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Why have a fraud that doesn't sound great?


Where is their research about their own cancer taxes?   They have no research.   Where is their research about their own massive taxes on city county and states?   They have no such research.

They do have slogans, however. 





A tax base, by definition, is what they tax. Only a small part of Fairtax is that retail sales tax. Most of Fairtax taxes have nothing to do with normal retail sales, like their examples and rhetoric suggest.

Whatever is "in the tax base"  is taxed.  Hilariously, all consumption expenditures by persons, and by all city county and states, are in the tax base.

They did tell you -- in ONE online document. In ONE sentence.

They gave quite the opposite impression in books, videos and speeches. 







"Either way, it's all great sounding goofy political hustle - not a tax code."
At least city, county, and states could theoretically raise their taxes rates, as Fairtax clever fine print admits.  But how will cancer victims pay 30 or 40 thousand in fed taxes?

Massive taxes on cancer victims?  Rich or poor, does not matter. 

Yes, Fairtax does tax all cancer victims, young, old, rich, poor. 

How?  Their math depends on it.  All health care consumption is "in the tax base."    A tax base, by definition, is what they tax.

 And there is only one rate -- 30%.  Sometimes they claim 23%.  Either way, it's all great sounding goofy political hustle.

Not a tax code.

Massive taxes on city county and states for wage, capital investment, and operational expenditures?   Yes, because all such consumption is "in the tax base".

Tax Base documents is where they  hid the fine print tricks...


Some cancer victims could pay these massive taxes -- but most, could not.

The bigger issue --- why should cancer victim pay 50,000 dollars in fed taxes, when her neighbor and economic twin pay only 5K in fed taxes?

Boortz claims "it won't matter"  because Fairtax will "save her so much money".   Nonsense.  Let's pretend, however, Fairtax does magically reduce the price of cancer surgery.  The cancer victim STILL has to pay massive taxes, just because she is sick.

Now you see why they didn't mention these cancer taxes in books, videos or speeches.


2.1 Trillion dollars in NIPA based taxes.

14 Trillion in retail sales taxes.

Retail sales taxes are only part of Fairtax.

Worse -- these "other taxes"  are impossible, as you will see.  Can you really tax a woman with cancer 40,000 dollars in fed taxes?


Can you really make Dallas Texas City council pay 180 million because some footnotes and "assumptions" in Fairtax clever documents?





HR 25.  Fairtax legislation.  Principle of Interpretation.



Tax all consumption (much bigger than retail sales) without exception. 

All their examples, all their videos, all their speeches, give the impression Fairtax is a very simple personal retail sales tax.

Only in the clever fine print, will you find these massive other taxes.


Im not against Fairtax  -- let's pass it. Seriously. It would be fun, funny, and at least we'd get rid of this horrible tax code we have.

We need to throw every word of our tax code out-- that is true!  If Fairtax fraud is the only way, fine. Do it. It would be hilarious, and maybe people would not be so stupid after that.   Maybe they will read the fine print after that.



 FACT 1.  

It's not pimps and prostitutes that will pay massive taxes, as Huck says.  It's cancer victims.

Why should cancer victims pay massive extra taxes?? Without exception, all cancer surgery, chemo, nursing home care, and much more is taxed. 

Maybe a trip to the dentist would only have a 200 dollar fed tax. 

But cancer, heart disease, leukemia -- all very expensive treatments. All taxed.  The average cost of battling leukemia is over 200,000 dollars. The federal tax on that, per Fairtax, over 45,000 dollars.  

Over 200 billion, yes billion, dollars of taxes on those who need health care. No exceptions whatsoever -- as you will see.  Fairtax math is based on no exceptions.

Do they really expect to tax all cancer victims?

NO -- but that is in their fine print, because all consumption is in the fine print. Including consumption of cancer surgery, and city county and state's "consumption" of wages, capital investments, and operational expenditures.

WHY?  Because to make their fraudulent math work, on paper, there was no other way to do it.  They had to include all consumption (including city county and state operational expenditures) in the tax base.

So they did.  No, they can't collect the 40,000 dollar  tax on cancer victims. And they can't collect 180 million from Dallas Texas city council. 

Yes, they knew that.








Their math is based on collecting all kinds of "other taxes".  Like taxes on cancer victims, leukemia victims.   This is an official Fairtax document.   

Like taxes on all city county and states.  A 30% capital investment tax -- payable in ADVANCE.


From official Fairtax document.

A footnote -- seriously, a footnote -- that they "adopt" a prepay approach to WHAT???

To taking all governmental "investment" -- capital investments, and apparently wages and pension expenditures too.  

How will city, county and states pay these huge taxes?

By raising their tax rates.

All government expenditures (other that educational wage expenditures) are in the tax base.   Remember, tax base is by definition what they tax.

How the hell is a capital investment paid out by a city, and county, and state,  a retail sale?


CAN THEY ACTUALLY COLLECT 33,000 dollars from this cancer victim?


And they know it.  Yet, their math depends on taxing her, and every cancer victim.

There are massive other taxes in Fairtax -- over and above the retail sales tax.  Worse, most of these "other taxes" are impossible to collect, like this cancer tax is impossible to collect.

Which is why they only put it --   in the fine print tricks.


We need a new tax code -- throw the current code out. Every page, every paragraph, every word.

Throw it out!   If Fairtax is the only way to get a completely new code, fine.

We can all laugh our asses off at how stupid we were, then maybe get an actual tax code not written by hustlers.


I'd like to be there. Please.

DYK Fairtax has a 30% tax on all cancer surgery, chemo, and rehab?  I bet you didn't know that.

They never told you.   And much more.

Anyway, I'd like to be there the first time Fairtax tried to tax a woman with breast cancer, 30 or 40 thousand dollars on her fight against cancer.

I have a feeling she might cause a bit of a ruckus.  

But Fairtax did -- kinda sorta -- tell you.  Not in the books, no they told you the hustle in the books.  But they did tell you, if you look very closely, at the fine print.

A few words here, and a few words there, but they do have it somewhere. Never clear, never candid, but it's there.


Of course Fairtax does not "pick" on cancer victims or any person who consumes health care.  All such consumption is in the tax base, tax base = what they tax.    They have these massive other taxes to make their math work on paper, not to actually collect tax from cancer victims or from parents of children with leukemia.

Do they REALLY expect to tax cancer surgery, and chemo?

No - of course not.  But they had to get the tax base very large, so they had to include not just all health care consumption, but all government consumption too.  Wacko-- yes.  But they had to make those numbers seem to work, on paper.

   I'd like to be there. Please.    

Fairtax is not going to pass-- it's not really  a tax code.

But pretend it did pass.....

I'd love to be there, the first time they told a cancer victims about a 30 or 40 thousand dollar tax, just because she fought breast cancer.

It's not just cancer victims. Anyone "consuming" any health care, without exception, is taxed 30% of their consumption.  Fairtax math is based on this.


In their own documents -- online,  never in books, videos or speeches -- they do have clever tables showing "NIPA" expenditures. They told you NIPA -- remember, in that one document, in one word.  They told you!

No, they did not tell you in books, videos or speeches.  Just in the clever fine print.

Remember, they tax all expenditures, all personal and govermental expenditures.   No exceptions, other than education wages.

SO yes, all cancer surgery and chemo are in that tax base. 

And yes, tax base by definition is what they tax, that is the math "logic" of Fairtax.

I'd love to be there, the first time they told New York City it would owe 700 million or more, as "consumption" taxes for their pay out of wages, pensions, and capital expenditures.

Please-- PLEASE -- let me be there.

Can I be there, too, when Fairtax idiots try to collect over 180 million from the City Of Dallas for a tax on their operational and capital investments??  Thanks. 

PLEAS PLEASE let me be there, when Fairtax tells the state of Montana it owes 3 billion -- yes BILLION -- dollars as a tax on all their expenditures.    Montana gets off easy, California would owe over 20 billion.   As a TAX.

The "Tax Base" in Fairtax is all consumption expenditures.  Not all retail sales - but something much bigger,  all "personal and governmental consumption expenditures as defined by NIPA"


You never heard of NIPA have you?

Of course not.

NIPA, however, is basic.  Whatever that table lists as "consumption expenditures"  for persons and for city county state and federal government, is what they tax.

Not retail sales.  Oh, they tax retail sales, yes, but much, much, did I mention MUCH more?

Like all capital expenditures paid out by all city county and states.  Yes, all city county and states are taxed on capital expenditures -- in advance (Footnote 19, see below).



Clever. They did tell you, if you found all their documents, and read each one very closely.

Like the document with "NIPA" reference.   They told you something entirely, dramatically different in the books, videos and speeches.   But they did tell you in the fine print - if you read all their documents carefully.

Only in the fine print.

There is no exception for health care -- nor could they exempt health care, or their 30% tax rate goes to 38 or 40%.

Just because they have massive other taxes in the fine print is not that bad - if those massive other taxes were possible, or rational.   As you will see, these "other" taxes are not possible or rational.

But -- they do make the math add up, in a fraudulent way, on paper. 



If Fairtax were transparent, you would already know about their taxes on cancer victims for 30 or 40 or even 50 thousand dollars.

If they were transparent, you would already know about a very high tax on all nursing home residents -- their "consumption" is in the tax base too.  Whatever is in the tax base is taxed.

That's what a tax base is -- a collection of things that are taxed.

Boortz told us, in Fairtax book, that "maybe" your doctor will charge a 10 dollar tax on an office visit. Very slick way to tell you, without actually telling you.

He also told us Fairtax is very simple retail sales tax, and transparent. And all researched. 

Maybe?  There are no exceptions whatsoever. And it's not just on office visit, it's on surgery, chemo, tests, nursing care, whatever.

Not on purchase of surgery, which would be bad enough.

Fairtax is not a purchase tax, as you will see, but a consumption expenditure tax.    In their math, and in their fine print, they actually tax (on paper) all consumption of surgery. All consumption of chemo. All consumption of nursing home care.

There is no listing anywhere in Fairtax math or fine print for a tax on just purchases. It's always on "consumption".  Why?

Because consumption figures are drastically higher that "retail sales" figures.

Voluntary?   How is Fairtax voluntary?  We never understood that.

Their math literally depends on every dollar of "consumption expenditures"  being taxed 30%.   

Yes, all cancer victims would be taxed 23 or 30% on their consumption of health care.

No exceptions whatsoever.

The term "without exception" is in the fine print, and indeed, that is what is in their "Tax BASE".

Tax base = what they tax.

They do not tell you in the books, videos or speeches. But if you read their fine print -- closely -- these massive other taxes are there, when you put the clever pieces together.


Id love to see the reaction of a cancer victim when Fairtax officials try to collect 30,000 or more fed tax, on her cancer surgery and chemo.

The tax on lunch they told you about -- no problem. Four buck tax?  Easy.

The tax on a cancer victim?  For 32,000 dollars? 

Yeah, that might be a problem.



 Don't want to see the fine print tricks?  No problem.

See their calculator trick -- same basic fraud, but with a calculator.



You know the slogans  ...




Do you know the fine print?

   Yeah, the slogans are wonderful!   

* Simple retail sales tax.
* See your fed tax on the receipt

* We all get monthly check.
*All wages go up, average 50%.

* Prices drop 22%.
* 22  Million in research.

* No more IRS
* Completely untax the poor.


Yes, they do have a retail sales tax.

But most of  Fairtax has nothing to do with personal retail sales.....


It's not even possible to collect these  other taxes.

The retail sales tax is not the problem. It's the 2.1 Trillion in other taxes that are the problem.

Maybe you heard Neal Boortz wants an hour with President Obama to pitch the Fairtax.

Boortz already HAD an hour with President Bush, did you know that?  Bush was impressed with this "very very simple"  retail sales tax Boortz told him about.

After Boortz visit, President Bush  had his Tax Advisory Board look Fairtax over.

Politely, in public, Bush's Tax Panel showed Fairtax was a goofy  fraud.  We show you the same thing the Tax Panel said politely, only -- we are not polite.

The Tax Panel showed Fairtax does away -- completely  -- with Social Security funding.  Not a dime of Social Security, not a dime of Medicare.   Those are actually the two biggest taxes in the US. 

Those are gone -- 100% gone.   

Instead, they have massive taxes on city county and states, and massive taxes on health care.  Yes, it gets that crazy.  

Picture of Boortz -- on the left -- with President Bush.

Boortz already pushed Fairtax at White House.




Forget fair -- are these other taxes possible?

It's not the retail sales tax part that's the problem. 

The problem in Fairtax -- the fraud -- are these massive other taxes.  Can you collect them?

Can you actually collect 750 million dollars from the city of New York, for example, because of a footnote in one of Fairtax documents? 

No, of course not. NYC can not be forced to pay the fed gov 7.50 cents as a tax on their capital expenditures or anything else.  Plus no one told them about it, anyway.  Fairtax books, videos and speeches never mention it. These massive other taxes are only in the clever fine print tricks.



Can you actually collect 40,000  fed tax on a woman with breast cancer who has 20K in income? 

Never mind if it's fair or not, that a cancer victim would have these massive taxes.  Forget fair. Of course it's not fair.

But is it possible to collect?

 No, of course not.   The first time they tried to tax a cancer victim 30,000 dollars, the shit would hit the fan. And of course Fairtax knows that, they are not stupid.

SO why are these taxes in the fine print at all?  To make the math work.


These taxes are in the "TAX BASE".   They don't tell you what they tax in any candid way. 

NOT ONE WORD about retail sales tax in these documents.

Did you notice?    All these documents -- hundreds of pages -- and not one word about taxing personal retail sales.

Yet taxing retail sales is what they claim to be in books, videos and speeches.

.  Look carefully, in all official documents, Fairtax hustlers never say "We tax personal retail sales only".


They give you that impression - for 15 years, in thousands of speeches, that's what they tell you.  In hundreds of videos -- that's what they tell you.  In dozens of books -- that's what they tell you.

That's the clear impression they give, over, and over, and over. A very simple personal retail sales tax. 



IF Fairtax only put out the fine print, you would spot it easily.    

Yes the fine print is tricky, but if you were not already fooled by the books videos and speeches, you would spot it.




But those "NIPA" taxes are 2.1 Trillion dollars.

Not retail sales.
 The clever fine print footnote....




  Fairtax fooled me by claiming 22 million of research about this "very very simple"  personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes.
50,000 dollar legal offer (seriously, check with your attorney on this)  if anyone can show one page of that 22 million in Fairtax research about this "very very simple" personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes. Full details at bottom.  


Who would lie about  Research?

You can just check the research, right? You can just talk to the researchers!  

That's exactly what we did -- to find out Fairtax was a hustle.

Fairtax  sounded way too good to be true,  a retail sales tax fixes everything?   We will have too much money?   Average take home pay goes up 50%?

The government sends everyone a check?

Prices drop 22%?

Yes, it sounds bat shit.  But that 22 million in research, right? Independent research, too.  By Harvard!   They proved all this.

Right? Must be a real deal -- all that research!

I tried to find those "researchers".   And the research.  

They have no actual research - not 22 million, not 22 thousand, not 22 cents worth, about a simple retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes. 

There  never was any research about a "very very simple  personal retail sales tax"  


When they mention all this "research" -- you think someone somewhere had an office or ten offices, and they cranked out the numbers, had a copy machine, had computers, and studied retail sales.   They knew all about retail sales, and Fairtax was about these personal retail sales.

Oh hell no.  They hired-- yes hired -- Beacon Hill. 

Beacon Hill is a public relations company.  They hire out. Whoever pays them -- they write stuff for them, to make something sound good. 

 Beacon Hill does have documents about Fairtax -- we show them.   
But those are no more research than a poster of a Big Mac is research, on the front window of your local McDonald's.

First -- Beacon Hill was paid, and did a good job, of putting the hustle into very clever packages.  But that is not research -- that is packaging.

Second -- Beacon Hill's own documents are NOT about a retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.  

We show you many of those documents, from Beacon Hill!   That's where most of the BS is -- the clever definitions, the absurd assumptions of huge tax increases, all written in a way to fool you.

Writing BS in order to fool folks is quite the opposite of research.  It's not near research -- it's the opposite of research.

  There is no research about a simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes. 



Most absurd -- Fairtax simply gets rid of all funding for social security and medicaid.  Hilarious really.

There are no more tax revenues to fund Social Security, in Fairtax. None. Not one dime.

They just get rid --100% gone -- of all taxes paid into Social Security and Medicaid.  

So, how do they pay for social security and medicare - medicaid?   Good question.  

They don't pay for it.  Remember, most of their taxes are absurd nonsense -- those taxes on cancer victims, those taxes on city county and states. All absurd. All impossible.   And they know that.

They were not worried about funding Social Security.  Whoever put this together, knew it was a hustle, and would never pass anyway.

We noticed. 


Where is Fairtax research?

These documents from Beacon Hill are in no way research, and are not about a very simple personal retail sales tax.

Dale Jorgenson -- the guy Neal claimed proved all kinds of great things about Fairtax, did no such thing.   Nor does he support Fairtax.   Jorgenson specifically said Fairtax would not work.

Boortz went right on making people think Jorgenson practically invented Fairtax.

Beacon Hill office claim to be an "education organization".  Well if selling you a hustle is educational, okay.

They do public relations, they support whatever they are paid to support.   We show you their very clever documents.  That's were the hustle is -- in their own documents. 

Someone put a lot of money into Fairtax -- and they paid Boortz, and Beacon Hill, plus for buses, and "education" web sites.   The "Fairtax calculator" fraud, was paid by the same  hustlers.

Boortz said someone offered him a jet like this to fly him around and push Fairtax.  We don't know who paid Boortz or owns all this.  Apparently, they also tried to hire Bruce Bartlett, who refused, and instead, exposed Fairtax fraud.

Norquest once pushed the Fairtax.

Neal Boortz was paid to push Fairtax.

Was Norquest? We don't know. 

Massive taxes on all cities in the US -- on all wage, pension, operational and capital expenditures.

  NYC would owe over 700 million.

Dallas would owe over 180 million.  On and on, without exception.

Why didn't Fairtax Book, or speeches, or videos even mention this??

Because they didn't want you to know.

Laurence Kotlikoff -- the guy at Beacon Hill, apparently most responsible for putting out the clever fine print tricks.   Did Kotlikoff actually lie?    Maybe not. He used very slick "assumptions" and definitions.   

 Boortz, however, lied his ass off in the books, and speeches. 


Where is that in HR25?  It's there.

Can you find it?

Yes, according to Fairtax math, all city county and states pay taxes on all expenditures, other than education wages.  But all other expenditures, including capital investments, wages, operational expenditures, are taxed.

But where is that in HR25?  

This is fine print tricks at their most goofy.  It's there -- yes, according to Fairtax own attorney, they do have a legal basis in HR25 for these massive taxes on all city county and states. 

Go try to find it.  Good luck.  It's there, but you wont be able to find it.


James Bennett-- officially the # 2 man in Fairtax hustle -- insist Fairtax  made these other taxes "perfectly clear".

 Where?  Where did they make it clear?  He won't say.

 Where did they even mention it one time, in a candid way?   It's only in a few words  here and there.   Here is their definition of a person --   

 Bennet claims this definition -- right here

 Way way way down in a long list of silly definitions...  is this definition.  And enough notice to all city county and states to send in massive taxes...... Remember, this is what Bennett himself calls "the legal basis" for these massive other taxes.


That word -- "government" -- in that definition of a person, is the legal basis, according to James Bennett.  

 Is he that stupid, or that brainwashed, or just lying?  We don't know.  Bennett said he sees no problem. 
Bennett also told us Fairtax has "no plans"  to further inform city county and states about this.  "If they have questions, they can contact me"  said Bennett.   
If you don't believe me  -- contact Bennett yourself!
 Ask him what the "Legal basis" in Fairtax is, for these massive taxes on cities, counties, and state.   


Beacon Hill documents may SOUND smart to people -- and they are well written by hustlers. 

President Bush Tax Advisory Panel had no  trouble finding the double talk  -- for one thing, they collected all the documents. They didn't give a shit what Boortz said in his book, or what the videos said, or what they claimed in speeches.

Bush Tax Panel went by what Fairtax put out officially -- in HR25 and the various Beacon Hill documents, and others. 

All wage, pension, operational expenditures -- taxed 30%.

That's  how the math works.  All cancer victims, all everything, except education expenditures.

But they tell you - -- remember -- - they are a very very simple, personal retail sales tax?   Still think that? 


This is a chart from Fairtax spokesmen.   

See the  list of "consumption"?   That is not just retail sales -- that is consumption by cities, by states, by counties, by cancer victims, etc.  

 A fairtax supporter sent this to me to prove Fairtax worked.

Their tax base is this entire total of all such consumption.  He listed the "US CONSUMPTION"  and then figured 30% of that. 


They never show you a total of "retail sales".  Why not?  Because that is only a small part of what they tax. 






We show you President Bush Tax Panel report below. 

This is a capital investment.

Think California state legislature will send it 1.5 Billion in advance for this expenditure?   That's how Fairtax math works. 


140 million dollar tax on St.Louis 
for wage and operational expenditures.





Flat tax is a fraud too -- it's not flat.    It's as flat as Dog Bounty Hunter's wife.

   Flat tax -- flat as Dog's wife.  

Interestingly, some of same hustlers (CATO, for eg) who sold or sell Flat tax, also sold Fairtax fraud.   All these slogans sound great -- but that's not what's in the fine print.  

People just don't grasp that -- slogans all sound great, no kidding.   But read the fine print. 

At least Fairtax has legislation and dozens of documents -- misleading as hell, but they have them.   Flat tax only has slogans.  But from what CATO, Forbes, and Newt Gingrich have posited, flat tax is not flat at all. They simply do not county trillions of dollars as "income".   For example, almost none of Mitt Romney's income, would be "income" for the flat tax.

Clever.  Yes, income from work would be taxed at one rate.   But many types of income, they just don't count as income.

Then they tell suckers they are for a "flat tax".

Seems whatever they name their "plans"  is exactly the opposite of what it actually is. Over and over they do this, and because people are fooled so easily, they get away with it. It's not a crime.

IT's just how bullshitters work. 


Do you know President Bush Tax Panel found?  Remember, Bush had them study Fairtax, because of Boortz great sounding BS.

Did not take much  -- the Tax Panel  just read the fine print in all Fairtax documents.  You can do the same thing.  Hint -- Fairtax bullshit slogans are not the fine print.  Just the opposite.   


Boortz again, and again -- even now -- claims these other taxes won't matter.  Huge taxes on cancer victims "won't matter"?    

Boortz insist all prices drop anyway, so "it's a wash".

You just pay what you did before -- what's the problem?

Prices don't rise, Boortz claimed, and his research proved that.

Uh - -actually, no.  The "researcher" who Boortz claimed proved all prices drop, not only didn't prove any such thing, but specifically said that was not true.   Dale Jorgenson of Harvard does NOT support the Fairtax nor did he ever say prices would all drop and you could keep your whole paycheck.

What Jorgeson did say is -- theoretically -- IF  all workers took a pay cut by letting the employer keep what workers used to pay in taxes,  THEN the employer could, if he wanted to, lower prices.


According to Fairtax Book, all this was proven -- and dozens of other things proven, by Dale Jorgenson of Harvard.

But that is NOT what Dale Jorgenson said.  

Quite the opposite of what Jorgenson said.   But Boortz makes you believe things that are not only untrue, but exactly the opposite of what Jorgenson, and others, reported. 




My name is Mark Curran.

My email is 




President Bush  Tax Panel did study the fine print -- and reported that if Fairtax ONLY taxed retail sales, the tax rate would be more like 89%.

Only by including these massive "other taxes"  that are impossible and hidden in a few words, does Fairtax math seem to justify a 23% tax.



Clever -- Neal Boortz even wrote a book, supposedly showing the critics of Fairtax were wrong.

Neal made sure he did not show those who exposed the fine print tricks - the massive other taxes.

So a stupid person could easily read Boortz book, and think the "critics"  were wrong.     

There is not one word in that book about the actual informed critics, who point out the massive OTHER taxes. 

Boortz Fairtax Book was equally slick -- always giving the impression of a simple retail sales tax, always claiming research, always insisting any tax won't matter, because prices fall by that much, or nearly so.

Nonsense.   Plus his book did not even hint at $30,000 or more fed tax on cancer surgery. Rather, he said some slick words about "maybe" a ten dollar tax on an office visit.

 This is not in dispute, all medical consumption is "in the tax base". Tax base = what they tax, without exception.   The fact Boortz acted like "maybe"  a ten dollar tax, when he knew the entire time someone could be taxed 30 or 40  thousand dollars for fighting cancer, tells you a lot about Boortz.


Yes, every cancer patient would be taxed a federal tax of 30% on all consumption of all her health care.   But again, they do not intend to tax all cancer victims.  Fairtax is political theater, not a tax code. They have no intention of passing their own hustle.

100,000 fighting cancer?  A cancer victims would easily be taxed 30,000 dollars, at least on paper.  But Fairtax leaders do not expect anyone to pay 30K or 3K or three dollars.  

They had to make their math add up, on paper.

A retail sales tax of 23% simply would not bring in enough money.


Yeah, the slogans sounded great.   I loved those!! 

 Slogans like  - backed by 22 million in research!

Slogans like -- a very simple personal retail sales tax!

Slogans like -- completely untax the poor!

Slogans like --  you will see your tax on your receipt

Slogans like --  everyone treated the same.

Slogans like -- everyone has skin in the game.

Slogans like -- drug dealers and hookers will pay.

Sound great right? Love it.  Problem is -- fine print is slogans, and slogans are not the fine print.

None of those slogans are true.  As you will see.  

But they sounded good.




NIPA?  What the hell is NIPA??

NIPA?   Not mentioned in any Fairtax book.

NIPA?  Not mentioned in any Fairtax speech.

NIPA?  Not mentioned in any Fairtax video. 


In their  "tax base" documents  are massive, goofy, impossible taxes. We show you.   Like an extra 30,000 dollar fed tax on a woman who fights breast cancer.



"Certain wages" trick,

All wages, pensions, operational expenditures are taxed, paid out by all city county and states.  They call it "certain wages".

They make it SEEM like a trivial thing, this tax on "certain wages" as if it's for "domestic servants".  That's what they list -- domestic servants, as the first example. Clever.  

  All policemen, all firemen, all judges, all sewer workers, all everything ( except teacher's wages).    Not just wages, but all pension expenditures. Your city "expends" two million in pensions per month, your city owes a 30% tax on that.  Yes it sounds wacko -- it is wacko. 
Remember, all government "expenditures" are in the "tax base"  Per NIPA.  


See this document?  Every line is NIPA related.

All governmental expenditures are in this clever document.  They never tell you clearly what they tax, they simply "put it in the tax base" 

There is no line for "retail sales".   That would make it too obvious.  They pretend to be a simple retail sales tax.  If they were a simple retail sales tax, the "tax base" would be retail sales. 


 All city, county, state and federal wages, pensions, operational expenditures, are in the "tax base".   That's in their math.  


Not just "humans"  (natural persons, as Fairtax calls humans)  pay 30% tax.  There are -- "certain persons"  like all cities, all county and all states, have to pay the same tax, on all expenditures.

There are also "certain wages"  that certain "persons" pay taxes on. Very slick.  But they do tell you, if you can decode it all, and check their slick math.


Fairtax definitions defined all city county and states as "persons".

See it yourself. 

Way down in a list of definitions, they defined person as -- blah blah blah  GOVERNMENT.

So they did tell you -- remember, it  says any government is a person.

But how would anyone know?  How would cities know?   How would states?

By this goofy definition, this goofy word, way down in the long list of definitions?


Do you think all city officials will read way way down, in this long list of definitions, see that word in that definition, and go "Oh, I see we gotta pay massive taxes. Okay, where do we send the money?

If you think that, you are an idiot, and a perfect Fairtax sucker.

But even if all city county and state officials read that sentence, they STILL would not know they are supposed to pay these taxes.  It does not say "cities must pay"

Rather, Fairtax hustlers write about a "tax base"  that includes all consumption expenditures, then their math depends on that absurdity.  Even in the documents about tax base, they never say "This is what we tax".

Of course a tax base is what they tax, but Fairtax suckers probably don't even know that much.  And Fairtax was not about to tell them.

    THIS IS WILLIAM GALE, PhD, Stanford, who   studied Fairtax fine print tricks for President Bush.


That's  not the cost of the project. That's the tax they'd have to pay in advance. 30% tax -- in advance.

A lot of Fairtax taxes are goofy and impossible to collect, the cancer taxes, the taxes on city county and states. They don't care, they just needed to make their math add up on paper.

But they TOLD you.  Remember the NIPA sentence?  They told you.

Remember the definition of a person?   They told you.

Remember the revenue tables? They told you.

But you thought it was a very simple personal retail sales tax. 



Your city, your county and your state, are supposed to pay massive taxes -- then "raise their tax rates sufficiently"




If you read every footnote, every definition -- and ignore the hustle about simple retail sales tax -- you can find out what they tax.

But you better have a few days, and you better find all their fine print.



Fairtax does not make it easy for their suckers to decode the math -- President Bush Tax Panel had no trouble, but they eat fine print tricks for breakfast.

But tFairtax does have a few online documents, clever as hell, that show you about NIPA.   Very tricky, but they do exist.   

The tax all "expenditures"  unless they state otherwise. 

Not just all "natural persons" consumption, but all city county and state consumption.  Not just retail sales, but much more.

All "consumption" of wages is taxed, which is goofy as hell.  They consume wages?  No, but they include "wage expenditures" in the tax base for city county and state.  Translate that -- all city county and states have to pay massive taxes.

But -- Fairtax did tell you,  sorta, in their own document. You never saw it, but they told you. You would not know what it meant if you saw it, but they told you.

 They "remove"  teacher salaries from the tax base.  That's about it.  All other government expenditures, including pensions, including capital investments, including wages, including death benefits, including unemployment benefits paid out -- are in the tax base.

Yes, tax base. Tax base = what they tax.

Capital expenditures -- taxed in ADVANCE


Huckabee pushed the Fairtax  for years -- and still claims it's "biblical". To be fair to Huck, he probably has no clue what's in the fine print. In his statement about Fairtax, he claims he read HR25 and talked to "economists", apparently those "economists"  from Beacon Hill.

No mention that he has any clue about the fine print -- both in HR25 and the official "research" documents by Fairtax, that we show you.

Huck does not seem to care what the fine print says.  And it's too late to back out now, anyway.  He would look stupid to admit he has been fooled by this for so many years.

Boortz -- however -- knew the whole time.  You can tell, because Boortz has carefully parsed words in several "Neal Nuze" publications.  






If you can find their document --- it's cleverly stated.  We adopt a prepay approach?  WTH?  They "adopt" an "approach"?

Are you kidding?   No. They were hiding goofy stuff in the fine print.



Did you know, or even hear, of NIPA?

NIPA is not an auto parts store.  It's a group of tables, in Bureau of Economic Analysis. It's perfectly useless to use as a "retail sales tax"  because most things in it, have nothing to do with personal retail sales.   

They never told you about it, in books, in videos, in speeches.   NIPA  has nothing to do  with taxes. 

 Yet Fairtax does tax retail sales.  That's not the problem -- at all.    It's the OTHER massive taxes in Fairtax,  per their "tax base".

 Tax base = what they tax.  
Only about 300 words in Fairtax that matter -- tucked away, cleverly.  

______________ ________________


Why not just tax retail sales (like they pretend)??

Because if they ONLY taxed personal retail sales, the tax rate would need to be 89%

To make it appear 23% -- Fairtax had to tax more, much much much more, than  retail sales.   

So, to get their "tax base" massive enough, they put in what they had to -- all city county and state expenditures. All Medicare and Medicaid expenditures.

New York City?  All their expenditures for wages, operational expenditures?  That's in the tax base.

All cancer victims -- their "consumption" of cancer surgery, chemo, rehab, nursing home care?   That's in the tax base. 

In the tax base means, by definition, that is what they tax. 

If Fairtax only taxed retail sales, that's what the tax base would be -- retail sales. 

So Fairtax hustlers never tell you "we tax this" or "we tax that".

They just "put it in the tax base".   And they told you -- on that one page, that they tax whatever NIPA defines.

Yes -- everywhere else they make it seem like a simple retail sales tax. 

Mesquite Arizona would owe over 12 million dollars in Fairtaxes, because all operational, all wage, all expenditures generally, are taxed 30%.   That's how Fairtax math adds up.

  Over $200,000 tax, just on the wages and benefits paid to this small group of firemen. 

   Oh -- and Mesquite nor any other city have a clue. No one told them. For larger cities, the tax about be wacko high.

Not just cities -- but counties too. And states.  That's  how Fairtax math adds up.

Mesquite Arizona fire fighters.   Mesquite would owe a "expenditure tax"  on wage, pension, and benefit  expenditures.    Fairtax told you -- in the clever fine print.

Fairtax math has these "expenditures"  in the "tax base".   Tax base means, by definition, that is what they tax.

Do you think Mesquite  AZ will send in a "tax" of 160,000 dollars for the wages and benefits they "expend"?     Hell no Mesquite won't send in a dime.




   Will they collect this tax? No.  

Boortz -- in the Fairtax book -- talked about "maybe"  a ten dollar tax on an office visit.  Maybe?

There is no maybe, as you will see. 

Do you think she will pay 32,000 extra in fed taxes, because she fought cancer?  No, she won't. She can not.  But 2.1 Trillion in fairtax taxes are like that - in Fairtax fine print -- in the math -- but uncollectable, as you will see.  They are there to make the math add up.


They act like this would be a very small matter. "Certain wages" --  and "taxable employer".

"Certain wages" is how they show it -- way way way down in some definition. Way down.

Should Not be a big deal, right, way way way down in a long list of defintions.    

It's a BFD.

By the time Fairtax word games are done, and math games, Fairtax tax base includes all wages, pensions, operational expenditures and capital expenditures.

Tax base means, by definition, they tax it.

No reasonable person could read it, by itself, and possibly grasp they are taxing every city county and states, massive taxes on virtually every dime they "expend". But their math is based on these goofy deliberately deceptive word games

For example, if Dallas Texas has 500 million in public wage, pension, and operational expenditure, capital expenditures, Dallas would owe about 150 million -- as a tax.   No, they don't get to "deduct" 150 million from the expenditures.  This would be a cost to Dallas, on top of, in addition to, paid separately from, those expenditures. 

Very basic. Very fraudulent. Very Fairtax. 


A very very simple personal retail sales tax,  Neal Boortz said, "the most researched economic plan in history."  Twenty two million dollars of research.  This, for example, is part of their "research"


These documents, while made to look razzle dazzle sophisticated, are no more "research"  than a poster of a Big Mac is, on the front of McDonalds.   Furthermore, it's not about a very simple personal retail sales tax; in these fraudulent bits of nonsense, are the massive "other" taxes, that have nothing to do with simple personal retail sales taxes.    But they write their fraudulent (deliberately misleading) papers with great care.   

(See our 50,000 dollar offer, below, for one page of that 22 million in Fairtax research about this "very simple" personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes. There is, literally, no such research, much less 22 million dollars worth)  



Only a small part of Fairtax is that personal retail sales tax.   For example, all cities, counties and states are taxed on wage and operational expenditures.

Did you know that?

All city county and states are taxed on their capital expenditures -- in advance. 

Did you know that?

There is a lot you may not know -- because Fairtax hustlers did not tell you.


 Huck "forgot" to mention actually, cancer victims and nursing home patients (yes nursing home patients would be liable, too)  alone would pay more fed taxes than all the drug dealers.

We already know the "retail purchases".   Only a small portion of Fairtax is the tax on those retail sales.    The biggest part of Fairtax revenue, is from the OTHER taxes.

Huck  also "forgot" to mention the massive taxes on every city county and state--which  would be taxed on all operational, wage, and capital expenditures, according to Fairtax math and fine print.

For example, St.Louis city council would owe over 140 million dollars, a stunning amount of money, to the federal government.
That's in their fine print and math -- but not in their books, videos or speeches.

No city, no county, no state, has a clue about these massive taxes on their wage, operational, and capital expenditures.  Do you think St Louis is going to just send in 140 million (or whatever it is)?

Remember, Fairtax never tells anyone. These other taxes are only cleverly in the tax base and double talk. Their math depends on these huge other taxes --but they never told anyone that in an honest way.



What would your city have to pay in Fairtax?  It's 30% (or 23% depending what you believe) tax on all wages, and operational expenditures, and much more. 

Not just your city -- your county, too.


Not just your city and county, your state too.

Massive taxes that have nothing to do with retail sales taxes, are in the fine print. 

That's about 2 trillion dollars of "forgetting".


Will they collect these taxes on wage, pension, operational and capital expenditures?

NO.   So why are these taxes in the fine print?  To make their math work  


   Fairtax sounds great    

Fairtax sounds great -- that's how hustles work.   In fact, Fairtax only problem, Boortz said with a straight face, would be where to put all the money.

Huckabee said in a 2012 campaign stop that we can just "wave the magic wand" of Fairtax and solve most economic issues.

But it's more than hype -- it's deliberate deception.  What Fairtax hustlers say in books, speeches and videos, is nothing like what's in the clever fine print and double speak, of their "fine print".


From what you know now -- is Fairtax simple?  Is it transparent?

Is it Fair?   It's not even rational, because most of the taxes in the fine print, can not possibly be collected.   And, they know that.

They have the audacity to claim Fairtax is "transparent and voluntary".   They really have no shame. 

They never say, anywhere, "We tax all cancer victims".  In fact, the word cancer nor health care even appear in HR25.

But this language DOES appear --


And this language does appear in Fairtax documents.




Why should a cancer victim have 30,000 or more in fed taxes, higher, than her economic twin, next door.  One woman does not have breast cancer, she may pay 10K in fed taxes, in Fairtax. Her neighbor, with breast cancer, could easily owe 40,000 in fed taxes.

Do Fairtax hustlers know that? Yes. They just dare not tell you.

There are no exceptions whatsoever.   Fairtax math is based on that -- no exceptions for cities, on their wage and operational taxes, no exception for cancer victims, nursing home residents.  

No exceptions for county government.  Remember that. Fairtax math is literally  based (yes literally) on all these people including all city county and states, actually paying massive taxes, without exception.

Do they actually expect all cancer victims to pay huge taxes?

Do they hate cancer victims?

No, of course not. They are  not stupid. They are clever, and they had to make their fraudulent math add up.

This is how they made that fraudulent math add up.



 What does "all consumption"  mean in fairtax?

They told you -  in one document, online.   Very tricky stuff, but they told you! Sorta kinda. 


What the hello is NIPA?   No, it's not an auto parts store.

But they TOLD you, right?  In that document - right there.  They told you about  NIPA defines, anyway. 

They never -- EVER - EVER  tell you what they tax.  They speak very cleverly about a "tax base" and even then in a deceptive way.

Most Fairtax suckers never notice, and of course, therefore believe they just tax personal retail sales -- or something like that.

They told you it was a simple - "very very simple" according to Boortz -- personal retail sales tax. But that's not even close.





 As you will see -- no matter how wealthy, how poor, how sick, how destitute, Fairtax math and fine print are based on all cities, all counties, all states, all cancer victims, etc, actually paying.

Most of Fairtax taxes  could not be collected. The retail sales tax? YES.   But almost all the other taxes that are cleverly in the fine print, could not possibly be collected.


No -- they don't hate cancer victims.  Nor do they expect all, or any, cancer victim to pay massive taxes.

They needed their math to add up.  This is how they do it.



No. Fairtax hustlers do not hate city county and states, nor do they expect them to pay these massive taxes on all operational expenditures, capital expenditures, etc.    They just needed their math to add up on paper. 

Fairtax tells suckers about a four dollar tax on lunch.  Neal said "maybe" a ten dollar tax at doctors visit.  They "forget" to mention a 30 or even 60 thousand dollar tax on cancer victims.


Hundreds of people have tried to get Boortz to respond to these fine print and math issues. He refuses, because he can not do so honestly. Boortz is telling his followers that I am "far too uninformed" to warrant "a serious response". 

1st - this is not my opinion.  I show what's in the fine print. I was fooled by these hustlers at first, too.  

2nd  all this was exposed  years ago, in academic and polite terms, by President Bush Tax Advisory Panel -- see below.

3rd   Boortz has no response to facts.   He knows the fraud better than I do, he was part of it.  He still is.  

Fairtax has never shown what ANY city would have to pay in wage, pension, capital expenditure taxes.    They just cleverly used that to make their "tax base"  large enough for their fraudulent math to work on paper.

Whey not tell you about these massive other taxes in one of their books?   Because that would give away the hustle.  

This is a more recent art work from Fairtax -- 

Notice they took out the word "personal retail sales tax"  in the newer art work.  That's probably because we exposed all the taxes on city county and states so often, they had to rewrite the slogan.


But they did tell you -- if you found that document, and read it very closely, and ignored their books, videos and speeches.
You also have to understand the math part of their fraud --  it's there, if you read all the fine print in the math....

Capital expenditures -- yes.   In advance.  Capital expenditures are taxed -- in advance. How the hell is that a personal retail sales tax?




Fairtax math depends more on the massive taxes on city county and states, than it does on the personal retail sales tax. Only, they don't mention those massive taxes on city county and states, in the books, videos, and speeches.  

 Bruce Bartlett exposed Fairtax too -- he was offered money to push it, and refused.

Bartlett claimed Fairtax #1 guy approached him, a former Scientology leader.   Bartlett not only refused to push Fairtax, he exposed it in National Review -- on much the same basis as I do, all the other taxes, impossible taxes, hidden in the clever double talk.

Like President Bush Tax Panel, Bartlett said Fairtax would need to be more like 90 or 100%, if state and local sales taxes were added on top -- an absurdity.
It does not matter who started this great sounding hustle, the point is, the math is fraudulent and goofy.

Im not sure that Fairtax is a Scientology bit of wacko -- but Bartlett claimed it was, and he is much smarter than I am.   That's not the point. If Donald Duck wrote the fine print, it's a fraud.  No matter who created this fraud, its a fraud.

Neal Boortz got paid to push this -- yes, he did.  Beacon Hill were paid -- Kotlikoff was paid very well, said Bruce Bartlett.   Who is paying these guys?  How much?



They  have these massive other taxes, to make the math work on paper.

  "Forgot" to mention massive taxes on all cancer  victims,  heart patients, nursing home residents   

  "Forgot" to tell us about taxes on all cities, 
for wage, pension, operational expenditures  



Yes, Fairtax has a retail sales tax -- sure do.   That retail tax is only a SMALL part of their taxes.   They  cleverly "told you" in the fine print,  about these other massive taxes, but not in the books. 

  Not in the speeches. Not in the videos. Not once. Not in 15 years. And not even now.  Even now, this minute, Boortz will not tell suckers what Fairtax actually taxes, and how they "assume" these massive tax increases at city and state level.



"Fairtax is a very very simple personal retail sales tax, you pay at the store. You will see the tax on your receipt.  Only IRS agents and lobbyist will be against it."


 Boortz is a clever little liar. He gets his followers to ALREADY hate anyone who even questions Fairtax.  I loved Fairtax at first, I didn't hate it. Till I read the fine print and asked questions.






What we liked best about Fairtax -- all that "research".   22 million in "independent research".

Mind if we see that research?

The quickest way to understand Fairtax is their fraudulent "calculator" trick CLICK HERE FOR CALCULATOR FRAUD

The next quickest way to understand Fairtax hustle, is try to find the research..  The least quickest way, is to untangle the very clever fine print tricks.

The guy who Boortz said proved all this great stuff about Fairtax, 
Dale Jorgenson, did no such thing, and is not for Fairtax.

Kotlikoff was well paid, according to his friend Bruce Bartlett, for pushing Fairtax.

Kotlikoff is apparently in charge of making Fairtax BS sound smart.  He wrote many of the fine print tricks and "assumptions"  which President Bush Tax Panel found.

But nothing Kotlikoff did was research about a simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.  He did no research, he did a con job. While you could say technically, because he said "we assume this"  and because of his clever definition of a person, definition of consumption expenditure, that he did not lie.

Yes -- he did lie. He deliberately mislead, and went to a lot og trouble to do it.

But it depends on what you want to call a lie.

Did Kotlikoff actually lie for Fairtax?   Maybe not, We would call it lying, as it was deliberately deceptive.  

Is it  his fault you believed him?

That's right, they claim 22 million dollars of "research" --  but they have no actual research.  And the papers they do have, if you want to call them research, certainly are NOT research about a very simple personal retail sales tax.




If you missed the Fairtax fine print about massive taxes on cancer victims, cities, counties and states, don't feel bad.

It's easy to miss.   David Kendall, who used to push Fairtax enthusiastically, had no clue either.  

Tax wages?   Tax capital expenditure?  No no no, David  said. He insisted he studied Fairtax carefully.   They just tax personal retail consumption.

Where are you getting that they tax wage and pensions and capital expenditures?

So we showed him. Like most suckers and cult members, he didn't even bother to look into it, at least when we could see it. He considers himself a brilliant economist and here, he was duped by pure bullshit.

Not sure if David still is for Fairtax. If he had any balls, he would expose the bastards.  

David thought cities would have to pay that 30% tax on car purchases, on retail sales. 

  He had no clue city county and states would have pay that 30% tax on all "consumption expenditures" including wage, pension, capital expenditures, even operational expenditures, are taxed 30%.

David didn't read the fine print closely.

So you arent the only one fooled.  How would you know? The books, videos and speeches made it seem like a simple retail sales tax.

Yes, they have a retail sales tax.  But the massive other taxes are much larger -- and impossible to collect.   They dont mention those in the books, videos and speeches.



All imports are taxed 30 % too.  Just a little bit of wacko in their fine print.   Sometimes Fairtax says 30% sometimes, 23%

It's all goofy.  But  here is their import tax language. It's goofy and meaningless too, but here it is.

(c) Coordination With Import Duties- The tax imposed by this   section is in addition to any import duties imposed by chapter                   4 of title 19, United States Code. The Secretary shall provide   by regulation that, to the maximum extent practicable, the tax  imposed by this section on imported taxable property and services is collected and administered in conjunction with any applicable import duties imposed by the United States.

                  (d) Liability for Tax-                  (1) IN GENERAL- The person using or consuming taxable property   or services in the United States is liable for the tax imposed  by this section, except as provided in paragraph (2) of this _____________________________ 


Neal Boortz said without the "prebate"  Fairtax would be insane and unfair.   Well, even with it, but see how this "prebate" works.


The "prebate"  is supposedly going to "completely untax the poor". There is no such language in HR 25 even suggesting that -- another slogan.

Fairtax math is based on every poor person paying huge taxes, on everything we showed above, including cancer surgery.

But even more goofy,  Fairtax would actually cost more than all Social Security, all Medicare, all Medicaid, combined.

They actually stop collecting revenue for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid-- remember?   This "simple retail sales tax" , replaces everything.  That's their hustle.  No more collecting FICA or other taxes.  That's one third of gov revenue they lose, right there.

How will Fairtax now pay for the "prebate"?   They won't.   

How will they pay for Medicare and Medicare?   They won't.  There is no funding mechanism whatsoever for Medicare and Medicaid.   These hustlers just pretend it won't matter.

But the "PREBATE" is even more wack.   It would be almost a trillion dollars -- by itself.

That's right, the prebate would be almost a trillion dollars.  Where will the funds come from?  No where. 

The prebate is about 200 a month, to every legal resident of the US.

See how that works, math wise. 

DO you think they don't know this?  Of course they know it. They had to put the "prebate" in, when people said -- hey, what about the poor?

The prebate does not go up a penny, if you have cancer, or  your child is in a car accident, or for any reason.  You get about 200 a month. 

They razzle dazzle you about the prebate, just like they razzle dazzled you about everything else  

More about the 50K offer.

We arent kidding about this offer.  If you can find ONE PAGE of that 22 million of research into that very very simple personal retail sales tax, you get 50K.  There is no research -- because the documents they have are hustles.  And -- not only hustles, but NOT about a simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.   By research, we mean this....

FINE PRINT on Details of offer-- $50,000 dollars paid to the first person who can show one page of the 22 million dollars of Fairtax research into this "very very simple" personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

We have offered this to Boortz, for years.  To any charity he names, or he can keep it, we don't care.

Whoever seeks to collect t his 50K must show there was 22 million dollars of research, per the definition above.   And that the research is  about a very very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes in a "revenue neutral fashion"

The "research"  must include the "research"  Neal Boortz said Dale Jorgenson did, proving prices would drop 22%, and, as his book said, take home pay would rise an average of 50%.

Should be easy to show this research.  If it exists.

We don't believe here is any such research - because 1) double talk by a public relations firm is not research.  2) What Fairtax does have is goofy and massive other taxes that have nothing to do with retail sales, therefore Fairtax is not a simple retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

No one has bothered to show any "research"  because, as we said, the document by Beacon Hill and others is not research, and certainly not research about a very simple personal retail sales tax.

But -- if you are going  sue to collect the 50,000, you must file suit in Tazwell County  Illinois, and are hereby obligated to pay all my attorney fees,  if  you do not collect the 50K offer.   You must also pay for all their attorney fees, and other costs related to the suit. regardless of outcome.

If you do not collect the 50K, you must also stick the Fairtax Book up your ass sideways,  and sing for two hours on the court house steps "Im an idiot, Im a Boortz Cult Monkey, Im stupid enough to believe hustlers like Boortz and Huckabee".

Yes I realize this fine print is goofy, much like the fine print in Fairtax documents.  That's why I wrote this. I wrote this goofy fine print, because, while it's not quite as goofy or hidden as Fairtax fine print it, it's fine print, and it's here. You are reading it now.

See how fine print tricks matter?

I knew that you could!