Monday, April 22, 2013




Fairtax sounds GREAT --

So Mike Pence, now VP, not only bought into it, he sponsored this in the House and Senate.

Why not, the slogans sounded so good!

A simple retail sales tax!

What Mike Pence did not notice -- because Fairtax "experts"  made it seem otherwise -- the retail sales tax would get about 1.4 Trillion dollars, per the year this applied to.

That left a mere two trillion (now 3 trillion) more in fairtax taxes.

Yes, they have massive other taxes, the retail part is just small part


INDIANA  -- YOU OWE US 14 Billion.

The other taxes are mostly huge taxes on state and local "expenditures".   No, not just retail purchases.

All wage "expenditures,"  all pension "expenditures"  all capital "expenditures"   are taxed.   

How so ?  Because all other expenditures are "in the tax base".   They do tell you, very cleverly, about their tax base.

You can easily read it and not realize this, but whatever is in their tax base, by defintion, they tax.  Capital expenditures, pension expenditures, operational expenditures,  wage expenditures, those are all in the "tax base".

Not just the state of Indiana -- every city in Indiana.  Every county. Every police department. Every park district.  Every court system. Every police system. 

Massive taxes each and every one.



If you read very very closely, they did tell you in one of their documents.  You had to find that one document, then read it extremely closely.  

All cities.

All states.

All counties. 

Even the Pentagon, even at federal level, makes no difference.  Their math is based on this.

All of those entities, and more  -- are supposed to RAISE THEIR TAX RATES

Let me repeat that.  They told you this --they told Mike Pence this, they told everyone this, in a very slick way.

Huge tax rates across the board at city level, county level and state level. All levels.

They never made it clear, they only put it cleverly in a document most people never read, and in a way you probably would not notice if you did find it.


Note to those who push Fairtax.....

Fairtax hustlers knew about the massive other taxes the whole time. Including Neal Boortz, the guy who wrote to books about Fairtax.   


No one sells their "tax plan"  in honest terms,  because honesty and tax plans do not go together. But Fairtax fraud is in a league of fraud all by itself. 



The slogans sound great.

So yes, they have that retail sales tax.  

Only about 40% of Fairtax is about retail personal sales. 

Sixty percent of Fairtax projected revenues are from massive and impossible to collect taxes on all cities counties and states -- they would be taxed on all operational expenditures, all wage and pension expenditures, even all capital expenditures.

So if your local library spent 10 million a year operating your library, your library district would owe 2.3 million in taxes to the federal government.

If your local police and fire department spent 20 million a year, they would owe 4.6 million in taxes to the federal government.

And that's only the beginning.


If you only know the slogans, and never study the fine print, it would be impossible, not difficult, to notice the absurdities, or the fraud.

If you read the Fairtax book,  you already know their hustle---  Fairtax is a "very very simple"   personal retail sales tax that was researched by "80 leading economist"  who invented Fairtax "To save America".

The research cost 22 million dollars, they claimed.  and the plan is "so simple a 7th grader can explain it."

Just pay 23% federal tax on all new goods and services. 

You will see the tax on your cash register receipt.

All prices will drop 22%,  so the 23% tax won't be a burden.   Everyone gets a "prebate" check every month from the government.

Take home pay, wrote Boortz in the Fairtax Book, goes up by an average of 50%.  

  The only problem with Fairtax, Boortz said in interviews, where be where to put all the money.

US economy will increase by over 30%,   Social Security and Medicare taxes go away, income taxes go away,  the only federal tax is that 23% retail sales tax.

Actually that 23% sales tax is just a part of it.  And they knew that every time they said otherwise. 

Furthermore, Social Security and Medicare go from being funded, right now, by FICA and Medicare taxes, but those taxes entirely go away. 

 From almost 900 billion dollars a year coming in for those programs -- to nothing.  Not a dime.

Fairtax has no mechanism to pay these taxes, as you will see. 

In fact,  Fairtax has a 700 billion dollar cash give out -- the "prebates".   Just like there is no mechanism to collect that 700 billion, there is no mechanism to collect the Medicare and Medicaid taxes, contrary to their slogans.

Do they have research to show any of this is logical, feasible, or rational?  No.


What research?   We show you the documents they like to pass off as research.   Not only is it not research, (it's silly double speak)  it's not about a personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.


Political theater -- not a tax code

Fairtax was/ is a great sounding bit of political theater -- fully protected, and rightly so, by the first amendment.

As we find out from Bruce Bartlett, he was approached by Scientology folks who wanted him to help them push that political theater.  



 Vice President Pence actually sponsored Fairtax in Congress, along with 99 others.  He no longer mentions it, yet he sold it then as very nearly a magic wand solution to all our problems, from the debt, to Social Security, to immigration. 

Two candidates for President ran on Fairtax.  Mike Huckabee once called Fairtax his "magic wand"  he could "wave"  as President.
Over forty Republican Senators voiced support of it. 

FOX NEWS hosts pushed Fairtax -- Neil Cavuto, and Sean Hannity most of all.  

This might help explain where it went.


Fraud sounded great because their slogans sound great. 

The retail sales tax part was fine.  That was not the problem.


Fairtax, like Flat tax, has fabulous slogans.   Flat tax has only slogans -- and deceptive narratives.   It has no actual research.   But Fairtax DOES have a group of documents that they claim are "22 million dollars"  of research.  



Hustles must sound great -- not just good, but fantastic.

Fairtax fraud is no exception to that rule. 


They must have laughed, when they wrote this...... it's total bombast, balderdash, nonsense, but it looks sophisticated, right? 

and this ......

Few people can  determine by the above what they actually tax, yet they told you,. Not clearly, but they told you,  technically.  They just didn't tell you in speeches, books, videos or on line. 


Idiotically, the government is supposed to just pay 60% of it's own taxes.   That's as goofy as goofy gets.

But how do they do that?

In the fine print.  In this case, in the definition of a "person".

A long line of defintions.... you probably would never read them or understand the importance, but it's there. 

After a long list of mind numbing defintions -- such as defining what a "designated commercial private courier service is"  -- they nonchalantly describe a person as all government entities. 

The definition of a person looks like this on the page.....


Why on earth put this "definition of a person"  far far down the definitions -- after such things as the defintion of professional personal courier service??

Yet this definition -- according to their own James Bennett, #2 man in the organization, and an attorney  -- is the "legal basis"  for the massive taxes on wage, pension, capital expenditures, etc.  

Of course it can't be a fraud, with all the research, right?

Neal Boortz even gave us the name of the main researchers- - Dale Jorgenson.   Boortz again and again claimed "Harvard" researches proved Fairtax.

Uh -- no.  Actually Jorgenson said something quite different, and does not even, and never did, support Fairtax. 


Jorgenson, stunningly, wanted HIGHER income taxes  on the wealthy, at least those with "capital income" -- not some bullshit fraud Boortz was talking about.

See this -- from the interview with Jorgenson.  Does it sound like Jorgenson wants Fairtax? Hell no. 

Mr. Jorgenson's "Efficient Taxation of Income" would reform the existing income tax system, by taxing capital income at an effective rate of about 30% and labor income at a flat rate of about 10%

Jorgenson wanted to DOUBLE the tax on capital income -- and reduce the income from work to 10%.

That is extremely liberal -- double the cap gainst tax, and lower tax on work to 10%.

Does that sound like a 23% sales tax to you? That's what Jorgenson wanted, their supposed researcher!


Fairtax   sounded so good, Mike Pence was one of 100 sponsors in Congress.    No other tax plan in US history had 100 sponsors.


Mike Huckabee ran for POTUS on Fairtax. At one stop, Huckabee said he will just "wave the magic wand"  of Fairtax.  

And why not?  Everyone gets more money, prices drop so much, the tax won't even matter - and it's all researched! Fairtax  will make US the "economic powerhouse" of the world!


  And they never told you about it.