Monday, April 22, 2013



We loved Fairtax -- voluntary, simple, everyone gets a prebate to pay your taxes.

Sounded GREAT!

But  those "300 words" - fine print tricks as we call them -- reveal Fairtax is not a retail sales tax, any more than your car is a steering wheel.

Yes, your car has a steering wheel, but it has much much more.  Like 2 trillion dollars of other taxes, that are goofy BS, but they have those taxes to make the math add up.

Like taxes on all wage and pension "expenditures" paid out by all city county and states.

And much much more.

For example, if Dallas Texas "expends" 100 million in wages for cops, firemen, ect, Dallas city council  has to send in 23million dollars in taxes.

All cities, all states. The State of Texas would owe over 14 billion dollars, as an "operational expenditure" tax.   This is over and above the retail sales tax. Yes, Texas would have to pay taxes on retail purchases -- a few million dollars.

But on wage, pension and capital investment expenditures, etc,  Texas would owe over 14 billion.

We show you, below.   This is  not in dispute by the way, though Fairtax spokesmen wont show you any estimate for how much state of Texas would owe, but these taxes on wage pension and other "expenditures" is not in dispute.  It's in the fine print, and their math depends on it.  Remember that. 

Just a very very simple retail sales tax -- paid at the cash register.   And they had research!

You have to find and read closely, their official documents.   There, you find a few clever words, about what else they tax -- NIPA defined consumption expenditures for example. 

And they  had "economists"  right? As you will see, their OWN supporters were never told about these other massive taxes.   See an example -- PhD David Kendal, who used to support Fairtax, and had no idea, whatsoever, about these massive other taxes.

So Fairtax didn't just fool stupid people  -- they fooled smart people too, simply by not telling them what they actually tax.   

Fairtax taxes whatever "NIPA" defines as consumption expenditures by people and by all city county and states.

    To make their math work, as you will see, you are taxed on much more than retail sales.  

Do you even know what NIPA is? No, you don't.  It's not even a tax term, it's not even an accounting term.  

NIPA defined "consumption expenditure" -- a meaningless bit of Orwellian double talk -- is what they tax.

Wage expenditures, are NIPA defined expenditures.  Wages paid OUT by all city county and states.

Look at this.  That's NOT just retail sales.  Every line, is NIPA based.  Why didn't they tell you that?


Pensions paid OUT by all city county and states.

Operational expenditures, paid OUT by all city county and states.   That's all NIPA defined "expenditures".   That's all taxed. 

That's not retail sales.  That's not personal consumption.

Fairtax "puts" that in their "tax base".  Tax base by definition, is what they tax.

Turns out, they have no "economist" at all, they have a public relations firm, and in the fin print, in their own public relations documents, are clever and massive "other" taxes.

President Bush Tax Advisory Panel exposed the fine print   

They tax, by definition, what's in their tax base.  A tax base is what they tax. Got that?  Tax base = what they tax.  

 So you have to read what they write,  in their official documents (only online) about their  "tax base".

It doesnt matter what they told you in the book, or speeches, or videos.  That sounds great, no duh.

But what is in the fine print -- specifically about the "tax base"  is crucial.    What do they tax?

And that research?  What research do they have?  They can't show one page of actual research.



In books, videos and speeches, Boortz never even mentioned the massive other taxes.  By far, the biggest part of Fairtax taxes, are taxes on wage, pension, and operational expenditures.  All city county and states have to pay a separate tax, sent in separately, and on top, in addition to, the retail tax.

Did you see anything about these massive other taxes, in any Fairtax book? No.  Anything about them in any Fairtax video?  No.

Just this lie about a "very very simple, personal consumption tax."

Not in any book.


Fairtax taxes whatever NIPA defines as personal or government "consumption expenditures"

Why not even mention NIPA -- not once, not ever, not in 15 years?

NIPA?   Who even hear of it?

NIPA isnt even a tax term or tax related concept, or even an accounting term.  It's a group that compiles statistics that have nothing to do with taxes!!

Yet NIPA -- according to Fairtax own documents -- is what they tax, whatever NIPA defines as  "consumption expenditure".

NIPA does not define consumption expenditures!   That's some goofy Orwellian bullshit term Fairtax hustlers made up on their own.  But it sounds slick right?   They had to come up with some BS, so they did.   But remember, they only have this in the fine print. And you never heard of it. 

Not in any book.

Not in any speech.

Not in any video.

Not ever. 

Not once.

To make their math work, they "put into the tax base"  all Medicare expenditures (the person using the medical care is liable) all wage and pension expenditures (the city and county and states are liable),  even all capital expenditures are "in the tax base" -- meaning, by definition,  all city county and state "expenditures" are taxed. 

So they  never said "WE TAX ALL WAGE AND PENSION EXPENDITURES".   And much, much more.

They just "put"  those "expenditures"  in the tax base. So in a way, they told you, if you read every word, very very very very closely.

But those clever words are NOT in their books, NOT in their speeches, NOT in their videos.   Those clever words are only in the fine print, online in their official documents.

Thhat's how their math adds up.   

See NIPA over and over  in their math -- in the fine print.  Only in the fine print.

DO you see, in Fairtax document, how EVERYTHING they tax, they refer to by NIPA.  

All kinds of things -- wages, pensions, operational expenditures, capital investments, all health care consumption, (even Medicare and Medicaid consumption)  is taxes

To get the 3.5 Trillion in revenue, they tax all city county and states, on all wages, pensions and operational expenditures and much much more.

They tax Chicago over 250 million, just on wage and pension expenditures. They tax NYC over 800 million on wage, pension and capital investment expenditures.

That's  how their math adds up -- remember that.

 No, they just have a sneaky ass document, about their tax base. And in the tax base they "put" wage expenditures, Medicare consumption, capital investments, etc.

Yes, retail sales are in there - for a SMALL PART of what they tax. 

It sounds great, because all frauds and hustles sound great.   

What do they tax?

Turns out -- they tax much, much, much more than retail consumption. That's just the start. But they claim to be a very very simple retail sales tax.

What is retail about wage and pension "expenditures"?  All city county and state wage, pension, and operational "expenditures" are taxed. 

All capital investment "expenditures"  are taxed -- in advance.

All Medicare consumption, including cancer surgery and chemo,  nursing home care, are taxed, without exception.  The person using or consuming those services or goods are personally liable.

Why?   Because all that, and much more,  is in their
"tax base" .

To make their math work, they had to put wage expenditures, operational expenditures, pension expenditures, Medicare and Medicaid expenditures,  etc etc, "in the tax base".

In the tax base -- is Orwellian double speak for "we tax this".  

They do not just tax retail sales. Retail sales is a tiny part of what they tax.

Chicago would owe over 250 million dollars, just in wage expenditure tax.   Do you really think Chicago can will and should, send in 250 million because these lying bastards "put that" in their tax base?

But it's in their tax base -- that's how their math adds up.

Hell no, you didn't know -- and neither do the city county and states.   The lying bastards never told you, they never told cities, they never told counties.   

Why not tell you?  Because if they told you candidly what they taxed -- in the fine print -- you would say "Bullshit".

So they tell you they tax personal retail sales.  And every time, they are lying their asses off.

A simple tax on personal consumption?  Well they tax that, but they tax much much more.

They just don't tell you.



If you wonder why Fairtax goes nowhere - it's because it was already exposed as a hustle.

President Bush Tax Panel politely and in academic terms exposed the fine print tricks, like the clever bullshit Fairtax documents about their "tax base".

Tax base = what they tax.  Read their clever documents, about their "tax base". 

It was not that hard , the Bush Tax Panel, headed by William Gale, just had to read all Fairtax documents, very very closely.   Gale showed that without these massive "other taxes" (other than retail sales taxes) Fairtax would be 89%, not 23%.


Got that  yet? They tax -- in their math -- whatever NIPA defines, not as retail sales, but the drastically larger, all personal expenditure consumption, and all government consumption expenditures.

Why tell you its a simple retail sales tax?   They know it's a massive five layer political fraud, cause they wrote the fine print, and they lied to public about what they actually tax, to make the math work. 

Wages  paid out -- a "consumption expenditure."

Pensions paid out --  a "consumption expenditure"

Capital investments -- a "consumption expenditure"

Medicare patient's consumption -- a "consumption expenditure"

So capital investments are in the tax base.  Their math is based on 23% tax on every capital investment "expended: by city county and states.  Just like their tax base has all wage and pension expenditures.   That's how their math adds up.

Fairtax "economists"

Fairtax hustlers constantly tell suckers they have "80 leading economist" who vetted Fairtax. They make it seem like these guys not only vetted Fairtax, but came up with it.

Bullshit.  We contacted a dozen of those "economist" and only two supported Fairtax -- David Kendall and Laurence Kotlikoff. 

Turns out, Kotlikoff is the guy Fairtax hired to do their public relations -- he wrote much of their bullshit fine print tricks. We show them too you. It's Kotlikoff who  few dozen words, written to fool you, actually include the massive other taxes and assumptions, which are quite different from what Fairtax tells their suckers.  


The only other guy was "Economist" David Kendall.  Kendall boasted about Fairtax, but turns out, had no idea what they taxed. 

David Kendall

Kendall refused to believe Fairtax taxed wage expenditures, capital expenditures, pension expenditures, or Medicare consumption, until we showed him.  He  had no clue!  

Yet these "other taxes" make up the bulk of Fairtax supposed revenue.  
Kendall thought just what Fairtax hustlers told him -- Fairtax is a simple personal retail sales tax, all researched. 

Nor did Kendall have a clue -- none -- that a basic "assumption" in Fairtax fine print, is that all city county and states must raise taxes (substantially) to pay their tax burden by Fairtax.

Yes, Kendall should have read the fine print, but suckers are everywhere. 

   But most of the "economist"  Fairtax claimed as "our economist"   didn't support it, didn't know that much about it, and just signed a letter in the past about taxing consumption.   Some were deeply embarrassed about that, but none of them said they were a "Fairtax economist" -- the impression the lying bastards at Fairtax give.

Who paid for Fairtax buses, jets, paid spokesmen, and Beacon Hill fine print tricks?  We don't know. They wont say.

  The bridge work in California was a 6 billion dollar
capital investment.  Guess what -- California would owe a 23% Tax on that -- in ADVANCE  per Fairatx fine print.  Only in a footnote.  They never mention it, in 15 years, in any book, speech, or video.

Gee, I wonder why?  See their references to "NIPA"  in their document about their "tax base"?   Without these massive other taxes, hidden here, the Fairtax rate would need to be 89%



Oh yes, the retail sales tax is there -- but thats only a small part of it. Remember that.   

ONLY about 300 words, in all their documents, all their "research"  even mention these massive other taxes.  Yet that's what their math is based on.  Think that's by accident?   Think they wrote all those books, did all those speeches, had all those videos, and forgot, each time?

All health care  is "in the tax base".    Did you know that? Hell no.

That means -- and Fairtax math is based on it -- all health care consumption, without exception, is taxed 23%.  That's how their math works.

Doesn't matter who pays it -- as you will see.  Very slick, but thats how their math adds up, and there are no exceptions whatsoever.

Do they really think all cancer victims -- on Medicare or not -- should and will pay 30,000 extra in fed taxes, just because they or their children got sick?

Of course not.  But the lying bastards needed their math to add up, and this was how they did it.


That's right -- raise all city tax rates, all state tax rates, all county tax rates. That's cleverly in their "assumptions".    Assumptions is another word for lying bastards to say "we pretend."

That's what they have cleverly tucked away in their fine print.  All city county and state taxes go up -- WAY UP.

But how the hell would all cancer victims come up with 30,000 dollars for their "fairtax" on their "consumption" of cancer surgery, chemo, etc.  

That's their "assumption" in their own fine print.  Did you know that? HELL NO. 

Do you even know what NIPA is?      Hell no you don't know.  Turns out, all health care consumption is in "tax base,"  without exception.

Wages paid out, are part of NIPA calculations.   And so states, cities, counties, all must pay 23% tax rate on their wage expenditures.

And 23% tax on their pension expenditures.

And 23% tax on their operational expenditures.

Remember -- this is how their math adds up.   This is NOT in dispute. Fairtax leaders will admit it, if you ask them in a way they cant weasel out.


 NIPA has absolutely nothing to do with taxes, by the way, but Fairtax hustlers had to use some words on paper -- and they used NIPA "consumption expenditures"  which they just made up out of thin air.

Yes, they did.  

Did they ever mention NIPA, even one time, ever, in 15 years in any book? Hell no. Did they mention it in any video?

Hell no. 

Did they mention in it any speech?   Hell no.

Guess what, suckers, in their own fine print, the tell you, cleverly, they tax whatever NIPA defines as consumption expenditures.  That's drastically more than retail personal consumption.

NIPA defines city  "expenditures"  for it's own purposes -- not tax purposes.  But Fairtax lying bastards had to concoct some bullshit.   

Wages are a NIPA "expenditure".   So that's taxed, that's in the Fairtax "tax base".

That's how these lying bastards got their math to add up. 

City county and states, are, without exception, liable for 23% tax on their EXPENDITURE of wages, their EXPENDITURE of pensions, their EXPENDITURE of capital investments.

No -- you didn't know that. They didn't tell you.  They only wrote this crap in their fine print, and wrote it carefully. But that's how their math adds up.

Think Chicago is just going to say "Oh well" and send in 240 million?  Really think that.

Think New York City is going to say "No problem" and send in almost a billion?

They didn't tell anyone this -- try to grasp that.  They didn't tell you  -- and they didn't tell anyone, in any book, any video, any speech.

What's your city, and your county, and your state going to send in, on wage tax, pension tax, operational expenditure tax? 

Hell you don't have a clue.

How much of your state budget would have to go to pay these massive taxes on their "operational expenditure" tax?   You don't have a CLUE.

But at least states COULD theoretically raise taxes 40%.  All counties COULD, all cities COULD.

But that's how their math adds up -- based on fantastic sums of money from taxes they didn't tell you suckers about - - AT ALL.  Not one word.

But they told you suckers it was "transparent".  Got that? Too complicated?

But this is what their math is based on. Try. To. Grasp. That. 

They dont tell suckers in the books.

They don't tell suckers in the videos

They don't tell suckers in the speeches.

They tell suckers it's a simple retail consumption tax, all researched.

It's not a retail sales tax, and it's not researched.  Fairtax is not even a tax code. It's political theater by lying bastards.  Yes, it is. 

Without the fine print tricks, the tax rate would need to be 89%, not 23%.  Remember that.  Each fine print trick is in HR25 and their other documents, for that purpose. To make their math add up on paper, but to keep stupid people from knowing what they actually tax, on paper. 

William Gale, Chair of Bush Tax Panel study on "Fairtax"
Gale didn't have to look far for the hustle -- he just read all the fine print.

We show you the fine print tricks.


$50,000 offer.

For years now, we have offered 50,000 dollars -- and still do -- for one page of that 22 million dollars of "research"  by Fairtax, about their "very very simple"   personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

Why can't they show one page of research?    Because what they hope suckers think is "research"  is some double talk BS by their own public relations company.  That's the opposite of research.  See below.

We first offered the 50,000 dollars to Neal Boortz, for any charity he named.   Just show one page of that 22 million in research -  how hard can that be?

Can't show it -- if you don't have it.  They have no research,  they have their own public relation firm (Beacon Hill) double talk,  but it's in those convoluted documents (see below) where the misleading bullshit takes place. 

Hiding misleading bullshit -- massive other taxes hidden in their goofy Orwellian fine print tricks -- is not research. 

It's not that hard to find the fine print tricks  -- just read all the fine print, and don't pay attention to the great sounding bullshit.  Focus on the details, like their "assumptions" and "tax base". 

Yes, the bullshit sounds great, no duh.  That's how frauds work. 

IN fact, that tax, on wage, pension, capital investments, and operational expenditures, would be the biggest expense your city would have. Any expenditure (other than education expenditures) are taxed.

And look - really look -- at how  your city, and your state, and your county are supposed to pay these massive taxes.  It's cleverly in the fine print HERE. 

YOU pay it, in much higher state and local taxes, for one thing.

 Fairtax documents cleverly admit it,  read every word in their fine print.

All health care goods, services, without exception, are taxed. 

And the person using any good or service is liable -- without exception.  Not necessarily who pays -- the math is based on, and the fine print cleverly says - whoever uses that is taxed.

That is how their math adds up.  Try to grasp that

But Fairtax own math, and own fine print in their own documents, show NIPA "defined consumption expenditures"  is what they tax.  Not just retail sales. Retail sales is only a small part of it. 

Did any Fairtax book, any Fairtax speech, any Fairtax video, in 15 years, even hint at these massive other taxes?  


Did any Fairtax speaker, book, or video even mention -- ever, even one time -- NIPA?   That's what their fine print says they tax.   But they tell suckers they just tax personal retail sales. 

Try to grasp what these lying bastards did -- on purpose. They made this shit up, knowing every step of the way, they were lying.  And some of them -- Neal Boortz -- was paid. 

NIPA defined consumption expenditures is basic -- because  that's how their math adds up.

NIPA defined taxes are not just on retail sales, but 300% more than that -- they tax, on paper, all Medicare and Medicaid spending, all military spending, all capital investments by all city county and states.

They tax -- on paper because of this bullshit term -- all wage and pension expenditures by all city county and states, all operational expenditures.

Sound like a simple personal retail sales tax to you?  Really?







Not just a wage, pension expenditure tax, but also all capital investments are taxed, -- in advance.   All operational expenditures are taxed.   How are they taxed? They are in "the tax base".    

          Of course, when Bush Tax Panel read the report by Fairtax on their own "tax base" -- the tax panel were not suckers watching FOX news and Hannity, who was paid to push Fairtax. Yes he was.

Bush Tax panel knows what a Tax Base is. You should too.  A tax base is what they tax.    Fairtax clever way of taxing all these other things, it to describe their "tax base"   and only there even mention these other things are taxed.  But they never say "WE TAX THIS"  they just put a few words in their document about tax base.

Testimony to Way's Mean's Committee showed the fraud  - simply stating in blunt terms  - what Fairtax has in their own fine print.