Monday, April 22, 2013

under construction. warning - some "cursing" and blunt true language ahead. 

My name is Mark Curran.
  I'm a former Fairtax sucker.

Im also lousy at "blogging", forgive the mess. 

Fairtax -- I read the fine print. Did you?

Fairtax slogans  ≠ what's in their fine print.


Fairtax SOUNDS great. We thought it did, anyway.

 All those great slogans! Simple, Fair, transparent, just a "very very simple personal retail sales tax.  Right?? 

Thats what they said, for 15 years.

Very simple.
Personal retail sales tax

 22 million of research?



Fairtax sounded great -- till I read the fine print and found those amazing 300 words.

Fairtax taxes whatever is in their tax base - all medical consumption is "in the tax base".  

Of the amazing 300 words -- here are the most important 13 words.

By definition, they tax whatever is in the tax base.  So you better know that NIPA is.  

Bet you never even heard of NIPA.  

And no, it's not an Auto Parts Store.  That's NAPA.

Turns out, all medical "consumption" is within
NIPA" consumption tables.

NIPA has nothing to do with taxes, but Fairtax clever bastards told you -- right? -- that they tax what NIPA defines.  Oh, rather, they told you their "tax base consists".

Very clever -- they didn't tell you in the books, speeches and videos, but in one document, online, they do not speak about what they tax, rather what NIPA "consists" of.

Damn clever that.

But they did tell you.  Is it their fault you didn't ever hear of NIPA, and still have no clue what a "tax base" is?

If personal retail sales taxes were all they taxed,  retail sales would be the tax base.

Look at what's in the tax base -- massive other taxes.  In the yellow column, would be all medical consumption, all rent, and other things that have nothing to do with personal retail sales.

Massive other taxes -- and tax increases at every level, per their own clever "assumptions"  in their own fine print, in their own "research".

See more about their clever "assumptions"  below.


Actually they didn't expect you to even find that document.  But just in case, they were very slick how they stated it.

 Also, the person using or consuming the service or goods, is personally liable.

No exceptions.   They actually say no exceptions, and their math is based on no exeptions -- even though in millions of cases, it would be impossible for the person to pay the tax (such as Medicare patients). 

Fairtax math is based on actually collecting 2 trillion dollars of taxes, that are not retail sales tax, they aren't even possible to collect.,

But they are in "the tax base".



  Tax base = what they tax.

   They tax what is in their "tax base"  without exception.  So what the hell is in their tax base?


In  Fairtax supposed "research"     they refer  the above words, to "explain" how it works from their own "research"

See it here.... Remember this is in a document, Fairtax calls "research".

From Fairtax "research" document.  


 So in HR 25, they told you they tax all consumption without exception.  No big deal, right?

That means retail consumption, right?

Oh hell no.

Oh hell hell no. 

NIPA means massive taxes on all city county and states, as well as massive taxes -- impossible to pay actually -- on the poor.   Yes, impossible.  Not sorta impossible, I mean absolutely impossible.

Why have impossible "expenditures" in your tax base?

To make the math work, on paper.  Here is the paper.

This is "Table 3"  in Fairtax document
 "Computation of Fairtax Base"  for 2007

Take a real good look at it. Sneaky as hell,  because it's  hard to even find this document, and Fairtax told a completely different story in their books, videos, and speeches.

But it's there.  They are  clever in how they present even this, but at least, it's there.

 This is an online document 99.9  percent of Fairtax suckers could not find with a GPS and Google.     And Fairtax suckers are already brainwashed with Fairtax slogans.  They wouldn't grasp what they were reading here, anyway.

Do you see how every line on that page, relates to some "NIPA" reference. ?

All those figures are "in the tax base"  which means they tax all that consumption.

That consumption includes all medical consumption, all city county state wage, pension and capital expenditures, etc etc.

That is far far greater tax base that just personal retail consumption.

Cancer taxes, taxes on city county and states, a 700 million dollar tax on New York city, a 16 billion dollar tax on the state legislature of Texas.  A 20 billion dollar tax on the state of California -- none of which Fairtax hustlers every told anyone.

Why  How is this taxed?

Because NIPA "consist" of all those things, and much much more.  Remember?  They told you their "tax base consisted" of what NIPA defined.

Can't blame them, can you, if you were too stupid to know  NIPA is, right?  And you did not know what NIPA defined either.

It's not your fault, these lying bastards, like Boortz, like the hustlers at Beacon Hill, were good at what they did. And they were paid.


Quick evidence of "something fishy"

Here is a quick way to see Fairtax hustle at work--- if you aren't into fine print tricks.

Their "Fairtax calculator"  that prevents you from knowing what your fairtax would be.  Just like their fine print tricks, they did it to stop you from knowing what they tax.

CLICK HERE TO SEE Fairtax calculator trick --


Fairtax sounded great in the books, videos and speeches.

Who would put all kinds of specific wonderful claims, including claims of research, when there is no actual research, at all?

Good question.

And why do that?

Better question.


No Fairtax hustler ever told you about the 32,000 federal tax on a cancer victim who "consumes" 139,000 of goods and services.

They did tell you about a four dollar tax on toaster, though. 

Yes, as we show below, Fairtax does have a 32,000 fed tax on a cancer victim who consumes goods and services of about 139K.  It's cleverly in the fine print, and it's how their math adds up.


The only thing more absurd, than taxing a cancer victim 32K, is that Fairtax math is based on every cancer victim, rich, poor, destitute, does not matter.     Do they believe every cancer victim will pay?  No, of course not.   But as you will see, Fairtax math is based on hundreds of such absurdities, including taxes on city county and states, for wage, pension and capital investments.

Yes, all city county and states, are taxed by Fairtax, on all wage, pension, operational and capital expenditures.  And that how their "math" adds up.


Yes, Fairtax does tax that toaster you may buy, and that jacket.

But those kinds of normal retail sales are only a part -- a small part actually -- of the total taxes they impose.

Cancer "consumption" is one example.  



Did Fairtax books ever say that?


Did Fairtax speakers ever say that?


Did Fairtax videos ever say that?


According to testimony to Ways Means Committee, an honest estimate of how much all city, all county, and all state taxes would have to go up, per Fairtax fine print -- 20%

Without exception.   Fairtax "experts" do not deny this, the woman above would have a Fairtax obligation of 32K, just on her medical  "consumption".    She would also be liable for her children's consumption taxes, rent taxes, utility taxes etc etc.

Her total federal tax could easily be 40, 50K, regardless of her income.

Yes, she gets a 'prebate' of 200 a month.   Her tax could easily be 32,000 -- and no one told Fairtax suckers that.

It's only in the fine print.  


BOORTZ: 32,000 fed tax on cancer victim
"wont matter".

On FOX news in 2006, someone surprised Boortz with a smart question -- will cancer victims have to pay 23% tax on their consumption of surgery and chemo?

"Of course, we can't play favorites," said Boortz, acting like 32,000 fed tax was no big deal, and the cancer victim should and could pay it.

The Fox reporter followed up -- and asked him how the poor folks with cancer could pay 23% tax.

Boortz said "Oh, don't worry, we will save her so much money, it won't matter."


We will show how Fairtax is political theater by lying bastards (really it is)  but  pass it anyway.  If that's what we have to do to get rid of our tax code -- pass it, fraud and all.

I'd love to see Fairtax try to tax cancer victims 32,000 in fed taxes, just because they fought cancer. Really, I want to be there in person.

I'd love to see Fairtax try to tax Dallas Texas city council 150 million or more, for wage, pension, and capital expenditure taxes.

Please -- let me be there. Seriously, I'd love  it.

But Fairtax won't pass -- because it's political theater.   They know very well these massive other taxes are goofy.  They always knew. They (  went through a whole lot of trouble to make this fraud look like an educated and sincere tax plan.

It's not.

We can laugh for 100 years at the idiots who believed it, and get a new tax code that works.   We can ask Boortz and Huckabee, Perdue, etc, if they were just stupid, or didn't read the fine print, or didn't care.

 As fraudulent as Fairtax is, as dreamed up by lying bastards as it is, it is STILL better than the mess we have now, because we would learn, and the Tea Party idiots would realize, yes, your cult daddy fooled your dumb ass, and he knew it.

If we don't pass Fairtax, tea party idiots will forever be idiots,  forever fooled by hustlers like Boortz and Huckabee, etc. So it's worth it to pass it, just so they wont be so stupid.


All city taxes, up 20%  

 No one told you that was an "assumption" in Fairtax own fine print.

All county taxes, up 20% 

No one told you that was an "assumption" in Fairtax own fine print.

All state taxes, up 20%. 

No one told you that, it's an "assumption" in Fairtax own fine print.


Do you see that -- or not?  All cities, all counties, all states, are supposed to "raise their tax rates sufficiently".

WHo said so?  Some bad guy?   It's in Fairtax own "research"  Fairtax suckers didn't have the brains to even find, much less read.




All county government must pay too -- taxes on wage expenditures, operational expenditures, capital expenditures.  Then, they are supposed to raise their tax rates accordingly.

States are supposed to drastically raise their tax rates too.

That's in the fine print. Read it.

St Louis, and every city, every county, every state, would owe 23% tax on ever dollar they expend, for wages, pensions, capital expenditures, even death benefits they "expend".

Then they are supposed to raise their tax rates.

Too complicated?   That was always in their fine print.

Did they tell you that in books, videos or speeches?

Hell no.

That's in the fine print.,  These are massive taxes, truly massive.  In fact, the "other taxes" (other than retail sales taxes)  in Fairtax are much larger than their personal retail sales tax.   Remember that. 

Why not tell you all cities, all counties, all states are supposed to pay these massive taxes?  They never told you in books, videos or speeches.

Why?  Because they are lying bastards?  Because they didn't want you to know?

Because their plan is political theater?

We are not sure, but we kinda think a mix of all three. They are lying bastards, they are tricking folks, and they do not want you to know.

There is no exception -- none whatsoever --and Fairtax math is based on that.   That's why they put that "without exception" -- because their math depends on it.

They don't hate that cancer victim, they don't intend to tax her, either.

But they had to make the math add up.



Where is their "research" on cancer taxes?  

 There is none,  in the documents they CLAIM is research, they just very slyly put that "consumption" into the tax base.

They do not mention cancer, or other medical taxes at all.

They also run the hustle by clever word games, like "consumption expenditures, and "NIPA defined"

That's the extent of their research on this matter.  They have no research about anything, because this is political theater


When you realize Fairtax has literally no research about a person retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes -- yet they claim 22 million dollars of such research -- you wont be so stupid.

You might think they showed research -- the documents put out by Beacon Hill, a public relations company, are no more research than the paper bag is, that you get your Big Mac from your McDonald's drive in.    

At least McDonald's bag does not pretend to be research.

At any rate, if anyone can show 1 page of that 22 million in Fairtax research, about this very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes, I will give you 50,000 dollars.

How hard can that be?  Really? One page?  



Why have the "tax base"  that is drastically different than what you tell folks for 15 years, in books, videos and speeches?

And why barely mention that whole "NIPA thing" in some obscure document you know that 99% of fairtax suckers could not find, and would not know what that meant, anyway?

Why not just tell people, in books, videos and speeches, what they tax, including the massive taxes on city, county, and states?

Why not tell folks candidly?  Why use a "tax base" word game trick?



They did it with fine print tricks.








They did not tell you in books, videos or speeches,  They  already had us fooled that Fairtax was a "very very simple retail sales tax".



 Essentially, the Tax Panel showed that if Fairtax ONLY taxed personal retail sales, things we normally associate with a receipt and retail purchases, the tax rate would be 89%

The only way Fairtax math can show 23% is to insert the massive other "expenditures"  into the "tax base"  then tax those expenditures, on paper.

 President Bush Tax panel had no trouble with the double speak, but they eat fine print tricks for breakfast, and spit them out of for lunch.

So when Bush Tax Panel saw "NIPA"  tax base, it did not take them five seconds to figure out the basic hustle -- the basic hustle is this, Fairtax distorted, aka lied, about what they taxed.   And further, much of what is in their "tax base" is bullshit, and can not possibly be taxed, anyway.   


It's not just cancer victims that would  be surprised, all city county and states would owe massive tasxes, too, and no one told them, either.

Fairtax sure as hell didn't tell their own Fairtax suckers.

How Fairtax taxes St. Louis  130 million on operational "expenditures". 

Why does Fairtax math and fine print, have massive taxes on every city, every county, and every state --St. Louis would owe over 130 million, on their "operational" and capital "expenditures.

Operational expenditure taxes? Yes.
They did not tell you

Wage expenditure taxes? Yes.
They did not tell you

Capital expenditure taxes? Yes. 
They did not tell you

Cancer taxes, etc? Yes.
They did not tell you


BUT BUT BUT, isn't Fairtax a retail sales tax?

Well, a small part of Fairtax is a retail sales tax.

But most of Fairtax revenue has nothing to do with retail sales.

Bet you didn't know that. 


 It's there -- all of it, in Fairtax documents, though in a deceptive way, but it's there.  It's there to fool you, not inform you, but it is there. 

Fairfax's clever mention that  their  TAX BASE  consists generally   of what "NIPA"  defines as personal or governmental "consumption expenditures".

So they told you!  Never mind that these massive other taxes are largely impossible BS.  Never mind that they told you in books videos and speeches, another story entirely.

Here, in the "research"   they did write a few words here, a few words there, and sorta kinda told you.


Nowhere in ANY Fairtax official document do they say they only tax personal retail sales.   

 They give that impression in books videos and speeches, but in the fine print -- WOW -- an entirely different story, though told by clever bastards.  



 Fairtax hustlers love to tell you about a 4 dollar tax on lunch, or a 13 dollar tax on a jacket.

Never once, in 15 years, have they told you about tax on a cancer victim, or the massive taxes on city county and states.

Gee -- I wonder why they never mention those massive "other taxes"?    They are only in the fine print.   

Fairtax spokesmen, like Huckabee, Boortz, and others, "forget" to mention the 30 or  40,000 dollar federal tax on the parents of a child who fights leukemia.

They tell us about a $4 dollar tax on a toaster. Actually the federal Fairtax on this toaster would be 9 dollars. State and local sales taxes could make the tax 13 or even 15 dollars. 

And that is not even counting Fairtax massive taxes on city county and state "expenditures". 

If fairtax is so "simple and transparent" -- why do fairtax supporters not have a clue what they actually tax,  per their math tables and fine print?



Social Security? Medicare?  Solved. 

 No need to even have "payroll" taxes for FICA and Medicare.  That's all gone.

Fairtax gets rid of 1/3 of government revenue, by stopping all FICA and Medicare taxes. Did you know FICA and medicare taxes fund 1/3 of the government?  Bet you did not know that.

So  Fairtax entirely gets rid of 34% of government revenue.
They will make up that 800 billion dollars by nothing.

The "overabundance" of Fairtax funds is supposed to cover that.  Hilarious.
     They have no funding mechanism for that, at all.

And yes, they know that.  They are not stupid., They are hustlers, and Fairtax is political theater, not a tax code. 

Fairtax claims to be transparent. These folks are shameless.  They don't even tell folks what they tax for most of their revenue, but claim to be transparent. They have massive goofy "assumptions" tucked away in a few words, in documents they know Fairtax suckers don't see, and don't understand.

But they claim to be transparent.  

Don't get made at me, if you are a Fairtax sucker.  Get mad at them, you idiots. 

It's voluntary.  Really?  Nothing about voluntary in any of HR25 or the "research".   They don't care, it sounds good to call it Simple, Fair, and Transparent, even voluntary.

Stupid people eat that up.  They do, seriously. 

 22 Million dollars of "extensive research".   The most "researched economic plan in history" said Boortz. 



We show Fairtax  "research" below.

So much amazing "research!"  Right?  So fancy!

Remember -- Fairtax supposed "research" is where they tuck all these other massive taxes, taxes on all city county and states, taxes on all cancer victims, etc.

They call that "research" but it's quite the opposite of research.



But if Fairtax is simple, fair, and transparent, why do Fairtax supporters have no clue what Fairtax taxes, for most of it's projected revenue?

Yet the sum total of Fairtax information to the public, about these massive other taxes,  are these very slick bits of double tax, in their "research".  A few words here, a few words there.

Do you think that's transparent? Hell no, it's as opposite as you can get. These lying bastards knowingly claimed all kinds of shit -- transparency being the funniest -- because they knew it was a fraud.

Who paid them (yes, all the hustlers we know, like Boortz, Beacon Hill) were paid.  WHo paid them?

How the hell do we know?

The point is, retail sales taxes are only a small part of what they tax. And these lying bastards knew that, the entire time. 




True, the word cancer tax or health care tax does not appear in HR25.   Nor does the word rent, CT scan, pension expenditures, or police fireman wages and operational expenditures.

But all that, and much much more, is taxed, because all that is "in the tax  base" 

HR 25 may seem to be extremely specific -- because it sounds and reads like a very "educated and sophisticated" document,   right?

HR 25, together with Fairtax official "research" tells a very different story, of huge other taxes, most of which had absolutely nothing to do with retail sales taxes.


The fine print (and math) in Fairtax documents  does, in fact, impose a 23% tax on all cancer victims, without exception.

Fairtax math is based on these kinds of massive and impossible taxes.   


Not one Fairtax sucker in 1000 can tell you what NIPA even is.  

It's not the Fairtax sucker's fault.

It's not Fairtax sucker's fault they don't know, we all only know what we are told. And Fairtax sounds great, if you don't know the hustle.



Very clever misleading way to insert city county and state wage, pension, and operational expenditures "into the tax base" 


Are wage, pension, operational and capital expenditures a "personal retail sale"?  Of course not.

Fairtax is a personal retail sales tax?  Then why on earth does mot of Fairtax  taxes have nothing to do with personal retail sales?

The fraud was exposed politely in 2005 by President Bush Tax Panel.  We expose the same thing, but not politely.



They never told you St. Louis Mo city council would owe over 100 million in wage, pension and capital investment taxes, did they?

Like this fine print trick.....


How the hell is a massive capital expenditure, as in a 6 billion dollar bridge project, a personal retail sales tax?

Just like all cancer surgery, chemo and rehab consumption is "in the tax base"

If there was ever "legislation" that better be read very closely, it's HR25, and their "supporting research"  by Beacon Hill.


Do you think Fairtax hustlers  actually thought a 6 billion dollar bridge project was a personal retail sales?  HELL NO.  They didn't believe or expect San Francisco would pay, in advance or otherwise, a 23% tax on their capital expenditures. 

No.  Of course they don't expect that.

So why are all NYC capital expenditures, operational expenditures, etc,  in the tax base?

For the same reason ever cancer victims "consumption"  of surgery and chemo and rehab is in the tax base -- to make their math add up. 



I believed Fairtax hustlers, who would lie about 22 million in research?  

The "Fairtax Book"   and  others, and the videos, and the speeches, were  true.  Right?

At least basically true. Hyped, perhaps, but true?

They had research, right?

It was a personal retail sales tax, right?

It was very simple, right?



Fairtax is NOT a  personal retail sales tax.

Fairtax has no actual research.

Fairtax is not simple -- it's not even a tax code. 
It's political theater.

   And I put up 50,000 legal offer, to prove it.





NIPA has nothing to do with taxes, it's a term Bureau of Economic analysis use for certain "tables" of consumption.

Furthermore, no Fairtax book, video or speeches mentions NIPA, not once,  not in 15 years.   Certainly not in a basic way -- yet NIPA "defined" tax base is the very heart of Fairtax, and the fairtax fraud.

Most of us would not even know what BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis) is.  

And of course Fairtax hustlers knew we would not know -- and likely, ever even see this document.

Have you ever seen this document?

Have you ever read closely this and other "Tax base" document by Fairtax?

No, of course you haven't, why would you?



Did you see the tax on capital expenditures?   I bet not.

But here it is, in their own fine print.   Very cleverly, in a footnote.

Keep in mind, Fairtax spent a lot of money, paid a lot of folks, to spread the falsehood that Fairtax is a simple retail sales tax.


In one sentence, in their own document --- contrary to all their books, contrary to all their videos, contrary to all their speeches  -- they have one term about NIPA as the center of their tax base.

And you had no clue.  But they did tell you, in their own fraudulent way.  Is it their fault they were able to fool stupid people?  They were hired to fool stupid people. Someone paid them to do this, so they did.  



Most of the "other taxes"  are impossible because that cancer victim can not pay 32,000 dollar tax, nor will anyone make her pay it.

Remember, this is how Fairtax math adds up, and it's in their fine print tricks, but no one mentions this.  There is no mechanism to even collect this tax.

Do you think San Francisco is going to decode Fairtax math, read all the fine print, and send in 1.5 billion dollar tax -- in advance -- when no one even told them about it?

And it worked, the lying bastards fooled people, some of them were even smart. All you had to do was miss a few words, like the NIPA reference in that one on line document.

 It fooled me, for a little while.

Then I read the fine print. 
50,000 dollars

I put up 50K -- a lot of money for me -- and it's a legally binding offer. Ask your attorney about legal offers.   

Just show 1 page of that 22 million dollars of Fairtax research about this very very simple personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes.   See details below.

Guy like  Boortz,  Huckabee, and Fairtax hustlers generally, claim 22 million in research.  We believed that -- who would lie about research!   You could just check the research.

   They have no real research, by any honest definition of research, and they sure as hell don't have 22 million dollars worth, as described.

It should not be hard to show one page, right?  



Simple?  Fair?  Transparent?

What the  hell is simple, what the hell is fair, and what the hell is "transparent" about this 32,000 dollar federal tax on this woman, for fighting her cancer?  



Most of Fairtax taxes have nothing to do with receipts, nothing to do with retail  sales.  

So why do they tell you Fairtax is a very simple retail sales tax? 

Because they had to say something. And they sure as hell were not going to tell you the truth about it.  Fairtax is political theater -- not really a tax code at all.  
Dade County Florida officials would have a bit of a surprise, too,.

They aren't stupid.  They are lying bastards.   And those lying bastards don't have 22 million dollars of research, not 22 thousand dollars, not 22 cents.

There is not a post it note, a folder, a paper clip, involved in any Fairtax research.  It's political theater -- it sounds great though.


This is from their own "research"   It's a BFD. 

This is the main trick by these lying bastards.   Fairtax is political theater, not a tax code.

NIPA, when they use it for a tax base, is a BFD.

NIPA?   Ever hear of NIPA?     We didn't either. 


NIPA is what makes this woman -  whose income is 22,000 dollars, owe 32,016 in fed taxes, if Fairtax somehow passed.

No, Fairtax won't pass.  They never intended it to pass -- it's political theater. 

Q.   Why have 2 trillion dollars of impossible taxes in Fairtax fine print?
A.  To make their fraudulent math add up.


NIPA is a BFD, and a GFF (Goofy flipping fraud). 

They told the "NIPA" way, because they knew you could not figure that out. 



 That 22 million dollars of "research"  may look sophisticated, but it's not research, and it's not about a simple retail personal tax.

Their documents are no more research than a poster in a McDonald's drive up window.



St.Louis City Council would owe over 100 million in "Fairtax" on their wages, pensions and capital expenditures.  
Bet you didn't know that.   

New York City would owe 750 million.  Chicago over 500 million, and on, and one. Bet you didn't know that. Don't feel bad, it's in the fine print, it's in the math, but they deliberately inserted it in a way, most people could not being to decode the bullshit.

Not in Fairtax speeches

 Fairtax amateur "experts" never told their suckers.
They have  no clue.
 It's not "Fairtax Greg's" fault is he dumb  re Fairtax. He just repeats the bullshit he learned.

Not in Fairtax videos.

No Fairtax video -- and we have seen hundreds -- have ever told the public anything real or candid about what Fairtax is, like that 100 million dollar  tax on St. Louis.  No mention of massive taxes on city county and states, for eg.

No Fairtax group told

God love those stupid people who buy into Fairtax. I was one, too. 

Fairtax lying bastards fooled a lot of good folks.  Not everyone who pushes Fairtax is a lying bastard.   

Fairtax hustlers usually find well meaning suckers, and give them some goofy title -  like "Director of education"  or even tell them they are "on the board of directors".

Never mind that the "Director of Education" has no damn clue what Fairtax actually taxes for most of its supposed revenue.  Shouldn't your director of education know what you actually tax?

President Bush Tax Panel put it this way- much more politely -  that without the "other taxes"   Fairtax would have to show an 89% tax code.   Fairtax did not want to admit a retail sales tax -- only taxing retail sales -- would be 89%.



We need a new tax code -- and if Fairtax Fraud is the only way to get an entirely new tax code, please pass it!! 

Pass it, we can laugh at the idiots who didn't read the fine print, and then maybe get an actual tax code. (Fairtax is not a tax code at all, it's political theater).   Better yet, we can learn how deceptive these lying bastards can be, without perhaps technically "lying".


They did tell you -- tax all consumption and services without exception.

By their fine print tricks, here are the taxes on city county and states.   Remember, that's all in their "tax base". 


That's the hilarious part.  

The fraud  IS  the research, seriously.  The documents they claim to be research -- has the massive other impossible taxes, in the doublespeak and fine print tricks, and in the math.

That's why no one can show 1 page of that 22 million in "research".  First, it's not research at all, and second, it sure as hell is not about a very simple personal retail sales tax, because they have massive (2 trillion dollars massive)  "other taxes".

No -- they did not mention this in books.

No -- they did not mention this in videos.

No -- they did not mention this in speeches, did they? HELL NO.

But it is, cleverly, in their online documents.


FAIRTAX OFFICIAL -- James told us where the "legal basis"  is, for these massive taxes on city county and states.

This is some hilarious shit, and James is so stupid, he believes one word in one definition, is plenty of legal basis, and plenty of notice, for  trillions of dollars of "other taxes" paid by all city county and states.

James Bennett -

Fairtax Spokesmen /  ATTORNEY

According to James Bennett the legal basis for these massive taxes on all cities, all counties, and all states, is RIGHT HERE!


This word "government"  in this sentence,  is their legal basis, according to their own official spokesman, James Bennett, an attorney.
 Cute, huh?  See the full page.   I think its damn funny they first put other defintions, like the definitions of "Private Courier service" and other bullshit, and then in one word, in a long rambling definition that is actually balderdash, and meaningless, they have the "legal basis" for these massive other taxes on city county and states.


Bennett not only told us this one word was the legal basis for these massive taxes on city, county and states, Bennett said that word  was enough notice, too.

Not need to tell cities about it. They can find that word.

Yes, they will read that word, realize they have to pay massive taxes, and send that in!

Every city, every county, every state -- that one word is plenty of notice.

Really, thats how stupid -- well, cult like --Fairtax hustlers can get folks like James Bennett.   They patted that boy on the head, gave him some bullshit title, and Bennett eats this shit up.  

Rep Steve King has never even hinted that Des Moines city council would owe massive taxes, over and above retail sales tax payments.

 King never mentioned a word about this -- yet it would be the biggest costs, or nearly the biggest cost, of the budgets in almost every city, if not every city.

And remember, Fairtax documents say, we assume all city and counties will have to raise tax rates.

Don't you think King should mention that?



Boortz claims  he "donated"  all the money from Fairtax hustlers (yes he was paid) to charity.

Maybe he did.

But Boortz  misled folks for over 10 years about Fairtax -- still does.   At least he admits he was paid, but now claims he donated that to charity.



Give credit where it's due.  Laurence J Kotlikoff, of Beacon Hill, got paid to put Fairtax out in a way that SEEMS very academic, he even claims his work is "research".

If research means you hide absurd impossible "other taxes" in your double talk, assumptions, and definitions,  or just make up goofy sales pitches, yeah, they have that.

Laurence Kotlikoff of Beacon Hill, did very well financially pushing Fairtax, according to his friend, Bruce Bartlett. 

Did Kotlikoff actually lie, or did he write things carefully enough, technically enough, it was not a lie?

We don't know, but he sure was not honest or candid. 



Fairtax real goal is to fool guys like David.


This is our definition of research per our 50K offer.
Show 1 page of 22 million dollars worth of Fairtax research about this very very simple personal retail sales tax to replace all other fed taxes.



Fairtax hustlers regularly bombard Twitter with sock accounts -- hundreds a day. Only a handful are written by individuals, most are by "bots".  Why use bots if you have 600,000 supporters, ad Fairtax once claimed?

Fake twitter accounts. 

 Full details of this 50K offer.

To get 50K, just show 1 page of that 22  million dollars of Fairtax research ( must be actual research per the definition of research, above).  You must prove the research was done by Fairtax or someone they paid, and cost 22 million dollars, and was about a very very simple personal retail sales tax, to replace all other fed taxes, including Soc Sec and Medicare.

If you believe you know where that 22 million in research, and want to show it to me, email me per this blog. 

The bullshit nonsense by Beacon Hill and others is certainly not research and is not accepted as such.

 Hiding goofy BS is not research, and using the term "research" to fool people is not research. It's a fraud.

If you show me the research, and you dispute the reward -- you get to sue me, but only in a nearby  court -- nearby me, in central IL.

Also, if you lose the court case, you have to pay me all my legal costs, all travel costs, all cost for experts on my behalf.    My payment to you, if needed, is limtied in this offer to 50,000 dollars, to be paid over 10 years.  However, you are liable for all court costs, attorney fees, travel, and another other expenses.  All fees, all transcripts, all disposition costs, all attorney fees I may have incurred or you incur, all costs or expenditures whatsoever, are your responsibility, otherwise, this offer is void. .  That includes costs for the attorney or witnesses time and pay to become familiar with the Fairtax fine print.   

YOu must present witnesses,  as evidence, those people who did the Fairtax research, or testified any association with  Thos costs are your responsibility.   You must present witness from, and  Beacon Hill employees, past or present, who had any role to play, or their name was published  on any document relating to Fairtax.   You must have those witnesses available for in person depositions one week prior to any scheduled court hearing, including evidentiary hearings.  The cost of those witenesses are your responsibility, regardless of outcome of any court case.

Aanyone who testified for Fairtax at any hearing before any committee, including Congressional  Ways and Means committee, you must have available for deposition and testimony. The costs of these witnesses, their travel, their hotels, their meals, their professional fees of any kind, are your responsibility. .  You may not omit or excuse any one who has testified or claimed in any way, to have done research for, or supported, claims by, Beacon Hill, FOX News, CATO institute.   You are to pay for any and all of their costs associated with this case, should you sue in any court.

Further more, you must agree that I can dispose any of your, or all of your witnesses, at least one week prior to any scheduled hearing, and these costs are at your expense. 

    There is no other offer, but what offer you see here.  Please contact me  via the comments section below.

Yes this is fine print.  Yes I know it's ironic.  This is legally binding and I will accept no applicant for said reward unless you agree to every thing above.  Im well aware this is "fine print"   and that's kinda the whole point.  Read the fine print.