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Yeah, it SOUNDS great.   Simple retail sales tax, replaces all other taxes -- backed up by 22 million in research.

Oh really?  Actually Fairtax has 2 trillion dollars of taxes (most of Fairtax) that has nothing to do with retail sales.   At all.

 Anything - even passing a fraud -- to get a new tax code is worth it.   This one can not be fixed.  So by all means, pass even this fraud, if that gets our tax code fixed. 

Fooled me too -- till I read the fine print, and asked about that "research"
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They told us it was a "purchase" tax. Sounds nice right?    Prices go down, 22%, and the tax is 23%, but you keep all you paycheck and get a rebate!

 Yes, it sounded like a magic pony -- too good to be true,  but they had an answer for that.  22 million dollars in research!!

  Can't be a magic pony that poops gold, right?  All that research....  

Turns out, there is no research, because they can't show one page of actual research  We show you what they pass off as "research" below.

 Their OWN official   documents -- read them very closely -have these sneaky massive impossible (yes impossible) other taxes,   to make their math work.

 Like your city has to pay 23% tax  --in advance no less -- on all wage, pension, and capital investment "expenditures"

Cancer victims -- even those on medicare -- are taxed 23% on their CONSUMPTION of goods and services. You do not have to buy something to be taxed in Fairtax -- to make their math work, they had to tax CONSUMPTION.  Very slick and fraudulent, but that's the only way their math could add up. 

They told you -- right there.   But only online documents, and even then in doubletalk BS.  A few words in the fine print, quite different than their books, videos and speeches.  Look closely..

They tax whatever NIPA defines as personal or governmental "consumption expenditures"

What the hell is NIPA?   It's got nothing to do with taxes!   It's something Fairtax hustlers used to put in the fine print. And its not even rational.  It's old fashioned bullshit. 

Click below to see the entire document yourself.   Go on, click - it wont bite you.  They have a "tax base" -- that means what they tax.    See what's in it.  Very slick double talk, but it's there. Click below!

 What they tax -- retail sales is only a tiny part. See their slick double tax here -- click this sentence.  

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See -- purchases are only a small part of what they tax.   Wage expenditures, pension expenditures, capital investment expenditures, even Medicare expenditures, are taxed.   And remember, this is how Fairtax math adds up.    What we show it is in the fine print, yes, but it's also in the math.  

Certain wages?  Can't be much right - certain wages.  Turns out -- all wage, pension, benefit, unemployment benefits, death benefits, operational expenditures -- are "in the tax base" --  In the tax base, by definition, is what they tax.

 Why not just say -- Hey, we tax your city and county and state on all their wage pension and capital investment expenditures.   And we "assume" your city county and state taxes are going way up to pay for it.

Because they don't want you to know.  So they put it, in the fine print.

Why not tell you they even tax all Medicare benefits (yes they do)?   Because they don't want you to know.

Oh -- they know very well that cancer victims on medicare can't and wont pay these crazy taxes.   But they needed their math to add up.  Remember that, all their distortions are the same, they have all these other taxes to make their math add up.

It's in the fine print -- but cleverly stated, and its NOT in their books, videos, or speeches.

So where is this 22 million dollars of "systematic investigation of materials and sources in order to establish facts"?  

I don't mean it's flawed, or wrong research. I mean, there is none.  What they have -- we show you -- is double talk from their own public relations firm.

But they tell suckers, it's a retail sales tax. 

At first Boortz tried to tell suckers Dale Jorgenson of Harvard did "extensive research" --  that Fairtax was based on.  Bullshit.  Jorgenson did no such research on Fairtax, and in fact, when interviewed by CNN, made it clear he did't support Fairtax or anything like it.

I don't mean the research by Fairtax public relations firm is flawed or misinterpreted. I mean there is NO RESEARCH about this "simple retail sales tax" to replace all other fed taxes.

This is flagrant - claim 22 million dollars of research, when there is none. 

There is not a desk somewhere, a file cabinet, a computer, a researcher, a post it note.   Hiding goofy BS in your fine print is not research.  It's the opposite of research.

For years I offered 50,000 dollars to anyone who can show 1 page of that 22 million dollars of research about this simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

There is no such plan -- Fairtax is a goofy hustle-- and there is no research.  They just say there is research, but can't show any.  We show you their own bullshit, that's what we show here, THEIR own fine print bullshit.


They don't tell you  this in books, videos and speeches.  Of 3.5 Trillion dollars in supposed revenue, Fairtax other taxes are 2.1 Trillion.

Yes, they do tax retail sales - but they have massive other fairtax taxes you must pay too, paid separately, and in addition to the retail sales tax.

The other taxes are much larger than the retail sales tax.   They just don't tell you about that. 

We show you their math.

We show you their fine print.


Where is the "Fairtax research" on this?   
There is none.  Not one page. Not one post it note.   It's only in their fine print tricks.  

Their fine print tricks were already exposed, politely, by President Bush Tax Advisory Panel.    Also, in sworn testimony to Ways Means Committee, Fairtax fine print tricks were exposed, far less politely. 



Did you know Fairtax taxes a city, county and state wages, pensions, and capital investment "expenditure"?

Hell no, you didn't know. They don't tell you. But more, city county and states don't know, Fairtax didn't tell them.

In fact, capital investments  are taxed -- in advance.   IN ADVANCE. 

For example, that bridge expansion in San Francisco recently? Six BILLION dollars.  They would have to pay 23% tax on that -- in advance. 

And how --  see the fine print -- are city county and states supposed to pay all those taxes, in advance and otherwise?

Raise tax rates -- see their fine print!

Do Fairtax hustlers believe all city county and states will send in over 1.4 trillion dollars, when no one even told them about it?  When Fairtax tried to sell this BS as a "simple retail sales tax"?


No -- Fairtax hustlers know these massive other taxes are BS.   But they needed their math to add up on paper.  Remember that. 


Fairtax taxes all capital investments in advance 23% - for the same reason, to make the math add up.

No one told you that.

They also tax all wage and pension expenditures, paid out by city county and states.

No one told you  that-- nor did they tell city county and states.  It's ONLY in the fine print tricks.

All operational "expenditures"  paid out by city county and states, 23% tax.  No one told you that, no one told the cities counties and states, either.  

It's in the fine print, we show you. Plus, it's how their math adds up. 

Remember that -- we show you the fine print where those other taxes are. It's in their fine print.   It's how their math adds up.

California would owe 1.2 Billion in "Fairtaxes" on that capital investment, in ADVANCE.

 Still think Fairtax is a simple retail sales tax?  If so you are an idiot, and a Neal Boortz sucker. 

Wait till you find out the federal fairtaxes on all cancer victims -  on Medicare or not, anyone consuming or using health care services is liable personally for 23% tax.

No exception. You heard right -- not just purchases, the trick is, these bastards math is based on 23% tax on all CONSUMPTION -- CONSUMPTION.  Not just purchases.

It's there -- just online, not in books. Not in speeches. Not in videos. You have to find all the other online documents, and read them very closely. 

That's how their math adds up.  Remember that.






But they never tell you about the OTHER taxes -- the 2.1 Trillion dollars of other Fairtax taxes.  

Not once, not in 15 years, not ONCE.

Not in any Fairtax book.

Not in any Fairtax speech.

Not in any Fairtax video.

Why? Why not tell you about taxes on all wage, pension and capital investments, on every city county and state?

Why not tell you about the taxes on all Medicare patients,  23% tax on their "consumption"  -- not purchase -- of goods and services?

Why not tell you Medicare patients would owe 30,000 in fed tax for "consuming" (not paying -- consuming)   cancer goods and services of 130K?

They didn't tell you about these other taxes because they are bullshit nonsense, included to make their math work on paper.

But it's in their online documents - if you can find them, and read them very, very closely.   


These other taxes are not in dispute. They actually make up most of Fairtax projected revenue.


Remember that -- these massive other taxes, like the wage expenditure tax, capital investment expenditure tax, even the Medicare benefit tax, are not in dispute.

Sworn testimony to Congress exposed these other taxes, which are in the fine print, in Fairtax documents.  Only a small part of Fairtax is that retail sales tax.   


See this footnote --  taxing capital investments in advance!

How the hell -- really how the hell - is this capital investment tax a "personal retail sales" tax?

It's  not.

See this below? EVERY LINE of Fairtax revenue projection -- is about NIPA defined consumption.

Every cent. Every line. Whatever NIPA defines as "consumption expenditures".

That's a hell of a lot different, and more, that retail sales.

It's in their own documents -- by their public relations company. 

 That's not research.

 Hiding goofy shit in your fine print is not research. It's goofy shit, and they know it. 

If you wonder why Fairtax goes nowhere - it's because  Fairtax own hustlers dare not let it get to floor of the House of Representatives.    They don't dare.  

Massive taxes on cities -- that have nothing to do with retail sales, make up most of Fairtax revenue.  For example, Fairtax taxes cities counties and states on their wage, pension and capital investment "expenditures".   That's right, they tax "expenditures"  of all city county and states.  Do you think New York City could and will pay 400 million dollar fed tax, because they "expended"  2 billion in wage and pension costs?   

Yeah you thought Fairtax was a simple retail sales tax. Oh hell no --that's only a small part of what they tax.   

 Worse - and impossible -- Fairtax has massive taxes on the poor. To make their math work Fairtax  taxes things like a  Medicare patient with cancer. Do you think a woman with breast cancer should could and will pay 30,000 extra in fed taxes, on Medicare no less, who "consumes"  130,000 in medical care? 

Fairtax hustlers don't believe or intend to tax cancer victims or city county and states.   But thats all in their fine print, to make their math work. Yes. Chicago IL would owe over 240 million dollars, just in a wage expenditure tax.   The state of Texas, would owe over 14 billion in pension, operational expenditure, and capital investment tax.

Oh yeah, there is that retail sales tax -- sure is.  But that's only a small part of it.

Both in sworn testimony to Ways and Means, and by President Bush Tax Advisory Panel, the Fairtax fraud (hustle, if you like) was already exposed.

William Gale, PhD Stanford, head of President Bush Tax Advisory Panel, had no trouble finding the BS -- he just read all the official documents.   

It is literally impossible -- not just difficult -- to learn what Fairtax actually taxes, from their books, videos and speeches, because they don't tell you there. Only in the clever double talk, in the fine print, do they insert these impossible other taxes.

Yes -- impossible, as you will see.  Fairtax, to make their math work, have 2 trillion dollars of other taxes, on top of, in addition to, and paid separately from, the retail part of Fairtax.



The Bush Tax Advisory Panel bottom line -- Fairtax would be 89%, if they just taxed retail consumption.

Only -- only -- by including these massive other taxes (that are impossible) can Fairtax on paper be 23%.

Without the impossible taxes on Medicare patients, such as 30,000 tax on a typical cancer victim, Fairtax would be 89%.

Remember that, the bullshit other taxes are IMPOSSIBLE.   So absurd, President Bush Tax Panel just dismissed them.   The Tax Panel was polite about it in pubic, but in private, William Gale said "They lie a lot" -- meaning the hustlers at Fairtax.  


President Bush Tax Advisory Panel had no trouble spotting the double talk.  But they read all the documents -- including online documents, by Beacon Hill.     And they read fine print tricks for breakfast, and spit them out for lunch.  




Wanna bet?  I put up 50,000 dollars years ago -- to anyone who could show one page of that 22 million in research. If you have 22 million dollars of research, you should be able to show one page.

No, they have never shown research. They have documents from their public relations firm, that hide massive other taxes.

Hiding massive other taxes, in your own public relations firm documents, is NOT research.  
See what they try to pass off as "research".  That alone shows Fairtax is a fraud by lying *&&%$" 

It is impossible -- literally impossible -- to know what Fairtax taxes, from what they told suckers in their books, videos and speeches for 15 years.

To make their fraudulent math work, on paper, Fairtax is based on over 2 trillion dollars of tax revenue in their fine print, that has nothing to do with retail, nothing to do with sales, and nothing to do with personal consumption.

Yes, they have a retail sales tax -- but that is only a small part of what they tax (on paper) to make their math work. 

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Taxes on all wage, pension and operational expenditures, by every city, county and state.  

If Chicago  "expends" 800 million in police wage and benefits, for example, Chicago has to pay almost 200 million as a tax. 

How the hell is that a retail sales tax.

Cook County -- by itself -- would owe over 340 million dollars, in operational "fairtaxes".

Fairtax never told you, they never told anyone, not cities, not states, not counties.  But that's in the fine print, that's in the math. See below. 


Fairtax hustlers claim Fairtax is "Transparent".  Really? Never, not once, not in 15 years, not in any book, any video, any speech, did they even  hint at these massive other taxes, much less make them clear. 


Sixty percent of their taxes, they never mention  Not ever, not once, not in any book, any video, any speech.  You have to read their online docs, very very closely.  And even then, check their math for how they use those fine print tricks.

Why claim it's very simple retail consumption tax? Because these other taxes are goofy -- goofy as hell, absurd in fact.  But Fairtax had to make their math add up somehow. 

Operational expenditures taxed?  WTF?  

All expenditures - wage expenditures, pension expenditures, all "consumption expenditures"    are taxed 23%  Double WTF. 






How is your city, and your county, and your state, supposed to pay these wage expenditure taxes?

How are they supposed to pay these pension, expenditure taxes?

How are they supposed to pay, these capital investment expenditure taxes?

How are they supposed to pay the operational expenditure taxes?

Raise taxes. That's right -- read the fine print, Fairtax says it -online document, you never see, but officially.  They say, in their own official documents, all state and local governments should RAISE THEIR TAX RATES to pay it.

Oh you didn't know?  Surprise surprise.

Raise how much?  About 40-50%, according to testimony to Ways Means Committee.  Fairtax never told you that, did they? 

You pay that retail sales tax, but you ALSO pay the massive other taxes. You pay both.  They only told you about the personal retail tax.

At least city and states and counties COULD double their taxes, theoretically.   Yes they hid that part in the fine print, but at least that's mathmatically possible.

The goofiest part of Fairtax hustle -- the massive taxes on the poor, that are simply impossible, because a cancer victim on Medicare, for example, can not possibly pay 30,000 dollars more in fed taxes, yet her "consumption" of health care is taxed. And she is personally liable, no exceptions.

That's all necessary to make their math add up, remember that. Just like their taxes on city county and states are necessary to make their math add up.

Do they seriously believe every city county and state will send in massive amounts of money, as a wage and pension expenditure tax?

As a capital investment tax?  In advance?  Capital investments, are taxed, in advance!



$50,000 offer for one page of that 22 million dollars of "research".

Remember, we believed these guys -- sounded great, especially that 22 million dollars in research.  But we asked to see that research.  Turns out, there is none. 

 It's not incorrect research, it's not flawed -- we mean, there is none. There is no desk, no team, no computers, no folders, no nothing. They have no research, much less 22 million dollars of it, about their "very very simple" personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes. 

In fact, we have offered 50,000 dollars, for one page of that 22 million dollars in research, as stated above.  


What they do have is made to seem like "research" but it's nothing of the sort.  They have their own public relations company, Beacon Hill.  In those documents are these "assumptions" about huge other taxes, massive tax increases at state and local levels.  SO that's not research, and it's certainly not research about a simple retail sales tax.

Hiding massive goofy other taxes, in the fine print, is the opposite of research.


Do they believe that nonsense?  Of course not.  That's why they hid this crap in their online documents only.  In their "supporting documents"  by Beacon Hill, explaining their "tax base".

Tax base = what they tax.

Every lie by Fairtax hustle, shares this feature -- it's necessary to make their math add up.    And of course, there is no research about this, because it's a goofy hustle.  Yet they claim massive research.

See the whole page

The fact is, they lied, and they know they lied, and they continue to lie, by claiming 22 million in research, and continue to insist this is a retail consumption tax to replace all other fed taxes. 

They did not tell you that, at all, in fact, they lied and made you think that retail tax was all there was to it. Oh, hell no. 

You pay another 2.1 trillion dollars, on top of the retail sales tax.   They just hoped you wouldn't notice, and of course, fairtax suckers did not notice. 

This below, is official Fairtax document --see the NIPA in every line?   NIPA defined "consumption expenditure" is what they tax.

Not just personal "consumption"  but state local and county government "consumption expenditures" like wage expenditures, pension expenditures, and operational expenditures.

NIPA is not even an accounting term, nor is "consumption expenditure" a tax term.

Fairtax just patched these words together, absurdly, but it sounds good to gullible people --if by chance any Fairtax sucker even found these online documents.

But Fairtax never -- ever -- ever  -- tells anyone about this, in any book, in any speech, in any video.

Yet these other taxes are by far the largest part of Fairtax.

And they didn't tell you -- at all -- even now -- for 15 years.


Most of Fairtax has nothing to do with retail sales. Of the 3.5 Trillion dollars in Fairtax projected revenue, 2.1 Trillion are from these "other taxes".  Not retail sales taxes at all.

Cancer taxes -- all cancer surgery patients, all rehab patients, even Medicare and Medicaid patients,would be liable for 23% tax on their consumption of goods or services.

To make their math work -- Fairtax even taxes all cancer victims, those on Medicare or Medicaid too, there is no distinction whatsoever. 

Whoever "consumes" any good or service, is liable for the consumption tax, of 23%.  Remember, that is how their math adds up.

Yes, of course it's absurd.  Cancer victims should  not, and could not, be taxed like this.  But Fairtax hustlers needed their math to add up on paper. 

 Officially -- Fairtax taxes whatever NIPA defines as personal or governmental "consumption expenditures" - drastically larger and different than retail sales.

Like cancer taxes, Alzheimer patients tax -- 23%.   Even cancer victims on Medicare and Medicare are personally liable for 23,000 dollars tax, on their "consumption"  of health care goods and services of 100,000.

This is what President Bush Tax Advisory found -- in the fine print and math. Fairtax suckers could find it if they read the fine print closely.  Fairtax is not a tax code -- it's assumptions and deceptions are absurd bullshit, and they know it. They wrote them, they based their math on this bullshit. 

Fairtax had me fooled too.   Just a retail sales tax -- a tax on "purchases".    So simple.  And all researched.

Sounded great.

But testimony to Ways Means Committee proved Fairtax was political theater -- not a tax code at all.  The testimony showed massive impossible other taxes, in Fairtax, on top of, in addition to, the retail sales tax.

The sworn testimony also exposed the fraudulent, but oft repeated, claim of "research".  22 million dollars of research!   

We looked for that research -- and looked.  There is no research about this very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.. None. And there sure as hello is not 22 million dollars of research. 

In fact, we have offered 50,000 dollars for years, and still do, for one page of said research. 



What Fairtax does have, is a public relations firm, Beacon Hill.  Beacon Hill documents seem to confirm that Fairtax is a retail sales tax -- but read it closely (see below).  Cleverly in a few dozen words, sprinkled around like MSG in a Chinese buffet, are over two trillion dollars of "other" taxes that have nothing to do with retail, nothing to do with sales, and nothing to do with persons.

Like wage and pension "expenditure" taxes in Fairtax -- 23% tax on all pensions or wages "expended" by city county and states.

Not one Fairtax sucker -- not one -- that we met, had any clue Fairtax taxes "expenditures" - wage, pension and capital investment expenditures.

Not one.

Not one Fairtax sucker -- not one -- had any clue that Fairtax taxes all Medicare and Medicaid patients 23% on their "consumption" of health care services and goods. 

Not one. 

Yet each Fairtax sucker is passionate, and claim they "researched" Fairtax.   To them, reading the hustle must be what they think is research.

Like "capital investment" tax -- all city county and states would have to pay 23% tax, in advance no less, on all capital projects.   

And that's only the start.  

All these "other taxes"  actually are the biggest part of Fairtax.  The small part of Fairtax, is that retail sales tax.

We loved Fairtax -- voluntary, simple, everyone gets a prebate to pay your taxes. And wow -- 22 million in research!!

Sounded GREAT!   

Tax base = what they tax.  Read their clever documents, about their "tax base". 

These massive other taxes are impossible  -- not difficult -- to impose or collect, as you will see. 

That's right -- impossible. Think New York City is going to pay 800 million dollars in a fed tax, no one even told them about?

Think the State of Texas will pay 14 billion dollars in wage, pension, operational expenditure taxes, that no one even told them about?

Think Dade County Florida will just send in 150 million in capital investment taxes -- in ADVANCE -- because these lying bastards at Fairtax wrote that footnote?

Remember, Fairtax told us it was a PERSONAL RETAIL CONSUMPTION TAX.

But that's only a tiny part of it. Got that? Massive other taxes - in the math, and in the fine print.

So are they going to collect these 2 trillion dollars of other taxes, that they told no one about, because the lying bastards  hid those in a few words, to make their math add up?


Really? If so you are a dumb ass, and get off this page. Idiots.

The retail sales tax is not the problem, the problem is the other massive taxes, 2.1 trillion, that they hid from their suckers. 

These massive other taxes are barely mentioned even  in their official documents (we show you).  But they never tell their suckers about them, anywhere, ever. Not once, not in 15 years, not in any book, video or speech.


These other taxes -- remember this -- are the biggest source of revenue, on paper, in Fairtax math.  We show you that, too. 

Also taxed -- all Medicare and Medicaid patient, that's right the patient themselves -- are taxed on their "consumption" of goods and services.   See below if you don't believe me, that's central to Fairtax math.


So where is the "research".   There is none.  Here is a definition of research....

There is not 1 dollar of such research.   And certainly not 22 million dollars of "independent" research".  What they do have is double talk bullshit by their own public relations company.


Fairtax math is based on collecting fantastically high taxes from city county and states on wages, pensions and capital investments, in fact, they would pay, per Fairtax math, 23% tax on all operational expenditures. 

You didn't see that before, did you?

Hell no.

See the document full page -- 

The retail sales tax they tell suckers about, is only a SMALL PART of Fairtax.   Most of Fairtax  has nothing to do with sales, nothing to do with retail, and nothing to do with personal consumption.

Yes, Fairtax DOES have a retail sales tax.  And it SOUNDS great.

The problem isn't that retail sales tax.  That's fine.   The problem is the massive OTHER taxes they hide from suckers -- that means you, if you think Fairtax is rational, much less an actual tax code.

No, we don't mean Fairtax is flawed, or has "problems".   We mean it's a fraud, political theater, nonsense.  

With that retail sales tax they tell suckers about, are 2.1 Trillion in OTHER taxes.

The retail tax is about 1.4 trillion dollars.

The OTHER taxes they hide from suckers is much  much larger - 2.1 Trillion.   Not only are these other taxes hidden, they are impossible, goofy nonsense, inserted only to make their fraudulent math seem to add up. 

What other taxes?   Well, one example of many -- the tax on wage expenditures, and pension expenditures.  Every city county and state, that "expends" wage and pensions must pay 23% tax on that "consumption expenditure".

Rather than say, candidly --ALL WAGES ARE TAXED - Fairtax, far down in the definition section, gives a "definition" of "Certain wages".   The impression is, this is a small detail. Actually, it's an 800 billion dollar "detail". 

The way Fairtax uses "certain wages"  is to tax all wage, pension and operational expenditures of every city county and state.

That's not a personal retail sales tax.

And they never told anyone -- they just put it in their fine print, then based their math on it, and other such bullshit. Really. 

Did you know Fairtax "assumes" in their fine print, that all city county and states will (drastically) raise their tax rates to pay these wage pension and operational expenditure taxes?

Yes, wage, pension and operational expenditure taxes (see below).  They even tax all capital investment expenditures, disability compensation, in advance. You heard right, in advance.

And much more.


That's 800 billion or so -- or more -- that city county and states will have to pay in wage and pension expenditures.    How are they supposed to pay it?  Magic?

No -- read the fine print. We told you, Fairtax has fine print tricks, this is one.   City count and states are supposed to pay these massive other taxes, by raising their tax rates accordingly.

At least city county and states COULD theoretically double their tax rates and pay this --  but how would those on Medicare and Medicaid pay their massive taxes.  A typical cancer victim, on Medicare, could easily "consume" goods and services of 100,000 dollars.  Without exception -- remember that -- without exception, that person is liable for 23% tax on that consumption.

Yes, it's goofy as hell. That's why they hid this double talk in the fine print. 

Yes, they do tell you government pays taxes -- but they make it SEEM like a retail sales tax on them.  

See the word "consumption" in their books, you THINK that means retail consumption -- because that is what they told you.

Oh hell no -- actually they slyly insert all wage, pension and operational expenditures into that "consumption".   But thats in the fine print tricks.   And they don't mention it whatsoever in books, videos and speeches.

Fairtax spox admit these taxes on wages, pensions, and capital investment are in Fairtax -- and that's how Fairtax math adds up.

But they REFUSE to give any example, and equally refuse to tell their suckers about it candidly.  See below -- their own official spokesmen claims these massive other taxes are "clear enough already".


Not in any book.



Fairtax "economists"

Fairtax hustlers constantly tell suckers they have "80 leading economist" who vetted Fairtax.  And research -- 22 million in research.

So we believed them. Who would lie about THAT?

Turns out, they would.

Bullshit.  We contacted a dozen of those "economist" and only two supported Fairtax -- David Kendall and Laurence Kotlikoff. 


Turns out, Kotlikoff is the guy Fairtax hired to do their public relations -- he wrote much of their bullshit fine print tricks

 It's Kotlikoff whose  few dozen words, written to fool you, actually include the massive other taxes and assumptions, which are quite different from what Fairtax tells their suckers. 

So Kotlikoff does know - he wrote them --  fine print tricks.  


The only other guy was "Economist" David Kendall.  Kendall boasted about Fairtax, but turns out, had no idea what they taxed. 

David Kendall

Kendall refused to believe Fairtax taxed wage expenditures, capital expenditures, pension expenditures, or Medicare consumption. He thought we were crazy -- no way, he told us. Show me where those taxes on wage expenditures are --

So we showed him.     He was a PhD, he claimed he knew all about it - but he didn't know shit, excuse our french. He only knew the slogans.

Like every Fairtax sucker, Kendall insisted he "researched" Fairtax extensively.   By that, he meant he read the bullshit, he is so stupid, he thought reading their own bullshit was research. 

Kendall  had no idea -- none - that Fairtax has these huge other taxes, and huge tax increases at all levels.  Plus he had no idea of the massive taxes on Medicare and Medicaid patients. None.

Their OWN guy, had no idea what they taxed.   That's right, their OWN expert did not know what Fairtax taxed.   He thought it was a retail sales tax  -- like the books said.

   But most of the "economist"  Fairtax claimed as "our economist"   didn't support it, didn't know that much about it, and just signed a letter in the past about taxing consumption. 

  Some were deeply embarrassed about that, but none of them said they were a "Fairtax economist" -- the impression the Fairtax  hustlers  give.

Who paid for Fairtax buses, jets, paid spokesmen, and Beacon Hill fine print tricks?  We don't know. They wont say.

  The bridge work in California was a 6 billion dollar
capital investment.  Guess what -- California would owe a 23% Tax on that -- in ADVANCE  per Fairatx fine print.  Only in a footnote.  They never mention it, in 15 years, in any book, speech, or video.

Do they really think all cancer victims -- on Medicare or not -- should and will pay 30,000 extra in fed taxes, just because they or their children got sick?

Of course not.  But they  needed their math to add up, and this was how they did it.


That's right -- raise all city tax rates, all state tax rates, all county tax rates. That's cleverly in their "assumptions".    Assumptions is another word for lying bastards to say "we pretend."

That's what they have cleverly tucked away in their fine print.  All city county and state taxes go up -- WAY UP.

But how the hell would all cancer victims come up with 30,000 dollars for their "fairtax" on their "consumption" of cancer surgery, chemo, etc.  

That's their "assumption" in their own fine print.  Did you know that? HELL NO. 

Do you even know what NIPA is?      Hell no you don't know.  Turns out, all health care consumption is in "tax base,"  without exception.

Wages paid out, are part of NIPA calculations.   And so states, cities, counties, all must pay 23% tax rate on their wage expenditures.

And 23% tax on their pension expenditures.

And 23% tax on their operational expenditures.

Remember -- this is how their math adds up.   This is NOT in dispute. Fairtax leaders will admit it, if you ask them in a way they cant weasel out.


 NIPA has absolutely nothing to do with taxes, by the way, but Fairtax hustlers had to use some words on paper -- and they used NIPA "consumption expenditures"  which they just made up out of thin air.

Yes, they did.  

Did they ever mention NIPA, even one time, ever, in 15 years in any book? Hell no. Did they mention it in any video?

Hell no. 

Did they mention in it any speech?   Hell no.

Guess what, suckers, in their own fine print, the tell you, cleverly, they tax whatever NIPA defines as consumption expenditures.  That's drastically more than retail personal consumption.

NIPA defines city  "expenditures"  for it's own purposes -- not tax purposes.  But Fairtax lying bastards had to concoct some bullshit.   

Wages are a NIPA "expenditure".   So that's taxed, that's in the Fairtax "tax base".

That's how these lying bastards got their math to add up. 

City county and states, are, without exception, liable for 23% tax on their EXPENDITURE of wages, their EXPENDITURE of pensions, their EXPENDITURE of capital investments.

No -- you didn't know that. They didn't tell you.  They only wrote this crap in their fine print, and wrote it carefully. But that's how their math adds up.

Think Chicago is just going to say "Oh well" and send in 240 million?  Really think that.

Think New York City is going to say "No problem" and send in almost a billion?

They didn't tell anyone this -- try to grasp that.  They didn't tell you  -- and they didn't tell anyone, in any book, any video, any speech.

What's your city, and your county, and your state going to send in, on wage tax, pension tax, operational expenditure tax? 

Hell you don't have a clue.

How much of your state budget would have to go to pay these massive taxes on their "operational expenditure" tax?   You don't have a CLUE.

But at least states COULD theoretically raise taxes 40%.  All counties COULD, all cities COULD.

But that's how their math adds up -- based on fantastic sums of money from taxes they didn't tell you suckers about - - AT ALL.  Not one word.

But they told you suckers it was "transparent".  Got that? Too complicated?

But this is what their math is based on. Try. To. Grasp. That. 

They dont tell suckers in the books.

They don't tell suckers in the videos

They don't tell suckers in the speeches.

They tell suckers it's a simple retail consumption tax, all researched.

It's not a retail sales tax, and it's not researched.  Fairtax is not even a tax code. It's political theater by lying bastards.  Yes, it is. 

Without the fine print tricks, the tax rate would need to be 89%, not 23%.  Remember that.  Each fine print trick is in HR25 and their other documents, for that purpose. To make their math add up on paper, but to keep stupid people from knowing what they actually tax, on paper. 

William Gale, Chair of Bush Tax Panel study on "Fairtax"
Gale didn't have to look far for the hustle -- he just read all the fine print.

We show you the fine print tricks.


$50,000 offer.

For years now, we have offered 50,000 dollars -- and still do -- for one page of that 22 million dollars of "research"  by Fairtax, about their "very very simple"   personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

Why can't they show one page of research?    Because what they hope suckers think is "research"  is some double talk BS by their own public relations company.  That's the opposite of research.  See below.

We first offered the 50,000 dollars to Neal Boortz, for any charity he named.   Just show one page of that 22 million in research -  how hard can that be?

Can't show it -- if you don't have it.  They have no research,  they have their own public relation firm (Beacon Hill) double talk,  but it's in those convoluted documents (see below) where the misleading bullshit takes place. 

Hiding misleading bullshit -- massive other taxes hidden in their goofy Orwellian fine print tricks -- is not research. 

It's not that hard to find the fine print tricks  -- just read all the fine print, and don't pay attention to the great sounding bullshit.  Focus on the details, like their "assumptions" and "tax base". 

Yes, the bullshit sounds great, no duh.  That's how frauds work. 

IN fact, that tax, on wage, pension, capital investments, and operational expenditures, would be the biggest expense your city would have. Any expenditure (other than education expenditures) are taxed.

And look - really look -- at how  your city, and your state, and your county are supposed to pay these massive taxes.  It's cleverly in the fine print HERE. 

YOU pay it, in much higher state and local taxes, for one thing.

 Fairtax documents cleverly admit it,  read every word in their fine print.

All health care goods, services, without exception, are taxed. 

And the person using any good or service is liable -- without exception.  Not necessarily who pays -- the math is based on, and the fine print cleverly says - whoever uses that is taxed.

That is how their math adds up.  Try to grasp that

But Fairtax own math, and own fine print in their own documents, show NIPA "defined consumption expenditures"  is what they tax.  Not just retail sales. Retail sales is only a small part of it. 

Did any Fairtax book, any Fairtax speech, any Fairtax video, in 15 years, even hint at these massive other taxes?  


Did any Fairtax speaker, book, or video even mention -- ever, even one time -- NIPA?   That's what their fine print says they tax.   But they tell suckers they just tax personal retail sales. 

Try to grasp what these lying bastards did -- on purpose. They made this shit up, knowing every step of the way, they were lying.  And some of them -- Neal Boortz -- was paid. 

NIPA defined consumption expenditures is basic -- because  that's how their math adds up.

NIPA defined taxes are not just on retail sales, but 300% more than that -- they tax, on paper, all Medicare and Medicaid spending, all military spending, all capital investments by all city county and states.

They tax -- on paper because of this bullshit term -- all wage and pension expenditures by all city county and states, all operational expenditures.

Sound like a simple personal retail sales tax to you?  Really?







Not just a wage, pension expenditure tax, but also all capital investments are taxed, -- in advance.   All operational expenditures are taxed.   How are they taxed? They are in "the tax base".    

          Of course, when Bush Tax Panel read the report by Fairtax on their own "tax base" -- the tax panel were not suckers watching FOX news and Hannity, who was paid to push Fairtax. Yes he was.

Bush Tax panel knows what a Tax Base is. You should too.  A tax base is what they tax.    Fairtax clever way of taxing all these other things, it to describe their "tax base"   and only there even mention these other things are taxed.  But they never say "WE TAX THIS"  they just put a few words in their document about tax base.

Testimony to Way's Mean's Committee showed the fraud  - simply stating in blunt terms  - what Fairtax has in their own fine print.