Monday, April 22, 2013

Self Confident Hustlers can make stupid people believe ANYTHING. they fooled me. Fairtax is an example....

  "Forgot" to tell us about taxes on all cities, 
for wage, pension, operational expenditures  





Boortz "forgot" to mention.

Yes, Fairtax has a retail sales tax -- sure do.   That retail tax is only a SMALL part of their taxes.   They  cleverly "told you" in the fine print,  about these other massive taxes, but not in the books. 

  Not in the speeches. Not in the videos. Not once. Not in 15 years. And not even now.  


Maybe you heard Neal Boortz wants an hour with President Obama to pitch the Fairtax.

Boortz already HAD an hour with President Bush, did you know that?  Bush was impressed with this "very very simple"  retail sales tax Boortz told him about.

So President Bush  had his Tax Advisory Board look Fairtax over.

Politely, in public, Bush's Tax Panel showed Fairtax was a goofy  fraud.  We show you the same thing the Tax Panel said politely, only -- we are not polite.

Picture of Boortz -- on the left -- with President Bush.

Boortz already pushed Fairtax at White House.

Do you know President Bush Tax Panel found? 

The Tax Panel issued a polite, and academic sounding report that showed Fairtax was goofy fraud.   Yes, theoretically  you could replace income tax with a very high sales tax, but that would destroy retail sales. 

But Fairtax hustlers claim they replace all other taxes.  Big distinction.

To replace all those taxes, the tax rate would need to be 89%, on retail sales.  That's what Tax Panel found.  

To replace income taxes only -- at least 35%.   And a 35% tax would destroy many retail markets.   

The Bush Tax panel were polite in public, but in private, William Gold said "they lie a lot".

Indeed they do.

The only reason Fairtax got 23% to "work" on paper, they had 2.1 Trillion dollars of goofy impossible other taxes.  And Fairtax hustlers knew that, every step of the way.  This was no surprise -- Fairtax hustlers were not stupid. They were clever as hell. 

You can read the fine print yourself -- get all of it, because there are only 300 words that matter, and they are spread all over, a few words here, a few there.

We show you those 300 words, what Bush Tax Panel found -- only, we are not polite.

President Bush was impressed with Fairtax, and had his Tax Panel study it.  They did.

Bush Tax Panel didn't really care what the Fairtax Book said, or Neal Boortz said.   They read the fine print.  All of it.  Stuff you never heard of, from Fairtax, they read.   

Bush Tax Panel could eat fine print tricks for breakfast, and spit them out for lunch.

You, on the other hand, didn't even have the official documents-- by Fairtax. You just had those great sounding slogans.

Bush Tax Panel simply read all the fine print.  



"Fairtax is a very very simple personal retail sales tax, you pay at the store. You will see the tax on your receipt.  Only IRS agents and lobbyist will be against it."

   Oh, really?   

   Uh -- what about those cancer taxes?  Over 30,000 dollar tax -- just tax -- on the average consumption of cancer surgery and chemo.   And much, much more.

We loved Fairtax -- till we saw the fine print.

We need a new tax code -- even Fairtax fraud would be better-- no, Fairtax isn't going to work.  Fairtax fraud would be better, because that would show stupid people how easily they can be fooled (as I was) by self confident bullshitters with slogans.

Fine print like -- a 30,0000 fed tax on a cancer victim?    Rich or poor, sick or well, insurance or no, all health care consumption is taxed. Not just "sales" of health care.

Look at the fine print and math -- "consumption" of health care is taxed. Very clever.  

 Fairtax math depends on all these "other taxes" being paid. There are no exceptions whatsoever.

This sentence above (to tax all consumption) may seem like no big deal.

But when you see how they use "consumption" -- this sentence, and their math based on it, is a very big deal.

2.1 Trillion dollar BFD.


They know they can't tax her 30 cents.

So why on earth do they have, in the fine print, a 32,000 fed tax on her? With no top limit -- if she "consumes" 400,000 dollars of chemo, surgery, radiation, rehab, she would be personally responsible for 30% tax on that.

No exceptions.  

But why would a cancer victim have these huge taxes?  That's not a retail sale.   She can't buy "used chemo".   Boortz and Huckabee said you can avoid fed taxes -- just buy used!

Used rent? Used chemo?  Even your insurance premiums are taxed.

See any used insurance premiums around?

How about used electricity? Used roofing?  

Regardless, no matter how poor, how sick,  how rich you are, Fairtax wants 30,000 in fed taxes from a cancer victim.

The math is based on these massive other taxes, as you will see.

"All these other taxes -- the ones they hide from us in the fine print tricks -- are like that. Goofy,  huge other taxes, but in the fine print to make the math work."

Yes, Fairtax really does tax all cancer victims -- young, old,  poor, rich.  Their math is based on these and 2.3 Trillion dollars of other taxes that would be impossible to collect.

Impossible. Really. As you will see, most of Fairtax taxes are so goofy, that it's not just difficult to collect, they are impossible.

So why have these other taxes, hidden in fine print?

TO make their math add up, on paper.

Forget fair -- of  COURSE it is not Fair to hit a cancer victim, maybe old, maybe young, maybe on death's door, with 30,000 fed tax because they "consumed" cancer surgery, chemo, radiation, whatever.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to collect most of Fairtax taxes.  

Do they know that? Yes, they do. That's why they only put those massive other taxes, in the fine print.

They needed their math to add up, to fool the stupid.

Fairtax is not a tax code. It's political theater by lying bastards.


They did not tell you what they actually tax, for their math to work.

Not for 15 years.  Not even now.   They kinda, sorta told you,  however, in the very clever, very fraudulent way.

We show you.





 DO you see that "NIPA" reference above?

  IT'S A BFD .





Do you know they have massive capital expenditure taxes, in advance?

These are the kinds of thing President Bush Tax Panel found in the fine print. Only part of Fairtax is that personal retail sales tax.

We found it too -- it's not that hard  if you have all the fine print/

No, NIPA is not an auto parts store.  It's a term Fairtax uses to fool you.  It's in their fine print, and a BFD.

But Boortz never mentioned a word about it.  Yet these "NIPA"
 based taxes are far larger than the retail sales tax.   Another problem, you can't actually collect those taxes, which is why Fairtax hustlers only had them -- cleverly -- in the fine print and math.

NIPA is an account criteria used at "Bureau of Economic Analysis"  and has nothing whatsoever to do with taxes, and nothing whatsoever to do with only personal retail spending.

There are all kinds of things in these accounts -- and of course 99.99 of the public could not tell you what anything about NIPA.

But Fairtax cleverly said they tax whatever NIPA defines.  So they told you-- right?    It sounded smart, right?  But it's the central fraud.

All Fairtax  examples show the BS -  like a 3 dollar tax on lunch, a 27 dollar tax on a jacket. "Maybe" said Boortz, a ten dollar tax on an office visit to your doctor?


There is no maybe.

 How about for sure, a $30,000 fed tax on cancer victim for their "consumption of cancer surgery and chemo of 100K?

Maybe a 10 dollar tax? Really?

Think Boortz forgot cancer surgery was taxed? 

Boortz did not forget.

A FOX reporter asked Boortz about taxes on cancer patients.

He said "Sure, we can't play favorites". 

Then he quickly said "It's won't matter, we will save her so much money".   Not a word about her tax being over 32,000 dollars just on a rather "cheap"  fight against cancer of 106,000  dollars.

The average cost to fight breast cancer is over 160,000 dollars.  That means the average breast cancer patient, would owe over 45,000 dollars in taxes.

Do they really believe a cancer victim will pay, or should pay, 45,000 dollars if fed taxes, just on her fight against cancer?

No -- they don't believe that for a second.  But they had to get their math to add up.

Think Boortz "forgot" that all city county and states are taxed, on wage, pension, capital investment expenditures?   He wrote two books on it, he appeared again and again on FOX news telling about it.

Boortz  knew cancer victims would be taxed. He just claimed "it won't matter, we save her so much money"?

WTF?  She still has to pay that tax.  Why should a cancer victim have huge taxes, while her economic twin, who does  not have cancer, would owe much less?

So cancer victims, nursing home patients, their huge taxes are fair, why? Explain that to me again.

And more - why didn't Boortz show any of these examples. He told you about a tax on a toaster.

A tax on lunch.

Not a word about taxes on cancer victims. 


    Maybe a ten dollar tax on an office visit?  

There is no "maybe" in Fairtax fine print.   Ten dollars would not cover the tax on an aspirin.   


Gee -- not one word about that 140 million dollar tax on St. Louis as a "wage" expenditure tax.   All city expenditures are in NIPA accounts.  They told you, they tax whatever is in NIPA, remember?

Even prison system "expenditures" are taxed. No exceptions what soever.

Not one word about that 14 billion dollar tax on Texas state government for their wage, pension, operational, and capital expenditures.

Not.One. Word.

Operate a prison system, court system for 2 billion? Guess what?  Your state would owe a 30% tax.  

Not one word from Huck. Not one word from Boortz.  But that's how their math adds up.

 How?  All prison expenditures, are part of state expenditures, and state expenditures are in NIPA accounts.

So -- when they wrote they tax whatever NIPA defined, did you know what that meant?  Hell no.  

Education expenditures are NOT taxed, but only because Fairtax fine print "removed" those expenditures from the "TAX BASE".

But all other expenditures are taxed.  That's how their math adds up, on paper.

Check yourself - it's cleverly in the fine print under "Tax Base".  Tax base is what they tax.

Most of Fairtax taxes have nothing to do with personal retail sales.

Yes, they have a retail sales tax - -but that is only a small part of Fairtax.

Where do these massive other taxes come from?

From their fine print.   It's in their math --- and in the fine print.

Yes, they have a tax on your lunch, 3 dollar tax, on a ten dollar lunch.

But they ALSO have a 3 million dollar tax, on your city, if it expends 10 million dollars on police and fireman wages.

You didn't know that?  Of course, how could you.  But it's in their fine print and math.

They have massive goofy other taxes, on TOP of that retail sales tax.  Fairtax is political bullshit. It is not a tax plan.

Biblical?    So in the bible, cancer victims had to pay 30% tax on their consumption of cancer surgery and chemo?    Really?

In the bible, did cities, like Dallas, Texas, have to pay over 200 million dollars in wage, pension, and capital expenditure taxes?

Ohhhh --  you didn't know about the capital expenditure taxes, or wage expenditures taxes, or operational expenditure taxes, did you?

Boortz: The only problem will be "where to put all the money"

If you are a Fairtax sucker, no, of course you don't know. How could you know?  They never tell you anyplace, candidly.  In fact, they tell you it's just a very simple personal retail sales tax.

Just a very simple national sales tax -- a personal retail sales tax.

What could be more simple?


City county and states, have to pay capital investment expenditure - IN ADVANCE,

How is a capital expenditure, paid OUT by a city county and state, a personal retail sale??

That's right, all city county and states, must pay this 30% tax on their expenditures.

And, oh yeah. Those "expenditures" they must pay taxes on"  Wage expenditures. Capital expenditures.   Pension expenditures.   Operational expenditures.

The only expenditures NOT taxed?  Education wages, are cleverly "removed from the tax base".

It's not.   Except Fairtax fine print, made it so, in their tricky math and use of double speak.

A few words here, a few words there.  

But they told you, it was a very very simple personal retail sales tax.   Maybe look a bit more closely....

Because all medical consumption is taxed -- without exception.

And by the way -- all those taxes your city, county and state have to pay?  Your city county and state are supposed to RAISE THEIR TAX RATES to pay it.

According to who --  bad guys?  No, according to their fine print. 

"Consumption expenditures" of course, do not pay taxes. People do.  

A "tax base" does not pay taxes, people do.

But Fairtax wisely (for a fraud) uses terms like "consumption expenditures"  and "tax base".

You will never see a sentence from them about who is taxed on what. Fairtax lingo is very slick,  it never, never writes a simple sentence about who pays what taxes.

Instead, they have "we assume"   and  various definition tricks, and double talk.

In the "tax base"  are all personal and governmental "consumption expenditures".  Sounds sophisticated -- it's actually bullshit. And bullshit included to fool you, not inform you.

Yes, all health care consumption, includes cancer surgery. Nor is there any upper limit on what a cancer victim would owe.

Their math depends on that, that's how they got their math to work, to get 30% of all this "CONSUMPTION EXPENDITURES".

Very slick, and they put a  lot of work into making it seem like a very simple retail sales tax.


At least city county and states COULD raise their tax rates -- but how will a cancer victim pay?

As you will see, Fairtax math depends on no exceptions whatsoever.  And wait till you see what "consumption" means


So in the bible are huge taxes on wage, and pension expenditures?  Because I missed that.  Yet, huge wage and pension expenditure taxes, are in Fairtax.

And where is this scripture about huge impossible taxes on anyone getting health care, including cancer victims.

Because all cancer victims would owe 30% tax, on what they "consume".  

Fairtax never writes anything -- not one sentence -- about who h as to pay what tax.  They write about "tax bases"  and slick definitions of persons.

You have to go to their math, and see  how they used the double speak, to make their math work, on papers.  


Huckabee  and Boortz both spoke about avoiding almost all taxes, just buy used.  

Okay -- but ever hear of used cancer surgery?

How about used rent?

Seen any  used food around lately?

Remember, all wage and pension and operational expenditures -- even capital expenditures, are taxed in Fairtax.

There are only about 300 words, total, that matter, in Fairtax.   They claimed to be a very very  simple personal retail sales tax.




Voluntary. Fair. 

All that research!   22 million in research!  Even Harvard economist agreed -- and proved all kinds of great things!  Right?


What Cities have to pay

It  would be funny to see these guys try to make St.Louis city council pay 140 million dollar in wage and  pension expenditures.

No one ever told ANY city county or state.

These guys pretend to be a very simple retail sales tax, remember?

This is from testimony Fairtax supporter gave to Ways Means Committee.  Apparently he had no idea about the other taxes --
 By taxing only what we choose to spend and not what we earn, the Fair Tax creates a system that is totally transparent and simple to comply with.
By what you chose to spend?  Well, the retail part of it, yes. 

 But the biggest part of Fairtax has nothing to do with retail sales.  And the fine print, (read it closely)  is about NIPA based consumption, which includes all kinds of things you don't chose at all. Your city's wage and operational expenditures are taxed.  Your state's, too. 

All medicare and Medicaid consumption is taxed.

Remember, the biggest part of Fairtax has nothing to do with personal retail sales. That's just their tag line, their slogan.   And it's not true.

Neal Boortz said it was "the most heavily researched plan in history".

Huckabee ran from President on it, twice already.  

Huck claims, no double talk. No loopholes

Only bad people will be against it. This is a bible based, God based plan.   At one stop in Iowa in 2012,  Huck said he would just "wave the magic wand" of Fairtax.   And why not?

Everyone gets a prebate.  Everyone gets a huge bump in take home pay - Neal Boortz said the average increase will be 50%1

Prices go down!  Pay goes up!

That simple, researched plan. Only the IRS will hate it -- IRS and those lobbyist!


Yes we believed it,  Why would we not believe? 

 They had all these experts and research!

It solved the debt.  Solved "illegals".  

Solved Medicare and Medicaid.   It made the USA the "economic powerhouse of the world" again.  

Businesses would flock to the USA.


But -- but but but. We are still looking for that research.




Look at all the money you will have!

You get a prebate -- money government sends you every month for life!!

You can avoid all the fed taxes you want, social security and medicare -- you still get those benefits, even though you'd never pay in anything more. You get a prebate all your life!  


Just buy used goods, to avoid high federal taxes.  Used cars -- not taxed.  Used homes -- no tax! Grow your own food? No tax.

Barter? No tax. All your investments? Not taxed. Your business? No taxes!

Sounds so dayum good. But but but...

But - have you ever heard of used cancer surgery?  That's taxed.

Used food?

How about used airline tickets?

Used rent? Rent is taxed, 30%

Used electricity?

How about used dental exrays? 

Used nursing home care?

Used college dorms?

But what till you see the massive taxes on all city county and states.


Gee -- they told you about a 3 dollar tax on LUNCH.  Seems they "forgot" to mention that 30,000 dollar tax on 100,000 in cancer surgery and chemo.

Why should a cancer victim (or anyone with high medical consumption) have huge federal taxes, anyway???

Why is cancer surgery taxed?  Because it's part of what "NIPA" defines as personal or governmental consumption expenditures.

That's right -- it's in the "tax base".  They told you, if you paid very close attention to every word.


It was exposed years ago by President Bush Tax Panel, politely.    Everything we show you here, was already exposed, in academic and  polite terms. This is not some recent development or insight into Fairtax.

We expose it, too. Not so politely.

In the fine print, they tax whatever "NIPA" defines as "consumption expenditure".

So - -what the hell is  NIPA  -- and what the hell is consumption expenditure?

All personal "consumption expenditures"  is drastically absurdly different than just your personal retail purchases.

You thought they were a very very simple personal retail sales tax.

Yeah - you thought that, I thought that, because that's what they claimed, for 15 years, and even now. In thousands of videos, hundreds of speeches, at least 30 books.  Two books -- Boortz wrote himself.

Not one word about "consumption expenditures",

Not one word about 30,000 tax on cancer patients -- and that is cheap, most fights against cancer costs far more than 100,000.  There is no limit -- if you or your family member "consume" 200K of health care -- that tax would be 60K.

But all their examples were like a few dollar tax on your LUNCH.

All government consumption expenditures are in the tax base, too.  Those  "consumption expenditures" include wage expenditures, pension expenditures, operational expenditures, and even capital investment expenditures.

See for yourself, it's in this very clever document,  sneaky even there, but it's there. Their math depends on it. Remember that.

IF personal retail sales were the only thing in the tax base -- then retail sales would be the tax base.

They don't even list "personal retail sales" in their own document about their tax base.  Why?  Because if they did, you would notice all the other things with it.  __________________________________ 





Where in HR25 do they have anything about these massive other taxes?

We looked for MONTHS in Fairtax fine print for any language that said they could tax all city county and states.   

Yes, they have massive taxes on city and states, as shown by their tax base and revenue tables.  So where is that -- in HR25?

It's got to be in there someplace, right?  Can you find it?  Go on, look. We will wait. 


Time is up -- you can't find it. Not in HR25.

We contacted James Bennett -- Fairtax attorney and spokesmen, he is an attorney and official spokesmen.

We asked James "where in HR25 is the legal basis for these massive taxes on city county and states?"

We had to ask for weeks, he avoided the answer. But then, here is what he said was the legal basis of these massive other taxes.

His answer - literally "Here it is!"  was his email..

And here is that definition as it appears in HR25.

We could not believe our eyes. A word -- a single word.  A word in a long rambling goofy definition.

That word - okay two words, any... goverment -- is in a defintion, which itself is in a long list of definitions.

A list of definitions - AFTER their definition of inventory.

AFTER the defintion of "designated commercial private courier service" , and the "data base" which they might employ.

Way, way way down, buried among meaningless, almost comical nonsense, (who the hell cares what data base some private courier services uses?)  is the word that is the legal basis for massive other taxes.

AFTER all thos stunningly stupid and meaningly defintions, they have a long rambling definition, in which they have the word "any"  and then 20 words later, the word "government".

That -- that word government -- WAY WAY WAY down in the fine print, is the legal basis for their massive, stunning, stupid, taxes on all city county and states.

Do you see what these lying pieces of shit are doing? 

Do you think they are transparent? 

Do you think this is a simple retail sales tax?

Do you think all city county  and states are going to send in massive amounts of money cause they lying bastards put some word in some definition?

This word -- in this definition -- according to their own #2 man in the entire organization, an attorney no less, is their legal basis for making St.Louis pay 140 million, Chicago 400 million, NYC over a billion.  On and on.  And every county. And every state.

This WORD?   This WORD????  Thats what Jim Bennett told us.

Get your head around the audacity of these guys. 

What's more -- Bennett is right!!   That is the legal basis. There is no other place in HR25 that could possibly be it.  He is right, this is their legal basis -- if you think a goof fraud bit of bullshit is a legal basis.  We think this sneaking in a word,  is a legal basis for 2 Trillion dollars of other taxes is total bullshit.

But James said it was a legal basis.  And there is nothing else that could possibly be it. 

 That definition, by they way, is meaningless gibberish, it's tautological nonsense.  

If you did not check out their "calculator fraud" -- it's a quick insight into how deceptive these guys are.

Fairtax calculator trick click here

James Bennett - the # 2 man in leadership (per their own web site)  claim that word  is their legal basis for these massive taxes on city county and states?



  Bennett also told us this is plenty of "notice" to city county and states.  He said there is no need to explain it further to them.

No need to explain it further -- A WORD in a long definition. City county and states are supposed to see that word, and send in these massive amounts of money?

Bennett said YES. They deal with fine print all the time, this should  not be a problem. This guy is out of his mind, dumber than a box of rocks, or they just are playing him for a fool. He can not be this stupid, can he? One word in a long rambling definition is the legal basis for the taxes on all city county and states???  WTF

What did they do to poor James Bennett? 

No sane person could possibly even guess, from the language in HR 25, that they have massive other taxes on city county and states, on wages, on pensions, on capital expenditures, especially since they tell you it's a very simple personal retail sales tax.

You have to check out their tax revenue -- or as they call it "tax base." Remember the NIPA reference above...

Still think these guys are transparent?    Boortz claimed this was the most "Transparent" plan ever devised.

See yet what a lying bastard Boortz is? He really is a lying bastard.,

Bennett said -- idiotically  -- if city county or states have any questions, they can contact me. He is a goofy goofy person.

Contact attorney and official spokesmen James Bennett if you don't believe me. Or ask Boortz to explain it to you.


What the hell is a "consumption expenditure"?

Whatever a city county or state pays OUT, is an expenditure.  As you will see, that personal retail sales tax part of Fairtax, is only a small part.

Most of Fairtax taxes have nothing to do with personal retail sales taxes. Their other taxes are far larger.

They told you --  yes they did -- if you read all their fine print, very very very closely.  We show you.

   This is a BFD.  A very BFD.   


NIPA is not even a tax related concept or term. Hell, it's not a word.

It's a table -- a spread sheet of sorts.  It's basically  a damn list.  Does Fairtax even show you that list? HELL NO.

But in that "NIPA list"  are all kinds of things -- like heath care. Like city county and state wage pension and capital investments.

Yeah, they tax all cancer victims -- without exception.  How?  By saying so? Hell no. They just have that "consumption" in their "tax base"

Tax base by definition means, they tax it.

Fairtax knows most people could not find these documents with a GPS and a librarian.   But, just in case you did find their fine print, they still didn't take any chances. They don't say "WE TAX THIS".

The write in terms of a tax base. But tax base is, by definition, what they tax. That's how their math adds up.


You heard right -- capital expenditures, PAID OUT, by any city county or state?  That's in NIPA bullshit. That's what they actually tax, not just retail sales.

How about rent? Ever hear of used rent?  That's taxed.

Used food? Not that tasty, really. 

How about used electricity? Got any of that?

Use airline tickets?

Used nursing home care? Seen any lately?

Used dental care?

Used college dorm and living expenses ? (tuition is not taxed, but all other "expenditures" are.)

Used vacations, used braces, used roofing, used xrays?  

Have you ever had your roof redone, with used roofing?

Used cars are all over -- but have you see used car insurance premiums? Yes, those are taxed 30%.

Used health insurance premiums? 

Used piano lessons?  Used airline tickets?

Used cell phone and cable services?


How about used city county and state capital expenditures, and operational expenditures. That's taxed too.

See this bridge project? One of the most expensive on earth - -six billion dollars, in San Francisco.   All capital expenditures are "in the tax base"  without exception.

If something is in the "tax base" -- by definition, they tax it.  That's what tax base means.

Think the state of California would PAY the fed government 1.6 billion dollar tax on this capital investment?

That's not the cost of the project -- that's the TAX in Fairtax, on this particular capital investment.

Of course California would not send in a penny - no one told them. This BS is their clever fine print tricks, and math. Fairtax has never told city county or states a single word about it.  Remember, they pretend to be a very simple personal retail sales tax.


Fairtax suckers call me at  home and scream: FAIRTAX does  not tax wages.

Yes, they do, dumb ass. Wage paid OUT by city county and states.  Pensions paid OUT by city county and states.  When they pay it out -- that is an "expenditure".

Tricky? Hell it's a damn fraud. Yes it's tricky.  This is what their math is based on. It's in their own damn documents. READ THEM.

As you will see-- they actually tax whatever "NIPA" says.

If you don't know what NIPA is, you can't have a clue what Fairtax actually taxes.   And they wanted it that way. 



You will see Fairtax "NIPA" reference only in their clever documents.  Never in books.

Never in speeches.

Never in their videos.  But nothing is more important. Nothing comes close.

Do you know about the massive other taxes, on top of, in addition to, the retail sales tax?

I bet you don't.  I had no clue. 

Me -- Mark Curran. 

I was fooled too. 


Yeah, the slogans sounded great.   I loved those!! 

 Slogans like  - backed by 22 million in research!

Slogans like -- a very simple personal retail sales tax!

Slogans like -- completely untax the poor!

Slogans like --  you will see your tax on your receipt

Slogans like --  everyone treated the same.

Sound great right? Love it.  Problem is -- fine print is not slogans, and slogans are not the fine print.


A very very simple personal retail sales tax,  Neal Boortz said, "the most researched economic plan in history."


With all those "researchers,"  it could not be a fraud, right?  

Uh - what research?  This is from their "research!"


The things I show you here -- are from their own "research" documents. Remember that.

I now offer 50,000 dollars if you can show 1 page of that 22 million dollars of Fairtax research, about that very very simple personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes. Yes, it's  a serious offer, see below for details.  But I already know their "research" documents, and it's all BS double speak.  Not only is it not research, it's not even about a simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.




Your city  has to "REMIT"  a 30% tax to the fed government for all such expenditures.   

Did you ever hear anyone mention that?  



In advance? 

 Let that sink in.   That's right - -huge taxes on city county and states, and then, from their fine print, your city county and state taxes are supposed to go up.


California -- whatever entity is paying that 6 billion -- would have to pay about 1.5 Billion in taxes on that -- in ADVANCE.


Still think these guys are transparent?
If it were transparent, of course, they would make it clear they have these other massive taxes.  Everyone would know what they tax.  No city, no state, not county official, has any clue about this. No one told them.

It's only in the tricky fine print and math.

The wages "expended" by St. Louis city police department are taxed, because that is in their definition of "wage" expenditures.  Without exception.


So yeah, they tax your 10 dollar lunch, three dollars.

But they also tax your city 3 million dollars -- in advance -- if your city has 10 million dollar capital expenditure.

Even "small cities" like Quincy Illinois, and Keokuk Iowa, would owe 8-12 million dollars to the federal government, in advance and otherwise.




Why you think they told you about the lunch tax, or a tax on a shirt,  but didn't say a word about these  massive taxes on cancer victims?

Why didn't they mention the massive taxes on cities, counties and states?

Oh, they did mention them -- in the very slick fine print. By why not explain these huge other taxes?  They are the biggest part of Fairtax revenue!   

You think maybe they forgot? 


Yes you will pay a tax on your lunch, and shirt.   But that's just the start. They "forgot" to mention that.

Remember this -- the personal retail sales tax is not the problem, the problem are these massive other impossible taxes they never told you about. You have to pay those, too.

These taxes are impossible, because a Medicare patient can not pay 30,000 dollars in tax on her "consumption" of goods and services.

Yet that "consumption" is in the tax base. Tax base is what they tax.   These other taxes, while impossible to pay or collect, are  absolutely necessary on paper,  so they can make their "math" seem to work.

Capital investment is one of those taxable  "expenditures" -- like building a courthouse or library or sewer system?  Your city would owe that 30% tax, in ADVANCE.


Well, we do need a new tax code.  YES!

We don't need a fraud by hustlers and bullshitters.

Fairtax will to replace all the above taxes with a 23% retail sales tax?
23%  personal retail sales tax would bring in only 1.4 trillion.   They need 3.5
 They use those massive "other taxes" they put in fine print tricks, to make up the 2.1 shortfall, on paper.




The "research"  by Dale Jorgenson, who Boortz names in Fairtax book, is not research about Fairtax hustle of you keeping your whole paycheck, and  the only tax being a simple retail sales tax.

Jorgenson does  not even support Fairtax taxing all city county and states, nor did he ever claim folks keep their whole paycheck. Instead Jorgenson's  goofy "numbers"  assume your employer keeps what you used to pay in taxes.

Yes -- and he said so.  Your employer keeps that money!! You may take home the same as before, but NO, your take home pay (per his math) does not go up.  Employers get to somehow keep that and then, IF they lower their prices by that much, prices could drop.

IT's bullshit -- yes, Jorgenson is full of shit too.  Goofy man, playing with numbers like they were balls of shit.  But he did not make all these claims -- or any -- about Fairtax.

Boortz made it seem like Jorgenson was for Fairtax and proved all these things. Total nonsense.



Im easy to find -- turns out, their research is impossible to find. Their calculator is misleading, actually a fraud.  Get a quick insight into their deliberate fraud (you don't do this by accident) in their calculator trick.  Calculator fraud --click here. Not by accident - deliberate.


The only way to make it appear 23%, is to cleverly insert these massive other taxes.  So they did.

That's IN their math.   As President Bush Tax Panel showed over a decade ago, without this BS, without these massive other taxes (like on city county and state expenditures)  Fairtax would have to show an 89% tax rate.


The basic fraud is this:  they claim to be a simple retail sales tax, but their "tax base" has massive other taxes. 

And most of these other taxes are impossible, such as, you can't collect 30,000 dollars in fed taxes from a cancer victim.  Even if you could, can you imagine the outcry if you tried?

You can't collect 140 million from St. Louis city council for their wage and pension expenditures.

  So why have massive other taxes in the fine print?

To make their math seem to add up.

Now you see why they hid those "other taxes". They did not want you to know.


 They do tell you -- in a fraudulent clever way 

Yes, they DO tell you about these other taxes, in a fraudulent way.




If you missed the Fairtax fine print about massive taxes on cancer victims, cities, counties and states, don't feel bad.

It's easy to miss.   David Kendall, who used to push Fairtax enthusiastically, had no clue either.  

Tax wages?   Tax capital expenditures, David said. No no no, David insisted he studied Fairtax carefully.   They just tax personal retail consumption.

Oh really?   Personal retail consumption?  That's what they tax? Oh shit no, David.  David, you idiot, read the fine print CLOSELY.  Check the math.   They tax all kinds of things -- massive other things, like all city county and state expenditures, 30%.

David thought cities would have to pay that 30% tax on car purchases.  He had no clue city county and states would have pay that 30% tax on all "consumption expenditures" including wage, pension, capital expenditures, even operational expenditures, are taxed 30%.

David could not explain why he had not seen these "details".    Like this...