Monday, April 22, 2013


till we read the fine print


warning blunt language. even crude.


Neal Boortz said, with straight face, "The only problem will be, where to put all the money". We believed him. Why not? All that research, it could not possibly be a fraud.


Sounded great!   22 million in research, right?   Even Harvard researcher Dale Jorgenson found huge advantages, didn't he?  Boortz Fairtax Book sure made it seem so.   We believed it. 

Simple retail sales tax.   Researched.  Transparent.  Everyone treated the same. 


Here is the basic hustle:

1) What does Fairtax actually tax?

Retail sales is only a tiny part of it -- see the other 2.1 Trillion they tax you, but didn't mention it, in 15 years.

2) What "research"? 

There is no actual research -- the "research" is just dozens of convoluted double talk "assumptions" and fraudulent definitions (see below) that are quite the opposite of research.


We have offered $50,000 for one page of actual research of that 22 million dollars of "research" into this very simple personal retail sales tax that replaces all other fed taxes.

No such research exists -- not 22 million, not 22 cents.  We show you what they pass off as "research."  It's no more research than Bernie Madoff's business card. 

See more below. 

Simple retail sales tax?

 Your city, county, and state would also have to pay massive taxes -- in advance -- on capital investment.    Testimony to House Ways Means Committee showed the wage, pension and capital investment taxes on city county and states, would be over 1 trillion dollars.

 Did you know that?  This is their OWN document, if you can find it.  Its not in any of their books, or videos or speeches, but it is in their own official document.  

Tax Base = what they tax.    

Not a big deal?   Well, it's profoundly different, as you will see, that a retail sales tax.   

The retail sales tax part is 1.4 trillion.   But these "other taxes"  -- call them NIPA based taxes -- are drastically larger, and have nothing to do with retail sales.  And they are impossible to collect, as you will see.

The "retail sales tax" is not the problem.

The problem is the massive OTHER taxes they don't tell suckers about.  These other taxes are impossible to collect, like wage expenditure, pension expenditure, and operational expenditure tax of 23% on all city county and states.

Yes, of COURSE it's impossible to tax Medicare patients more than their income.  


Clever. Clever as hell, because they define consumption later -- NOT as retail sales, but as all personal and governmental "consumption EXPENDITURES".

For example, if the state of Texas "expends"  100 billion dollars on wage, pension, operational expenditures, and capital investment -- they owe 23 billion as a tax.

Did you know that every city county and state would owe massive "expenditure" taxes?

Did you know that or not?   It's in their clever fine print, and that is how their math adds up.  Remember that, that is how their math adds up.

They never told Texas or any state.   Dallas, and every city in Texas, would owe pension wage and operational expenditure taxes too.

Did you know that? Hell no, you didn't know that. Fairtax never told anyone, they just hid this crap in the fine print, and based their math on it.

They hid that document, by the way, online.     That's a fraud.

They never told suckers about any of this -- in any book. That's a fraud.

They never told suckers about any of this -- in any speech. That's a fraud.

They never told suckers about any of this -- in 15 years. That is a fraud.

Not once, not ever.  But that makes up 2.1 TRILLION dollars of their projected revenue.

That's a fraud.

They told you there was research -- there is not.  That's a fraud.

Sound like Fairtax is "transparent".   Really?


Why do they have these massive other taxes in the fine print?

To make their math work, on paper, Fairtax hustlers had to tax drastically more than retail sales. So they did.  They did it in the fine print.  And they lied out the ass to suckers, telling them it was a very very simple personal consumption tax.


Why did they use fine print tricks?

To make their math add up.    Without fine print tricks, the tax rate on personal retail sales ONLY would need to be 89%.

Fairtax never even tells city county and states about this --  it took Bush Tax Panel to even uncover this!

But the Bush Tax Panel eat fine print tricks for breakfast, and spit them out for lunch.  The biggest problem was just finding all Fairtax documents -- they don't say it one document.  IT's spread around, in this assumption, that tax base table, and that other definition.

The point is -- they tax drastically more than retail sales, and, well, they lie about what they do tax. They don't tell you ever, clearly, what they tax, to make the math work.

You can find it, but it takes work to find.


The taxes on city county and states are massive - but Fairtax in 15 years, never told you this, at all, in a clear way.

Never told you they tax wages and pension expenditures, or gave an exmple like " This means Chicago IL would owe 800 million in wage an pension expenditures taxes.

They don't show a list. Don't give a clue -- wouldn't Chicago be surprised. Wouldnt your city.

Even small cities would owe BIG. Keokuk Iowa, a small city, would owe 20 million.  Fairtax made sure this is ONLY in their double talk fine print.  

This tax would be the biggest single expense for most cities, most counties and most states.   A 23% tax on everything a city county or state "expends" ( other than education -- education expenditures are exempt).

If Fairtax were transparent, of course, they would lay this out clearly. They do quite the opposite. They hide it in the fine print.

Think that was accidental?

So if a city "expends"  100 million on wages and pensions, that city has to send in -- separately -- 23 million dollars as a TAX.  


Nor did Fairtax tell suckers in books, videos or speeches about the drastic tax increases that would necessarily happen. Yet, cleverly, it's in their fine print. No, they do not say drastic, in fact, you have to read ALL their documents to even find it mentioned, at all.

But they cleverly say "We assume state and local governments will take necessary measures" - blah blah.  That means RAISE THEIR TAX RATES.

Don't believe me?  See this -- its from their OWN document.

Thats right -- they ASSUME all city county and states will raise taxes appropriately!!!

Only in the fine print.

It means raising their taxes by 1.4 Trillion.

If these figures are wrong -- what are the RIGHT figures?  Fairtax refuses -- and had always refused - to show any numbers.  Remember, they put this only in the fine print, double talk within the fine print. Of COURSE they are not going to show you a list of cities, of counties, of states.

They should, of course.  But they have never done that.

Word games.   Fairtax hustlers used old fashioned word games.

And where is the "research" about this?  That's another topic -- there is no research.  

Bush Tax Panel exposed the fine print tricks, like taxes on wages, pensions, and operational expenditures, in 2005.  

They may as well pretend to tax moonbeams and baby farts for 2.1 Trillion.

Fairtax taxes much more - even than all city county and states, on all wages pensions, and capital investments, etc.  Wait till you see what else -- but remember, they do it ONLY IN THE FINE PRINT.  

In public -- Fairtax gives this impression, from their own web site.

A retail sales tax, on personal consumption.

Or as Boortz said "a very very simple retail sales tax"

Only a small part of Fairtax is a retail sales tax.




I showed above the massive taxes on city county and states. That's just the beginning.

All health care is taxed, the person using any health care, regardless of who pays for it, is personally responsible, no exceptions.  Sound like no big deal, right?

Uh --big deal.  Even if your insurance or Medicare or your benefits at work pay for your health care (even insurance premiums are taxed) the person "using or consuming" the goods and services, are liable.

They needed to do it that way, to their math would add up.  If they even exempted Medicare patients, or the poor, or people who could  not possibly pay, their math would not add up. 


It was no easy to put enough "consumption" in the "tax base" to make 23% work.  It gets downright silly. 

  If they only included retail sales in the tax base, the tax rate would need to be 89%, according to sworn testimony to Ways Mean Committee, and according to the Bush Tax Advisory Panel report.

Did you know that?   Furthermore, if you can pin down a Fairtax leader (not easy to do) they will admit their tax base is NOT just retail sales.  But they fight like the dickens to make it sound like it's no big deal what else they tax.  They will never say "Yes we tax all military consumption, including military research, wages and pensions paid to the military"

But all that consumption is cleverly in Fairtax math, to add up in a way they can then claim 23% would work as a tax.

REmember that. All their lies, all their BS, their deception, comes down to that.   If they ONLY taxed retail sales, the rate would be 89%

Still seem like a simple retail sales tax to you?

Meaning, they tax all those things. Even "investments"  like capital expenditures -- are taxed.  

That's right, not just wage expenditures, not just pension expenditures, not just operational expenditures. 

 INVESTMENT expenditures --they tax investment expenditures too.


 Since Fiartax taxes all "consumption" (not just retail sales)   see how "Joe" would owe over 100% of his income, as taxes.

It's not just 23% on your retail purchases.  If you, your spouse, your child, for example, "consumes" cancer surgery and chemo benefits, of 130,000, the "person using or consuming" those goods and services are liable.

Of COURSE they know that's nonsense.  Just like they knew it was nonsense to tax all city county and states.

But they had to make their math add up.

See what that absurdity would do to middle income folks, who had health issues.

Not once, not ever, has Fairtax shown anything like this.  

They have never shown ANY person's consumption taxed, line by line.  Remember that.  Ever. They have NEVER shown anything like this.   Not even an example for someone with very low consumption.   And they of course have never shown a line by line spread sheet of all the things you pay taxes on -- they just tell you about the retail purchases.

Remember that.  Gee, I wonder why not?

If your city builds a new court house for 50 million, your city has to pay a 13 million dollar tax.  No, they don't deduct that from the 50, they pay the 50, this is a separate tax, paid in ADDITION to the retail sales tax, not paid at the time of "purchase".

Bush Tax Panel found and exposed the hustle years ago -- politely, in academic terms. 

 In private, Tax Panel Chairman William Gale, PhD Sanford, said "They lie a lot". Indeed.  We show you the lies.

We expose Fairtax fraud more bluntly -- for the same reason. The massive goofy fraudulent other taxes, spread around their official documents, deceptively. 

Here is the kind of double talk you get in Fairtax documents.  NOtice they do mention, GSft is taxable state and local government consumption "at market value"  -- yet that does  not even hint that means wages, pension, and operational expenditure taxes.

Pretty clever.  This little  box hides 2.1 Trillion in "other taxes". 

Think the state government of Texas is going to cough up 14 billion plus, for a wage, pension, and capital investment tax, Fairtax didn't ever mention, not once, honestly?

What Fairtax DOES have, are documents with the double talk BS - the hustle.  Those documents are from Beacon Hill -- Fairtax public relations firm.  Those are not in any way research - hiding goofy fraud in your double talk, quite the opposite of the impression you give in books, videos and speeches, is not research.