Monday, April 22, 2013

Former Fairtax Sucker Exposes the Fraud

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They raised money -- claiming Fairtax was a "very very simple"  retail sales tax on"personal consumption".   They also claimed 22 million in research, about this simple retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes, including Social Security, Medicare, income, corporate taxes. 

Absolutely none of that was true. 


I fell for Fairtax.  Then I read the fine print.

But first -- if they have 22 million dollars of research, why can't they show it?  Or even one page.  I explain why they can't show it, below.

And -- I put my money where my mouth is. 

 I offer 50,000 dollars for one page -- if anyone (including you) can show one page-- of that 22 million dollars of research about this very simple personal retail sales tax, including Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, corporate taxes, etc.

See the chart -- massive OTHER taxes on top of, and in addition to, the retail sales tax. 

Yes there is a retail sales tax.

But Chicago city council would owe over 170 million dollars. Not just on retail purchases -- but all "consumption expenditures".

SEE HOW  they cleverly turn wage, pension and capital spending into "expenditures"   I show you the exact part of their fine print that does that.  It's a few words here, and there.  

 Certain "WAGES"   are in the "tax base"

Taxable employer is liable for the tax.

All government "expenditures"  including capital investments, are in the tax base.    City county and states are supposed to pay this -- IN ADVANCE.

Hilarious,. A 23% tax on every city county and state -- IN ADVANCE -- on all wage, pension, and capital investments.

They tell you that, in a footnote.  Did I mention footnote?

Clever, right?

They don't tell you that in books, videos, or speeches.  You better find that one official document, find that footnote, and read it.

Only place you can find it.


If Fairtax only taxed "personal consumption"  like Fairtax books, videos and speeches claim,  the tax rate would need to be about 89%.

So why do they show a 23% tax?

Because their "tax base" documents.    

To make the fraudulent (deliberately misleading) math work, they had to include massive other taxes. 

To get a tax, they had to create a tax base.  Tax base = what they tax.

SO in the tax base are massive things that have nothing to do with retail, nothing to do with personal consumption, nothing to do with logic.

Only 1.4 trillion in taxes could possibly come from retail sales -- assuming even, no one stopped buying stuff, when you added a massive tax.    But even if you pretend huge sales taxes don't make people buy less, that's ONLY 1.4 trillion.

These lying bastards show 3.5 trillion in revenue. 

So what else do they tax?  Look at the tax base documents.

2 trillion dollars and more  -- of taxes on top of, in addition to, paid separately from, the retail sales tax. There, obvious if you know what the  hell trick they play, are the massive other things they tax.

Like all military spending. Yes they tax military spending.

All police wages, pensions and operational costs.  Your city "expends" 20 million on  cops and their benefits?  Your city would owe almost five million in taxes to the fed government.

See, everything in their tax base is taxed 23%.   In the tax base are all  city county and state expenditures. Federal expenditures too.

The only exception -- education. No exception for military.

No exception for police or public works. No exception for fire departments, libraries, capital expenditures.

Your city "expends"  40 million for new court house? Guess what -- your city owes about 10 million in taxes -- in advance. 

Gee, wonder why they "forgot" to mention it, every day, for weeks, months and years.  In thousands of videos -- never told you.

In thousands of speeches -- never told you.

In dozens of books -- never told you.

Yet they claim 22 million dollars of research!   By the way, these fine print tricks?   They are in the documents these lying bastards call "research".  That's right. most of these goofy fine print tricks, are in the "research".

Hiding goofy nonsense in a few words here, and there, is not research. 








But they only mention this preposterous "assumption" in a document they knew you would likely never see. 

Gee, I wonder why?

Government is a "taxable employer," which  you can only deduce by their own tax tables and revenue projections.   They never say it clearly, they just base their tax revenue tables (tax base) on these goofy fine print tricks.

It's like they "assume"  they will tax moonbeams and baby farts for 2 trillion in revenue.  But you would probably notice that.  So they just "assume" they will "put" things in the "tax base".

Most people would never notice. We did. So did President Bush Tax Advisory Panel. 

The rest of Fairtax narrative is so smooth, you don't expect they would bother to insert massive goofy things -- but they do.  You have to read it closely.

All governments.  All cities, all counties, all park districts, all states -- even the federal government itself is liable for this tax. 

Remember, this is how their math adds up.  Their own "tax tables" (tax table by definition is what they tax) show these expenditures, though in clever and deceptive ways.  But, they are there. 

And indeed, in Fairtax math, all wage, pension and other expenditures paid out by all city county and states, are "in the tax base.

Clever, no? 

 There is one more place -- in another fine print trick, in their "research"  where they mention this.  You won't likely ever see that "Special report"  and the bastards wrote that cleverly too.  But if you don't think they actually depend on taxing all wages (which includes pensions and benefits, per their definition)  read this.  This is their own official document, not mine. 

Did their books, videos or speeches ever tell you that your city,  your county AND your state would owe massive taxes?


  When you understand the fine print, you won't be so stupid.  Don't be mad at me, I'm the guy showing you what these lying bastards did -- fine print, by fine print.

Their own fine print!

And I'm the guy putting up 50K if anyone can show 1 page of that 22 million in research.

I'm also a guy who sent sworn testimony into Ways and Means Committee, exposing everything I show you here.


Oh really? Where are they?

We contacted a dozen of those "economist" that they claim "designed"  Fairtax. 

Fuck no they didn't design it, in fact, almost none of those we contacted had any idea what the hell was actually in Fairtax. Davis Kendall is an example, see below.

David Kendall - they listed him as one of the guys who "designed" it.

Design? We contacted David.

He had nothing to do with that. But he was sure Fairtax was great.

Yet David had no idea of the tax on all cancer victims, including Medicare patients.  It's in the fine print.But he did not notice.

He never even heard of the  tax base documents.  NEVER HEARD of them.

And had no idea any wage expenditure, pension expenditure, capital expenditure was taxed, in advance or not.

Remember, they listed David as one of their "economist"  who designed Fairtax.  He had no clue about the fine print tricks. 

David just knew the slogans - and yes, those sound great.

But he had no clue of the details. He was sure he knew -- claimed he read HR25 word for word.

Oh really?   Could he tell  us how HR25 defined city county and states as persons?  No.

Could he tell us how Fairtax used "NIPA"  defined "consumption expenditures as a tax base?

No. But he knew those slogans, and they sounded GREAT.


So if they can fool a fool like David Kendall, they can fool you.

They fooled me, but only for a while. I keep asking questions and reading for answers.

David just thought -- oh, my my, this sounds great. he had no idea there is a massive tax on all cities, for their wage, pension and operational expenditures.

David had no clue Fairtax math is based on collecting over 2 Trillion dollars in these other and impossible, goofy, and very much hidden taxes.

David  had no idea there is a massive tax on all STATES, for their wage, pension and operational expenditures etc, etc.

David did not know Fairtax documents say all city county and states should "raise their tax rates" to pay these hundreds of billions in taxes they would owe the federal government.

By the way, the federal government CAN NOT tax a city, a county, or a state.  

So why would Fairtax have trillions of dollars of other taxes?  Most of them on city county and states?

To make their math work.  That's the only reason. 

But Fairtax web sites listed David as one of their "80 economist"  who "designed Fairtax".  That's the impression they gave.

So who actually wrote Fairtax fraud? For most of it, a public relations firm,  Beacon Hill did.

See more below.


Retail sales is the smallest part of Fairtax.  So small, in fact, if you just slightly raised the other taxes in Fairtax,  you would not need to tax retail sales AT ALL.


 These words "that consist of what NIPA defines as personal consumption expenditures, and government consumption expenditures"  are a BFD.

Kendell never saw that. And never designed any part of Fairtax.  

So of course Kendall did not know -- whatsoever -- that Fairtax taxed all wage pensions and other "expenditures" of all city county or states.

Nor could he rationally realize - when Fairtax main point was "we tax all consumption of goods and services without exception"  what they hell they hid in the fine print, defining "consumption".

They "adopt" a pre pay approach on taxing these!

David thought we were kidding. Taxing all wage expenditures?  All investment expenditures. 

He had no clue those taxes -- on wages, pensions, capital investments - are even taxed, never mind taxed in advance.

That's right - taxed, and taxed IN ADVANCE, per Fairtax clever "we adopt" fine print trick.

No, no, it was a simple RETAIL sales tax.  That's all.   He claimed he read the fine print.

So we showed him the fine print he missed.  Fairtax had David so stupid about Fairtax, he helped sell it, without himself knowing what the hell was in it.

And David did not ever see this fine print - 


So they have massive other taxes -- do not tell you about it, then  cleverly "assume" your city and your county and your state will "raise tax rates" to pay it.

Think about that for a while. Don't get mad at me, get mad at them.

A very simple personal retail sales tax, that is mostly huge other taxes they did not tell you about, and your city county and states taxes are supposed to GO UP! 

Still think these bastards are "transparent"?

Still think these bastards have a "very simple"  personal retail sales tax?

Still think these bastards have 22 million dollars of research?  

Keep reading. 

David is not to blame, though he held himself out to be an expert. He is a PhD and they fooled him.  How?   They just put the fine print tricks mostly in the documents they call "research".

So don't feel bad if they fooled you.  They didn't fool me very long -- a few weeks. They didn't fool President Bush Tax Advisory panel a fucking minute -- the Tax Panel just read the fine print, and report to you in polite way, what we do here in a crude -but necessarily crue - way.

Pay close attention specifically the documents about "tax base".   If they put all wage pension and capital expenditures in the "tax base" - and they do-- that's what they tax.  

They don't have to tell you "WE TAX THIS". They just "put it in the tax base". 

They just "put it in the tax base".  Very clever, since 99.999999% of Fairtax suckers could not find the tax base documents, anway.


But they do tell you, just in a few words in one document, a few words in another. Never close enough together, or clear enough, for you to realize these massive other taxes are the biggest part of Fairtax.

How could you know?  They never told you.

Kendall likewise had no idea that Fairtax "assumes"  all city county and states will raise taxes to pay these billions of dollars.
Yes, see the fine print!   Here is that "assumption" .

He did not know about the massive taxes on city county and states.  We had to show him.   He never designed it at all, he spoke in favor of it, because he was stupid and didn't read the fine print. but he didn't design it.

That's par for the course for everyone they mentioned as "designers"  of this "very simple retail sales tax.

There is a lot  to show that Fairtax is a goofy ass fraud, but nothing proves it's a fraud as clearly as this: they claim 22 million dollars of research, and can not show 1 page of it, even when offered 50K.

We show you their "research" documents, and it should be clear, not only is this not research, not only did it not cost 22 million, but it's not about a simple  [personal retail sales tax. 

A Medicare patient, for example, would owe 30,000 or more in fed taxes if she "consumed"  110,000 dollars worth of chemo, surgery, and rehab.

How do they tax cancer surgery and chemo?

I the tax base -- they just "put in the tax base"  all national personal and governmental "expenditures".   They told you that, if you read it very carefully.


They do have one exception -- one thing they "remove" from the tax base.

All expenditures -- remember that - all expenditures, without exception, all personal  and all governmental "expenditures"  are in the tax base.

They do "remove"  education expenditures - therefore education expenditures are not taxed.  If it's in the tax base, it's taxed.  If it's  not in the tax base, it's not taxed.   Very clever.

And their math is based exactly on that. 

Nothing voluntary about it.

Nothing honest about it, either.

So- - just like all wage, pension,and capital expenditures are "in the tax base"  so too all medical expenditures are in the tax base.  That is how their math adds up.

If Fairtax did not tax all cancer and medical care, the tax rate would need to be more like 35%, not 23%.

IF Fairtax did not tax all city county and states for their expenditures, the tax rate would be more like 50 or 60%, not 23%

All these goofy "other taxes"  are in the tax base to make it SEEM like they can only charge 23%.

They told you -- remember?  NO exceptions.  They told you -- all personal and governmental expendituers.

xpenditures are taxed -- without exception.  There literally are no exceptions, which you may think is fine, until you realize their math is based on no exceptions, even for Medicare patients.


You don't need me to read the fine print to you-- read it yourself. Read it very closely -- all of it.  Just get ALL of their clever documents. 


By the way, I want Fairtax to pass. Seriously.

It would be hilarious. We could have a good laugh, ask the lying bastards why they lied, and the suckers in the South (for some reason, most Fairtax suckers are in the South) won't be so stupid.   

What I would like best about Fairtax passing --  I want to see them try to collect 140 million dollar wage and pension "expenditure" tax from Dallas Texas city council.  Please, let me see that.

Oh you didn't know about the wage, pension, and operational expenditure tax?

Oh, you thought Fairtax was a simple retail sales tax? 

No kidding. That's what they told us, shit like that.  A "very very simple" personal retail sales tax.  Uh -not so much.

All cities, counties, and states are to "remit"  a 23% "expenditure tax" (see, it's not just retail sales) on wage, pension and operations. 

Operate a 2 billion dollar prison system, a court system -- your state would owe 23% tax on that.  That's in Fairtax math and fine print, we show you.

Were are these taxes?   

In the fine print.  In the math - and in the documents they call "research"!    I show you.  Specifically, you can find Fairtas "tax base" documents have these bizarre, fraudulent, and deliberately deceptive fine print.

But they look so "lawyer like" you probably would not notice. I noticed, and so did President Bush Tax Advisory panel.

I want to see them try to collect 14 billion dollars from state of Texas, for "expenditure"  taxes of operating prison system, a court system, and capital expenditures.

What will they do if Texas state legislature just says "NO"?

Nothing.  There is nothing they can do, or will do.  What are you going to do, put the Texas legislature in jail?

Seriously.  Fairtax lying bastards never made it clear they even tax city county and states these huge taxes. You have to study their "tax base" charts and definitions.

Oh, it's there, their mass depends on 2.3 Trillion dollars of "other taxes"   Only a small part is that retail sales tax.

So will NYC send in almost 1 billion?   Will Los Angeles County board send it 1.2 billion?  That's roughly 23% of their non-education expenditures.  And Fairtax taxes all non-education expenditures.

What the hell you gonna do, arrest the LA County board, after Fairtax never fucking told them about it, anyway?

What the hell you gonna do, arrest all US mayors?  Hell no.

But there is not a fucking single mayor in this whole country, not a single governor, who will send it in, BECAUSE NO ON TOLD THEM.   Fairtax lying bastards made it seem they only tax retail sales.

Fairtax math depends on all these massive other taxes coming in.  Hell no they won't come in. 

Most of Fairtax taxes are NOT retail sales taxes.  

 Yes, they have a retail sales tax.




Fairtax Book author Neal Boortz told crowds that "you decide" how much taxes you pay. Very simple -- just buy used cars, and used houses. You can avoid essentially all taxes.

Ever hear of used cancer surgery?

How about used rent? 

How about used car insurance (yes that's taxed)

How about used police and fireman wage "expenditures"? As you will see, all city county and states have to pay a 23% tax on all such "expenditures".     So are there any used police and fireman wage expenditures laying around?

How about used capital investments, like building a library or prison or court house?

Because all such capital investments -expenditures are taxed.  They are taxed because they are in "the tax base".  Tax base by defintion is what they tax.

See any used court houses Chicago can buy and move up there, so they don't have to pay 20 million in tax on that expenditure?

On and on.




This was NEVER a plan to pass -- they never intended to tax all city county and states. Never intended to tax all Mecicare patients 30,000 dollars for "consumption" of cancer surgery, chemo, and rehab.

Fairtax  was a fund raising hustle, as you will see, by Scientologist.   

 They wanted to make some money -- and still do try -- by telling people to "support" the Fairtax.  The support they want?  Send them MONEY. 

Then, of course, they just pocket the money.  There is no actual Fairtax tax code.  They have these goofy papers we show you, and that's not research.  But it did raise money for a while.

Seriously, if you gave them any money, you can contact me.  I suggest you sue them for fraud. Ask your attorney -- but if you didn't give them any money, they just fooled you.

You can't collect. And they had the fine print right there, if you looked very very closely.   Is it their fault you didn't read all the fine print very very closely?



The retail sales tax is 23% - it would be 89 to 100 percent, if not for these huge other taxes.

See the retail sales taxes, to the left?    If that is the ONLY tax they had, clearly they would need to make up for all those other columns -- that's why Fairtax would be 89 to 100% if they only taxed retail sales.

Remember, the "other taxes"  are the biggest part of Fairtax. They do not tell you about the other taxes in an honest way, but cleverly hide that a few words here, and there.   They tell you just the opposite, that Fairtax is simple, fair, and transparent.

Oh hell no, it's not.

They only put these goofy other taxes in the fine print, to fool your dumb ass, and it worked.  Or at least, it works on Fairtax suckers. 

As you will see -- the biggest part of Fairtax is not retail sales tax.  The biggest part of Fairtax are these impossible goofy, and very massive- other taxes ( We call them NIPA taxes)  they never told you about, except a few words here, a few there, in the fine print. 

Without these massive "other taxes"  Fairtax would be 89%.  A retail sales tax would only bring in 1.4 Trillion dollars.  But they bring in, on paper, 3.5 trillion.

How do they project 3.5 trillion in revenue?  By pretending they can collect all these absurd goofy impossible taxes, they hid in the fine print, a few words here, a few there. 


I get it. Fairtax sounds great -- I bought into it, until I read the fine print closely.

Fair Tax "calculator" is hilarious.

Wont ALLOW you to put anything that matters.

Then shows you huge saving! 

 Those claims of  research did it! Who would lie about that?  They even named 80 "economist" who "designed"  it!!   No way that's a lie.

And their "calculator".

If anyone needs any proof these guys are literally lying bastards, the fraudulent calculator should help you figure it out.

The "DARE TO COMPARE"  calculator as they called it,  literally prevented you comparing anything.

That's right.  They had this amazingly complex "calculator" which asked you a bunch of questions, none of which had anything to do with your taxable expenditures.

NOT one thing-- no place for your rent (taxed) food (taxed) car and health insurance (taxed)  cable TV phone bill -- anything, and everything  you "expended"  - you could not enter.  

So the "calculator"  did not allow you to put in any information whatsoever that would tell you your tax obligation under Fairtax.  It was not difficult to learn what Fairxax would tax you, it was impossible. 

But they called it "DARE TO COMPARE"  calculator.  Then they made sure you could not compare.  

You don't accidentally make a fraudulent calculator. It took a lot of effort and money. 

The "calculator" did not let you add the huge tax increases at state and local level, either.  The biggest part of Fairtax are these "other taxes"  and of course, Fairtax never let you put those in, either.

No place in the calculator for rent, no place for food, no place for car or health insurance -- all taxed. No place for utilities -- no place for anything, I mean zero place for anything, that mattered.

Nor did they have a "calculator" for city county and states, which would be hit with massive goofy impossible taxes. 

See more below about the "Fairtax calculator" .  Hilarious, and fraudulent. And proof they were and are lying bastards, not just mistaken. 


Uh -- actually NONE of those they named as economists designed Fairtax. Not one. And as you will see, only one guy, who works for Fairtax, got paid by Beacon Hill, knew anything about the massive goofy "other taxes"   I show you

Plus, though I have offered 50,000 dollars of that research (see details) no one yet has been able to show one page of actual research.  
Gee- wonder why that is?

Just show one page -- you get 50K, per the details below.  If you don't want the money, that's fine, give it to charity.  

For six years now, no one has been able to show any of that "research" about this very very simple personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes. 

Neal Boortz and others said there were   22 million dollars of research. Go read his amazing and fraudulent book (Fraudulent in sense it's written to fool you, not to inform you.

Just a quick note -- Boortz "forgot"  to mention the "NIPA" taxes in any book, video or speech.  For 15 years he forgot. For two book publications, he forgot. In the thousands of radio shows to push this, he forgot.

I then hundreds of personal appearances, he forgot?

But as you will see the "NIPA"  taxes are massive.  And worse, those taxes can not -- literally can not -- be collected, as you will see. 

Oh the retail sales tax on new products at the store- - no problem.  But the tax would need to be 89%, not 23%.   Boortz and the other hustlers could only make it SEEM like 23%, because they "forgot" to mention the massive other impossible taxes,.



Boortz even made it seem as if  Harvard researchers proved Fairtax would do amazing things -- like 47% increase in US companies experts, and a huge rise all take home pay --by about 50%

Wow everyone (on average) gets a 50% increase in take home pay!  Proven by "research" !!  

Oh, and lower prices, by 22%.   Yes, a 23% tax, but who cares?  Your pay goes up 50%, and prices DROP 22%.

The problem, Boortz said, where be (seriously, he said this)  where to put the money.  That's the only problem!!  Where to put the money!!  

300 words-- cleverly, Fairtax lying bastards stuck about 300 words into HR25 and their "research"  that we show you. 

But the math is clear -- a 23% tax would only bring in 1.4 trillion dollars.  Yet, they claim 3.5 trillion in revenue. 

If that retail sales tax can only bring in 1.4, where o where do they get 3.5 trillion, on paper?

I show you were they get 3.5 Trillion in tax revenue -- from impossible goofy fraudulent fine print tricks. 

Most of Fairtax taxes are goofy impossible other taxes -- on cancer victims, on renters, on the poorest of the poor (no, they do NOT exempt the poor).


See all the "NIPA" references in Fairtax own document you would never see, if not for me?

Those "NIPA" taxes are a big part of Fairtax's massive other taxes you don't know about.


Most of Fairtax revenue is on government "consumption expenditures' .   They even have massive taxes on all defense and state spending.  

Chicago IL, for example, would owe over 150 million dollars for taxes on their wage, pension, and operational expenditures.

Why?  Because Chicago (all cities) are a "special" kind of person.  A person who has to pay taxes on "CERTAIN WAGES".  

Normal humans will not have to pay a 23% tax on wage, pension and operational expenditures. But all city county and states -- per Fairtax math and fine print -- do have to pay those taxes.

How are those wages,pensions and operational expenditures "retail sales?"    They are not retail sales.  So how does Fairtax tax them?

By putting all those "expenditures"  in their "tax base".

Tax base by definition is what they tax. 

Do they really expect to collect those taxes? 

No.  But they had to put those "expenditures"  in the tax base.  So they did. They had to put those expenditures in the tax base,  otherwise they would have to tax retail sales 89%.   They knew people were too smart to fall for an 89% retail sales tax, so they used fine print tricks to fool you. 


Operate a prison system for 2 billion a year?  Your state would owe massive other taxes, that's where.  Yes, they have a retail sales tax, but that's a small part of their taxes.  They just "forgot" to mention the other 2.1 trillion.   At least, in books, videos and speeches, they forgot.
It's only in the fine print, and there, very cleverly. We show you. 
A few words here -- a few there.  All those words used to include 2 trillion dollars of "other taxes"   to make their fraudulent math work, on paper.  

The research mattered -- because even if Fairtax were not perfect -- it was not a goofy fraud by lying bastards, right?  I mean, those "researchers" would have spotted a goofy fraud, right?

Uh, that's just the problem.  They not only had no research, the bulk of the fraud is IN the documents they call research.  

Im not polite.

Some people are pissed I speak candidly here.  But as you will see, if you are not candid about these lying bastards,  if you treat them as well meaning but perhaps mistaken,  you don't  expose the fraud.

I expose the fraud.

 If you read the fine print I show you, and see their math based on the fine print tricks,  if you aren't dense,  you too will see, it's a fraud. 


I put  up my own money -- 50K --for one page of their  22 million dollars of research.  They claim 22 million in research about this "very very simple" personal retail sales tax, you pay at the "point of purchase."    Doesn't that sound formal and all?    A personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes, including Social Security and Medicare taxes.

So where is that research?  How about 1 page of it?    

That's what the fuckers claim -- 22 million dollars of research about this "very simple"  personal retail sales tax.  Just pay 23% retail sales tax, prices drop 22%, and you get a prebate every month to pay taxes on "necessities" anyway. 

No Social security taxes. No income taxes. No Medicare taxes. No corporate taxes.  Nothing but this "very very simple"  personal retail sale tax - and don't even worry about that. Prices drop anyway, and you get a huge increase in take home pay.   The average person, Neal Boortz told us, would get a 50% increase in take home pay, and prices DROP 22%.

Researched !  Eighty economist "designed"  Fairtax.  "The most researched economic plan in history" .    

Well, I read that "research"  so I can offer 50 thousand dollars for one page of it, (see details below)  because only an idiot would consider that crap research, and it sure as fuck is not research about  a simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed tax.

My sworn testimony about this  is at House Ways Means Committee.   Under oath.  Notice, none of those bastards go under oath and swear this is a very very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes?

But I went under oath to expose it.   

And my money is on the table.  This 50K offer is real, legit, ask your attorney, and get full details below.



These lying bastards that made Fairtax -- with all the goofy ass fine print, and the lying bastards that made up the slogans, about a "very very simple" retail sales tax,  were not confused. 

 They knew very well Fairtax was a Scientology fund raising fraud, then a hustle by guys like Boortz and Huckabee.

Ask them to explain these fine print tricks.   Ask them how much your city county and state would have to pay.  

Go on, ASK them. Have them explain how much your city would have to pay in advance taxes on wages, pensions, etc.   They never make it clear, of course, because the fine print (mostly in the "research" documents)  are deliberately fraudulent,  meaning misleading.


They will tell you all kinds of shit -- that "experts" designed Fairtax, that they have "22 million in research".  

So why can't  they show one page of that 22 million in research about a very simple personal retail "point of purchase" retail sales tax?   

And why are these massive other taxes in the fine print?

Why can't they show it?   They can donate the money to charity, if they don't want the money? 

They can't show it -- because there is no such research.

There is no research, at all.  I don't mean the research is wrong, or rigged. I mean there is not a post it note, a paper clip,  an office, a "researcher"   -- there is nothing at all --  to their claim of 22 million in research about this "very very simple"  personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes, including Medicare and Medicaid. 

Few "other taxes" in Fairtax,  like the massive taxes on every county government.  But it's only in the fine print. 


If they only taxed person retail sales -- and nothing else --  the tax rate would be 89%, as President Bush Tax Panel showed.

 They have massive taxes on city county and states -- and they assume city county and states "will raise your tax rates" to pay for it.  

That would be massive tax increases at all levels -- they do not tell you that, but that's how it would have to work.   Yes, all city, all county, all states pay these taxes per their own fine print.

And, per the fine print, are supposed to raise their tax rates to pay it. I did not say that -- the fucking fine print tricks said that. But you have to actually read them. Not that easy to find, and the narrative-- the impression -- these fuckers give is quite the opposite.

This is from their own fine print, footnote 19, in the document cited. 

Government investment is not just capital spending - but they tax capital expenditures in advance too.   But also taxed are wages, pensions, operational expenditures. 

All expenditures  by your city - taxed 23%.

All expenditures by your state - taxed 23%

All expenditures by our county - taxed 23%.


Mesquite Arizona would owe over 300,000 dollars, of taxes,
just for the pay to these new recruits, for one year!


Mesquite would owe over 14 million overall.


Gee -- the "details"   Fairtax "forgets" to mention in books videos and speeches.  It's only in their very slick bullshit fine print.

I wonder why they didn't mention these "other" taxes in their books, videos and speeches?   Not once. Not in 16 years.

Not in any book.

Not in any speech.

Not in any video.  

Weird. That's a lot of forgetting -- or a lot of  lying, by lying bastards. 


How do they tax wages and pensions?   Very cleverly, we show you. The important point is -- all such "expenditures" are in the "tax base".

All expenditures -- "consumption expenditures" is the silly misleading term in their fine print

And they told you  -- without exception.  Without exception all that "consumption expenditures"  are taxed. You had to read the fine print closely, but it's there, and there in a way to deceive you, not inform  you. 

  All consumption expenditures by "natural persons"  and all consumption expenditures by all city county and states.

Gee -- so it's NOT just a retail sales tax on human beings? 

Only a small part of Fairtax is that personal retail sales tax -- "at the point of purchase." 

All governments would be "certain employers"  who must pay this tax on "certain wages" - meaning all wages. 

The way these lying bastards put that, it makes you think this is some trivial detail about taxes on "household employees".  Very fucking clever, and fraudulent, that.    

But the way these fuckers use the "certain wages"  trick, ends up in their OWN FUCKING DOCUMENTS as a tax on essentially all expenditures by all government entities on all wages,etc.  The only exception is wages expended for education. They "remove" education expenditures from the "tax base"

Leaving all other "expenditures" in the tax base.   Very clever. And every fucking word they wrote, the intent was to deceive, not to inform.

Tax base is, by defintion, what they tax. So pay very very close attention to their double speak about their "tax base."  Wage and pension expenditures are in the tax base. 

They claim to have 22 million dollars of  research about a "very very simple"  personal retail sales tax?

Those fucking liars. 

I show you what these bastards hope you think is research -- and I explain why it's not only not research, but whatever those papers are, it's not a simple personal retail sales tax, paid "at point of purchase".

Fairtax  is a fund raising fraud by lying bastards. A fund raising fraud, said Bruce Bartlett, by Scientologists. 

It sounded good, though, to hustlers like Neal Boortz and  Mike Huckabee.   So they used it. 

 Just pay that 23% tax on what you purchase!   

Why don't they mention the massive other and impossible?  Because these massive other taxes are goofy and impossible. Yes, impossible.  Because it's a fraud, always was a fraud, and lying bastards do not generally expose their own frauds.



You might as well tax moonbeams and baby farts, as tax what Fairtax taxes, in the fine print.   One tiny example -a >30,000 dollar tax on this cancer victim.   Never mind she is on Medicare, in Fairtax fine print tricks, she is personally liable for over 30K in taxes, without exception.

Fairtax math is based on collecting these massive impossible taxes.


In the fine print, a huge tax on anything, everything, the "NIPA" defines as governmental expenditures (except education).

That's drastically different than, and drastically more than, retail sales.

  And they never told you. Not in any book. Not in any video. Not in any speech.  Never in a clear way, anyplace.

It's in the fine print, however, in very sneaky, fraudulent ways.  By fraudulent, we mean apparently written in a way to make you dumber about Fairtax, not to inform you of what they actually tax.

The tax base -- is where the big fraud is.

Who did this trickery? 

 Well, as you will see, Fairtax started as a fund raising scam by several Scientologist. Yes, it did.  And those bastards, now ex Scientologist, are still raising money on it.

But it SOUNDED so good, others adopted it.  We show you how that worked. 

They fooled me with  that "22 million dollars of research".   Now see why they run from $50,000 offer to show 1 page of that "research".


10 YEARS AGO.... 

.... everything we show you has been exposed politely, over a decade ago.  The facts are not in dispute, because we use Fairtax own documents. Remember that, we show you fairtax own documents. 


Want to see President Bush polite report exposing Fairtax fraud?  

Okay, it's right HERE

 Link opens to part 8.   The polite discussion of Fairtax, is part 9.

We are not so polite. 


Advance taxes?? ADVANCE???

On all cities,  for their wage expenditures?  Pension expenditures?  Capital expenditures?

Yes -- pay in ADVANCE. Hilarious shit, really. 

  A footnote in one of their "research" documents.
 Advance taxes on government wages, pensions and capital investments.  Hard to tell.  When were they going to tell you or anyone else? 

Well, is it their fault  you were too stupid to read the fine print? 

Seriously, whose fault is that? 



Sure it sounded  so amazing. Prices all drop, pay all goes up, the "only problem" will be where to put the money!!

  There will be so much money coming in, it will make the government too rich!  That's what Neal Boortz said.  But when that happens, he said, no problem. We just lower the tax!  The only problem will be too much money, but we can handle that?

What the fuck?


No one would lie about research, with names, and figures, and statistics, right?   Turns out,  yes, they would.  And did. 


A Simple retail sales tax of 23%?

To replace all other taxes?

No more Social Security Taxes?

No more Medicare Taxes?

No more corporate taxes?

We believed that shit. 

Till we read those lying bastard's fine print.

All consumption without exception.   That is what they tax.  All consumption "expenditures"  by people and by government, they cleverly include later.

Even "consumption" by Medicare patients is taxed, by this trick.  They "removed" education expenditures.  But all other expenditures, without exception, remain in the "tax base".

Tax base is what they tax.  

 "Certain wages"  a very clever example of their  way to include  trillions dollars of other taxes, into Fairtax math.

In other section, they told you about "persons."   Their definition of a person.  So that they can say "this is a personal retail sales tax' -- they do epic tricks of making all governments a "person".

And a very special kind of person, too.


JAMES BENNETT -- number two man in Fairtax fraud, claimed the single word "person" in this long defintion, is the "legal basis" for massive taxes on all cities, all counties, and all states.

When we asked Bennet how city county and states were supposed to know that -- because they never mention it in books videos or speeches, Bennett said "It's clear enough already..... if they have any questions, they can call me."

Bennett -- not someone else -- Bennett -- told me personally online that the definition of person is the legal basis for these massive taxes on city county and states.

Remember that - Bennett, their own guy, the #2 guy, told me the importance of that word "government"  in the definition of persons.  That one word --"person" means, according to their own attorney, their own #2 guy, that all city county and states  have to pay these taxes on all wages, all pensions, all expenditures other than education.

Operational expenditures for jails, court systems? Taxed 23%

All library expenditures- - including wages, pensions, buildings, capital investments -- taxed 23%.

All parks, all sewer, all highway, all everything (but education) is taxed 23%.  No, not just retail purchases -- thats miniscule. The huge taxes are wages, pensions, and capital investment, operational expenditures. That's all "in the tax base".

And it's there by virtue of the word "government" in the definition of a person. No where else. No indication elsewhere. 

And that is "clear enough already"  said Bennett, who is either an idiot or so caught up in the cult, or a fool, or a sap, or whatever.  But remember, their OWN guy justified these massive other taxes on the "legal basis" of this definition in HR25.

That is how they can "justify" the "TAX BASE"  to include federal state and local expenditures, as they do.

But here is how that  tax on all city county and states looked in HR25 -- way way down in a long list of blather, AFTER such defintions of things like "personal courier service"

This is the kind of shit they put endlessly in Fiartax HR25.

         ``(3) Designated commercial private courier service.--The 
        term `designated commercial private courier service' means a 
        firm designated as such by the Secretary or any sales tax 
        administering authority, upon application of the firm, if the 
                    ``(A) provides its services to the general public,
                    ``(B) records electronically to its data base kept 
                in the regular course of its business the date on which 
                an item was given to such firm for delivery, and
                    ``(C) has been operating for at least 1 year.
            ``(4) Education and training.--The term `education and 
        training' means tuition for primary, secondary, or 
        postsecondary level education, and job-related training 
        courses. Such term does not include room, board, sports 
        activities, recreational activities, hobbies, games, arts or  
        crafts or cultural activities.

What the fuck?  Do you think they did this this way, to inform you?  Or to fool you?

They did it to fool you. 

All cities are supposed to read that definition, way down in there, and somehow KNOW they are supposed to send over 1 trillion dollars into the fed government?

Where do send these many billions?  Hell, they don't give you an address.  They don't ever make it clear there is such a tax, it's in their own tax base documents.  It's how their math adds up. 

But they never make it clear. 

And city county and states - by their own fine print -- are supposed to raise all tax rates, to pay it. That's in their own document they call "research".  But stated in a way you would not notice it, even if you found that document.

Fairtax cleverly never tells you that in books, videos or speeches.


They just use a few words, here and there, but their math depends on it. Their math depends on all city county and states sending in taxes on wage, pension, and capital investments.  A tax even on operational expenditures.

And the very slick "we assume"  city county and states will raise their tax rates.

. It  is quite impossible, not difficult, to read that and assume your city county and state are to send in millions, even billions in advance taxes on wage, pensions, and capital expenditures.

But that is how these lying bastards added up the math -- as if all city county and states would actually pay all this money. 

So are they a fraud? FUCK YES, it's a fraud.

Here it is on the page in HR25.   That's the bill Woodall and the other lying bastards try to tell you is a "very very simple"  personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

Remember too -- without all these goofy "other taxes"  like the taxes on all city county and states, just like President Bush Tax Panel reported, Fairtax rate would be 89%, not 23%.

And all city county and states, are supposed to "raise their tax rates" to pay it. 



Stupidly, Fairtax suckers usually get mad at me for showing them Fairtax lied to their dumb asses.  Hey - save your anger for the lying bastards, not me.

You should thank me.

The entire reason they used the fine print tricks -- if they don't use them, they would have to show an 89% sales ta

And as Bruce Bartlett showed, in National Review, the rate would be over 100%, because Fairtax claims all city county and states should use this clever tax too!

Cities are supposed to tax this way. Counties,  States. Everyone!

If so, that 89% would just be federal. Add a city tax like this, a county tax like this, a state tax like this, you would get well over 100% tax on retail sales.

Think they have 22 million dollars of research to back this up? 


Let that sink in. According to their OWN lawyer and # 2 man, James Bennett, Fairtax is based on massive taxes on every city, every county, every states.   And much of those taxes, your city county and state, have to pay IN ADVANCE.


 Of course, the Bush Tax Panel had no trouble finding the "research" documents, with HR25.    The tax panel is made up of PhDs, and they could eat the fine print tricks for breakfast, and spit them out for lunch.

The Tax Panel was polite --  far too polite in our humble opinion.  In private they called Fairtax liars "liars"  but in public, they were much more diplomatic.  

They should not have been diplomatic, because people did not pay attention to that soft spoken crap.  They showed the same things we do, but politely.   

There is a time and place for polite -- but not when showing frauds by lying bastards. 

In private, the head of Bush Tax panel said Fairtax folks  "lied a lot".  He is right -they claimed to be a "very simple"  personal retail sales tax.   That's a lie.

Like the massive taxes shown in their "TAX BASE". They tax government capital expenditures.

Also in the Fairtax tax base -- all Medicare and Medicaid expenditures, only the person "using or consuming" any goods or services are personally liable. No exceptions. 


Do you seriously think this cancer victim can, or should, pay 30,000 in fed taxes, just cause she got sick?   

No.  Why on earth should a woman with cancer pay  5 10 or 20 times as much fed tax, as her neighbor did, with exactly the same finances, other than her cancer?

But all such expenditures are in the "tax base" .   



Anyone can get the 50K -- this is a serious, legit, binding offer. 

First person who can show 1 page of that 22million dollars of research, showing Fairtax is a 23% personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes, I give them 50,000 dollars.  Full details on the offer is below. 


Fairtax sounds so good.  Simple retail sales tax, you get a prebate to pay your federal taxes on all "necessities".  And more -- no need to pay Social Security taxes, no need to any other fed tax -- just that "very very simple"  retail sales tax.

Social security -- paid. Medicare -- paid.  No need for you to pay them, though rest assured, you will get Social Security and Medicare.

And all that is researched!!  Not just made up by lying bastards, but researched -- 22 million of research.

Problem is, they have never been able to show 1 page of that 22 million in research.... See below.


In fact, Neal Boortz said with a straight face,  research shows the only real problem with Fairtax, is what to do with all the money!

That's why we really would like to see that "research".   The only problem -- the government will have too much money.

We show you what these lying bastards try to pass off as research - yes they are lying bastards -- and you decide.  

Is hiding goofy impossible bullshit in your fine print, a few words here, inserted to fool people, is that research?

Fuck no This is research, and they do not have a dollars worth of it, much less 22 million dollars of it.

Oh they have documents -- from their own public relations company, that is no more research than your dog is.

We show you examples of that "research"  -- and even if people are dumb enough to consider that "research"  it sure as hell is not about a personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.



We never believed Boortz about "the only problem will be where to put all the money,"   but we did believe there was 22 million dollars of research,  and specifically Boortz pointed out Harvard Researcher Dale Jorgenson.  

 Who would lie that blatantly, and give all kinds of specific "facts"   Boortz claimed was proven by the research?   No one would lie like that -- specific, loud, proud claims. 

You could just contact that "researcher"  and ask.  So we DID.

We contacted about 12 of those "researchers"  -- none of whom did any research.   Some had read some Fairtax bullshit, and agreed with the bullshit, but none did the "research".

Only one guy -- from Beacon Hill, who was paid by Fairtax to put out the documents they fraudulently called research -- even knew what the hell Fairtax actually taxed.   The others didn't even know Fairtax had these massive other taxes!

So they list as "researchers"  folks who didn't even know what the hell was in the fine print -- they didn't even READ the fine print in the research they supposedly did!

That's right, we only found ONE person that Fairtax listed as economists who even knew what was in those clever words, in the documents they called "research".



Show us that one, please!

Boortz told us, in Fairtax book, as if he had all this research right there, that the "average" take home pay will go up 50%.

Uh -- actually nothing in their research shows that.  Nothing.  Zero.  If anything, their own "researcher"  Dale Jorgenson said that was not so.   You would have to donate -- yes donate -- all the money you used to pay in fed taxes, to your employer. Only THEN, said Jorgenson, could prices falL!   

Everyone -- get this -- everyone would have to DONATE (because HR25 does not require)  you do let your employer keep all the money you used to pay in taxes.

Only then -- this is from Jorgenson, remember that -- would it be possible for prices to go down!

And your employer, even if everyone (!) donated that money, does not have to lower prices.  There is nothing in HR25 about that either.  Yet Jorgeson explained that.  Your take home pay would have to stay the same, and you would have to donate that money to your employer for Boortz "all prices fall 22% to be even remotelyl possible.

Yet Boortz made it seem like Jorgenson proved the opposite.

It takes a special kind of lying bastard-- really it does -- to take your own "researcher" -- claim he proved some amazing "facts"   when that "researcher" said the OPPOSITE.   


But then everything about Fairtax was always a fraud, like their own "online calculator"!   As you will see, the "calculator" prevented, actually PREVENTED you from inserting any information about your taxable expenditures.

You literally are unable, in their own calculator, to put in any information that matters!  What they do ask, does not matter. They may as well ask you how many dogs your neighbor has, then say -- HERE IS THE RESULTS -- you save 50,000 dollars!

Yes, it's that goofy.

What research Boortz?

Highest sales tax won't matter!

 "A  WASH"    All prices drop, per research.

Uh - no.   The "research"  done by Dale Jorgenson was not about Fairtax, anyway.  He ran the numbers on hypotehticals, which is not research anyway.  But Jorgenson said the OPPOSITE of what Boortz claimed.  Prices do not go down, they go UP with sales taxes,   Remember, Boortz made it seem like Jorgenson said they went DOWN 22%.

 The tax is 23%, to prices go DOWN 22% -- "it's a wash".   Everything costs the same.   Bull fucking shit.  

  Only -- remember this -- only if everyone in USA donates to their employer what they used to pay in income and social security taxes,  THEN maybe, theoretically, can prices go down. IF everyone lets their employer keep all the money they used to pay in taxes, then maybe the employer can lower prices. Hilarious.



Fairtax had no choice.

Fairtax wanted their plan in writing -- HR25, and the "supporting research"  they claimed proved all the wonderful things. 

To make the math add up, Fairtax has a problem.   It would take an 89% tax, not 23%, to get enough revenue, if they only taxed retail sales,

 Retail sales are only about 4 trillion dollars. To get 3.5 trillion as a retail sales tax, they would have to tax retail sales about 90%.


Think Houston city council  will see these footnotes in one document, see the definition of wages in another,  and send in over 100 million?.   





Grover Norquest pushed Fairtax first -- then suddenly stopped.  Same thing with CATO.  They pushed it, suddenly stopped.  We don't know why.

Did they finally read the fine print?

Who is behind Fairtax now? Who paid Boortz? Who paid Beacon Hill (see below)?

Hard to tell, it might be this guy. 

 Someone had to pay these folks -- especially Beacon Hill. They are a public relations company, they do not work for free.

Who paid them?   We don't know!   Might be Steven Hayes.

Scientology & Fairtax


Fairtax web site shows Steven Hayes is the top in "Leadership".

A former Scientologist, it seems to us he is  more of a grifter -- raising money.   Not that folks don't often try to raise money to enrich themselves, for some dubious cause they know is nonsense. And that's fine.   It's political theater, not necessarily fraud.

Raising money on political hustles is legal, as far as we know. 

But Hayes gets the money from folks who probably believe Fairtax is a very simple personal retail sales tax,  and that he has, or someone has, all this amazing research.  

It's not a personal retail sales tax, it's not even a tax code. It's political theater. 


Former Scientologist.  Full time grifter?

Bruce Bartlett, in National Review, relied on the fine print to point out, Fairtax would actually be over 100%--because the 80-89% would be just federal sales  tax. 

The cities, county, and states have their OWN sales taxes.

So -- if Fairtax somehow passed, and they only taxed retail sales, the tax rate would be wacko high.  No -- Fairtax does not intend to pass their own fraud.  It was always political theater, not a tax code. 


Bartlett also pointed out -- Scientologist hustlers contacted him, to have him push Fairtax.  Bartlett showed, on CBS, that Fairtax was connected with Scientology.  Indeed, it is.

The head of Fairtax,  Steven Hayes, is  former Scientologist, who appears to be something of a grifter, for Fairtax.  He raises money to "promote" Fairtax.  From things he wrote, it seems Steven wants the "big donors" to himself

Are Hayes and others actually trying to pass Fairtax?

No. Not at all, apparently.  

 They love the issue, however.   They love to raise money from suckers, on the basis of being a "very simple" retail sales tax.


OVER 100%

Bartlett showed that city county and states would also have "sales taxes"  on top of that, putting the real-world rate over 100, to a customer walking in a store to buy a jacket or couch.  

Did Fairtax hustlers KNOW this?

OF COURSE they knew. They knew this the entire time, it's the hustlers who put in the fine print tricks.

I doubt Huckabee knows any of this -- nor does he seem to care.   Huck would be an idiot to push something that, if passed, would make him leave the country in shame.

Did anyone tell Huck about these massive other taxes?  To hear Huck speak, Fairtax is almost magical, and just a very simple tax on retail sales.

Bartlett knew -- President Bush Tax Panel knew.  But Fairtax fine print tricks are so clever, you'd have to be much smarter than most people to notice, and you would have to discard the bullshit by Boortz, the Fairtax books, etc. You'd have to ONLY go by the fine print and math.

Fairtax hustlers tried to get Bartlett to push Fairtax.   Instead he exposed them.



For a quicker way to see their fraud -- see their "calculator trick".  Same deception, just on this calculator fraud.Calculator fraud -- see how they did it


See the part about "total consumption??   Retail sales is only part of that.


You will never see Fairtax do a side by side comparison of before -after Fairtax, listing all consumption.

You are about to find out why.

Because Joe  had so much consumption (mostly due to medical consumption) his Fairtax would be 57,000 or more.

But even without that surgery, Joe's fed tax would be 300% higher, under Fairtax.

Evem if Joe's wife never had a health issue -- his federal tax would STILL be over 20,000 dollars, an increase of 300%

But millions of people do have health problems and consumption.  Maybe insurance pays it -- the person is still liable. No exceptions.

Maybe Medicare pays it.   Does not matter. OF COURSE it's impossible, but Fairtax has this "consumption expenditure" in the tax base.  

That is how their math works. OF COURSE it's goofy, of course they do not expect all cancer victims will pay.

Just like they do not expect all city county and states to pay those impossible hidden taxes.

But they had to make the math -- the tax base -- so large, their 23 % lie would work 



 If you only taxed retail sales, that could logically and realistically be taxed, the tax rate would be closer to 89%.


Where is Fairtax research?

These documents from Beacon Hill are in no way research, and are not about a very simple personal retail sales tax.

Beacon Hill office claim to be an "education organization".  Well if selling you a hustle is educational, okay.

They do public relations, they support whatever they are paid to support.   . 

Someone put a lot of money into Fairtax -- and they paid Boortz, and Beacon Hill, plus for buses, and "education" web sites.   The "Fairtax calculator" fraud, was paid by the same  hustlers.

Boortz said someone offered him a jet like this to fly him around and push Fairtax.  We don't know who paid Boortz or owns all this.  Apparently, they also tried to hire Bruce Bartlett, who refused, and instead, exposed Fairtax fraud.



The guy who Boortz said proved all this great stuff about Fairtax,  Dale Jorgenson, did no such thing, and is not for Fairtax.

Kotlikoff was well paid, according to his friend Bruce Bartlett, for pushing Fairtax.  We repeat -- Kotlikoff did no research, in the definition here, about Fairtax.

What he did, was clever, and perhaps technically he did not lie, because he parsed words with "assumptions"  and clever definitions, such as defintion of a person, to fool you.

But in our opinion, it seems clear he was lying his ass off, cleverly, and got paid for it.   He got paid to do this.  And he did it.  But the documents he put out are NOT, NOT, NOT about a very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

And while he tried to give that impression, he never exactly said it was a simple retail sales tax on personal retail items.  That kind of lying he left to Boortz, Huckabee and others. 

Kotlikoff is apparently in charge of making Fairtax seem like a very sophisticated bit of "research". 

Did Kotlikoff actually lie for Fairtax?   

Maybe not, We would call it lying, as it was deliberately deceptive.   Kotlikoff never said it was only a retail sales tax that was logical, did  he? No. He wrote shit like "we assume"  and the tricky defintions of their tax base. 


Boortz cleverly created his own "critics" --  and wrote a book to refute the critics.   Hilarious.  

He of course never showed you any of what we show. 



It's easy to miss.   David Kendall, who used to push Fairtax enthusiastically,  and is a PhD, had no clue either.  

Tax wages?   Tax capital expenditure?  No no no, David  said. He insisted he studied Fairtax carefully.   They just tax personal retail consumption.

So we showed him the massive other taxes.


FINE PRINT on Details of offer-- 

We were not kidding. $50,000 dollars paid to the first person who can show one page of the 22 million dollars of Fairtax research proving this "very very simple" personal retail sales tax  of 23% would replace all other fed taxes in "revenue neutral" fashion.

We have offered this to Boortz, for years.  To any charity he names, or he can keep it, we don't care.

We make the same offer to you, or anyone. We don't care -- you can't collect the 50K, because there is no 22 million dollars of Fairtax research -- and certainly not about a very very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes!

Hiding goofy fraud in your own fine print -- then call that research -- is  not research. Too complicated? 

Plus, since that supposed "research"  has massive other taxes, like the impossible taxes on city county and states, for wage and other expenditures, it can't be research about a very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxed.

Ask your attorney.

 Here are important details . If you are going  sue to collect the 50,000, you must file suit in Tazwell County  Illinois, and are hereby obligated to pay all my attorney fees,  if  you do not collect the 50K offer.  

And my attorney fees include cost of travel, research, communication with me and with the court and with your attorney or yourself.   You must pay those to me,  or to my attorney, if you do not prevail in court

 You must also pay for all your  attorney fees, travel  any  and other costs related to the suit, regardless of outcome.

See how fine print tricks matter?

I knew that you could!