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Just a "very very simple" tax?  
On what you buy? 

   Wanna bet?

It's not even a tax code. It's political theater.




2005 -- Bush Tax Panel exposed the fine print tricks, in 2005.  It was not that hard -- they just had to read all Fairtax documents, very closely.  They didn't call it a fraud in public, they were polite about it.  See below. 


2010 -- Sworn testimony to Congression Ways Means Committee did expose Fairtax as a fraud, for the same basic reason the Bush Tax Panel did so. But the sworn testimony was NOT polite.  Nor are we.   See Fairtax fraud exposed bluntly, below.


1) NOT a retail sales tax-- only a small part of it, is about retail sales.

2)   No research.  They claim 22 million in research -- can't show one page of actual research.


Yes they have a retail sales tax.  The largest on earth. 1.4 Trillion in retail sales taxes.   But that's not the problem.   

The massive impossible other taxes -- hidden in the fine print, are the problem.  Gale found WHY Fairtax had these massive hidden taxes too -- to make the math worki.

Without these massive other taxes (which are impossible to collect by the way) Fairtax hustlers would have to admit a retail sales tax rate would need to be 89% to replace all other taxes.

President Bush Tax Panel showed that -- without the fine print tricks, only taxing retail sales, the tax rate would need to be 89%, not 23%. That's the basic hustle. And that's why Fairtax needed to tax much much more than retail sale.

Every deception, every tax they hid, every slick double speak, was for one reason -- to make their math add up.

Without the other taxes, the tax rate would be 89%.  If they just taxed retail sales, only retail sales, the tax rate would need to be 89%.  

Fairtax hustlers couldn't sell an 89% sales tax, even to Tea Party suckers.  So they sold the 23% tax rate, and inserted the massive other taxes in their slick double talk, that we show you.

Go on -- look for yourself.   Look at their fine print.

You COULD have seen it before, if you looked very closely at all their documents, on line and otherwise.    But because they always told suckers it was a very simple retail sales tax -- of course, yoiu would assume that was true.

No, it was never true. And they always knew it wasn't true.

We show you the fine print below. 

 2.1 Trillion in taxes on things like  wages, pensions, capital investments, Medicare benefits, and much more.  All of which are impossible, but make their math add up.

They need their math to show 23%. So they made it add up by lying their ass off about what they would have to actually tax to get 23%.

They never told any city about  about this - ever.

They never told any state about it. 

They never told their suckers about it.

They never told Congress about it.  They just pretended like it was a "very simple" retail sales tax, and then in the convoluted BS double talk, assumed this, and inserted that.

 Other than those few words , like"certain taxes"  and the other sprinkled BS.  Then they pretended (assumed)  that  they could collect that "revenue" .  Bullshit. 

That's what Bush Tax Panel found, and politely reported it.

We aren't so polite. We call these lying bastards what they are  -- lying bastards. 

Bush Tax Panel found that, without the massive hidden taxes (we show you below) Fairtax rate would be 89%, not 23%

Certain wages?

Way way down in the definition section.  After they told suckers such important definition as what a "Professional Personal Currier Service" was, the dropped their bullshit "Certain Wages".

Why the F would they hide these massive wage and pension taxes, far below things like their definition of Personal Currier Services?  Any clue?

Any clue at all?

Because they are lying bastards and did this deception on purpose. Beacon Hill did this, and they were paid to do it. 

Then they give you some double talk, and make it seem like this is on wages paid to "domestic servants".

Oh hell no.  Certain wages is Fairtax slick fraud way of inserting - on paper -- a tax on all wage, pension and operational expenditures, by every city county and state.

Why would they do that?   Only one reason -- to make their math add up.  They know they can't tax city county and states ---they know only people pay taxes. They know they hide this, and never told city county and states about it.

Never once to Fairtax lying bastards tell city county and states about this 800 billion -1.2 Trillion dollar tax.  They just use these words "certain wages"  way way down in the fine print.

There is no earthly way to know these bastards are talking about a trillion dollars of taxes city county and states would pay, unless you unravel their fraud, and decipher their math tricks. 

Retail sales tax on what you buy? That's what Boortz and others told you.

Fairtax 2 trillion dollars of OTHER taxes -- Boortz and others "forgot" to mention.  Think Boortz forgot every time he spoke about it?

Do you even know what NIPA is?  

Every speech he made, he "forgot"?

Every book he wrote about it -- he "forgot"? 


Certain wages? WTF?  Turns out, that ends up meaning all wage, pension, and benefit expenditures, all operational expenditures, and all capital investment expenditures, are taxed 23%.

They never say that - lying bastards running scams never say things bluntly.  This part of the fraud, they put in definition section.  But this is how their math adds up -- remember that. 


They tax whatever NIPA defines as personal or government "consumption expenditures".

Here is a clue -- that Orwellian bullshit is double talk for all expenditures (except education).    Even the "consumption" of Medicare benefits, is taxed, in this clever bullshit. 

The Medicare or Medicaid patient -- per this fine print trick -- is personally liable for the "consumption".,

Likewise, all city county and states are liable for massive taxes on wage, pension, and capital expenditures.   None of that is even possible -- and it sure as hell is not personal retail sales.

But you have to find that online, and read it closely.  Then you have to match it up to their bullshit tricky math. You heard right -- find it online.

Did Neal Boortz or anyone else ever -- ever -- tell you that all operational expenditures by all city county and states, are taxed?

Hell no.

And did they ever tell you how states are supposed to pay it?  Hell no.   You have to read their fine print.


But if you read very closely -- all of their documents -- you can find this.  They assume city and states will raise their tax rates "sufficiently" to pay these 800 billion or more dollars. 

GO on, read their clever "assumption yourself. 

Here is the kind of razzle dazzle bullshit Fairtax hired Beacon Hill hustlers to put out. So they did. Beacon Hill did not lie -- they just hid the massive other taxes in this kind of bullshit and double talk.  They were paid to do this. 

Fairtax taxes whatever NIPA defines as personal or government consumption expenditures.

And they assume all city county and states will raise their tax rates - by 800 billion or more.

Did they tell you that in books? No. Did they tell you that in their videos? 

This is just the start of the bullshit -- we show you more.  But this is the biggest source of their "pretend revenue"  inserted to make their math add up.

Did they ever tell you about the massive other taxes? HELL NO.

You have to find it in their online documents..  Why do you think that is?





Dallas Texas -- 40-80 million in wage, pension and operational expenditure taxes.

NYC -- over 800 million.  Chicago, 400 million.   Keokuk Iowa, 12 million.

Every county too; Cook County IL, 700 million, Dallas County Texas, 400 million. 

NO -- Fairtax never has a list or amounts of what counties pay.  Nor will they tell you.  They have these massive taxes in the fine print deceptively, that's how their math adds up. Of course the lying bastards aren't going to show you a list.

Try getting these lying bastards to show you what any city -- any city at all -- has to pay in wage, pension and operational expenditure taxes?  They refuse. It's in their fine print, it's how their math adds up, but the lying bastards refuse to show any details, estimates, or list of cities, or counties, or states, and what they would each have to pay.

Remember that -- they REFUSE to show any such list. 


Not only did Fairtax hustlers not tell you -- they didn't tell any city, any state, any county.  They just put a few slick words in their fine print, then pretended (assumed)  all those billions would come in.


That's what Fairtax hustlers needed to do, to make their fraudulent math add up. So they did. 

Those can't be collected anyway, which is why they hid them.  But they make the math work, on paper. 

Do you think Dallas Texas is going to voluntarily send in 80 million dollars because these lying bastards hid a few words in an online document? 

Because hiding these words in ONLINE documents is what they did to make their math add up


Think about this -- fellow Fairtax suckers. Think real  hard.  Will every city county and state send in massive amounts of money, and drastically raise their tax rates, cause these lying bastards wrote some words on a piece of paper, didn't tell them, and in fact told the world they were a very simple retail sales tax?


According to sworn testimony to Congress, Fairtax added 2.1 Trillion dollars of other taxes, in a few dozen slick words, in their fine print.

The thing to remember is -- these massive other taxes that they "forgot" to mention -- make up most of Fairtax revenue.



By this wage and pension expenditure tax, Dallas Texas "expends" 120 million for police and fire and sewer "expenditures"  Dallas has to pay almost 30 million as a tax -- send it in, on top of, in addition to, paying the wages and pensions etc.

But Dallas "expends" much more than that.  Their Fairtax would be even drastically higher than 30 million.  Yet Fairtax refuses to give a number, or even make it clear. Of course they refuse to give any number -- they are trying very hard to fool you in the first place. 

Did you know that? 

 Not just Dallas, but every city. And every county. And every state.  That's almost 800 billion dollars right there -- from all city and counties. And it's only the start of the massive other taxes. 

Another example, example, in the fine print, they tax a Medicare cancer victim 30,000 dollars in federal taxes, when her income is just 10,000 dollars.


According to Fairtax math, and fine print, Fairtax has 2.1 Trillion dollars of other taxes

We  show you those other taxes -- Fairtax liars never did. In fact, they went to great lenghts to convince suckers their plan is a "very simple tax on what you buy".

So you never saw this footnote, did you. That's right, the lying bastards put this one, in a footnote.  They didn't tell you about it.

Nor did they tell anyone else. See it  here.

Here is that footnote,  part of it enlarged ...

Does that sound like a personal retail sales tax, to you? Really?

This is their tax on "certain wages" -- 

Very cleverly, way way down in the fine print, in the definition section, they define "certain wages".

They never tell you -- not once, not in 15 years, not in 10000 speeches, not in 1000 videos, not in 50 books, about this tax on all city county and state wages pensions and operational expenditures. Hell no they don't tell you. 

 But here it is, and this is important, because they use this "money" to make their math work


Word games.   Fairtax hustlers used old fashioned word games.

See those words?  Tax all consumption of goods and services?  Without exception?

That's in the fine print. So you better know what the hell they mean by consumption, and they made sure suckers thought it meant retail sales.  Because thats what they told you, and thats the only example they gave. 


No big deal, right?  All consumption -- no exceptions.  

 How about 2.1 Trillion dollars of other taxes they didn't tell you about. Think they "forgot"?

According to sworn testimony to Congress, never refuted, Fair Tax other taxes add 2.1 Trillion dollars of "revenue"  projections  to the 1.4 trillion dollar retail sales tax.



In  Fairtax documents, by Beacon Hill (Beacon Hill is their public relations company), Fairtax cleverly says city and states should "raise their tax rates" to pay these taxes based on NIPA define consumption taxes.


 CNN interviewed shortly after the "Fairtax Book" came out, which made it seem as if Jorgenson researched and supported Fairtax.   Wrong.  

Jorgenson did no research on Fairtax, and said the plan would not work.  Jorgenson is not for Fairtax or anything like it. 

So who did the 22 million dollars of research?  Sure as hell wasn't Jorgenson. 

No one did 22 million dollars of research.  No such research even exists. They have only those very clever documents from their own public relations company.


Still seem like a simple retail sales tax to you?

How do they have most of Fairtax revenue coming from city county and state government, but call it a "personal tax".

Here is how these lying bastards did it. They cleverly define all government as a person, in one of their endless definitions, way way way down in the fine print.

Fairtax spokesmen James Bennett defended this stupid and fraudulent way of hiding 1.4 trillion dollars of revenue (by calling the government a person way down in the fine print) 

Bennett said there was "no need" to explain further that what is in that definition,  or that it means all city county and states have to pay massive taxes, because "city and states deal with fine print all the time".

Fairtax Spokesmen Bennett claimed the "definition of a person" was clear enough to let all city county and states know about the 800 billion - 1.2 trillion in taxes they would owe. Is he stupid, or just a cult member fooled by his cult daddy?  He isn't stupid.  So that leaves fooled by his cult daddy, IMHO.


That's a fraud, in our opinion. Deliberately misleading you on the most basic aspect.


If your city builds a new court house for 50 million, your city has to pay a 13 million dollar tax.  No, they don't deduct that from the 50, they pay the 50, this is a separate tax,  paid separately, in addition to any retail sales tax.