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Huck tells suckers  his plan is a "very very simple"  retail sales tax.

You lying  bastard Huck.

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 Sorry if blunt language, even cursing, offends you. It's necessary in this case, IMHO.


By definition, a "tax base" is what they tax.  A 31% tax on everything in the "tax base".

This is their own document.....  remember that.







These words -- without exception -- and NIPA -- may seem normal boilerplate legalese. Not a big deal?

While Fairtax never tells suckers (of course) that they tax all cancer victims, they do.  It's in their math, as part of the very clever "NIPA" based consumption.


 Fairtax fraud was already exposed politely, as you will see.  President Bush Tax Advisory Panel, led by William Gale, PhD Stanford, had no trouble spotting the  fraud. They used academic and polite language.

Essentially, the tax panel found the fine print tricks, and showed that a retail sales tax -- taxing ONLY retail sales --- would be more like 89%, not 23%.

Fairtax made their math work by inserting massive OTHER taxes, impossible goofy taxes, on top of, in addition to, and paid separately from, the retail sales tax.

Remember this: without the fine print tricks I show you --- Fairtax rate would be more like 89%.  That's not what I said, that's what the math shows, and what President Bush Tax Panel found.

The tax panel could find the fine print easily enough -- but they eat fine print for breakfast and spit it out for lunch.  

Plus, they had ALL the documents, and did not care about slogans.  The slogans are, to be blunt, bullshit lies. Yes,  lies.  It's the fine print that matters. 


But no one paid much attention to that polite and academic way of exposing this fraud.  In private, William Gale said "they lot a lot" -- but not in public.

 So Im blunt. And in public,   Here is a picture of me. 

The fraud is this -- massive impossible other taxes, far larger than the retail sales tax.   The retail sales tax is not the problem.


Look at their "other taxes" -- impossible other taxes -- these lying bastards hid in the fine print. We show the fine print.   Yes they do have a retail sales tax,  but much  higher taxes ON TOP of that retail sales tax.



Are wages and pensions and operational expenditures, paid out by all cities a retail sale? HELL NO.

I call them lying bastards, because they are, the people who put this fraud together are-- lying bastards.   

Which of Fairtax supporters  are lying bastards?   None.  The innocent supporters were never told this. They are just duped.  Once they know they fraud, they of course do not support it, because Fairtax is  not just flawed, it's impossible. Not sorta impossible, not kind of impossible.   It's totally impossible.  The lying bastards are the ones that up the fraud together.

But in Fairtax fraud, they do indeed have 31% (or 23%) tax on all wage and pension and operational expenditures, paid OUT by your city. And another tax on all such expenditures paid out, by our county.

And another tax on all such expenditures, paid out, by your state.

That's how their math adds up, and the lying bastards do have that in their documents, in a very deceptive way, but it's there.

So if Chicago pays OUT 1 billion in wages, pensions, capital investments, operational expenditures, Chicago would (per Fairtax anyway) have to pay 230 million or more in taxes.

Expand tax base sounds so great, right?  Uh, well that's true -- but what does it really mean? 

Fairtax never tell what this means.... like massive cancer you really think a cancer victim should have to pay 30 or 35,000 dollars in fed taxes, just because they got sick?   Oh, they didn't tell you about cancer taxes?? 

Surprise surprise!


And massive taxes on city county and states.  The city of New York, for example, would owe over 750 BILLION.  That's right, BILLION.  Let me repeat that -- 750 billion.


Your city county and state -- are supposed to raise tax rates. That's in their OWN document, if you read all their documents, very very closely.   See for yourself!


Every city, every county, every state, massive taxes. No, not just a tax on retail purchases, that's nothing. City county and states are taxed 31% on wage expenditures, pension expenditures, operational expenditures.

And cleverly -- they never tell you in books, videos or speeches -- your city (and state and county) are supposed to raise their tax rates.   In books, speeches and videos, these lying bastards make it seem like a very very simple retail sales tax.  Total bullshit, and they know it.


WHY?  Why have these massive (2 trillion +) taxes, much higher than the retail sales tax on persons?   If they only taxed retail sales, they would have to charge 89%. 

That's right, if they didn't lie about what they tax (they do tell you in fraudulent way, in fine print, we still call that lying)  they would have to show an 89% tax rate.

They didn't dare show anyone an 89% tax rate!  Even Tea Party idiots know an 89% retail sales tax is crazy.

So, Fairtax hustlers inserted massive other taxes, a few words here, a few assumptions there, a few clever defintions -- like definition of a person!!  


Clever, and fraudulent crap. If they did anything like this is a legal contract, you could sue the bastards.  But this is political theater -- you can't sue lying bastards for political bullshit. 



NIPA -- Fairtax math is based on this "tax all consumption expenditures"  of all personal and government expenditures, per what NIPA defines as consumption.    

Not just retail sales tax. Retail sales is only a small part of it.  They tax 31% (not 23) of whatever NIPA defines as  "personal or governmental consumption expenditures."

Very clever.    They never tell you about these other taxes, because it's all impossible buillshit. You can not possibly tax, for example, NYC 800 billion dollars because you hid some crap in a few words in a footnote.

Too complicated?  Literally, they hide a few words here, a few words there, then they add up the 2 Trillion dollars of those taxes, and claim it's all "researched"

The "research" does not even exist, except this fraud.   See our 50,000 dollar offer for anyone (even you) who can show one page of that 22 million of Fairtax research about that very very simple personal retail sales tax.

They have no research at all -- they have documents they tell suckers is "research" -- but that where these bastards have the fraud!   Hiding your fraud in some tricky fine print, is not research.

You thought Fairtax was a tax on purchases. Oh hell no. That's just a tiny part.  We show you their math and fine print.

  "EXPANDING THE TAX BASE" sounds great, right?

Expand?  Hilarious.   Exapand the "tax base"  ?   

What does that mean?

How is cancer surgery taxed? They never mention cancer, or health care, at all.   

But all such "consumption expenditures" are "in the tax base".

They tax whatever "NIPA" defines as personal or governmental "consumption expenditures".   Health care, and virtually every possible thing, is in that goofy definition.

They had to tax all health care, and all governmental expenditures, including wage, pension, and capital investment expenditure,  to make the math work.  On paper. 

We show you how Fairtax used these words -- their own words -- to insert 2.1 trillion dollars of "other taxes" into Fairtax.

It means massive goofy impossible taxes -- taxes on Medicare patients (huge taxes)  and taxes on every city county and state on their wage pension and operational expenditures.

Did you know -- yes or no -- that Fairtax math and fine print, have MASSIVE taxes (over 800 million dollar tax) on New York City alone!   Dallas Texas city council would owe over 180 million.

No, not just a tax on retail sales -- city county and states, are taxed on "wage and pension  expenditures".   

And much more.   

And these lying bastards do not tell you -- anyplace -- in a clear way. Instead, these lying bastards use "fine print tricks"  we show you.  It's there -- but most people could not find it, unless shown.

So, we show you.
As  you will see, rich or poor, even folks on Medicare,  are supposed to somehow pay this huge tax on their cancer surgery "consumption"   That is how these lying bastards get the "math" to add up.   

Neal Boortz -- on FOX news -- had to admit, even breast  cancer victims will have to pay that tax (31%, though he claims 23%).

Boortz said "Oh -- we will save her so much, it won't matter."  Then he quickly changed the subject.

So yes, these lying bastards do know they have massive taxes on cancer victims -- and much much more.

Boortz and Huck will save her so much, that a 30,000 fed tax on cancer surgery and chemo, wont matter?

Leukemia victims too -- all health care is "in the tax base".  As you will see, "in the tax base" means, by definition, they tax it.

Very cleverly -- and it's all in the fine print.  And that won't matter?

Why the hell should a cancer victim have to pay huge taxes, but a person who doesn't get cancer, pays far far less fed taxes?

Do you think the parents of a child with leukemia should be taxed 40,000 dollars because they "consumed" 180,000 dollars of health care for their child?

No -- and Fairtax doesn't believe that crap either, but  all such "consumption" is in their tax base, meaning they rely on the parents, and everyone else, and all city county and states, to pay, and pay massively.

Fairtax needed these massive "other taxes"  to make their fraudulent math work.   The sales tax, by itself, would not bring in nearly enough.  

If they ONLY taxed retail sales -- the tax rate would need to be 89%, as shown by President Bush Tax Panel...

They tell you in 1000 ways, in books, in examples, in videos, they are a very simple sales tax.  Such bullshit -- only a small part of Fairtax is that personal retail sales tax.

They tax retail sales, sure do.  But that's only a tiny part of Fairtax. 

They also have 2.1 trillion dollars of NIPA taxes -- we show you how they got that, into the fine print, and into the math.

   NIPA ??     WTF??  



To defend Huck, he may not know. 

From comments he made, he spoke to "fairtax economist".   That's like talking to Bernie Madoff, when he swindled some of the richest people in the world out of about 400 million dollars.

You have to see the fine print.

Fairtax was exposed repeatedly -- President Bush Tax Panel issued a polite report, not calling it a fraud in public, but in private, William Gale, PhD Stanford said "they lie a lot".

Indeed they do.

President Bush Tax Panel exposed it politely, in academic terms.  We expose it for the exact same reasons - only we are not polite.


A "very very simple"  retail sales tax, Boortz told us.

Oh really?

22 million in research about this "very simple" personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes?

Where is that "research" please.


There is no such research, and I offer 50K if you can show one page of it. See below of complete details of this legal offer.

Huck "forgot" to mention that meant things like all cancer victims, without exception"  are liable for a 31% tax on their consumption -- not purchase-- of all health care.

Why not just exempt health care?   Because if they did not tax health care, the tax rate would be 45 or 50%, not 23%.

And the tax on cancer victims, is just the start of the massive other taxes!  See below....


Do you even know what NIPA is?






To get the 3.5 Trillion -- when a sales tax would only bring in 1.4 trillion, they  had to be very sneaky.  So they were.

To get 3.5 Trillion on paper, they put a few words here, like NIPA comment, a few words there, an assumption, some double speak,  and made believe they were a "very very simple" retail sales tax, all backed up by 22 million dollars of "extensive research".

2.1 Trillion dollars of their revenue, has nothing to do with normal retail sales to human beings.





Do you even know what NIPA is?

It's a BFD  -- very BFD -- in Fairtax, which is why they never told you.

You have to get it from their "research" documents.  Hilariously, they created a few documents, called it research, and stuck their fraud, in their own "research" 



Neal Boortz, and others, visited President Bush, and pushed Fairtax bullshit to him.  They told him the same shit - 22 million in research, a very very simple retail sales tax. 

President Bush had his "Tax Panel" look over Fairtax.

The "tax panel"  did not give a shit what Boortz said, nor what the slogans were. The slogans always sound great.

The tax panel, instead, READ THE FINE PRINT.

Brilliant idea, right?  Read the fine print. 


Eat fine print for breakfast,
                         spit it out for lunch.

The Bush tax panel,  however, got ALL the fine print. All the documents, all the charts, definitions, all the "NIPA" material, everything.

And they didn't give a shit what the slogans were.

What they found was that, without these massive other impossible taxes, Fairtax rate would be 89%.   

Only -- only -- by adding all these "other taxes" -- like taxes on all city county and states, like taxing all cancer victims impossibly high taxes -- can they claim the fraudulent 23%

William Gale found the massive other taxes, as did we and others, just by reading ALL the fine print, very closely.  You also have to ignore the slogans, which give the opposite impression.

Most people just assume Fairtax slogans are the same as the fine print. Not even close.  


They told you all "consumption expenditures," and they told you without exception.  But that's only in the fine print in documents you never see -- a few words here, a few words there.

Yes, it is lying,  in our definition of lying, because they made you assume that meant all retail sales. They told you that, gave many examples of that.   Only in the fine print, very cleverly inserted, do they have these impossible other taxes.

 We call that lying, we call it a fraud, but you can call it what you want.

 DId they research this?   Their math depends on all cancer victims paying, rich or poor, old or young, but did they research it?

No.   What they call research is clever double speak we show you. That's not research, and it's certainly not research about a very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

For five years now, I offered 50,000 dollars for one page of that research.  How hard can it be? Just show ONE page of that 22 million in research?

Where is the "research" that shows this woman above, with 10K income, can possibly pay 32,000 dollars in fed taxes on her cancer surgery??

Where is it?

Where is the "research"  that shows the city of Dallas, can or will pay over 150 million in fed taxes on their wage expenditures, pension expenditures, and operational expenditures?

Do you think Dallas Texas is going to pay 150 million or more in wage, pension and capital investment taxes???   Remember Fairtax never told them. Will Dallas pay?

No.  Just like the destitute cancer victim won't pay.  

So why have these massive other taxes?   To make their fraudulent math work.

We show you 

I  was fooled by this fraud, because of the research.  Then I found out that the "research" does not exist -- not one page. Not about this simple retail sales tax. 

  Remember -- they "assume" all city county and states will "raise their tax rates" to pay it.  That's THEIR OWN document.  Remember that. But they never even hint that in books, videos and speeches.

This is by far the biggest single thing in Fairtax.  And they never mention it in books, videos or speeches. Ever. EVER. Geee, I wonder why not mention what they tax, to get most of that revenue?


There is nothing in all Fairtax documents explaining how the hello a cancer victim can possibly pay 30K fed tax, when their entire income might be 10K.

Yet, all cancer victims, without exception, are taxed and more importantly, that is how their math adds up, as if all cancer victims would actually pay.  No, they won't pay. They can't pay. 

Cities COULD theoretically pay -- but they won't.  No one told them. This is only in a few clever sentences, a few words, in documents they have online, and never show anyone in a candid clear way.

Like this document -- Footnote 19. WTF?

They adopt a what?  A prepay approach? 

What the hell does that even MEAN?   They adopt a pre-pay APPROACH?

Are you kidding? No -- they were not kidding, they were using bullshit. Adopt a pre-pay approach is goofy BS, and they avoided being specific. 

Pre-pay or not,  how the hell are these  capital expenditures, "retail sales taxes".  

They are taxes on what a city pays OUT for wages and pensions. Pay OUT 1 million dollars in wages, your city would owe 310,000 dollars in Fairtax.   

Even pension expenditures are taxed like that. Yes, they tax all city county and state wage and pension expenditures.  Not just retail sales purchased by people.

Try to grasp that. 

 It's in the fine print, and that is how their math adds up.  Without these massive other taxes, Fairtax math is a joke. It's a joke anyway, a fraud, but this is how they jigger the find print and fool you.

Don't blame me -- blame them.   They did it. 

And footnote 19-- payable in advance....... they "adopt a prepayment approach"  for taxing all capital expenditures.

Not just capital expenditures,  but all operational expenditures too, all wage expenditures, all pension expenditures -- all taxed 31%.

That's what their math is based on.

WTF? Adopt a prepay approach??  Gawd these guy had to be laughing their asses off.  Really. Prepay or not, this is goofy stuff, impossible nonsense.  But they had to do it, to make their math work, on paper. 


Yes they do tax retail sales.   That's not the problem.  But retail sales, taxed 23%, would only bring in about 1.4 Trillion.

They need to bring in 3.5 Trillion.   To make that "happen" on paper, they had to tax all city county and states on all expenditures -- wages, pensions, capital investments.

Fairtax is not just on retail sales -- retail sales are  only a tiny part of it.


Do you think NYC is going to send in 800 million dollars and raise their tax rates that much?

Do you think the State of Texas is going to send in 14 billion dollars and raise their tax rates that much?

Do you think Cook County IL is going to send in 1.2 billion dollars, and raise their tax rates that much?

Guess what?  That's how Fairtax math adds up.  Yes, their fine print says it-- these massive taxes on city county and states , will raise all city, all county, and all state tax rates.

That's not what I say -- that's in their OWN FINE PRINT.

Try to grasp that.

 These massive goofy and impossible other taxes, are in the fine print, in the math. 


Fairtax fair?  Great name, great slogans.

Great big fraud.... It's  not even rational.  

Do you think it's fair to tax a cancer victim, rich or poor, 30K just because she fought cancer?

No one thinks that's fair -- including the lying bastards at Fairtax.  

Yet, in the fine print, they do indeed tax every cancer victim, rich or poor, young or old, on Medicare.

Very cleverly -- Fairtax is on "consumption expenditures" --  NOT purchases just purchases.  




Fairtax makes you think they just tax retail sales.  A tax on purchases, when you buy things.  

NOT PURCHASES. You  -- and every city county and state  are taxed on  "consumption expenditures"    including capital expenditures, operational expenditures.

It's as different as lightening vs lightening bug.


In books, videos, speeches, they never tell you what they tax, in an honest way. Instead, have clever sentences  about their "TAX BASE".

" But please -- really, please -- pass Fairtax fraud, so we can watch you idiots try to get this cancer victim to pay 30,000 dollars in taxes, when her income is 10K, and she is on Medicare."


  THEY NEED TO SHOW 3.5T in revenue  .

They needed to show (on paper)  3.5 trillion in revenue.   So they had to create a "tax base" of about 11 Trillion

It's there -- you have to read it.  C L O S E L Y.







 They told you -- without exception.

And their math depends on it.

Without exception.

Their math depends on those two seemingly unimportant words- - without exception.


President Bush Tax Panel found it -- I found it -- Bruce Bartlett found it.  It's not that hard to find, if you read very closely.

Very, very closely. Read ALL their documents very very closely.   The lying bastards hid it , a few words here and there.

It sure as hell is not a simple retail sales tax.




Grover Norquest pushed Fairtax first -- then suddenly stopped.  Same thing with CATO.  They pushed it, suddenly stopped.  We don't know why.

Did they finally read the fine print?

Who is behind Fairtax now? Who paid Boortz? Who paid Beacon Hill (see below)?

Hard to tell, it might be this guy.  Someone had to pay these folks -- especially Beacon Hill. They are a public relations company, they do not work for free.

Who paid them?   We don't know!   Might be Steven Hayes.

Scientology & Fairtax


Fairtax web site shows Steven Hayes is the top in "Leadership".

A former Scientologist, it seems to us he is  more of a grifter -- raising money.   Not that folks don't often try to raise money to enrich themselves, for some dubious cause they know is nonsense.

Raising money on political hustles is legal, as far as we know. 

But Hayes gets the money from folks who probably believe Fairtax is a very simple personal retail sales tax, that is going to fix everything.

It's not a personal retail sales tax, it's not even a tax code. It's political theater. 




Did you know your city would have massive tax obligation on wages, pensions, capital investments, operational expenditures?

NYC over 600 million. Well over.  Chicago, over 200 million. Dallas, over 180 million.

And no one told them.

Did you know?

HELL NO --  you didn't know.  How would you know, they never say so.   

In 15 years,  not once, not in any speech, any book, any video, do they even hint at these massive taxes on capital investment expenditures, on wage and pension expenditures.

But -- their math depends on it.  Those are the NIPA based taxes.

It's cleverly in their fine print.  Only in the fine print tricks.  Not in their books, videos or speeches.

How would that work?  And yes, wages and pension "expenditures" are taxed.  Capital investment is taxed -- in advance. Read the fine print!!!

23% or 31%   is not the issue.   How the hell are the wages paid out by all city county and states, a "retail sale"?


Do you even know what NIPA is?

NIPA   is a BFD in Fairtax.  

Nothing is bigger. Nothing.  NIPA is a set of tables Bureau of Economic Activity uses.

So Fairtax taxes not just retail sales, but whatever is in those tables.  And there arent 2 Fairtax suckers on earth, that know that.    

They told you -- yes they did. In that document, online. Never told you in the books, never told you in the videos. Never told you in the speeches.

ONLY  -- ONLY -- in the very very clever fine print.



Personal retail 23% tax would only bring in 1.4 trillion

Let me repeat that -- Personal retail 23% tax would only bring in 1.4 trillion

But Fairtax has their math rigged to LOOK like they will bring in 3.5 Trillion.     Where, oh where, do they get the "other 2.1 Trillion dollars?

By these goofy and impossible "NIPA" taxes.  They told you, if you read all their documents, and ignored the slogans.

That's right, you not only have to find the fine print tricks, you have to ignore the slogans.  Simultaneously,

The slogans are not true. You heard the slogans, but they are not true.  The fine print is true, that is what they actually tax. 

Do you think this is accidental? Think they forgot to tell you in speeches, books and videos, about 2.1 Trillion in taxes, that are impossible?

No -- they did not forget. Quite the opposite, they went through a lot of trouble and money to fool you.  

They fooled you with slogans and bullshit.



They could not allow any exceptions because that tax rate would skyrocket.   Exempt health care -- the tax rate goes to 35 or 40%.

 Exempt city and states for wage and operational expenditures -- the tax rate goes up to 50 or 60%

(Yes they tax all city county and states on wage and operational expenditures).

Just tax personal retail sales -- that's the impression they give -- the tax rate would be 80-89%

  In other words, if they did not use fine print tricks, their tax rate would be more like 80-90%

 There is no research about a simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes, because that's not what Fairtax is. 

 We show you what they call research....

We offer -- seriously -- 50,000 dollars to the first person who can show 1 page of that 22 million dollars of Fairtax research about this "very very simple" 23% personal retail sales tax that replaces all other fed taxes.

See details bottom of this site.


Can the breast cancer victim  possibly pay 30,000 dollars in fed taxes on this cancer surgery and chemo?

No -- her income is less that 20K, and she isn't even working.

Yet, Fairtax math is based on her, and all cancer victims, paying huge taxes.



The retail sales tax is not the problem. That's fine. The massive other "NIPA" based taxes are the problem.


All of these  NIPA taxes

 -- without exception. 

 They told you, right?  Can't say they didn't tell you.

Because in the fine print -- they sorta did.  A few words here, a few there, an "assumption"  and a definition.   

Is it their fault you believed the books, videos and speeches, instead of the fine print?


Just like their "calculator" trick is deliberate as hell.

Click here to see their calculator fraud

Don't believe they tax wages, paid out by all city county and states. Oh yes, but they do that so slyly. 

President Bush Tax Panel had  no problem, they eat fine print tricks for breakfast.

But the average sucker never had a chance, even if they found the fine print documents.  Because they never tell their own suckers, in once place, at one time.


Or buy used!!

One of the more vile speeches by Fairtax hustlers, is the speech about "just buy used".  You decide what your fed tax will be!

Ever hear of used chemo? 

Ever hear of used heart bypass surgery?

Ever hear of used rent?

Ever hear of used food?

Ever hear of used prescription drugs?

Thats all taxed.




And remember -- city county and states have to pay Fairtax on wage, pension, operational expenditure.

So how are city, county, and states supposed to avoid it?  Used wages?  Used pensions?  Used capital investments?  All those are taxed too, not just retail sales. 

Do Fairtax hustlers hate cancer victims?

 No, of course not. Nor do they expect to tax the woman above a dime, much less 32,000 dollars.  But they had to put bullshit like that in their hustle, to make the math "work". 

Huck is not the only one that fell for the hustle -- at one time, Fairtax had 100 sponsors in Congress. Hilariously, they never could get this out of "committee" though they ran the committees.

Ever wonder why?   They had both houses of Congress. 100 sponsors. All this research.   And could not get a vote on it, in their OWN committees, with their OWN people in charge.

Here is why -- they knew it was a fraud. 
Think St. Louis city council is going to send in 100 million dollars?  Because these hustlers put something in a footnote?


Words are important.  

Fairtax hustlers first made people THINK it was a very simple retail sales tax. You pay at the store. They gave examples like 4 dollar tax on lunch.

They told you about a 23 dollar tax on a jacket, but claimed the price will fall 22 dollars anyway (no, it won't).

But they never told you about 600 million dollar tax on NYC or a 30,000 tax an a breast cancer victim.



There is no way on green earth, Huckabee would knowingly push a goofy fraud created by Scientology hustlers.

But he did -- and is. 

Huck called Fairtax  "a magic wand" .


10 YEARS AGO....



But Fairtax claims they will replace all other fed taxes.   To replace all other fed taxes, it would take a tax rate of 80-89%.  Not 23.

A federal sales tax of 35% or so, COULD replace all income taxes -- but Fairtax claims they replace all fed taxes.  Remember that. But a 40% sales tax is stupid as hell, and no one is going to pass that.



Fairtax claims it "completely untaxes the poor". 

No, there are no exceptions whatsoever, no matter how rich or poor. Fairtax math is based on that.

Yes, there is a supposed "prebate" -- which would cost 700 billion dollars.  Everyone gets a check -- huge entitlement program, by the way.

But if you have cancer, your fed tax would easily by 40,000 dollars. Your prebate does not change -- it's still 200 a month.

So how the hell is a cancer victim supposed to pay 30 or 40K in fed taxes, with a prebate of 200?

Neal Boortz never told about "tax base"  did he?

Mike Huckabee never mentioned it.    

Operational expenditures for prisons are in the tax base.

Capital expenditures are in the tax base.

Wages paid out by city county and states, are in the tax base.  Tax base = what they tax.

Why not just exempt city county and states? 

 Because if they did, the tax rate would have to be 45-50%.  

Why not exempt health care expenditures?

Because if they did, the tax rate would go to 60-65%.

If they ONLY taxed retail sales, the tax rate would be 80-89%.
When you "exempt"  anything the tax rate has to go up.  Fairtax has 2.1 Trillion dollars of "other taxes"  that have nothing to do with personal retail sales taxes. 



The head of Fairtax hustle -- tried to get Bruce Bartlett to push Fairtax.

Former Scientologist.  Full time grifter?

Bruce Bartlett, in National Review, relied on the fine print to point out, Fairtax would actually be over 100%--because the 80-89% would be just federal sales  tax. 

The cities, county, and states have their OWN sales taxes.

So -- if Fairtax somehow passed, and they only taxed retail sales, the tax rate would be wacko high.  No -- Fairtax does not intend to pass their own fraud.  It was always political theater, not a tax code. 


Bartlett also pointed out -- Scientologist hustlers contacted him, to have him push Fairtax.  Bartlett showed, on CBS, that Fairtax was connected with Scientology.  Indeed, it is.

The head of Fairtax,  Steven Hayes, is  former Scientologist, who appears to be something of a grifter, for Fairtax.  He raises money to "promote" Fairtax.  From things he wrote, it seems Steven wants the "big donors" to himself

Are Hayes and others actually trying to pass Fairtax?

No. Not at all, apparently.  

 They love the issue, however.  They love to raise money from suckers, on the basis of being a "very simple" retail sales tax.

As you can see, Fairtax is anything but a simple retail sales tax. But it sounds good to suckers. 


OVER 100%

Bartlett showed that city county and states would also have "sales taxes"  on top of that, putting the real-world rate over 100, to a customer walking in a store to buy a jacket or couch.  

Did Fairtax hustlers KNOW this?

OF COURSE they knew. They knew this the entire time, it's the hustlers who put in the fine print tricks.

I doubt Huckabee knows any of this -- nor does he seem to care.   Huck would be an idiot to push something that, if passed, would make him leave the country in shame.

Did anyone tell Huck about these massive other taxes?  To hear Huck speak, Fairtax is almost magical, and just a very simple tax on retail sales.

Bartlett knew -- President Bush Tax Panel knew.  But Fairtax fine print tricks are so clever, you'd have to be much smarter than most people to notice, and you would have to discard the bullshit by Boortz, the Fairtax books, etc. You'd have to ONLY go by the fine print and math.

Fairtax hustlers tried to get Bartlett to push Fairtax.   Instead he exposed them.



Do you think they "researched"   these absurd other taxes? Did they "research" that all city county and states will send in massive amounts of money on their wage expenditures?

Hell no -- they didn't research it, they never even explained it, but  rather hid it, in a few clever "assumptions" and word tricks.

Quite the opposite of research.

Just these few new hires in the fire department for Mesquite AZ would require that city pay over 200,000 in taxes on their wage expenditures.

Do you think Mesquite AZ is going to send in 200,000 in taxes on the wage expenditures they paid these men? HELL NO.  First of all, Mesquite has no way of knowing.

There is literally no way for any city county or state to even KNOW this, unless they can piece together the hustle -- and no, they are not going to even do that, much less send the money in.

Whoever funded this hustle, paid Beacon Hill to put out clever papers -- they call research.  Bullshit, they can call their dog research, but it's still a dog.

Did Beacon Hill lie? Well, they were very very clever, in their fine print tricks, like their "assumptions" and definitions.

Yes they lied their damn ass off, in terms of misleading you.   But if you read every word, every footnote, every definition very very carefully, you could say they did not lie. You'd be wrong, depending on your definition of lie. 


Where is the research about these massive taxes on city county and states???

Hiding goofy absurdities in your :"research"  documents is quite the opposite of actual research.  



Thats why we have asked for one page of research about this very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

We even offered -- and still do offer -- 50,000 dollars for one page of such research. They  have none. This is a fraud. Your own bs papers hiding the fine print tricks is not research.

The retail tax is not the problem..... the problem, the absurdity, are the massive impossible other taxes, like taxes on city county and states. 



FLAT TAX IS A FRAUD TOO... they won't even put out fine print, tricks or not.  They only have slogans. 

Flat tax is NOT flat. No -- it's not flat at all. The name is flat, they pretend they have a flat tax, but look closely, they fool you too!

Names. Flat tax  is a wonderful name, but the flat tax put out by CATO, Newt Gingrich,  and everyone else, isn't flat.

 That's just the damn NAME.  

Flat tax scam is this -- only certain types of income, will they even call "income"

They don't tax, at all, most of Mitt Romney's income.

Romney himself pointed this out -- and he was correct.  A flat tax (so called) would eliminate almost all his taxes!

That's right, just don't call certain types of income, "income"  Then tell suckers it's flat.

But they will get up there, fool the stupid time after time after time with slogans like this.

See why those lying bastards don't have fine print? At least Fairtax put out fine print -- tricky as hell, lying bastards, but they put out something you can actually see.  Stupid people didn't bother to read it closely, but smart people could if they wanted to.

Flat tax ONLY has slogans.


For a quicker way to see their fraud -- see their "calculator trick".  Same deception, just on this calculator fraud.Calculator fraud -- see how they did it


See the part about "total consumption??   Retail sales is only part of that.



Fairtax is like taxing moonbeans and baby farts in the fine print.

It does not matter what words they use -- these other taxes are impossible, and they knew it.    They can no more tax all cancer victims than they can tax moonbeams.






You will never see Fairtax do a side by side comparison of before -after Fairtax, listing all consumption.

You are about to find out why.

Because Joe  had so much consumption (mostly due to medical consumption) his Fairtax would be 57,000 or more.

But even without that surgery, Joe's fed tax would be 300% higher, under Fairtax.

But even without the medical consumption - if Joe's wife never had a health issue -- his federal tax would STILL be over 20,000 dollars, an increase of 300%


You can't be taxed over 100% of your income. But that's just the point. Fairtax is goofy. Fairtax would indeed, if enacted, depend on millions of people paying more tax they they had income, because millions of people "consume" things like expensive health care.

Do Fairtax hustlers care? No.  They don't expect this fraud to pass, it was never meant to pass.  It's a  hustle, they get people to give them money. 







 If you only taxed retail sales, that could logically and realistically be taxed, the tax rate would be closer to 89%.




Maybe you heard Neal Boortz wants an hour with President Obama to pitch the Fairtax.

Boortz has run this hustle before -- and actually met with President Bush. President Bush had his tax panel study it, and they found what we showed above -- Fairtax is a fraud. They didn't say the word fraud in public, but they did show that without these massive goofy other things "in the tax base" -- the tax rate would need to be 89%


Most absurd -- Fairtax simply gets rid of all funding for social security and medicaid.  Hilarious really.

There are no more tax revenues to fund Social Security, in Fairtax. None. Not one dime.

They just get rid --100% gone -- of all taxes paid into Social Security and Medicaid.  

Don't worry, they claim.  There will be more than enough coming in from general revenue of that "sales tax" pay for everything.

So, how do they pay for social security and medicare - medicaid?   Good question.  

They don't pay for it. 

Where is Fairtax research?

These documents from Beacon Hill are in no way research, and are not about a very simple personal retail sales tax.

Dale Jorgenson -- the guy Neal claimed proved all kinds of great things about Fairtax, did no such thing.   Nor does he support Fairtax.   Jorgenson specifically said Fairtax would not work.

Boortz went right on making people think Jorgenson practically invented Fairtax.

Beacon Hill office claim to be an "education organization".  Well if selling you a hustle is educational, okay.

They do public relations, they support whatever they are paid to support.   We show you their very clever documents.  That's were the hustle is -- in their own documents. 

Someone put a lot of money into Fairtax -- and they paid Boortz, and Beacon Hill, plus for buses, and "education" web sites.   The "Fairtax calculator" fraud, was paid by the same  hustlers.

Boortz said someone offered him a jet like this to fly him around and push Fairtax.  We don't know who paid Boortz or owns all this.  Apparently, they also tried to hire Bruce Bartlett, who refused, and instead, exposed Fairtax fraud.


James Bennett-- officially the # 2 man in Fairtax hustle -- insists Fairtax  made these other taxes "perfectly clear".

 Where?  Where did they make it clear?  He won't say.  

 Where did they even mention it one time, in a candid way?   It's only in a few words  here and there.   Here is their definition of a person --   

 Bennet claims this definition -- right here

 Way way way down in a long list of silly definitions...  is this definition.  And enough notice to all city county and states to send in massive taxes...... Remember, this is what Bennett himself calls "the legal basis" for these massive other taxes.


That word -- "government" -- in that definition of a person, is the legal basis, according to James Bennett for all these other taxes.  Let that sink in.  That ONE WORD is the "legal basis".  

Bennett also told us Fairtax has "no plans"  to further inform city county and states about this.  "If they have questions, they can contact me"  said Bennett.   
If you don't believe me  -- contact Bennett yourself!
Bennett is either an idiot, or got sucked into the hustle.  We don't think he is an idiot.   Normal folks would know, that a definition deep down in some double talk is NOT  the same a notice to 20,000 cities, 5 thousand counties, and all 50 states, to give them actual rational notice of these nearly trillion dollars in taxes city county and states would have to pay.  But James said this was "plenty of notice"  and that Fairtax has no plans to explain it further.   Stupid? Or did James catch a ride on the Fairtax Cult bus? 



Huckabee pushed the Fairtax  for years -- and still claims it's "biblical". To be fair to Huck, he probably has no clue what's in the fine print. 

In his statement about Fairtax, he claims he read HR25 and talked to "economists", apparently those "economists"  from Beacon Hill.

The guy who Boortz said proved all this great stuff about Fairtax,  Dale Jorgenson, did no such thing, and is not for Fairtax.

Kotlikoff was well paid, according to his friend Bruce Bartlett, for pushing Fairtax.

Kotlikoff is apparently in charge of making Fairtax seem like a very sophisticated bit of "research". 

Did Kotlikoff actually lie for Fairtax?   

Maybe not, We would call it lying, as it was deliberately deceptive.   Kotlikoff never said it was only a retail sales tax that was logical, did  he? No. He wrote shit like "we assume"  and the tricky defintions of their tax base. 


Boortz cleverly created his own "critics" --  and wrote a book to refute the critics.   Hilarious.  

He of course never showed you any of what we show.   He never showed you how a cancer victim, whose entire income might be 20K a year, could, would, or should, pay 50K in taxes on their consumption of health care.



It's easy to miss.   David Kendall, who used to push Fairtax enthusiastically,  and is a PhD, had no clue either.  

Tax wages?   Tax capital expenditure?  No no no, David  said. He insisted he studied Fairtax carefully.   They just tax personal retail consumption.

So we showed him the massive other taxes.


The "prebate" is another part of the clever BS.  That will insure no one pays a dime for fed taxes on "necessities".

Without the prebate, Boortz said in one appearance on FOX news -- Fairtax would be "insane".

Actually the prebate is about 200 dollars a month, roughly, though to make it appear some sophisticated thing, they have some sliding scale of BS. The whole thing is BS, so the prebate is going to be BS too.

But the "PREBATE" is even more wack.   It would cost  almost a trillion dollars -- by itself.

That's right, the prebate would be almost  trillion dollars, if put into place now.  Where will the funds come from?  


The prebate does not go up a penny, if you have cancer, or  your child is in a car accident, or for any reason.  You get about 200 a month. 

They razzle dazzle you about the prebate, just like they razzle dazzled you about everything else  

More about the 50K offer.

We arent kidding about this offer. 

 If you can find ONE PAGE of that 22 million of research into that very very simple personal retail sales tax, you get 50K.  There is no research -- because the documents they have are hustles.  And -- not only hustles, but NOT about a simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.   By research, we mean this....


FINE PRINT on Details of offer-- 

We were not kidding. $50,000 dollars paid to the first person who can show one page of the 22 million dollars of Fairtax research proving this "very very simple" personal retail sales tax  of 23% would replace all other fed taxes in "revenue neutral" fashion.

We have offered this to Boortz, for years.  To any charity he names, or he can keep it, we don't care.

We make the same offer to you, or anyone. We don't care -- you can't collect the 50K, because there is no 22 million dollars of Fairtax research -- and certainly not about a very very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes!

Hiding goofy fraud in your own fine print -- then call that research -- is  not research. Too complicated? 

Plus, since that supposed "research"  has massive other taxes, like the impossible taxes on city county and states, for wage and other expenditures, it can't be research about a very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxed.

Ask your attorney.

 Here are important details . If you are going  sue to collect the 50,000, you must file suit in Tazwell County  Illinois, and are hereby obligated to pay all my attorney fees,  if  you do not collect the 50K offer.  

And my attorney fees include cost of travel, research, communication with me and with the court and with your attorney or yourself.   You must pay those to me,  or to my attorney, if you do not prevail in court

 You must also pay for all your  attorney fees, travel  any  and other costs related to the suit, regardless of outcome.

If you do not collect the 50K, if the court does not award you the 50K,  you must also stick the Fairtax Book up your ass sideways,  and sing for two hours on the court house steps "Im an idiot, Im a Boortz Cult Monkey, Im stupid enough to believe hustlers like Boortz and Huckabee".

Yes I realize this fine print is goofy, much like the fine print in Fairtax documents.  

That's why I wrote this. 

See how fine print tricks matter?

I knew that you could!