city county and states, too.

And of course a huge tax on a jacket will raise the price.   No, they DO NOT have any research to show anything, much less to prove an absurdity. I keep offering 50K for one page of that "research" that costs 22 million. They can't show any, because none exists.

The fine print is in there -- in their "special reports" in a footnote, or deep down in their double talk.  But it's there.  Like this...

So they "casually mention" a fee for states who collect this tax, from themselves!!   You never heard, have you, of the wage pension and capital expenditure taxes -- hell no you haven't heard, because it's not mentioned, much less made clear, in the books videos or speeches.

Without these massive other taxes -- the ones they don't tell suckers about -- the tax rate would be 89%, not 23%.  That's their hustle, their lie, their fraud, in a nutshell.   And they know that, because they hide the "other" massive taxes in their "assumptions" you never hear of.

Fairtax  has a retail sales tax, but thats only a small part.  That's the part they tell suckers about. If Fairtax ONLY taxed retail sales, they would need to charge 89%.  But even Fairtax suckers are not stupid enough to go for an 89% sales tax.

We made this chart, to show you some of the taxes on cities!   Likewise, massive taxes on counties, and states too.  Texas, for example, the state legislature of Texas, would owe 14+ billion.  And remember, thats on TOP of, in addition to, and paid separately from the retail tax.

San Antonio over 200 million.   The state of Texas (states must pay too ) over 14 billion!!

No, Fairtax never says this clearly in any document -- but it's there, and their math is based on it.  See the words they so cleverly use.

In this slick official Fairtax document, they "explain" in footnotes how their math adds up.   By taxing all kinds of things, like wage and pension expenditures, and by taxing capital investments, and many other things, their math adds up.

Still think they don't tax wages and pensions? They claimed as much above, when they explained wages and pension are "in the tax base".  But watch this....

You find out later, the only wage and pension "expenditures" that city and states don't have to pay the 23% tax on, are education wages and pensions.

All other pensions -- your city county and state, must pay 23% tax on.

How the hell is that a retail sales tax?  It's not of course, which is our point. They told the suckers it's a very simple personal consumption tax, remember? 

So how does that go with this?  Any clue?

And why not tell you what they tax candidly? They are massive other taxes -- 2 trillion dollars!! -- and they barely mention them, and only in documents online, that 99.99% of their supporters never see, and if they did see them, they are frankly too stupid or fooled to grasp the importance of those "few" words.

What a difference a few words make?

In other words, the "retail sales tax" part of Fairtax is just a tiny part.  Why do you think they hid those massive other taxes?

Because they are goofy, and they know it.

Do you think Chicago is going to send in 150 million? No one told them, no one even hinted at it, and no one ever even mentioned where all cities would have to send the money.  But somehow all cities would cough up over 1 trillion dollars and send it in? 

Think that's how this works? You are the perfect Fairtax sucker if you think that's how it works. 

Do you think Texas will send in 14 billion?  Is that how you think life works?  These lying bastards hide a few words, and  then cities send in many billions of dollars?  Really?

If you think that's how it works, you are a dumb ass and the perfect Fairtax fool.

Remember, not a word -- not one - in any of their books, videos and speeches, about the massive and much larger OTHER taxes in their clever fine print tricks, except in the very clever deceptive fine print, almost no one even sees.  That's why we call them lying bastards, you can dream up your own term.   That's how we define lying bastards. 

Here, they discuss their "tax base".  Tax base, by definition, is what they tax.  Notice, not a word about retail sales -- at all.  Retail sales is a small part of NIPA.  

If you are a Fairtax sucker, we show you the fine print above -- and add to it below.  Don't write us saying we didn't show you, because we show you!!  And Fairtax web site has admitted, yes, this is how they get their math to add up, by including these huge massive other taxes.  They don't tell you suckers about these massive huge other taxes, in the books videos or speeches.

This particular fine print trick is in their document "A Comparison of the Fairtax Base" --  and the narrative is deceptive, because they act as if Fairtax is a simple retail sales tax. Read it closely, read every word, as we did.

Fairtax taxes their tax base -- by definition.   So when they "explain" their tax base, you have to, you know, think.   Doesn't matter what the hustlers say in books, videos and speeches.  Here is the real deal.

The math adds up, because it's goofy as hell.    They tax anything  defined by NIPA -- not just personal retail sales.  They tell suckers that retail sales nonsense.   But their fine print says they tax whatever NIPA defines as personal or government consumption expenditures.  

Here is a clue -- all government consumption expenditures, and all personal consumption expenditures are drastically different, and much much larger, than retail sales.  Got that?  Understand?

 That's the difference between lightning and the lightning bug, borrowing from Mark Twain.

Hide a few words -- clever words about what your tax -- it makes a difference.

For example, here are the wage and pension taxes on various cities, per Fairtax.  Remember, they don't tell anyone clearly about these massive other taxes, its just in their fine print, and how their math adds up.

Do Fairtax lying bastards expect all cities to pay massive wage and pension taxes?  No, of course not, they aren't crazy, they aren't stupid, they are lying bastards.

Nor do they expect all cancer victims to pay massive taxes, all medicare patients, etc.  There are many other taxes in Fairtax, because of the "tax base" double talk bs. 

SO why have these massive taxes in the fine print?   We told you -- to make their fraudulent math add up.

You been fooled -- don't feel bad, they fooled smart people for a while, until smart people read the fine print.




Their "math" is based on collecting trillions of dollars of those other taxes per this "NIPA" tax base.  Their math is NOT based on retail sales -- try to grasp that.  They give you that illusion, because they are lying bastards. 

Without these slick impossible other taxes (the NIPA tax base taxes in Fairtax) the rate would be 89%.   That's the whole point of using fine print tricks -- to make their fraudulent math seem to add up. 

If Fairtax only taxed personal retail sales -- like they tell suckers -- the rate would be 89%.   So that's absurd, an 89% sales tax?  Even Fairtax suckers would see that's crazy.

So Fairtax hustlers tell folks it's a simple retail sales tax, but in the fine print are those massive other taxes.

In their fine print are over 2 trillion of taxes on things that are NOT retail sales.  Like wage and pension expenditure tax, like cancer surgery and chemo tax, even Medicare patients must pay that tax on the "consumption".

Oh you didn't know that?  Well, it's in the details, in their official documents, not in their books, videos or speeches.  Clever, huh?

If there is 22 million dollars of "research"  -- why can't they show it?

Why can't they show one page?   

Oh they put out documents -- by their own paid public relations company, Beacon Hill.  But that's no more research than my dog is a peanut.    That's double talk and nonsense,  with "assumptions" of trillions of dollars in other taxes, ON TOP OF, and IN ADDITION TO the retail sales tax.

In the books, videos and speeches, they tell suckers they tax personal retail sales. 

Go, find ANYTHING in their books, videos or speeches, about the massive taxes on wage pension and capital investments, city county and states would pay, ON TOP of the retail sales tax they tell you about.

You won't find it -- at all. Certainly you wont find any Fairtax sucker able to tell you how much any city would have to pay in wage and pensions taxes -- Fairtax suckers think its a retail sales tax on purchases.

All those things -- wages, pensions, capital investments -- are part of NIPA defined consumption.   Therefore, they tax it.  And therefore, they SORTA told you suckers, by mentioning, in their clever fine print, NIPA.

But of course in speeches, books, videos, they didn't tell you anything remotely like the truth.  

Unless you read the fine print very closely, you could not know, not have any real idea, what they actually tax, to make the math work.

So all cities will pay massive taxes -- that no one told them about -- if this would pass?  Seriously? You think Chicago will send in over 160 million dollars, when no one told them?

Do you think the state of Texas will send in over 10 billion dollars, as a tax on wage, pension, and capital investment, when no one told them?

That's the central hustle, the word game, Fairtax is playing. You think "consumption" means what you spend, but no. That's only part of it.

Boortz, in the Fairtax Book, tried to claim Jorgenson did "extensive research" supporting Fairtax.    Jorgenson did no such research, and does not support Fairtax.

There is no research about this "simple retail sales tax" because that is not what Fairtax is.  That's the impression they give suckers, but that's not what the clever fine print says, when you gather it all up, and read it very closely.

 Despite their wondrous claims of 22 million dollars of "extensive research" about this "very simple" personal retail consumption tax, they have never shown one page -- not one page -- of such research.

We have offered, for years now, 50,000 dollars to anyone, (including you) who can show one page of that 22 million dollars of research about a simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.  

Fairtax is more an example of political theater, than it is an economic or tax program.  You don't need to invent a lie about 22 million dollars of research, when none actually exists, unless you're deliberately fooling people.

Like the Trillion dollar plus tax on city and states -- that would force city and states to raise the hell out of their tax rates.   It's in the fine print -- read it closely.   But they DO NOT tell suckers about it, in books, videos and speeches.

Only in clever Orwellian fine print double talk.  See some of it here -- and more below. 

 President Bush Tax Panel exposed the goofy nonsense
in Fairtax BS. 

Did they tell you that or not? Not just Texas, but every city in Texas.

Every county.   Did they tell you about all these massive tax increases or not?  Its in the fine print, as an assumption.

Fairtax has other massive hidden taxes, too, like all capital investment expenditures,  are taxed, in advance!

2.1 Trillion dollars in other taxes imposed by Fairtax on top of, in addition to, the retail sales tax.

Yes, it SOUNDS great, as all frauds do.  

Fairtax knows their taxes are impossible for people to pay -- at least those with high consumption, but lower income. For example those who "consume" health care, or buy new homes, but have modest incomes.

Like this guy .

All that "consumption" is taxed -- including life insurance premiums, legal fees, and of course a new car.  The medical consumption is taxed, too, there are no exceptions whatsoever. 



 If you read carefully every sentence in all Fairtax documents,  you can find  that they tell you, without exception.  Yes, you think they mean retail sales, no exceptions for retail sales.

You have no clue the fine print has pension, wages, capital investments,  cancer surgery, etc, as taxable without exception.

Fairtax told you they tax all consumption without exception

Who is paying for this? We don't know!

To show you these guys are deliberate frauds, look at this -- the "Fairtax Calculator" --- 

Fairtax "calculator" will  not even allow you to put in any information about your consumption that's taxed.  They won't show a spread sheet, like we do, and their calculator specifically stops you from listing consumption.

SO the basic trick in Fairtax was to razzle dazzle us with BS about "consumption tax" but in the fine print, have consumption be vastly different than retail sales.