Monday, April 22, 2013

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Yeah, the slogans sounded great.  

A very simple retail sales tax!   All researched. 


Here is one from today, just an hour ago....

A national sales tax.   A retail sales tax.  That's what Boortz told us.  A very very simple retail sales tax. No tricks, no exceptions, and transparent.

Page after page of great news for US -- Fairtax was not a tax plan, it was "the most important, the most researched economic plan in US history".

The only problem -- Boortz said with a straight face -- will be "where to put all the money".   

Just by a "very very simple"  personal retail sales tax?



Uh -- well, PART of Fairtax is a retail personal sales tax. Yes.  A small part. The slogans make it sound like a simple personal retail sales taxes.

This is from their own clever document, they fraudulently call "research"  but is actually where they have most of their fine print tricks.... very clever.

Tax base = what they tax.  They tax whatever NIPA defines as -- blah blah blah.   

What the hell is NIPA?    Why not just say "Our tax base is personal retail sales"?

NIPA-- by the way -- is  not even a tax related concept.   It's some bullshit construct they know you don't know about, and they only tell you they tax whatever it says, in documents they know you will never see, much less understand.

The reason they don't just say "Our tax base is retail sales" -- because if they only taxed personal retail sales, the tax  rate would need to be 89%, not 23%.

Even stupid people know that an 89% sales tax is bogus bullshit.  Even teaparty level stupid knows that.

So Fairtax hustlers TOLD you it's a retail sales tax, but then added all kinds of other taxes (impossible other taxes)  to make their math work.....


 They never tell you what they tax clearly,   though like all lying bastards, they pretend to be simple, candid and transparent.

Transparent my ass -- wait till you see how tricky they hustlers were, in their "calculator" and fine print.

You have to read all their documents and footnotes, and check their math, which is based on their fraudulent fine print tricks....

But that's not what the clever fine print and math show, in their own documents.

The lying bastards never tell you about the biggest part of fairtax -- massive other taxes you pay, on top of, and separately from, that retail sales tax.

St. Louis -- per Fairtax fine print -- should "raise their tax rates sufficiently"  to pay it!!  So they did tell you, about the massive other taxes, and they did tell you about the huge tax increases as a result.  But they did that very cleverly -- in fine  print.

We show you the fine print. And no, the lying bastards never told you in books, vidoes and speeches. 

Retail sales tax is just a small part of it. 





Think Dallas Texas will send in over 180 million dollars- - remember, Fairtax never told anyone that clearly -- and then raise their tax rates "sufficiently"  to pay it?

If so, you are a dumb ass.

Think the state of Texas will send in over 16 billion (really, see the math)?  Remember, Fairtax never told anyone, this is only in the clever fine print.

SO Texas will send in over 16 billion tax on wage, pension and operational expenditures, even capital expenditures, and then raise their tax rates 16 billion?

Think about that -- real hard. These lying bastards snuck that in their fine print.  

No -- they never told you suckers in books, never in speeches, never in videos. Think they forgot?

Think this just slipped their mind, ever day, for the last 15 years?  


 Remember, these other taxes are over and above, paid separately from, the retail sales tax.   They have 30% taxes -- on wages, pensions, operational expenditures and capital expenditures, on every city, county and state.

For example, if you live in St. Louis, and St Louis "expends" 100 million dollars on a new court house and jail complex, St. Louis must "remit" in advance, 30 million dollars.

Bizare?   Yes, but that's in their MATH. We show you their math, very clever, but it's there.  And it is in the fine print.

The lying ****  fooled me, until I dug deep into their fine print and math.  If you bought into Fairtax, they fooled you too.  You came to the right place, to get unfooled.

Warning: you may lose respect for your cult daddy, who lied to you about Fairtax,  through fine print tricks, and calculator fraud. 

Me -- Mark Curran. 

I was one of the earliest Fairtax supporters.  Then I read the fine print. 

Before we go any further -- I put my money where my mouth is.  I offer 50,000 dollars (really) to anyone who can show one page of that 22 million dollars of  Fairtax research about this very simple personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes.

Please do not email me with some bullshit Fiartax slogans - I know their slogans better than you do.  

Show me one page of that research -- 22 million dollars worth they said -- about this very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

That should be easy as hell -- show one page?   

Go on, show ONE page!   They can't.  What they have is not only not research, it's not about a simple retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.   I show you what those bastards have, that they hope you believe is research.

But hiding massive impossible bullshit in a few sentences of "assumptions" and absurd definitions, is not research. It's a fraud. 

Either they have 22 million dollars of research, or they do not. Hell, they don't have 22 cents worth of research.  They do have documents that are bullshit -- not research at all.  And not about a simple retail sales tax.  

I keep offering 50K for one page of that research, and they keep running away.   Why do you suppose that is?


Slogans sound great -- no shit, sherlock.   I was fooled too -- they did a good job (they paid Beacon Hill to do the good job of bullshit). 

But I show you why the slogans are part of the fraud.  They had to get great sounding slogans to fool the stupid. 

If they have 22 million dollars of such research, they sure as hell haven't shown it.   It sure as hell is NOT research about a simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

A very very simple personal retail consumption tax. That's what Huckabee sells,  that's what Boortz sold, and it sounds so great!

But read the fine print -- closely.

Yes, they do tax retail sales.  Sure do. But that would not bring in near enough money to replace all fed taxes.  It could theoretically replace the income tax -- but the income tax is only about 1/3 of all federal taxes.

So Fairtax had to tax much much much more than retail sales

Yes there would be a 3 dollar tax on your ten dollar lunch.

But read the fine print -- there is a 30 million dollar tax on Souix City Iowa's 100 million dollar capital expenditure and operational expenditures.

Oh -- you didn't know?  This is my surprised look.

And -- there is a 30,000 dollar tax on a cancer victims who "consume"  cancer surgery and chemo of 100,000 dollars.


Big deal!  I can afford 3 bucks.  Besides, I would get 200 a month check to pay those taxes, and my pay would go way up.

No other fed taxes! 


When I found out -- their calculator was a fraud,  that did it for me. 


Fairtax slogans
their fine print.

There are only about 300 words, total, that matter, in Fairtax.

Words about 2.1 Trillion dollars of  OTHER taxes, the lying bastards never mention,  not once,  not in 16  years, in any book, any video, any speech.  Think they forgot?

Only about 1.4 Trillion of Fairtax taxes are on normal personal retail sales.  That's not the problem.

Retail sales tax is not the problem. 

We show you the problem (the fraud).


When you realize their tax base is, by definition, what they tax, you won't be so stupid.

They make you stupid by spouting slogans that sound great. Yeah, slogans sound great.   But what do they tax?

Who pays?     They are artful and sneaky as hell about that. 

No, they never tell you "WE TAX THIS".   Nor do they ever say "This is who has to pay this tax".


Embedded image permalink

This is the "consumption" they tax.   


The basic fraud is this:  the claim to be a simple retail sales tax.

If retail sales was all that they taxed, retail sales would be the "tax base".

But their "tax base documents"   have massive, goofy other things in it.   By definition, they tax everything in their tax base.

All Medicare and Medicaid "expenditures"  are in the tax base.   Therefore, per their fine print and math (we show you) they tax all Medicare and Medicaid patients.  Like this woman....

No, they never make it clear to suckers they tax all cancer victims, but they do.  All cancer "consumption," all health consumption, is part of their tax base.  And thats in the fine print, cleverly stated.

We show you.

But even more goofy, all city county and state expenditures -- including wage, pension and capital expenditures -- are in the tax base.   That means, again, that is what they tax.   Their math is based on these massive other taxes. 

Do you see that  11 trillion dollars, which they then tax 30%,  above? Here it is again...

To get that 11 trillion, they  had to add all city county and state expenditures other than educational expenditures.   Police, fire, sewer, even capital expenditures, are in the tax base, and by definition taxed.   Read their fine print very closely, and it's there too, the capital expenditure tax is there, in a clever footnote!

We will show you footnote 19 again, and the page it's on.  These devious bastards put these "details" in official documents, but you would have a hell of a time even finding them.  They sure as hell never told you about any of this in books, vidoes and speeches.  It's only in the math and fine print tricks. 

 they decepitvely include all Medicare and Medicaid, and all city county and state wage, pension, capital investment, and operational expenditures.

As President Bush Tax Panel exposed over a decade ago, if Fairtax only taxed personal retail sales, Fairtax rate would need to be more like 89%.

The only way these sneaky bastards can show 23% or 30% -- is to have these massive other taxes in the fine print.

By definition, when they "include" something in their "tax base" -- that means, it's taxed 30%.

So while suckers think it's some kind of personal retail sales tax (because that's the impression they give) actually the largest part of their tax base has nothing to do with retail sales.  

Does it make sense to you that they tax "wage expenditures" paid out by the city of Chicago? Hell no.  But all Chicago (and all cities) wage, pension, and operational spending is in that 11 trillion dollar figure.  

Hell no, wage expenditures, pension expenditures, capital investment expenditurers, are not personal retail sales.  But the lying bastards at Fairtax math includes those expenditures, in their "tax base"

Tax base -- by definition -- means they tax it.

In this case, 30% tax.  Do you really think Medicare patients can, will, or should, pay 30% fed tax on their cancer surgery?   Never mind what you think, Fairtax math is based on every cancer victim, on Medicare and otherwise, paying 30% tax on their "consumption" of cancer surgery and chemo. That's their math. 
 That's how devious these lying pieces of shit are -- not kinda, not sorta. That's how these lying bastards get their math to add up.  Then they tell suckers it's a "very very simple" personal retail sales tax.
Those lying ass wipes.   Really.  

To make their math work, Fairtax has all kinds of consumption that, in reality, can not be taxed.  They don't give a shit if it can be taxed or not, their math adds up on paper. That's what they wanted- - their math to look like it was legit. Hell no it's not legit, these folks lied from day one.  

You have to read ALL their documents very closely, because these lying bastards are tricky as hell. Still, look closely, it's there. 

They also tax every city, every county, every state, on their "consumption expenditures". 

 Hilariously, their math is based on this kind of absurdity ---when a city county or state "expends" 100 million on a capital investment, that city county or state must "remit" 30 million tax to the federal government.

This is not in dispute -- it's in their fine print, it's in their math.   They just don't explain that to suckers in books, in videos, in speeches.  To suckers, they claim to be a very simple personal retail sales tax.

See any problems here in the consumption chart?  They tax all consumption 30%.  

They tax all city county and state "consumption expenditures"  on wage, pension and capital investments.   In those "consumption" figures are, for example, St. Louis "expenditures"  for all operational can capital spending, about 600 million.

St. Louis - really, seriously, we show you -- would owe  over 140 million as a tax. Much of that in ADVANCE.  We show you the fine print and the math.  

From Fairtax official document -- footnote 19.  PREPAY tax on capital investments.   Prepay or not-- what the hell are they doing taxing all city county and state expenditures 30%?   Some in advance.   How the hell is that a simple retail sales tax?

It's not.   And there is much more.


Fairtax basic fraud is this -- the  math is based on a  30% tax on all "consumption - expenditures".

Yes, they tax retail sales 30%. For a small part of Fairtax.  That's not the problem. But that brings in only 1.4 Trillion. 

To bring in 3.5 Trillion, (which is what they claim they would collect)  they have to also tax all  cities, all counties, and all states, would be taxed 30% on their wage, pension, capital expenditures .  And much more....

Do you think Texas state legislature will send in 20 billion dollars?  No one told them -- Fairtax pretends they are just a very simple personal retail sales tax. 

So is Texas legislature, without being told, going to send in 20 billion, and raise their tax rates accordingly?

These massive "other taxes"  like wage, pension, capital expenditure taxes, were exposed immediatly  - but it was exposed politely, academcially.

No one bothered to expose it bluntly and crudely -- which is the only approach that seems to work with die-hard Fairtax suckers.

But a die hard Fiartax sucker in Dallas, would be surprised.  Massive tax Dallas taxes, Dallas county taxes, and state taxes -- because each layer of goverment would have to pay massive taxes on their expenditures.

Yes, it's in Fairtax math - cleverly, disingenuously -- but it's there.


Do you think Dallas Texas is going to send in over 240 million dollars, in advance and otherwise, and raise their tax rates accordingly?  

Do you think Cook County IL will send in 600 million dollars and raise their tax rates accordingly? No, not on their retail purchases, but on all operational, capital expenditures, etc. etc.

Fairtax math is based on such absurdities.  

(if you don't have time to see the fine print tricks, see their cacluator trick    CLICK FAIRTAX CALCULATOR TRICK )



32,000 dollar cancer tax.

Fairtax hustlers and suckers sell Fairtax as a "very very simple"  personal retail sales tax.  You pay at the cash register, like a 4 dollar tax on lunch, or a a 23 dollar tax on a jacket.

"You will see your tax on the reciept".

Well, a small part of Fairtax is that cash register receipt thing. 

But most Fairtax taxes have nothing to do with retail, nothing to do with personal sales, and nothing to do with a cash register.



Fairtax would be amazing - if any of the slogans were true.

First, it's not a retail sales tax.  Only a small part of Fairtax is that retail sales tax.,

Second, there is no actual research (see below).   

We looked. We even offer 50,000 dollars for one page of that 22 million in Fairtax research about this very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

Where is that "research" -- ?   There is no such research. Not a page, not a post it  note, not a paper clip. And sure as hell not 22 million dollars of research about their very simple persona retail sales tax -- because that's not what Fairtax is.

Fairtax is political theater -- lying bastards political theater.

There are documents by their own paid public relations company -- but check those documents closely (we show you).   They have massive other taxes and other bullshit in those documents. 

Most of Fairtax has nothing to do with personal retail sales.




If you missed the Fairtax fine print about massive taxes on cancer victims, cities, counties and states, don't feel bad.

It's easy to miss.   David Kendall, who used to push Fairtax enthusiastically, had no clue either.  

Tax wages?   Tax capital expenditures, David said. No no no, David insisted he studied Fairtax carefully.   They just tax personal retail consumption.

Oh really?   Personal retail consumption?  That's what they tax? Oh shit no, David.  David, you idiot, read the fine print CLOSELY.  Check the math.   They tax all kinds of things -- massive other things, like all city county and state expenditures, 30%.

David thought cities would have to pay that 30% tax on car purchases.  He had no clue city county and states would have pay that 30% tax on all "consumption expenditures" including wage, pension, capital expenditures, even operational expenditures, are taxed 30%.

David could not explain why he had not seen these "details".    Like this...

Yeah, a footnote. Clever huh?

They tax all government investment, in advance. In a footnote.


Gee, they "forgot to mention" that, and much more.

30% cancer tax.

30% rent tax.

30%  health insurance premium tax.

30% nursing home care tax


Here is the "mother load" -- the basic fraud. In their own documents, let me repeat that, in their own official documents, if you bother to find them, are the fine print tricks.

Do you know what a tax base is?    A tax base, by definition, is what they tax.

Like all capital investments -- taxed 30% -- in advance.

How is that a retail sales tax?  David could not answer.

How is that transparent?  David could not answer.

Look at it again... closer..

Yet they DID tell you, they tax all goods and services.    They just made damn sure you thought that mean retail goods and services. 

For example, if St. Louis puts in a new sewer treatment facitlity for 120 million dollars. St. Louis would owe the fed government "Fairtax" in advance of almost 40 million dollars.

Don't believe me?   We show you the math AND the fine print.

The big thing is -- Fairtax math depends on this.  Fairtax just adds up all this "consumption" -- including "consumption" of wage, pension, capital expenditures, even the "consumption" of Medicare and Medicaid,   then pretends they will tax all that 30%.

That's their math, in a nut shell.

So yes -- by their fine print tricks, and math, St. Louis MO (all cities) a 30% tax on wage and pension expenditures.   

St Louis would owe over 140 million in various "expenditure" taxes -- capital expenditures, wage expenditures.

For years we  have asked Fairtax officials to give us ONE city-- any city they want -- and show us how much that city would have to "remit" as wage, pension, capital expenditure, and operational expenditure taxes.  We know the rate-- 30%.   We just want them to show on paper, not just their tricky fine print.   They refuse.

  Of course they won't show an example -- they have gone to great lengths to tuck this crap away in fine print tricks and math.


To "believe" in Fairtax, you have to be so stupid that you "believe" all cities, counties, and states in the US (without being told, Fairtax does not tell them)  will send in collectively over 800 billion dollars. and their wage, pension, capital expenditures, and operational expenditures
You also have to believe -- because their math is based on this, too, that all cancer victims, all nursing home residents, all everyone, will send in massive taxes, not just on retail sales, but on all kinds of things that  have nothing to do with retail sales.

Fairtax told it's suckers it was a simple retail consumption tax.  They lied. In their fine print are massive other taxes -- and their math depends on it.  Like the massive taxes on cancer victims, cities, counties and states.

Why do they have those massive other taxes?

Only one reason -- to make their math work, on paper.


St. Louis has 600 million dollars of wage, pension, and capital investment expenditures  -- they would owe almost 200 million in Fairtaxes. 

There are some things "exempt" -- like foreign travel and educational expenditures.  So St.Louis city would not owe Fairtax taxes on wages it paid to teachers.

But it would owe 30% tax on wages it paid to cops, firemen, etc.  And wages are very broadly defined, by HR25, to mean practically anything at all, including pensions, unemployment, health benefits, anything relating to employment.



St Louis city would owe "retail" sales taxes , just like everyone else. If they buy a cop car for 50K, they would have to pay 30% sales tax. (not 23, it's 30) or 17,000 dollar tax!

But on top of that, in addition to that, and much greater than that, city county and states are ALSO taxed on wage expenditures, pension expenditures, capital investment expenditures.

These "Certain wages"   (very clever way to say "Certain wages"  when it's essentially all wages, all expenditures) are a huge part of the tax base.

City county officials are supposed to "remit,"   or send it, these monies.


Basically, anything a city "expends" -- even capital investments like building court houses, jails, sewer systems, bridges, etc -- is taxed. 


How the hell is that a personal retail sales tax?

It's not. But that's how Fairtaz math adds up. 




President Bush Tax Panel had little trouble finding the fraud in Fairtax.

They just had to read footnotes and fine print, like footnote 19.

Fine print -- that would tax Mesquite AZ over 15 million dollars, on wage, pension, and operational expenditures.

Even their "capital expenditures" are taxed 30%.

Oh yes -- we show you.  This is not in dispute, Fairtax just never told you in books, videos and speeches.

Meaquite AZ  recent hires.

About 700,000 dollars in wage expenditures.   Mesquite would be taxed almost 200,000 just on their wage expenditures.

Not just Mesquite -- all cities, and not just fireman.  All employees -- judges, cops, librarians. No, they are not taxed, the city must "remit" a 30% expenditure tax.


Gee, they "forgot to mention" that too, and much more.

A breast cancer victim, for example, would owe over 30,000 extra in fed taxes, if she "consumed or used"  110,000 dollars in surgery, chemo and rehab.

This is not in dispute -- we show you in the fine print, and when questioned in a way they can't weasel out, Fairtax spokesmen will say, yes all cancer victims would owe that tax, and without exception.

In fact, the average cost to fight breast cancer is over 158,000 dollars.   That means the cancer victim, just for her cancer "consumption" would owe over 45,000 in fed taxes.

No exceptions whatsoever.

Yet the only mention Neal Boortz ever made about taxing medical consumption was to suggest "maybe" a ten dollar tax on an office visit.

Why should a cancer victim pay drastically higher taxes, than their economic twin, who does not have cancer?


If your city, for example, pays the mayor 200,000 dollars total package, your city has to ALSO pay 60,000 dollar tax.  Incredible?

Then, your city is suppose to "raise their tax rates" to pay it.

I didn't say that - FAIRTAX own clever fine print said it. Yes, raise their tax rates, to pay it.

Yes -- but true. That's in their math, and their fine print, we show you.

All city, all county, all state, wage, pension, capital expenditures and operational expenditures, are taxed.  

We show you the fine print and math.

Not just on all city county and state wage, pension, capital expenditures, and operational expenditures, but much more.



No one told St. Louis, or any city. These massive taxes are only inserted in Fairtax bullshit fine print.

At least St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas,all 20,000 cities in the US, could theoretically increase their tax rates by 15-20% and pay these taxes.   But how the hell will the cancer victims pay?  Yes, some could, but how will the poor pay?  

It's in the fine print -- if you can find it. 

Documents by their own "researchers" - really, just folks paid to do public relations.    As we show, they don't have 22 million dollars of research, or even 1 dollar of resesarch, about a very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.


Yes, city, county and statewwage expenditures (almost all "expenditures" are taxed) 30%.

That's how Fairtax math adds up. 

St. Louis would owe over 140 million.

Chicago -- over 400 million.

Etc, etc.  

All police and fire wages, all wages paid out to anyone, including pension expenditures, unemployment -- any benefit expenditure whatsoever, it taxed

How do we know they tax it?

Read it very carefully - they say so, in a clever way.



The Bush Tax panel had little trouble spotting the fraud --- but they easily found all Fairtax documents.

In other words, Bush Tax Panel didn't give a rat's ass what the hustlers said, in books, videos and speeches.

They went by the legislation and "supporting documents"   which Fairtax calls their "research".

You can spot a Fairtax sucker -- they just repeat the slogans.  They have no clue the slogans sound great becasue that's the hustle.  The fine print, and math, is what matters.


Forget that Fairtax never told cities about this.

Forget that they never told their suckers about it.

Forget that they claimed Fairtax hustlers hid this in the fine print, while they claimed to be a simple retail sales tax.

If you believe Fairtax hustle -- then you believe NYC will just send in 800 million, St. Louis 150 million,  California 20 billion and so forth, on capital expenditure, wage, operational expenditure taxes -- when no one mentioned it.  Not once, n ot ever. Not now, not in 15 years.

Not one word.

But they are going to all send in these massive amounts of money?   And then raise their tax rates?

Because THAT is how Fairtax fine print has the math, and "assumptions".


It's also in their math.

Why did they tell us this?

Only a PART of Fairtax is the retail sales tax.  Most of Fairtax taxes have nothing to do with normal retail sales.

Always cleverly stated - by Fairtax own official "research"  and legislation. You have to read it very very carefully.

Yet that is the basis for their math.




Do you know what a TAX BASE is?

Tax base is a list of things taxed.  By definition.

If retail sales only were taxed -- Fairtax tax base would be retail sales.

Elsewhere, what they tax is mentioned carefully, like this.....they tax all wage, pensions, and operational expenditures, okf eveyr city county and state.

Clever as hell.  

You have to put their BS together, and check their math.

Their math is based on it -- remember that, Fairtax math is based on Mesquite, and every city, every county, every state paying 30% tax on all non-education "expenditures".

Wages -- a taxable expenditure.

Capital investment -- taxable expenditure.

All operational expenditures  -- taxable, other than for eduction wages (teachers salaries).

But they told their suckers is that fairtax was a very very simple personal retail sales tax.

Oh hell no, not even close.  

Boortz was in Dallas hundreds of times -- never mentioned it to Dallas.

Boortz was in Atlanta thousands of times pushing this.  Never mentioned Atlanta and all counties, and the state itself, would have to pay massive taxes -- at least, that's  how Fairtax math adds up.

Not once, not ever.  Not in any clear way.

In fact, Boortz gave the opposite impression, "just a very very simple personal consumption tax -- that's it."  The most researched plan in history, he told us.  

What research?  We have offered Neal, and anyone, fifty thousand dollars for one page of that research.  Why can't he show it?   Because it does not exist. 

You gotta look in the fine print, jack. AND yes, Boortz knew the entire time.




They told your -- right? 

They told you "without exception" - did they not?

If you read all their defintions -- defintion of a person, defintion of wages, definitions of consumption expenditures, in various online documents -- they did tell you.

 Not in books, videos or speeches, but in online "research" documents.  Yeah, their "research" documents have almost all this bullshit double talk. The rest is in HR25.

No, the cop or fireman or judge (the employee) does not have to pay. The CITY, county and state have to pay.

That's in their fine print.  Their math is based on these massive "other taxes".

Gee -- did Boortz "forget to mention" that?


TAXED 30%.

22 million dollars of research about this "very very simple" personal retail sales tax?  Really?  Where?

 Show it to us -- one page even.  

What they have are their own ublic relations firm putting out double speak bullshit, that's not research.   Lucky for those lying bastards it's legal to call their public relations fraudulent double talk "research" -- unless you gave them any money.  

Anything in the "tax base"  by definition, is taxed 30%.  That's the mathmatical basis of Fairtax.



This is their own document.  I didn't say this --, official documents, what they call "research"  says it. 

Here is the full page 


So in a "research"  paper by their own public relations hustlers, are very clever footnotes, assumptions, and double speak.  

And cleverly, it's in their math too - as disingeniouis (fraudulent) as everything else, but it's there.  Sorta kinda. 

Do you see  NIPA mentioned on every line?

Disingenious as hell, but this shows, in their own clever document, Fairtax revenue is based on massive taxes on city county and states.




 Fairtax slogans are Orwellian double speak, and outright deceptions. 

Still they did write it down -- they put it there in a way to fool you, not inform you.  That's why we say they are lying bastards.

We need to throw our entire tax  code out, do not save a comma, a semi-colon, a word. 

That's why I wanted Fairtax -- and still would accept Fairtax fraud, rather than keep our current code. 

Pass Fairtax -- it would be hilarious to see Fairtax hustlers try to explain to Dallas Texas City Council, and Texas State legislature, that they owe a 30 % tax on virtually every "expenditure" --- including wage, pension, can capital investment expenditure

Please - pass the fraud.  But Fairtax isn't going to pass, it's political theater by lying bastards, not a tax code.


And they tax whatever is "in the tax base". Tax base means, by defintion, what they tax.   

If cities did not pay these massive taxes on their wages, operational expenditures, etc, Fairtax rate would need to be 46% or more.

No one is dumb enough to want a 46% sales tax, so Fairtax hustlers had to insert these massive other taxes in the fine print.  

This was all exposed, politely, by President Bush Tax Advisory Panel.     

Most of Fairtax taxes have nothing to do with personal retail sales. 


Fairtax sells itself a simple retail sale tax -- but only a small part of Fairtax has anything to do with personal retail sales, as they describe. 

President Bush Tax Panel exposed this fraud -- politely -- for the same reasons we do.  

We are not so polite.  In fact, we are rude.

Fairtax expert Neal Boortz admits, yes, even cancer victims have to pay that 30% sales tax.  No, it's not 23%.    But 23 or 30, why the f should a sick person have to pay drastically higher taxes than a well person, just becaue they "consumed"  surgery, chemo, and rehab.


We offer $50,000  (and have for five years) for one page of Fairtax research as described.  How hard can it be? Show the research!

Still, even that fraud would be fine with me.  

Yes, pass their fraud. We would actually love that.  We  can laugh at the idiots who were fooled, and get the hustlers to answer questions -- like who paid them, and why.



In the Fairtax book, Boortz made it seem that "maybe" you would see a 10 dollar tax on an office visit, as if the doctor's office might not even bother.

There is no maybe.   And the tax would be more like 110 dollar tax, on an office visit of 350 dollars, which it could easily be, with a few tests.

You just thought they were talking about "retail" consumption, because that's what they hired Boortz to make it seem like. Hell no, retail sales are only a  part. Most of Fairtax is NOT on personal retail sales.  Remember that.  


 President Bush Tax panel had no trouble with the double speak, but they eat fine print tricks for breakfast, and spit them out of for lunch.

President Bush tax panel had no trouble spotting the hustle  because ...

1) Tax Panel found  all the "research" and fine print. You did not.   Like this 

2)  Tax Panel eats fine print tricks for breakfast, spit them out at lunch. You can not.

3)  They understood what the hell NIPA is, and what a tax base is. You do not. 

4) In other words, Tax Panel was not fooled by the books, videos and speeches, which were bullshit.  They looked at the fine print. 

The tax panel was very polite -- in public - about the fraud in Fairtax.  They did not call it a fraud, I do. 

According to Fairtax web sites, Steven Hayes is executive director and President of Fairtax.

According to Bruce Bartlett, Hayes, then an open member of Scientology apparently, approached Barlett to get him to push Fairtax.

 See more about Hayes, his hatred of IRS that goes back to Scientology, and how Hayes is the guy apparently paying Beacon Hill for their "research"

We show you the fine print in Beacon Hill's bullshit. Here is a clue -- Beacon Hill is a public relations company, they do not work for free.

Someone paid them - just like someone paid for the fraudulent calculator.

Hayes -- did you pay Beacon Hill?  Did you pay for that calculator fraud?  We'd like to know.

Not only did Boortz "forget" about the 85 dollar tax, he completely "forgot" the 32,000 fed tax on a woman who fights breast cancer. 


In  all  Fairtax examples, they talk about a five dollar tax on lunch, a 13 dollar tax on a jacket

Not once did they give an example of a 7 million dollar tax on a city, for their wage, and benefit "expenditures" for police and fireman.

Not once. Not ever.


 Hayes tried to get Bruce Bartlett to get on the Fairtax bandwagon, according to Bartlett.

Hayes was openly a Scientologist at the time.  


We don't know if Bruce is right or not. 


 Fairtax "tax base" is about 14 trillion dollars.   Tax base is what they tax.  They tax everything in the tax base 30%.

Look at their math very closely.  Pay very special attention to what they put in their tax base. 

Yes, you could replace the income tax, by itself, with a 30% retail sales tax, at least theoretically.  But Fairtax claims they replace all other fed taxes, -- medicare, medicaid, corporate taxes, etc.  .

Likewise, if St. Louis rebuilds its water treatment plant, for 50 million, St. Louis would have to "remit" 12.5 million, in advance, for that "expenditure."

 Just like their "calculator" is a deliberate fraud, so is the double speak bullshit they call research.

Just like their calculator looked sophisticated as hell -- so does their bullshit "research".

Guess what -- NIPA has nothing to do with taxes, it's an absurdity to pretend to tax everything in their tables even 2%, much less 30%. 

Can you collect 32,000 dollars in fed taxes from a Medicare patient who has cancer? No.  

SO what's her "consumption"  of cancer surgery and chemo doing in the "tax base"?

Can you make St. Louis pay 100 million dollars wage, operational and capital expenditure tax?

No -- so what the hell is that doing in Fairtax "tax base"?

But they told you. No, not in books, videos or speeches, but in their fine print tricks. Yes sir. They told you.  


All consumption of health care is "in the tax  base." 


My email is


Are  wages, pensions, operational expenditures, capital expenditures, "sales"?

Yet the title of this "work" is "Taxing Sales - What Rate Works".

They add up massive amounts of pension expenditures, capital expenditures, wages, operational expenditures, then give a  title "Taxing Sales."

Such bullshit, because most of what they tax, has nothing to do with sales.

But they used that name anyway. 

 Just like the name "National Bureau of Economic Reseach" is bullshit fron, they make it seem like it's something official. Actually it's just these hustlers fooling stupid people.

Our study "builds on the Gale's analysis, shows a 23% tax rate is eminently feasible" 

Even though, the tax rate is 30%, the sneaky bastards here, us that 23%.

 Not since Jeff Davis said liberty was the right to enslave others, has anyone written such hilarious nonsense.   

The document above gives impression "building on Gale's analysis"  and makes it appear Gale validated this Fairtax bullshit and these folks are "building on it" .

 Nonsense --- Gale pretty much showed Fairtax was a fraud by lying bastards, in a polite way.
But the way they phrase it, while maybe technically not a lie, they make it SEEM like Gale found Fairtax was actually a retail sales tax, and that 30%  tax rate "eminently feasible".  
Actually "Gale" found the tax rate, without the bullshit double speak, would be 89%.  Not 30%.

Fairtax slogans  ≠ what's in their fine print.



Yes, they DO tax all wage, pension, and capital expenditures (and much more) of every city county and state.

They didn't tell you about it, in book's videos or speeches.  But -- these massive taxes on city county and states, make up much of Fairtax math.

Oh, did you miss that "assumption" that all city county and states pay these massive taxes, then have to raise their tax rates "sufficiently".

Surprise surprise.   Actually, not a surprise, because these hustlers told something drastically different in books, videos and speeches.

Even if you found the fine print (not that easy to do, as you will see), since you were already fooled by the slick double talk, you could easily miss the fine print tricks.

We estimate that city county and state taxes would all have to increase 15-20% 

At least city county and states could theoretically increase all taxes, but how the hell will a cancer victim making 14,000 a year, pay 32,000 in fed taxes, on her surgery chemo and rehab?

Those clever taxes on city county and states, are only part of the fraud by these lying bastards. 

Yet no Fairtax sucker --- NOT ONE -- has any clue about that.   



Still think Fairtax is transparent?  When none of their suckers actually know what's in the fine print and math?

Still think these guys have a calculator that lets you "Dare to Compare?"



Where is that research about these massive taxes on city county and states? 

There is  none.  They barely have the sentence about it, at all. Mentioning some bullshit nonsense in one sentence, is not research.  It's quit the opposite.

They hustle you, then call the slick bullshit fine print tricks their "research".  

They also call this a "calculator" that lets you "DARE TO COMPARE" 


Special kinds of bastards, these guys.

When you realize they have no research about a simple retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes, you won't be so gullible.

This, for example, is in their "research''.     That's right, in |THEIR papers they call research.  Try to grasp that.

When  you find out that this page, the few words we highlighted, add 2.1 Trillion dollars to their "tax base" -- you will realize the hustlers not only don't have a simple personal retail sales tax, what they do have is bullshit.

Hilariously, the hustlers tell suckers that their fine print tricks are "research."

They also tell you this is a "DARE TO COMPARE CALCULATOR"  


Literally, no research, whatsoever about a simple personal retail sales or consumption tax.  Their "research" cleverly inserts massive other, and impossible, bullshit taxes.   


 I offer 50K for one page of that 22 million in research about this very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.    

 Their  "research"  is no more research than the McDonald's poster of a Big Mac is research, in your local drive up window.  

 And  no more research than their fraudulent "Dare to Compare"  Calculator.  Have you seen their claculator yet? I show it to you.  It's funny as hell, when you realize they did not allow you to enter anything that mattered. 

Not. One. Thing.



 Only a small part of Fairtax is the tax on personal  retail sales.  The lying bastards have massive other taxes, they don't tell suckers about. 

Fairtax not only doesn't mention these massive other taxes to their suckers, they actually refuse to show any estimate, for any city county or state, even when asked.

Their excuse was "we don't have the time to do estimates of every city in the US."


All of the things I show you from Fairtax own  documents, they never show folks.  

Remember that. Yes, I know, it's much different than the books, videos and speeches.   That's why I show it. Don't bother emailing me and telling me this is not Fairtax -- yes it is. 


Dont you think St. Louis should know?

Fairtax books told us it was a "very simple" personal retail sales tax.    Paid at the cash register -- point of purchase.   

The tax panel would not pretend, like Fairtax hustlers "assumed" that all city county and states would pay massive taxes on wage pensions, capital expenditures.   

The tax panel came up with a more rational model for retail sales taxes, and how high that rate would have to be.   A rational -- mathmatically correct -- retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes,  not using fine print tricks and bullshit, would need to be more like 89%,

Not 30%.

See more about the Tax Panel, below.




 Their "DARE TO COMPARE CALCULATOR"  that actually prevents you, or anyone, from possibly knowing what your Fairtax would be.

See if you can spot the fraud there --it's the same fraud in the fine print tricks. Or go right to this explanation of their fraud/ joke calculator.

CLICK HERE TO SEE Fairtax calculator trick --


NO CALCULATOR FOR OLD CITIES lying bastards did not even have a calculator for city county and states, fraudulent or otherwise. They would not dare have one, because most Fairtax suckers have no clue city county and states are supposed to pay huge taxes on wages, pensions, capital expenditurers.




Tax base = what they tax. 


Sounded great!  Take home pay goes up an average of 50% (Fairtax book)   Prices drop 22% (Fairtax book).

America becomes "the economic powerhouse of the world".

 Boortz said the problem will be "what to do with all the money".

Yes, it sounded WAY too good to be true!

  But they had all that research --didn't they?   Didn't they have 22 million dollars of research by the best economist in US?



Just lower prices and higher wages,  is the take-a-way to Fairtx, per Neal Boortz.

 You decide what fed tax  you pay,  from what you buy that is  new! 

 Don't want to pay much fed tax? Fine, just buy used, said Boortz.



Ever hear of used cancer surgery?  

Ever hear of used heart surgery?

Ever hear of used rent? 

How about used car insurance, yes, your car and health insurance premiums, taxed.

How about used food?  That's taxed. Ate any used food lately?

Ever see anyone buy used electicity?

How about used gasoline?  Seen a gas station selling that?

How about used dental care? Your kids won't mind used braces, will they?

How about used mamograms?

Used CT Scans?

How about used college living expenses? That's all taxed 30%.

How about used air travel tickets?

Used amtrak tickets?

How about getting a contractor to install a used roof?  You will have to pay 30%  tax for his labor, but no tax at all for the used roof he will put on.

Used xrays? Just get those -- no tax. 

Your mechanic can just use use brakes, and you only pay 30% tax on his labor. New brakes? Sorry, 30% tax.

How about taking a used vacation?  A used flight to LA? 

 How about used nursing home care for your mom?

Used dentures?

Used colonoscomy?

You may save a few dollars -- that used heart, for a heart transplant, is a few bucks cheaper.

But all other costs of that transplant -- taxed 30%.

How about used phone and cable service?   Good news for those who steal a WIFI signal from your neighbor. No tax. 

How about used college living expenses -- new living expenses are taxed.  But not if you can buy used living expenses.

No wonder they "forgot" to let you put such information into their "calculator". 



Yes, all city county and states, have to pay 30% tax on wage, pension and operational expenditures, as you will see.   All capital expenditures -- taxed 30% in advance.

Had any used fire protection lately?

How about used capital expenditures, all capital expenditures are taxed. Yes, that's in the tax base.

All operational expenditures -- taxed 30%.






They told you NIPA, right?  You saw that  NIPA reference above,  remembrer?    In their mind, that's good enough, for this trick.





You have to see it in the page --  hilarious -- it's in a footnote.



Just on the 700K wages paid to some a groups of rookie cops, Mesquite Az would owe 175K in fed taxes, and that's just wages, not all expenditures, such as health care, pensions, whatever.  And that's only a small part of the expenditures of that city.


Fairtax slogans  ≠ what's in their fine print.

Gale was not impressed, nor should he have been, with the bullshit hustle in Fairtax books, videos and speeches.  His job was to study the fine print and math.

Funny how that works.   And it did not take him long to spot NIPA

HR25 is not VOID of clever things -- like their definition of a person, and definition of "taxable employers."

But to make sense of any of the clever bits of BS in HR25, you need their "research" documents too.   They spread their shit around.   And wisely so. 

NIPA is a BFD in Fairtax.   Nothing is bigger, or more important.

Why not mention NIPA, and explain it, at least once, in 15 years?  Why only a few, very very few, words of it, even in their fine print tricks? 


Do you see how important that NIPA REFERENCE IS NOW?

The wage, pension, capital expenditures, of California, New York, Texas, Keokuk Iowa, Santa Rosa California, Quincy IL, Bangor Maine -  all cities, all counties, all states, expenditures (other than education) are in the tax base.

At least, for Fairtax to work, for Fairtax math to work, they would have to pay.  Cleverly, Fairtax implies they "assume"  all city county and states will pay.

You can't force any of them to pay, by the way.  It's all nonsense BS. But they had to do that, to make their math work.


Fairtax slogans  ≠ what's in their fine print.


Sometimes they had to be laughing their asses off, for example, when they created 


2) This math formula.

Do you know that that says?   It says, we fooled you with double talk.


  Then, they are supposed to raise their tax rates accordingly.



Where is their "research" on cancer taxes?  

In the documents they CLAIM is research, they just very slyly put that "consumption" into the tax base.  

That's the entire extent of their research on cancer taxes.  Seriously.

Obviously that's not research, but they call it that, because they are lying bastards.,



Social Security? Medicare?  Solved. 

 No need to even have "payroll" taxes for FICA and Medicare.  That's all gone.

Fairtax gets rid of 1/3 of government revenue, by stopping all FICA and Medicare taxes. Did you know FICA and medicare taxes fund 1/3 of the government?  Bet you did not know that.

So  Fairtax entirely gets rid of 34% of government revenue, because they no longer have FICA and Socical Security taxes. 
They will make up that 800 billion dollars by..... nothing.

Really,  abundance of Fairtax funds is supposed to cover that.  Hilarious.
     They have no funding mechanism for that, at all.

And yes, they know that.  They are not stupid.  

 They are hustlers, and Fairtax is political theater, not a tax code. 

Fairtax claims to be transparent. These folks are shameless.  They don't even tell folks what they tax for most of their revenue, but claim to be transparent. They have massive goofy "assumptions" tucked away in a few words, in documents they know Fairtax suckers don't see, and don't understand.

But they claim to be transparent.   Hilarious. 

It's voluntary.  Really?  Nothing about voluntary in any of HR25 or the "research".   They don't care, it sounds good to call it Simple, Fair, and Transparent, even voluntary.

Stupid people eat that up.  They do, seriously. 


 22 Million dollars of "extensive research".   The most "researched economic plan in history" said Boortz. 

RESEARCH? Okay, where is it?  Is this research?

No.  What Fairtax calls research is bullshit. And they know it. Sure is pretty, though.



Not one Fairtax sucker in 1000 can tell you what NIPA even is.  

It's not the Fairtax sucker's fault.

It's not Fairtax sucker's fault they don't know, we all only know what we are told. And Fairtax sounds great, if you don't know the hustle.



Very clever misleading way to insert city county and state wage, pension, and operational expenditures "into the tax base" 


Why those massive other taxes, are not in Fairtax speeches

 Fairtax amateur "experts" never told their suckers because they don't know, either.
 It's not "Fairtax Greg's" fault is he dumb  re Fairtax. He just repeats the bullshit he learned.

Not in Fairtax videos.

No Fairtax video -- and we have seen hundreds -- have ever told the public anything real or candid about what Fairtax is, like that 140 million dollar  tax on St. Louis.  No mention of massive taxes on city county and states, for eg.

No Fairtax group told

God love those stupid people who buy into Fairtax. I was one, too. 

Fairtax lying bastards fooled a lot of good folks.  Not everyone who pushes Fairtax is a lying bastard.   

Fairtax hustlers usually find well meaning suckers, and give them some goofy title -  like "Director of education"  or even tell them they are "on the board of directors".  Never mind that the "Director of Education" has no damn clue what Fairtax actually taxes for most of its supposed revenue.  Shouldn't your director of education know what you actually tax?



Fairtax has long claimed Dr JOrgenson of  Harvard did "research" that proved all kinds of things.   No, he did not.  

He did run some numbers, but in no way supports massive hidden taxes on city county and states, nor would he support their bullshit hidden taxes on cancer paitents etc. 

Fairtax lying bastards are very much word-smiths, they cleverly deceive, and sometimes outright lie.  Jorgenson DOES NOT support Fairtax, but the way Fairtax lying bastards play their game, he invented it, and supports it.  

Keep your whole paycheck?

That's not what their own "reseacher" said.  Jorgenson said he assumed employees would let the employer keep the money they used to pay in fed taxes, to lower prices!

In other words, every worker is supposed to let their employer pay them 25-30%.   That's the way Jorgenson "ran the numbers".  

Are you going to let your employer keep all the taxes you used to pay?   Just take home what you used to take home, and pay fairtaxes on top of that?



Steve Hayes little puppy dog?

FAIRTAX OFFICIAL -- James told us where the "legal basis"  is, for these massive taxes on city county and states.

James Bennett -

Fairtax Spokesmen /  ATTORNEY

According to James Bennett the legal basis for these massive taxes on all cities, all counties, and all states, is RIGHT HERE!


This word "government"  in this sentence in HR25,  is their legal basis, according to their own official spokesman, James Bennett, an attorney.


Bennett not only told us this one word was the legal basis for these massive taxes on city, county and states, Bennett said that word  was enough notice to city county and states, too.

Not need to tell cities about it. They can find that word!

Yes, Jim, every city will scour every definition in that long piece of bullshit, will spot that word, realize they have to pay massive taxes, go write the check,  and send that in. What a dumb ass.

Really, thats how stupid -- well, cult like --Fairtax hustlers can get folks like James Bennett.   Is Bennett an idiot?  No, he can tie his shoes, right?  

But they gave Jim some bullshit title, and Bennett eats this shit up.   Jim doesn't seem to realize it, but he is fooled by husters.

Rep Steve King has never even hinted that Des Moines city council would owe massive taxes, over and above retail sales tax payments.

 King never mentioned a word about this -- yet it would be the biggest costs, or nearly the biggest cost, of the budgets in almost every city, if not every city.

And remember, Fairtax documents say, we assume all city and counties will have to raise tax rates.

Don't you think King should mention that?



Boortz claims  he "donated"  all the money from Fairtax hustlers (yes he was paid) to charity.

Maybe he did.

But Boortz  misled folks for over 10 years about Fairtax -- still does.   At least he admits he was paid, but now claims he donated that to charity.



Give credit where it's due.  Laurence J Kotlikoff, of Beacon Hill, got paid to put Fairtax out in a way that SEEMS very academic, he even claims his work is "research".

Laurence Kotlikoff of Beacon Hill, did very well financially pushing Fairtax, according to his friend, Bruce Bartlett. 

That's right, he was PAID.  And paid well. His personal friend, Bartlett (who knows Fairtax is a fraud) told us that.

Did Kotlikoff actually lie, or did he write things carefully enough, technically enough, it was not a lie?

We don't know, but he sure was not honest or candid. 



As we learn more about Hayes and his hustle -- Fairtax -- we notice he is personally raising money, large and small. He is personally visiting "large donors"  if he can find any. 

This now may be a Steven Hayes bullshit way of grifting.  Huckabee probably has no fking idea - he never read the fine print closely.   But Hayes sure did.  

We keep offering him 50,000 dollars (we offer it to anyway) for one page of that 22 million in Fairtax research about their simple retail sales tax.

Should be easy, right? You have 22 million in Fairtax research about a simple personal retail sales tax, you can show one page, right?

Especially if you get 50K. Our offer is a legal offer, and Hayes is an attorney.  So we do not understand (yes, we do, we are kidding) why Hayes nor anyone else will show one page of that 22 million dollars of research about this very very simple personal retail sales tax,  to replace all other fed taxes.



Fairtax has very little public support -- yet on social media, like Twitter, for example, there are "bots" -- advertisers, who pretend to be humans, and push Fairtax.

Why pay for fake "tweets"  when you have, as they once claimed, 600,000 supporters?

These  are examples of "bots, "  ----fake accounts, that various advertisers use to sell products. Apparently, some Fairtax huster paid to have Fairtax pushed this way..

Here is evidence of how they promise to pay folks to push their hustle ......  From their own planted comments.....

It's high time that supporting citizens take the bull by the horns and let the politiciansin Washington know who pays for their salaries.

Some recent developments in funding have made it possible for average citizens to  be well paid for helping to support the FairTax bill.

There are many worth while projects raising money through a program calledCrowd2Funding.  I have created a "FairTax for USA" project and you're invited to visit  my link and Register for Free.

This is from   IBO social apparently is a place that will sell any thing on social media, including promising to give you money, if you help them push Fairtax fraud. 


This is our definition of research per our 50K offer.
Show 1 page of 22 million dollars worth of Fairtax research about this very very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.




Fairtax hustlers regularly bombard Twitter with sock accounts --  dozens or hundreds a day. Only a handful are written by individuals, most are by "bots".  Why use bots if you have 600,000 supporters, ad Fairtax once claimed?

Fake twitter accounts.   When you dig into these accounts -- you find, they are pushing dozens of products.  They do not respond to anyone, they are computer programmed, part of a campaign to make it seem like Fairtax is popular.

Why do that?  Well, for the same reasons the lying bastards used fine print trick, like the NIPA thing.

 Full details of this 50K offer.

To get 50K, just show 1 page of that 22  million dollars of Fairtax research ( must be actual research per the definition of research, above).  You must prove the research was done by Fairtax or someone they paid, and cost 22 million dollars, and was about a very very simple personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes, including Soc Sec and Medicare.

If you believe you know where that 22 million in research, and want to show it to me, email me per this blog. 

The bullshit nonsense by Beacon Hill and others is certainly not research and is not accepted as such.

 Hiding goofy BS is not research, and using the term "research" to fool people is not research. It's a fraud.

If you show me the research, and you dispute the reward -- you get to sue me, but only in a nearby  court -- nearby me, in central IL.

Yes this is fine print.  Yes I know it's ironic Im giving you an example of Fairtax fine print -- only at least here, I have the offer where you can find it, see it.  I did not hide it like Fairtax hustlers did, tell you one thing in books, vidoes and speeches, and then have these very trick bullshit phrases were you probably could not find them, much less study them.

 This is legally binding and I will accept no applicant for said reward unless you agree to every thing above.  Im well aware this is "fine print"   and that's kinda the whole point. 

Also, if you lose the court case, you have to pay me all my legal costs, all travel costs, all cost for experts on my behalf. 

In fact, you have to pay me all my legal costs anyway, whether you win or lose the court case, that's part of my offer and you must agree to that before any law suit you or others may bring, to collect this or any other money, on this matter of Fairtax research.

   My payment to you, if needed, is limtied in this offer to 50,000 dollars, to be paid over 10 years. At my death, those payments stop, and no promise is made or implied that payments would continue, or be enforced upon my estate or my heirs.

  However, you are liable for all your court costs, attorney fees, travel, and another other expenses.  All fees, all transcripts, all disposition costs, all attorney fees you or I  may have incurred, or ever incur on this matter,  all costs or expenditures whatsoever, are your responsibility, otherwise, this offer is void. .  That includes costs for the attorney or witnesses time and pay to anyone to become familiar with the Fairtax fine print, or to testify or be disposed in this matter.  

YOu must present witnesses,  as evidence, those people who did the Fairtax research, or testified any association with  Fairtax, including anyone at Beacon Hill  or Neal Boortz  or  Congressmen Linder.  You must pay for my cost, or yours, to depose anyone about this matter.  Thos costs are your responsibility, whether or  not you prevail in this matter.

   You must present witness from, and  Beacon Hill employees, past or present, who had any role to play, or their name was published  on any document relating to Fairtax.   You must have those witnesses available for in person depositions one week prior to any scheduled court hearing, including evidentiary hearings.  The cost of those witenesses are your responsibility, regardless of outcome of any court case.

Aanyone who testified for Fairtax at any hearing before any committee, including Congressional  Ways and Means committee, you must have available for deposition and testimony. The costs of these witnesses, their travel, their hotels, their meals, their professional fees of any kind, are your responsibility. . 

 You may not omit or excuse any one who has testified or claimed in any way, to have done research for, or supported, claims by, Beacon Hill, FOX News, CATO institute.   You are to pay for any and all of their costs associated with this case, should you sue in any court.

Further more, you must agree that I can dispose any of your, or all of your witnesses, at least two weeks prior to any scheduled hearing, and these costs are at your expense. 

    There is no other offer, but what offer you see here.  Please contact me  via the comments section below or my email for any questions.