Monday, April 22, 2013





 (We are blunt -- a bit crude even).

 Neal Boortz said -- with straight face:

"The only problem will be, where to put all the money".   Stupidly, we believed him. 

Sounded great!  Simple retail sales tax.   Researched.  Transparent.  Everyone treated the same.

Nonsense -- utter nonsense.   It's not a retail sales tax, they have no research, it is quite the opposite of transparent, and no, people ARE NOT treated the same.

Here is the basic fraud: 

Yes, they do have a retail sales tax.  But they have an additional 2.1 Trillion dollars of "other" taxes, they never tell suckers about, in books, videos or speeches. 

These other taxes are impossible balderdash -- that's why they hid them in 300 words, sprinkled like MSG in a Chinese Restaurant. 

Word games.   Fairtax hustlers used old fashioned word games.

President Bush Tax Advisory Panel had no trouble finding the fraud  in Fairtax  -- they just read what we call "fine print tricks."

Bush Tax Panel found and exposed the hustle years ago -- politely, in academic terms.  In private, Tax Panel Chairman William Gale, PhD Sanford, said "They lie a lot". Indeed.  We show you the lies.

We expose Fairtax fraud more bluntly -- for the same reason. The massive goofy fraudulent other taxes, spread around their official documents, deceptively. 

Wage expenditure taxes -- pension expenditure taxes.  Operational expenditure taxes. These are just a few of the taxes in Fairtax fine print word games.

Think that's how this works?  2 trillion dollars of other taxes -- most on city county and states, that the lying bastards dont tell you about, and don't tell city and states either.

Think NCY is going to send in over 600 million just as a wage tax?  Remember, no one told them. Think the state government of Texas is going to cough up 14 billion plus, for a wage, pension, and capital investment tax, Fairtax didn't ever mention, not once, honestly?

Think all city county and states are going to pay these lying bastards fine print trick taxes?    

And those "other taxes" are how their math adds up. That's why they have these other taxes -- to make their math add up.

Did you know --really did you know -- that all wage pension and operational "expenditures," are taxed.  And then Fairtax "assumes" all city county and states will raise tax rates to pay this.  See more below.  

They only mention that -- (one of many other taxes) in a definition section.  WAAAY down in HR25, after they gave you the opposite impression -- they have these bullshit definitions that change everything. 

Certain wages -- clever right? CERTAIN?  Try massive, and nearly all wages, pensions, and operational expenditures, including all benefits, unemployment, even capital INVESTMENTS  -- paid out,  we find out later, is in that "certain wages" bullshit misleading terms.

  And who pays that pension, wage, operational expenditure tax?   Well, all city county and states do.  This is a massive tax, which would cost every city county and states to increase their tax rates by 20-30%.

 But they told you this -- the lying bastards-- very cleverly, in several disjointed ways, starting with the "Certain wages" -- and you never get any idea, from these lying bastards, how huge those taxes are, nor who pays them. 

 Think that's accidental?  That they told you first about Fairtax being a very very simple personal retail sale tax?  Then in the fine print, have massive other taxes, written in clever and fraudulent ways?

They are lucky this is political bullshit, not a business, they would be guilty of fraud.  If you gave these lying bastards any money, you can very likely get every city of it back, if you wanted to sue them.

And this is just a small part of the fraud -- we show you the rest.
Don't get mad at me - I didn't lie to you. Get mad at these lying bastards at Fairtax. 

So when Dallas Texas "expends"  50 million in wage "expenditures," Dallas has to pay, separately, almost 13 million as a "wage expenditure tax"  to the fed government.

No -- this is NOT part of their retail sales tax, this is another tax, over and above, paid separately.  Not just on wages, but pensions, and operational expenditures.

Did you know that?  Stunningly, we only met one person (who works for Fairtax) that knew that.  Yet these wage and pension "expenditure" taxes are massive.  And they have nothing -- nothing -- to do with personal retail sales or consumption.

 All cities, all states, all counties, even the federal government -- per Fairtax math and fine print -- supposedly will pay massive amounts of money to the fed government.

No -- not just the retail sales tax they collect. This is over 1 trillion dollars MORE, in addition to, on top of, and paid separately from, that retail sales tax states would collect.

Not just wage "expenditures" are taxed, but because they tricky bastards elsewhere defined wages as to mean all operational expenditures, including pensions, benefits and unemployment expenditures, almost ANY monies paid out by any city county and state,  Fairtax taxes 23%.

Capital investment expenditure taxes.

How the hell are those "personal retail sales taxes"?  Any clue?  

So how on earth are wage-pension and operational expenditures -- paid OUT by city county and states, a personal retail sales tax?

Any clue?  Any clue at all?

Yet Fairtax has about 300 words, carefully hidden, in their documents, that they rely on to make their math add up.

HERE -- In Fairtax own official documents -- online,  not even mentioned in their books, videos, and speeches, some of the basic word game deceptions.....HERE

Tax base is -- by definition -- what they tax.   There is no place in HR25 about taxing just retail sales. 

But they told us suckers it was a very simple personal retail sales tax.

Noting about NIPA based taxes in their books.

Nothing about NIPA  based taxes in their videos.

Nothing about NIPA based taxes in their speeches.

You would hardly notice that "certain wage" definition -- doesn't even say clearly they tax "certain wages".

But they tax over 700 BILLION dollars of wages, pensions and operational expenditures --  and don't tell you that clearly, ever.

Read their fine print closely -- most of Fairtax revenue are their goofy and impossible "other taxes" hidden in the fine print tricks -- we show you the tricks below. 

In fact, over 2 trillion dollars of Fairatx revenue, has NOTHING to do with retail sales tax.  NOTHING.

Did we mention nothing?

Fairtax not only taxes all city on wages, pension and capital investment expenditures, they clever state, it yet another document, that they "assume" all city and states will raise their tax rates to pay it.

That's right -- very slick definitions-- in one section, then in another document entirely, they give you some other fine print trick about what defines a person. 

Then in yet another document -- all by Beacon Hill, their public relations hustler -- they "assume" all city county and states will raise their tax rates appropriately.

Yeah, the TOLD you it's transparent -- but did you ever hear them mention 2 trillion dollars in taxes on things that have nothing to do with retail sales?

Did you ever hear them mention the tax on all cancer victims, even those cancer victims on Medicare?

Did you know all cancer victims are personally liable for the tax on their CONSUMPTION (not purchase -- purchase does not matter) of surgery and chemo?

No -- you did NOT know that.   But read their fine print closely -- and see how their math "adds up" . 

SO it's there -- if you read it ALL, including every footnote, in every online document, where they lying bastards have placed it.  And placed it thus, so suckers wouldn't find it, much less figure it out.

 You have to put it all together, which is quite the opposite of what they tell suckers.  

So if your state operates a prison system -- and all states do -- your state has to pay a 23% tax on their "operational expenditures".  


A footnote -  in an online document by Fairtax public relations hustlers, Beacon Hill.  Footnote -- "we adopt a pre-pay approach to taxing government investment".    They tax all capital investments -- in advance.

And all wage expenditures -- all pension expenditures.  They even tax all operational expenditures.   How the hell is that personal retail sales?  Its not.

They also hired folks -- yes paid -- like Neal Boortz to spin the great sounding BS. They also paid Beacon Hill, a public relations company, to put out slick BS in documents  where President Bush Tax Panel found the fraud.


Texas state legislature, for example, would have to send in 14 billion dollars -- as a wage, pension and operational expenditure tax.   That's not a personal retail sales tax.

Yes the legislature would have to send in about 12 billion in retail sales taxes they collected, but send in separately ANOTHER 14 billion on top of that.

Wage pension and operational "expenditure" taxes?  WTF?

Why have these massive other taxes on operational expenditures?  To make their math work -- that's why.

Why not tell suckers about these massive other taxes?

Because frauds don't tell suckers the truth. 

Massive -- over 1 trillion in new taxes at state and local level, taxes on wage and pension expenditures, taxes on capital investments, taxes on medicare benefits, Medicare benefits.

Why tax all those things --cleverly, by slick double talk, they tax all t hat, and more.  But why?

To make their fraudulent math add up -- or seem to.

Still sound like a "very simple" retail sales tax to you?

Fairtax pretends they will actually collect these 2 trillion in other taxes, which they didn't tell suckers about.

They know they can't tax those things, nor collect it.


You didn't know that New York City would owe 800 million or more, as a tax on wage and pension expenditures?

So you don't know all 20,000 or so cities in USA would owe massive taxes on their wage expenditures?  

And on their pension expenditures.

And on their operational expenditures.

And on their capital investment expenditures.

We believed Boortz because of all that research -- 22 million dollars of research!   The most "extensive research" in history said Boortz.

We could just look at the research -- right?  Or talk to the researchers --right?

Turns out -- there is no such research. Nor researchers.   Not 22 million dollars of it, not 22 thousand, not 22 cents.

This is what Fairtax tells you they tax
 -- retail sales.

Yeah, it SOUNDS great, we get that.  We were fooled -- especially by that claim of 22 million in research.   See below what the hustlers claim for "research". 

We have offered, and still do, $50,000 for one page of that research.   How hard can that be?  Just show one page, of that 22 million in research, about this "very simple"  personal retail sales that would replace all other fed taxes.

Surely they can show one page -- right? 

No, they can't.  Because there is no research.  They do have a public relations firm, Beacon Hill, which has a bunch of double talk BS that fools stupid people, but that's not research at all, in fact, it's quite the opposite of research. 

And their BS by Beacon Hill is NOT about a simple personal retail sales tax to replace anything. In those documents -- shown below -- are fraudulent bullshit deceptions and word games that inject massive other and impossible taxes, to make their fraudulent math work on paper.

In other words -- they lie a lot.  We show you.

Trouble is -- none of that is so. Not one word.

For example --- did you know all cancer victims, without exception -- would owe 30,000 dollars extra in federal taxes, if they "consumed" 130,000 dollars in surgery and chemo?

Even if insurance or Medicare pays for the surgery, the way Fairtax math is set up -- "the person using or consuming" a good or service is liable.

WHy on earth should a cancer victim owe $30,000 more in fed taxes, just because she decided to fight the cancer? 

And that "research"?   That claim of 22 million dollars of "research"  would address this, right? 

Well if they had 22 million dollars of research, no one has seen it yet. I have offered -- for five years now - $50,000 to anyone who can show one page of that research, about this "very simple" personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

What Fairtax passes of as research is quite the opposite -- they pass off their own public relations double talk deception (we show you) as research. In other words, they pass off their own distortions and BS as "research".

Hiding goofy impossible other taxes in the fine print, in your own public relations documents, to fool people, is not research.   






Fairtax also taxes all wage and pension "expenditures" paid OUT by all city county and states.  Did you know that?

So if your city has "operational expenditures"  for police and fire protection, for sewers -- etc. etc -- Fairtax has a 23% tax on all that.   This is not paid at the register - this has to be sent in, separately, on top of, in addition to the retail sales tax those city and states would collect.

And the operational expenditures collectively are larger than the personal retail sales taxes.  In other words, the retail sales tax these hustlers tell you about, is only a small part of what they tax, and what they depend on for their fraudulent "revenue projections" .

New York City, for example, would owe over 800 million dollars as a wage and pension expenditure tax.

How the hell is that a personal retail sales tax?   

And "consumption" by governments is not retail consumption only -- that's  a tiny tiny fraction.  By the clever word games, like above, they tag wage and pension expenditures -- all operational expenditures -- as a "consumption expenditure".

Do you get that -- or not.

And that is what they tax, to make the math work. You either grasp this goofy hustle, or you don't. But it's a fraud, its a hustle, whether you or your cult daddy can admit it.   

And how the hell is cancer surgery, paid by Medicare no less, a "retail sale" to the person receiving the surgery?   By slippery words -- Fairtax hustler claim that, without exception, the person using or consuming any good or service is liable for the tax!

That's what their fine print says, and that is how their math adds up.  Got that yet?

But those are just a tiny part of the massive "other taxes" in Fairtax hustler's fine print. 

In fact, we offer anyone -- including you -- 50,000 dollars (and have for years) if you can show 1 page of actual research, of that 22 million in research, about this "very very simple" personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

Claim of 22 million dollars of research, yet there is not 1 dollar of such research = fraud.

If you donated any money to these guys, you can get it back.   Here is how....



"The most extensively researched economic plan in history"

We thought they had research -- no one would lie about that, right?  Boortz sure as hell did. 



It's not a tax code -- its political hustle by lying bastards.

In their own documents, however, there are clever word games -- like taxing "all expenditures" -- and then making you find the tricky definition of expenditures, and people taxed, in yet other   documents.

They never write anything plainly, or candidly.  Fragmented, deceptive bullshit.

Only part of Fairtax is  retail sales tax, you have to pay massive other taxes too, 2.1 Trillion in other taxes, that have nothing to do with retail sales.

These other massive taxes were exposed - politely -- years ago.

For five years now, we have offered 50,000 dollars if anyone (including you) can show 1 page of that 22 million in research, about this "very simple" personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

Guess what -- they have no research whatsoever.   See what they fool you with, re "research" below. 


Yes, Fairtax has a retail sales tax.

Like your car has a steering wheel.   But Fairtax has 2.1 Trillion dollars of taxes that have nothing to do with retail sales.

And they never told their suckers about it - I know, I was one of the suckers.

Did you know all cancer surgery, heart surgery, chemo, nursing home care, it taxed 23%?  No exceptions whatsoever. It's in the fine print.

It's basic to their math. 

Did you know the fine print says the person "using or consuming" the goods or service (not necessarily who pays) is liable?   

Did you know that or not?

DId you know that is how their math "adds up?" 



Another claim of the lying sacks of shit, is that Fairtax fraud taxes everyone the same.

Remember, its a hustle by lying bastards, its not even a tax code, but play along for a moment.

Since all cancer patients, all heart patients, would owe (and for their math to work, must pay) these massive taxes, how is it treating everyone the same, if a cancer victim has 30,000 more tax obligation -- only because she "consumed" surgery and chemo and rehab?

And where is that "research" about these massive taxes on cancer victims? SHow us that.

Show that "research" about the massive taxes on all city county and states, for their wage and pension expenditure.

Think hiding some goofy double talk in your bullshit fine print tricks is research? Hell no, it's not research, it's the opposite of research, and these lying bastards know it -- they hid it there BECAUSE it's  fraud. 

If your child had cancer, heaven forbid, even if insurance or medicare paid it -- per fairtax math, and per fairtax fine print - you are personally liable for, say, 30,000 more in fed taxes, than your economic twin, whose child does not have cancer.

So later -- when you ask one of the hustlers working for Fairtax how they hell they can pretend to tax all wage and pension expenditures, all cancer surgery "consumption"  they act like innocent children, as if "What -- we told you in the principle of interpetation -- all consumption of goods and services without exception".  

That you believed their BS about retail sales tax?  Hey, that's your problem, if you believe the BS.

 In a way -- a fraudulent way --they tell you  -- the fundamental principle in Fairtax is to tax all CONSUMPTION -- they don't say retail sales.   And then later they give you BS double talk about what consumption they tax. They are clever and lying bastards about it. 

So tell me again, how everyone is treated the same?

Why don't they exempt health care?   Because they can't -- their math won't add up. 

And more, if they exempted health care, you would realize a lot of the things in their math and fine print is BS.   They can't exempt city county and state wage and pension expenditures, either, or their math won't add up.

Problem is not just that they hid these other taxes fraudulently, and used them to make their math work -- problem is, these other taxes are impossible boooshit, and they knew that the whole time. 

You didn't know that if Dallas Texas builds a 100 million dollar sewer system, it would owe 23 million - in advance -- as a tax? This 23 million tax is  not deducted from the 100 million costs, it's ADDED.  A separate tax, sent in, in advance.

Dont feel bad, they didn't tell Dallas, or any city, either.

They didn't tell any state.

They didn't tell any county.

They didn't tell you.

The lying bastards just put a few words in their fine print, so their math would add up, if you didn't look too close.

 A footnote about massive advance tax of 300 billion here, a definition that adds 700 billion wage expenditure  there.

By the way -- NONE of these other taxes are retail sales taxes.  Remember that, they tell suckers it's a very simple personal retail sales tax. No it's not, and the hustlers know that, very well. 


 You don't know what NIPA is? You should -- Fairtax own document said they tax whatever "NIPA" considers personal or governmental "expenditures".

Oh and by the way -- NIPA is not even about taxes, at all.  Yet in Fairtax document deceptively uses that odd BS (NIPA) as the most basic criteria of what to tax!

The massive other taxes are  "NIPA based" taxes.

On top of, in addition to, paid separately from, the retail sales tax.

Without these massive other taxes -- as President Bush Tax Advisory said in a polite way -- a sales tax rate on retail sales would need to be 89%, not 23%.

Massive taxes on city county and states -- on their wage expenditures, on their pension expenditures, on their operational expenditures.

Did you know that or not?  It's very basic -- and Fairtax said they were transparent. So you should know, if Fairtax were actually transparent, about these massive other taxes. 

Hell no, you had no clue. Don't feel bad, they didn't tell you. They don't tell anyone in their books, or videos, or speeches.  Remember that. 

This is just ONE example -- a 600 billion -700 billion dollar example -- of the bullshit in Fairtax fine print.  

If they had "researched" this  -- they would have to contact city and states, and tell them about it, and ask if those city and states would be able to pay, and would pay.   Instead, Fairtax deceptively put these huge other taxes in doublespeak BS, so not one city mayor, not one US governor, has any clue whatsoever about these massive taxes, and how they would have to increase their tax rates around 40%.

And how did they tell suckers that city and states will pay this?  

They never did tell suckers, never did tell city and states either.

They just put some bullshit double talk in their fine print, so their math would add up.

If you read very very closely -- you could find it.  Oddly, every Fairtax sucker I met, insists on their children's lives they read all the fine print.

AND yet, not one -- not in 15 years -- has been able to tell me where the wage and pension expenditure tax is -- I have to show them.

And none could tell me where the "assumption" was, about city county and states would have to all "raise their tax rates" to pay it.

I had to show them that, too. But being in a cult, naturally they insist that didn't matter.  In fact, the dumber ones said, it was a "great thing" for city and states to pay these wage, pension and capital investment taxes -- "to see how it feels".

Idiots -- the city county and states would have to RAISE THEIR TAX RATES -- all, by about 50%.   City county and states don't pay taxes -- people do.   And the clever Fairtax "we assume" trick shows they know that, too.

So no, you didn't read very closely, and they knew you would not.

That's ONLY in their online documents -- it's NOT in their books, NOT in their videos, and NOT in their speeches.

Gee -- I wonder why not.  Why not mention this, not one time, not in 15 years, not in any book, not in any speech, not in any video.

Why not?  Because they didn't want to.  

Where is the "advance tax" on capital expenditures?
In an online document -- in a footnote.    Very cleverly stated, in a document no Fairtax sucker could likely find, much less read, much less understand the implications of that footnote.
Remember, these fine print tricks is how they get the revenue, on paper.  The lying bastards just pretend all cancer victims, all city county and states, all everyone, will pay these massive impossible taxes.
Of course, they know very well it's all BS.   They aren't stupid -- they are hustlers.  An 89% state tax rate -- which President Bush Tax Panel showed Fairtax would have to be, if they only taxed retail sales -- doesn't even count the local sales taxes!

So they told you it was voluntary, it was researched, it was simple retail sales tax, and every time they told you such nonsense, they knew they were lying.

Worse, they got stupid well meaning people to repeat the lies.  Sincere folks pushes this hustle, because they believe guys like Boortz.  

Don't get mad at me if you were fooled -- get mad at the lying bastards who lied to you.

 Yes, we need a new tax code   -- but these guys at Fairtax are not trying to get a new tax code. 
We don't know why they are doing it -- nor do we know who is paying them.  Find out who paid Neal Boortz, and who paid Beacon Hill to put out the clever double talk, and we would know who is behind this.

Someone wrote checks to pay these guys -- we don't know who, and we don't know why.  Boortz lies and claims he was never paid -- hell yes he was paid.  

You gotta give the Fairtax hustlers credit, in  way. They did make sure their math worked -- yes, by lying, but they made the math work. Why they were so eager to make their math work, by lying, we don't know.   We don't know why, or who paid them to lie. But the lied, in the sense they used bullshit double talk to make people THINK Fairtax had research, (it does not) and that it was a simple retail sales tax (it is not). 

 To make their math work,  they taxed, on paper,  much much more that retail sales.

This is what Fairtax tells you they tax
 -- retail sales.





The RETAIL sales tax part it at least rational -- but to make their math work, the lying bastards put in the fine print,  2 trillion plus that  has nothing to do with retail sales.

Like the 200+ billion dollar tax on Medicare patients, on their "consumption" of medicare benefits. Oh you didn't know about the taxes on Medicare and Medicaid benefits -- that the person "using or consuming" the goods or services is liable for?



You might as well tax baby farts and moon beams for 2 trillion.   The reason Fairtax has those "other taxes"   is to make their math add up.

And those 2 trillion dollars of other taxes are functionally  impossible -- as impossible as taxing moonbeams, as impossible as taxing baby farts.

But they had to tax SOMETHING -- on paper anyway -- to make their math add up.

Go ahead PLEASE pass this!  I would love to see the reaction of state legislature of Texas, when Fairtax suckers try to explain the 14 billion in pension, wage, and operational taxes they have to pay, per the fine print.

Of course, Texas, nor any state, nor any city, nor any county, can be forced to pay 1 dime of this goofy hidden taxes.

And Fairtax fine print tricks never says they CAN be taxed, they just say they "assume" city county and states will raise their tax rates to pay it.

Pretty clever? (Not really, pretty devious word games by lying bastards. )

Same thing with their tax on all cancer victims - they never say they can tax cancer victims, they just claim they tax all consumption, and the person using any good or service is liable, without exception.

Then, when the lying bastards added up their revenue projections, the lying bastards just pretended all those impossible taxes they hid, would come rolling in.

And the lying bastards knew not one dime of that bullshit would come in -- that's why they hid it, in fine print tricks.

SO they told you -- sorta -- in a way they knew you would not notice, cause they also told you the BS about being a tax on retail sales. 

Remember, to make their math work, all city county and states would have to pay massive taxes, then increase their tax rates -- that's in the fine print, in their disjointed fraudulent BS fine print tricks. 

Nor could cancer victims on Medicare be forced to pay.  

But PLEASE pass this!! I would love to see reaction of cancer victims on Medicare if somehow Fairtax suckers tried to enforce these and other impossible taxes!

And a 300 billion dollar tax on wages and pensions the federal government is supposed to pay ITSELF.  To make their math work.

And they know that.  They are not stupid -- they are hustlers.

Go ahead -- read this definition, deep down in the definition section, and see if it's clear that city county and states would owe over 1 trillion dollars in various taxes, on wages, pensions, and capital investments.

But that's EXACTLY how these lying bastards got their math to work -- on paper.

You don't need to claim 22 million in research, when there is no research like that whatsoever -- unless you are a group of lying bastards pushing a fraud.

For years now, we have offered $50,000 for one page of this "research".    They have some paperwork with bullshit double talk -- but that's not research, and its NOT ABOUT a simple personal retail sales tax.


Remember Fairtax supporters are told it's voluntary.  

Nothing voluntary about it -- city county and states do not get to opt out -- Fairtax math is BASED on collection over 1.4 trillion dollars from city and states, that have nothing to do with retail sales taxes.

But suckers run around, telling other suckers, it's voluntary.

Nor is there anything voluntary about the cancer and heart surgery tax -- all medical consumption, without exception -- is taxed. There is nothing voluntary about that.

Yes,  you don't HAVE to buy a new car -- you don't HAVE to buy a new home.  You can buy a used car, a used home. That's their clever BS about "voluntary".

States and cities can not "expend" used pensions. Or pay out "used" wages.   And all wage and pension expenditures are taxes.  How is that voluntary.

Have you ever heard of used cancer surgery? How about used heart bypass surgery?

Used nursing home care.  Again, remember this -- all CONSUMPTION is taxed. That's how they get their math to add up. Not just all retail sales.

Retail sales are only a small part of Fairtax -- that is their con. Tell you it's a simple retail sales tax, but in the fine print, have massive other taxes, to make the math seem to work. 

Cancer surgery -- all cancer surgery, all chemo -- all military spending, all pension and wage expenditure, all Medicare "expenditures"  all capital investments -- are in the tax base.  

Tax base = what they tax.


Can a cancer victim on Medicare pay 30,000 in fed taxes on their " consumption" of cancer surgery.

Okay fine -- Fairtax -- go ahead tax all cancer victims. Where is the research on that, ya lying bastards?  Hiding this kind of absurd tax in fine print is NOT research.  And if you are too stupid to grasp that, you are the perfect Fairtax sucker.



We have offered 50,000 dollars to ANYONE who can show even 1 page of that 22 million dollars of  "research"  about this "very very simple" personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

We mean real research, per the definition of research in the dictionary. 

In fact, they call it "consumption expenditures"  and then cleverly add five more words. Notice this. 

Notice that does not say -- "just retail consumption"? But the lying bastards give you the impression, on purpose, that it's a simple personal retail sales tax.

Do you even know what NIPA is? Hell no.

Did they even mention this "NIPA thing -- -ever -- in 15 years, in any video, speech or book?  Hell no.

WHY TAX MEDICARE PATIENTS OVER 200 million dollars?  

YES,  their math is based on collecting this tax- on Medicare patients,  without exception.  They told you, that right? Yes they did have a sentence about no exceptions.   They did have a sentence about taxing all consumption -- and later, a sentence about the "person" using or consuming is liable.

Yes they told you.  That is the kind of BS they used to add up their math.

Did you know that? HELL NO.

Did you know the State of Texas -- the legislature -- would owe over 12 billion in wage, pension, and capital investment expenditure taxes?  


But that is how their math adds up.


Think every time Huckabee told you about this "very simple" personal retail sales tax, they "forgot" about the 2.1 Trillion dollars of other taxes?

 Just slipped their mind, every time, every speech, every  video, every book, for 15 years?

Fairtax is NOT just a tax on retail consumption -- like they tell suckers. That's only a small part of it.

You don't have to be stupid to be fooled by these guys -- because these hustlers are good at it.  But you do have to be a cult monkey if you learn what's in the fine print, and are still fooled.

Here is a tiny example -- a 600-800 Billion dollar tax on wage and pension "expenditures"

How the hell is that a personal retail sales tax? It's not.  But it's one of many BS fine print tricks, to make their "math" seem to add up.

You COULD have found these yourself,  if 
you weren't so fooled by the  hustle.




Sadly -- Fairtax won't pass. It's not supposed to. It's supposed to fool stupid people -- and it fooled us for a while.  











Uh - actually Fairtax is a fraud.   Call it a political hustle if you want, but it's a fraud.


We offer 50,000 dollars if you can show one page of that 22 million dollars in research showing this "very simple" personal retail sales tax will replace all other fed taxes.

How hard can that be? Seriously -- they claim all this research, but can't show one page of such research? 

Remember - we assumed that research existed -- and we looked for it.  We got a big run around, double talk, but no real research about this simple  personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.

And while Fairtax hustlers tried to make it SEEM Beacon Hill documents were some kind of research -- they were just the opposite. They were bullshit double talk by their own public relations firm.  That's not research.

That's lying -- Orwellian BS by lying bastards.  That's not research.

And it didn't cost 22 million dollars. 

This is a legal offer - check with your attorney.

But you needn't bother -- Fairtax is NOT a simple retail sales tax on personal consumption, because the lying bastards put all these other taxes in there, too, to make their fraudulent math add up.

Yep -- that's what they did.  

Simple retail sales tax.    Neal Boortz said "a very very simple" personal retail sales tax. You pay at the cash register.   And get a prebate.  And get huge increase in take home pay. 

 And, and, and.. it sounded soo good.


Boortz told us ---

  1. Completely untaxes the poor!
  2. 50 % increase in take home pay!
  3. Transparent!
  4. 22 million dollars of research!
  5. Eighty economist studied it, and approved!


We expose it a tad more bluntly.

"They told us it was simple
 personal retail sales tax"

Then we read the fine print -- and asked questions.

Increase in take home pay? 

 Wrong.   No one gets an increase in take home pay from this fraud, because it's not even a tax code, it's political hustle by lying bastards. 

Untaxes the poor? 

 Not so-- the poor are taxed impossibly high, for example Medicare patient with cancer could be taxed 35,000 dollars for her "consumption" of surgery and chemo, even though Medicare pays the hospital  bill. 


Not so  As you will see Fairtax has  massive other and impossible taxes, in the fine print, to make their fraudulent math add up. That's the opposite of transparent.

22 million dollars of research

Not so  They  have never shown any research about a simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes, because that's not what Fairtax even is. Plus, their boooshit double talk by their own public relations firm is the opposite of research, no matter how much the lying bastards try to dress it up as such.

Fairtax fraud could not get more basic. 

They lie about both basic things -- what they tax, and research.

They lie about what they tax.  They TOLD you in books, videos and speeches it was a "very very simple" retail sales tax on personal consumption.  


 They left out a "few details"

Like 2 trillion dollar of other Fairtax taxes

These "other taxes" are not just a small part of Fairtax -- these "other" taxes are by far the biggest part of Fairtax. 

Only 40% of Fairtax revenue is from the personal retail sales tax.   Sixty percent of their projected revenue is not from retail sales at all!

Yet they told us, it was a very very simple retail sales tax.  Why lie about that?  




 Fairtax sounded great -- nothing sounded better.  We loved it. Turns out, it's not even a tax code.  Nor is there research.

If you can find ONE PAGE of that 22 million dollars of  research, about a very simple personal retail sales tax of 23%, that replaces all other fed taxes, we will give you 50,000 dollars. 

 It might seem like it -- but look closely at the "research" -- see below.   WE even offer this 50K to the people who Boortz said DID the 22 million in  research.  They can't show one page of it, either, cause there is none.

See why below.

1) There is no research


Fairtax booooshit  was exposed years ago -- politely, and in academic terms, by President Bush Tax Advisory Panel.   Too polite -- but they exposed it, much for the same reasons we do --it's nonsense.    And there is no research.


Bush Tax Panel -- headed by William Gale, PhD Stanford -- did not have to look that hard for the fraud.  Just read all the fine print, all the "assumptions" and math "calculations" in the clever bullshit put out by Beacon Hill.

Someone went to a lot of trouble to put this BS out -- I'd like to find out who. I really don't know who paid for it, wish I did.

How the hell are 2  trillion dollars of "other taxes"  -- that have nothing to do with retail sales -- a "simple personal retail sales tax."?

Lying about your hustle in some goofy deceptive fine print tricks is NOT research.  Try to grasp that. 


We need a new tax code -- but Fairtax is not it. It's political theater by lying bastards, or if that's too harsh, by hustlers. 


22 million dollars of "extensive" research. WOW.   Not only can't it be a fraud -- it has to be real, right?   And it's not some crazy bullshitter in a corner throwing lies to stupid people.

No way someone lies about research!!   

There is research right? A researcher, someone who did the research -- an office, a box, a desk, a report, some data.  22 million dollars of research, so why haven't they shown it?

Oh -you think they DID show it?  No.  They do have some double talk BS by their own public relations firm -- we show that.   But that's not research, and it's not about a simple retail sales tax.
     We offer $ 50,000 dollars for anyone who can find ONE page of that 22 million dollars of research, about this very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.  Just one page -- shouldnt be hard, right?  

Go on -- this is a legal offer. Get your attorney on the phone.   We have offered this for years -- but since there is no such "research" our 50K is pretty safe. 

Give Fairtax lying bastards credit -- in some document somewhere, in some footnote, some double reverse Orwellian boooshit definition -- they insert these huge other taxes.

But the lying bastards tell you
1) that's research, and
2) that's a simple retail sales tax. 

We first offered this 50K to Neal Boortz to give to any charity he wants.  He ran from this offer --so we offer it  to anyone.  It's not a bullshit offer -- the Fairtax claim of 22 million in research is bullshit.  No such research exists, much less 22 million dollars worth. Our offer really exists.  You can sue us for 50K if you find 22 million dollars of research about this very very simple personal retail sales tax.  We can't sue the lying bastards at Fairtax, because lying to stupid people in politics is not against the law, or even considered a fraud in USA. 

The point is, there is no research about Fairtax plan to replace all other fed taxes with a 23% retail sales tax.None. And there sure as hell isn't 22 million dollars worth.


Neal Boortz said -- with a straight face -- the "only problem will be where to put the money.   Seriously -- Fairtax would make the country rich, the "economic powerhouse of the world".  So much wealth, so great, etc etc.

Great sounding stuff -- especially when you realize, the lying bastards have no research. 

Fairtax would bring is so much money that we would not need to have Social Security taxes, or Medicare. Balance the budget -- no problem.  An average 50% more take home pay -- the list of great things were endless!

 And all this was researched!


1) Fairtax lied about the research - there is none.

2) Fairtax is not a real tax code -- it's political theater, aka BS. 





William Gale, chairman of Bush Tax Advisory Panel, said in private "they lie a lot" about Fairtax hustlers.  But in the report -- all academic and polite -- Gale showed the massive other taxes in Fairtax. He didn't call them liars -- we do, however.  We define liars as those who pretend to have a very very simple retail sales tax, that's researched, when they have nothing of the sort, and lied about the research. 

Without these massive other taxes, Gale and his team showed the actual tax rate on retail sales would need to be 89%.  

Wait till you see what Fairtax taxes to make their math work.  Hint -- they tax much more than personal retail sales. 


In fact, most of Fairtax revenue projections have nothing to do with retail sales tax! 

Wages - pensions -- operational expenditures: taxed.

Capital investment expenditures -- taxed in advance.


Did you know capital investment expenditures are taxed -- in advance?  All city county and state capital expenditures are taxed.  So when Keokuk Iowa builds a new court house for 40 million, FIRST they have to pay 9.5 million as a Fairtax.   The court house still cost 40 million, AND NOW, the 9.5 million dollar tax.

How the HELL are wage and pension expenditures  a personal retail sales tax?

It's not.  Do you understand this -- Fairtax lying bastards TOLD us it was a very very simple personal retail sales tax, but in the fine print, the lying bastards put massive other (and impossible) taxes.

That's what President Bush Tax Panel found -- because it's in the Fairtax math, and fine print.  This is the kind of absurd bullshit Fairtax uses to make their math add up. 

Here is the footnote -- yes FOOTNOTE -- in Fairtax document about that "capital expenditure tax"  in advance.   

 Chicago IL -- for example -- if they replace the 4 billion dollar sewer system, would owe almost 1 billion in advance as a tax. 



 No, it's not paid at the cash register.  And no it's not a retail sales tax.  Fairtax had their suckers mezmerized by images and examples of paying a tax at the cash registor. Lying bastards did this on purpose.  

All their examples were about retail sales -- their narrative was about retail sales., Buy a coat, buy a pizza, buy lunch.

Not one fucking word about 400 million dollar wage expenditure tax on New York City.   Not one fucking word about the 14 billion dollar tax on Texas state legislature for operational and capital investment expenditures.

Remember -- as President Bush Tax Panel found -- this is how Fairtax math adds up, these lunatic bullshit other taxes.  


 If you gave these guys any money, you can sue them to get it back. Really. It's that fraudulent. 

Notice, below in their "tax base,"  have all personal and governmental  "consumption expenditures".  

SO they do NOT just tax retail sales.  Retail sales are only a small part of it.

For example, if you live in Keokuk Iowa, your little city would owe over 15 million dollars in wage, pension and operational expenditure taxes!!

And Fairtax clever fine print "assumes" your city will raise taxes to pay that.  

Keokuk is in Lee County Iowa.  Lee county would owe over 18 million dollars in wage, pension and operational expenditure taxes.  

No one told Keokuk officials. No one told Lee county officials. No one told Iowa officials.    See any problem there?

Think all these governments will just drop everything, mail in massive sums of money, because of some booshit nonsense that isn't even clear, in their fine print?

Iowa state government itself -- all city county and states -- would owe over 1 billion in wage pension and operational expenditure taxes.   Steve King, GOP House member from Iowa, simply will not answer questions about how Iowa and every city and county will have to pay massive taxes on wages and pension and operational "expenditures" -- he runs from the fine print, and keeps repeating the BS about a "simple retail sales tax" which is only PART, a small part, of Fairtax. 

So a guy in Keokuk would owe massive taxes himself, PLUS all city county and state taxes would skyrocket.

But see how clever these lying bastards were -- they said it, in online docs you never saw, an they said it like lying bastards do -- deceptively.

Like the tax on all "consumption" of  cancer surgery, chemotherapy, and nursing home care -- even when paid BY MEDICARE, or MEDICAID  -- the person "using or consuming" any good or service is liable for 23%.


$50,000 OFFER 




At first, Boortz lied to us, and claimed Dale Jorgenson of Harvard did the "extensive research"  Fair Tax is based on . Bullshit -- Jorgenson published no such research, and is against Fairtax -- see below.

So what "Research" is Boortz and others talking about?  

There is no research about this "very simple" personal retail sales tax.   Beacon Hill documents are the opposite of research, because  hiding goofy deceptive fine print in your footnotes and assumptions is the opposite of research.

This is research defined, below.  Notice it does NOT define research as hiding goofy BS in your inane double talk to fool stupid people. 

Too complicated? Need time? 


 "So we believed Fairtax -- loved it.  Till we saw a few issues, and asked some questions, and got bullshit answers."

And we DO need a new tax code.   

 The reason we never get one, however, is, surprisingly, lying bastards like Huckabee and Neal Boortz, who fool stupid people with bullshit. Or Heritage, or CATO. 

They lie too, but Heritage and Cato are smart enough not to write it all down in ""legislation" and documents  that others can read.


Yes, retail sales is in the tax base, but that's just the start of it.

At least, theoretically, all city county and states could double their tax rates -- remember, drastically higher city county and state taxes are IN THEIR OWN FINE PRINT --

But can cancer victims, heart surgery patients, all pay massive "consumption  taxes" too?  HELL no -- and Fairtax knows that.   Fairtax lying bastards are not stupid -- they are lying bastards, there is a difference.  Yet Fairtax hustlers had to include all this "other consumption" in their "tax base"  for their fraudulent math to add up.